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CDR or Competency Report Writing is essential for engineers who want to migrate to Australia. Not to mention, many engineering graduates, as well as professionals, want to settle in Australia because of better job opportunities and facilities. Also, the Engineers Australia or EA eagerly waits for the candidates such that they could come together and make a better world.

Apart from the CDR report, it has also been noticed that engineers want to prepare KA02 (Knowledge Assessment) report. It is the key to migrate to New Zealand. If you are an engineer from Dubai, UAE and want to settle in your dreamed country, you need to submit the report to the hiring authority. However, the preparation of this kind of reports needs the understanding of the guidelines provided by the officials. Any error or mistake in reports can lead to rejection.

In order to avoid a rejection, most engineering candidates from Dubai look for professional writing services. If you are in need of it, you must hire us and get the most valuable services today. We provide the services at a very low cost because we value your needs and always try to support you in building your career.If you have done your graduation from Heroit Watt University or Zayed University or RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) or Higher College of Technology, you can feel free to contact us at any point of time.

Suppose you have the basic idea of CDR or have heard about it from your friend, we are going to explain it in detail. This information will help you in understanding the competency demonstration report and why there is a need for the same.

What is CDR Report?

If your dream is to go to Australia and work there as an engineer, then you must be aware of the CDR or Competency Demonstration Report. It is a report that you have to send to the Engineers Australia and get their approval for the Migration Skills Visa. Without CDR, you dream of becoming an engineer in Australia will remain only a dream.

Basically, there are three parts in CDR report which are Career Episodes or CE, Continuous Professional Development or CPD along with the Resume or CV, and Summary Statement or SS. You need to make sure that all the parts of the CDR are written properly. Otherwise, you will struggle to get the job you want.

The Career Episode writing has to be of minimum 1000 words and should not exceed 2500 words. After that, you have to prepare Continuous Professional Development or CPD. You have to include all the programs and seminars you have attended and all the other activities you have done in order to enhance your career as an engineer.

After that, you have to write the summary statement which is equally important as it gives the EA members a brief and compact overview of the whole CDR. Now, let’s see what the job opportunities are that you will have with the CDR in Australia.

Engineering Associate

In this profession, you have the responsibilities of operation management, procurement of resources, and quality assurance. You need to have a three-year degree to apply for this post as per the guidelines of EA.

Professional Engineer

A professional Engineer has to perform roles such as collaborating programs and taking care of the projects as per the requirement of the engineering company. For this post, you need to have a 4-year degree in engineering as per EA guidelines.

Engineering Manager

As per EA guidelines, if you want to apply for this post then you need to have an experience of 7 years as a professional engineer. Your job role will be to create strategies for the sector of manufacturing and production.

Engineering Technologist

Not everyone gets the opportunity of being an Engineering Technologist. Only those who have made significant research on technology get to be the Engineering Technologist. Therefore, while submitting your CDR to EA, you should mention that too.

How We Provide the Services?

If you look at the facilities available, we are not only focused on preparing report writing, but we also give importance to assist the needy engineers.

Suppose you want to prepare the report on your own, you can avail of our report sample service. We have genuine reports written by our top-notch experts in the exact format. With its use, you will get an idea of how to prepare your CDR or KA02 report. More importantly, we also provide RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning report writing and sample services.

In case you want us to prepare your report, you need to submit the details of your educational qualification as well as work experiences. Our expert writer will go through the details and provide you with the much-needed report soon. Considering the preparation of CDR on your own, you must know that unknown errors may exist in them. That’s the reason we provide Plagiarism Checking & Removal service on demand.

Also, while writing on your own, you could face problems such as spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Now, for you, figuring all those things out is quite difficult. It is not only difficult for you but also for the human eye. That is why we not only depend on the human eyes to figure out all these technical issues is the writing of your CDR. Our efficient writer will check your piece. Apart from that, we will use various tools in order to make sure that your written piece is absolutely devoid of any mistake that could result in your rejection. That is why when you take our help, we give you something that increases your chances of getting selected.

To build your career in your dreamed country, no need to compromise on anything. We are here 24x7 for providing you with the most valuable services in Dubai, UAE.

What Are Our Strengths?

Before availing of the services, you must know the reasons why most of the engineering candidates choose us. We give them something extraordinary for which their selection becomes almost a matter of time. If you call those our strengths then we thrive on these strengths.

100% Approval Rate ( We do not believe in less than 100% )

We do not believe in less than 100%! Our experts are Native Engineers and very much familiar with the requirements that Engineers Australia is looking for and helps you at each and every step of CDR Writing. My CDR Help is very proud to say that the CDRs prepared by our experts have always been approved by Engineers Australia (EA) at the first time of submission. We assure for 100% Positive Assessment else full refund within 12 hours.

Error-Free Reports

We know the value of submitting zero error reports that’s the reason our experts check the report at least twice before delivering it. In this way, they ensure that there would be no error or mistake in it. We will make sure that your CDR has no part which is copied from other source and also make sure that there is no grammatical or spelling mistake which is generally quite common to CDRs and one of the main reasons for the CDR getting rejected. Needless to say, it helps in avoiding the rejection.

100% Plagiarism-Free

The hiring authorities never accept copied or duplicate reports. If your content has any copied part then they will reject it outright. That is why it is important to make sure that the CDR you are preparing has no copied part. They use different tools in order to determine the range of unique content. And, it should be 100% to get a primary approval. This is the reason we use professional tools and check the reports before delivering. If anything comes into the report unknowingly, it will be removed after that to make it 100% unique.

All Engineering Disciplines

No need to have a concern about your engineering discipline when you opt for the services. We have a team of professionals from every branch such that we can provide you with reports of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and so on. Therefore, even if your branch of engineering is electrical or mechanical, you don’t have to go anywhere for help because no one can help you the way we do. You will get the top quality support from our writers who will make sure that you get what you want.

24x7 Support

One of our major strengths is and why people choose us for their CDR is our 24x7 availability our primary motive is to not let you down. We always make sure that you get what you need. Basically, you might require the help of the experts at any time. You may need our help in writing the CDR or you might want us to write you CDR on an emergency basis. In such cases, we will not let you down like others.

We will provide you with the CDR writing facility and support 24*7. Whenever you need the help of our experts, we will be there for you. We will make sure that you get your query solved in a wonderful way. That is not just a statement, it’s a promise.

Delivery On-Time

When you have a requirement of an important thing as such as CDR, you would want that to be delivered on time. It is also the obligation of the service provider to deliver it at the time of the client’s need. However, more often than not, this requirement does not get fulfilled in most places. Most service providers struggle to deliver the contents on-time which causes mayhem in the career of the engineer.

However, when you take our help, we will make sure that the CDR gets delivered before the delivery date. This is something we always strive for because we know how important CDRs are for the engineers. So, if you are looking for someone who could deliver the CDR on time for you then look no further because we are here to help you out.

Affordable Price

Now, there are many service providers who would say that they will deliver the CDR on time and with quality writing. However, for that, they will be charging you a fortune. This is something that we will never ever do.

Charging in such a manner will put the credibility under the question and we know that. That is why we never charge anything extravagant for our work. What we charge you is quite affordable and is according to the market standards. When you come to us for CDR after going to a lot of service providers, you will get to know the difference between us and other service providers, not only in terms of pricing but also as per the quality and delivery speed.

Hurry up and contact us now! We are here to prepare the best quality reports such that it could get accepted in the first attempt itself. Well, we have an approval rate of about 99.99% overall.

What Services We Provide to the Engineers of Dubai

As we provide the best services to all the candidates of Dubai, here are some of the services that you should look to avail from us in order to get selected for your favoured posts:

CDR Report Writing

For all those engineers, who dream of migrating to Australia and work there, simply because of the job opportunities they provide, CDR report is something that they must provide in order to get approved for the Migration Skills Visa. Every year, a huge number of CDR gets submitted and only a few of them gets selected. There are many reasons behind why that happens but the one which is prominent is the lack of writing skills inability to represent your case within a sheet of paper. That is why, when you take help of the CDR writing service providers, they make sure that your CDR gets prepared in a way that will lead your selection rather than rejection. That is why you should opt for CDR writing services.

KA02 Report Writing

If you dream job destination is New Zealand as an engineer, you will be looking for KA02 report. However, if you want to get a sure selection for your job in New Zealand then you have to take help of the experts. Only the experts can help you in the best possible way of securing the job. You KA02 report needs to be of top-quality and with the help of the experts, you will be able to get a report which will ensure your selection. That is why if you want to get hired in New Zealand then you should hire a service provider for KA02 report writing.

RPL Report Writing

If you are looking to get a positive response from the recruiting members then you have to submit an RPL report. However, if the report has plenty of stakes, then you just can’t expect that to get accepted by the recruiting members. That is why you need to get the help of the experts. If you take our help then our experts will ensure you get an RPL report which will help you to get selected for your desired post.

CDR Report Sample

There are many candidates who want to prepare their own CDR report. They feel that they are capable enough with their writing skills to write a good-quality CDR report. However, they have no clue has to how to write it and what should be its format. That is why we will help you to satisfy the writer in you.

We will provide you with a sample of CDR based on which you can write your CDR properly and increase your chances of getting selected. Our CDR sample is based on the guidelines set by the authoritative body of Engineers Australia. Therefore, when you prepare the CDR report, you will have zero errors as far as the formatting of the report is concerned.

KA02 Report Sample

When you want to get selected for your dream job in New Zealand, then you have to submit a KA02 report portraying your competency. Many engineers want to write their own KA02 report. However, they have no idea about the format of the report. You can rest assured that if the format is incorrect, your application will be rejected outright. In this very context, you should come to us for help. We will provide you with the exact sample of the KA02 report which will help you to write the report flawlessly. Our sample is created by keeping in mind the perfection and the guidelines set by the authoritative body. Therefore, you can be sure that as far as the formatting is concerned, your report will be 100% error free.

RPL Report Sample

There are many engineers in Dubai who like to prepare their RPL report all by themselves. However, doing so could be tough as you may not be aware of the correct formatting without which the RPL report has no value. Even if your writing skills are great, you need to make sure that you have your RPL report exactly to the format. So, if you want guidance about the correct format of the RPL report then we are here to help you the engineers from Dubai. We have multiple RPL report formats which are stored in our database. So, you can come to us and get those samples which will definitely help you to write the proper RPL report.

So, if you are an engineer in Dubai and want to elevate your career with better opportunities in countries like Australia and New Zealand then you should come to us.

We will help you with report writing services and sample review services in a way that your success will become just a matter of time. Our experts will write the report for you if you want, or review the report written by you. They will also make sure that there is no place for plagiarism and grammatical and spelling mistakes in your writing. Therefore, get in touch with us, and avail our services at a minimal cost.

Could you hurry up and contact us now? We are here to prepare the best quality reports such that it could get accepted in the first attempt itself. Well, we have an approval rate of about 99.99% overall.

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  • Electronic Engineers
  • Telecommunication Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Mechatronics Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Architecture Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Computer Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
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Top 10 Reasons to choose

We hold the apex position in providing services regarding CDR writing for engineers Australia. We are known to have very high success records for consistent team of professional writers having years of experience in the field of CDR preparation. We provide the best and trusted service for CDR writing and reviewing of all kinds of engineering disciplines. We provide services for career episode writing, plagiarism check and removal etc.

  • Each section of the CDR is presented in a coherent form, while taking in account the pre-eminent features.
  • The summary statement for the applied occupation is given special attention, as it is the most proficient aspect of the CDR.
  • Utmost emphasis is laid on the various sections of the CDR, from introduction to Summary, in order to ensure that every segment is presented precisely.
  • Preparation of CDR is done by a comprehensive evaluation of the projects in order to provide details to cater to the requirements by Engineers Australia for Australian immigration Competency Demonstration Report.
  • Technical jargons are avoided and each error is corrected as well as any inadequacy is taken care of within the required time duration for the CDR to be approved by EA.
  • Each section of the CDR is assessed as per the standards laid down by MSA (Migration Skill Assessment Booklet) in order to provide meticulous CDR.
  • ensures the client that they will be provided with the best quality CDR, that abides by the Australian immigration standards framed by Engineers Australia.
  • The qualified connoisseurs apply an analytical process so that the achievements of the clients are in accordance with their desired position and educational lineup.
  • Appropriate Australian English is used by the professional writers to write the content of the CDR to make it affluent.
  • It is made sure by the professionals of that CDR complies with the Australian standards and consists of the desired characteristics of the required profession of the client.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. EA Assessed Engineers as CDR Writers
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