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Competency Based Assessment for Engineering Professionals

IEPNG stands for Institution of Engineers in Papua New Guinea. It is a certified organization that represents and looks after the welfare of professional engineers in the country who are engaged in various industries in Papua New Guinea. Professional engineers include all those who work in a responsible manner and work according to the rules set by the peers. Skilled migrants who want to come and work in PNG requires a Competency Based Assessment (CBA) which is checked and verified by IEPNG.

What is Competency-Based Assessment?

To determine whether the applicant is eligible or skilled enough to complete the job efficiently, Competency Based Assessment of the applicant is evaluated. It is used to recognize the skills, assertiveness, and knowledge of the candidate from overseas engineering students who are applying for the job. To get a job, it is very important to write a good CBA. But building a good CBA is not a piece of cake. And that’s why we are here.

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We are well aware of the immigration procedure followed by the Papua New Guinea Government that will help you from applying to the end of the visa application. We will keep informing you about the requirements to be fulfilled before the visa application like eligibility, foreign exam scores, skill-set required and many more. The four principles of assessment are valid, reliable, fair, and flexible.

Types of CBA’s to register in IEPNG

  • Criterion-Based Assessment: In this type of assessment, applicant must have scored the minimum required marks as prescribed by the industry.
  • Evidence-Based Assessment: In this type of assessment, the specific assessment process is guided by the use of research and theory.
  • Participatory Process It involves the assessor and the person discussing and deciding what and how evidence will be collected to evaluate competency against the standard.

There are some non-referenced assessments methods like:

  • Marking pattern according to passing criteria
  • Comparing students result.
  • Segments of the training used in final exams

Eligibility Criteria and Opportunities to Apply for CBA IEPNG

Before you apply for the opportunities in Papua New Guinea, you must be aware of the eligibility criteria such that you can ensure that you possess the required qualification. The eligibility criterion is that you must have completed engineering in any discipline. Following are posts available for applying CBA in IEPNG:

  • Registered professional engineers
  • Engineering Technician Register
  • Engineering professionals
  • Engineering technologist registers

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Documents you need to Provide

You need to provide the authentic copies of your academic qualifications, and the educational record must be attached with your application if not previously provided to IEPNG. Also if you have any competence-graded listings or licenses, professional memberships you need to list that. You will be assessed for competence in your personal practice area. E.g., if you are a civil engineer, you should provide your details only in accordance with your specialization. Any other qualification and those without evidence don’t matter much.

You will be required to present a work sample to prove yourself competent. You should also have a CV covering engineering activities since your previous assessment and an application for Registration to PERB & Membership to IEPNG.

Role of Engineers in the development of the country according to IEPNG

Let’s check out some of the vital points that engineers play in making the society better-

  • The professional engineer should identify needs, constraints, requirements, and performance criteria, including as appropriate the need to design for constructability, safety, maintainability, etc.
  • Refers with stakeholders and accepts the accountability for his/her engineering deeds
  • Investigates and examines related information using qualitative and quantitative techniques
  • Tests analysis for the precision of results
  • Evaluates outcomes against original specification
  • Deals with conflicting expectations and demands
  • Manages resources, including personnel, finance, and physical resources
  • Understands the IEPNG code of ethics
  • Identifies impact and long-term effects of engineering activities on the environment
  • Maintain the currency of his or her professional engineering knowledge and skills
  • Proves the ability to choose between possibilities, justify decisions and choose alternative options

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Creating a CBA can be a time- consuming process, therefore it is vital for the engineers to get it right on their first attempt. Even though they have plenty of experience in their fields and can write their work experience, the guidelines of IEPNG need to be followed while writing the CBA. It is very essential for CBA to be done adding all sorts of bullet points in a great way.

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