The competency report demonstration sample based on civil engineer involves overall important reports like three career episodes, summary statement, continuing development of professions and curriculum vitae. The content of this CDR sample report are:

  • Curriculum vitae: Professional template based on resume
  • Civil engineer episode report of career engineer 1: Study related to reinforced glass fiber of concrete composites-2100 words
  • Continuing development sample of profession: CPD sample explains the knowledge of author of engineering-1000 words
  • Civil engineer episode report of career engineer 2: Monitoring the structures of civil engineering by using digital image techniques of correlation-1600 words
  • Civil engineer episode report of career engineer 3: Reducing the Downhole friction with the help of electrochemical methods-1900 words
  • Civil engineer summary statement sample: Explanation of all the competency elements-1200 words

Civil engineer episode report of career engineer: Sample 1

Project name: Study of glass reinforced fiber concrete composites

In first career episode, the writer has discussed the project which he carried out at his final year as a final student of international journal of structural and civil engineering and the project was named as ‘study of fiber reinforced glass concrete composites. In this project, the roles were:

  • Outlining the experimental investigation that was conducted on the use of glass fibers by structural concrete
  • Studying the properties of reinforced fiber concrete (FRC)
  • Performing an experiment by using Portland pozzolona cement consists of grade 43
  • Overcoming the incapacity of concrete ductility magnitude and intension of compressive strength
  • Preparing the depth table related to mixing procedures and showing relationship between increasing compressive or fiber strength for different fiber content

Report for Civil Engineering Sample 2

Name of the project: Monitoring Civil Engineering structure in terms of digital alignment.

In the second report he needs to discuss about the correlation of digital improvement with the civil engineering works. The basis analysis and discussion will be based on the previous performance of the author when he was working at Warsaw Institute of Technology for academic project purpose. The following tasks are needed to solve by him as follows:

  • Presenting a role of Digital Image Correlation in civil engineering
  • Additional connections and extensions are taken place in the civil engineering will be disclosed in the organisation.
  • Providing of introductions about the software is launched for the development of civil engineering.
  • Installation and commission of new machineries
  • Development of monitoring system within the MONIT project and use the way of modification of the organisation
  • Preparation of reports and the work plans and quality of the jobs and software.

Report for Civil Engineering Sample 3:

Project Name: Reduction of Downhole Function by Electrochemical Methods

In this part the person will be asked to report about to sharing experiences when he was involved in the degree of Philosophy. The key responsibilities are as follows:

  • Design a tribometer which will incorporate the three electrochemical cell to allow the area of tribochemistry
  • Accessing of the concept for reducing the friction. This will also included the Steel/standsome are simulated the drilling Conditions
  • Characterizing of adsorption and using the methods to analyze the friction and results.
  • Make a relation between the tests of electrochemical test with the recorded outcomes.The possible increments and the understanding of the mechanism of the elements in productions of tribofilms in friction and wear.

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