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work experience reports for LCIBSE Eng Tech

Work Experience Reports for LCIBSE Eng TechAttachments area

Work Experience Reports for LCIBSE Eng Tech

A Work Experience Report provides details about your work experience in approximately between 1500 and 2000 words. In fact sheet of L21 of LCIBSE, you are provided with your roles and your responsibilities required for meeting the Competence Criteria.

Below given is the number of carefully selected reports, which we felt would provide good examples regarding the layout and the content that are expected from each one who applies.

  • Work Experience Report 1 (Image format needs to be pasted)
Eng Tech Reference-

Steps to become a registered Engineering Technician (EngTech)

A registered Engineering Technician can be recognized from professional skills. Good marks in EngTech status make you a skilled technician. The individuals who are listed on a professional register instill higher confidence among the customers and among the public at large. You will:

  1. Achieve a professional title recognizing your labour and your expertise.
  2. Increases your employability
  3. Highly noticeable
  4. Take the pleasure of having greater influence within the organization
  5. Enjoy the life-long learning process

Are you serious about accomplishing your career as an engineer?

Do you possess the experience and skills required for solving the practical problems in the field of engineering? Can you take the responsibility in the management of technical projects and the supervision of staff along with the knowledge of applying it for the safety systems in work? Is your contribution valuable in the field of designing, developing, manufacturing, commissioning and decommissioning, operation and maintenance of products, process and services and equipment? If so, then you are advised to seriously think of securing a professional title as

Engineering Technician (EngTech). Engineering Technicians are generally concerned about providing solutions to practical problems through the application of proven techniques and the procedures. Besides carrying out technical and supervisory responsibilities, The Engineering Technicians are also competent enough to apply their creative aptitudes and their skills required within the defined areas of technology. The Professional Engineering Technicians has great contribution to the designing, development, manufacturing, commissioning and decommissioning, operation and maintaining of product or services, equipment and process. In addition to all these, the Professional Engineering Technician is also required to apply for safety in the work.


According to recent research, 600000 people who are presently employed as engineering technicians have the necessary qualification, experience and/or skills and these make the registration of professional EngTech comparatively straightforward. EngTech status is achievable if the individual possesses the capability to meet the standards of commitment and professional competence. UK-SPEC sets these out as per the professional standard and develops through work experience and through training and development programmes. This can be, as an illustration within approved engineering-based Modern/Advanced Apprenticeship programme. However, other qualifications can also be accepted. The potential EngTech has the scope to demonstrate the necessary competence they have acquired through their substantial work experience in case they do not possess formal qualification. You can also meet your requirements as per the advice given to you in different ways by your institution.

Ways to register as professionals

Licencing checking by Engineering council is essential before joining a Professional Engineering course that evaluates the candidate’s skill before EngTech registration. Institute brings a deep impact on an engineer’s disciplined working ability. Evidence regarding professional development can be kept from academic qualification certificates, training and development program participation facilitation and vocational training schemes. These are parameters to measure professional competency. Faster you realize you are eligible for these technical and professional competences, the faster you can apply for this assessment program from the respective enrolled institution.