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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions At My CDR Help

Utilisation terms

Please carefully read the mentioned terms before availing our service. The preference of www.MyCDRHelp.com can be considered by the people of legal age. Strict prohibition is applicable regarding any type of improper usage. Your confirmation regarding reading, understanding and agreeing with entire terms and conditions can be ensured after placing an order on this website from your end. Submission of request for payment ensures your legal application to completely follow these terms and conditions.

Terms interpretation

  • “Website” highlights www.MyCDRHelp.com
  • “Consumer/customer”, “yours” or “you” reflects that someone has been looking to bid, execute, submit an order, transacting payments, uploading valuable information on the website
  • “Company”, “our” or “we” highlights www.MyCDRHelp.com website
  • Messaging system is considered as a software ensuring rapid collaboration between the writer or support team representative and the customer
  • Order specifically highlights actual requests regarding a service sent by the customer to our company. Specific requirements along with specified sources used for writing are included in it.
    ‘Order’ highlights an electronic request from the customer's perspective in the form of a paid service regarding specific writing service. Order also denotes specified scope of work along with additional requirements from the customer's end about the service.
    “Order” clarifies written orders submitted through an electronic form by the customer on our website. Order also associates the entire work and relational consumer requirements.
  • Order status highlights existing position and order progress for completing the order
  • Service is recognised as the outcome of an order generating as original content, completed and delivered to the customers as per their enquiry on the digital document
  • Product revision highlights customers request in terms of editing the final product version on the basis of the order’s initial requirements
  • Quality assurance department signifies structural unit of www.MyCDRHelp.com liable to efficiently evaluate and protect product and service quality
    The ‘department of quality assurance’ is recognised as the entity in www.MyCDRHelp.com infrastructure, where the prime intention is to efficiently guard and evaluate provided service and product quality
  • Support or support team highlights structural unit of www.MyCDRHelp.com that is liable to coordinate and assist the order process
  • In accordance with the company agreement, the writer is hired by the company for providing efficient research and writing services
  • Wallet highlights customers' personal accounts within www.MyCDRHelp.com responsible for customer credit storage. Payments conducted to the personal balance are considered in a voluntary manner for further compensating order price at its own discretion
  • Affiliate program recognises a specific program eyeing the existing company customers. The program's intention is to provide rewards to potential regular clients with credits to personal wallets in terms of driving emerging clients to www.MyCDRHelp.com. The company decides commission rates that might vary deliberately

Placement of order and registration

  • The order form delivered in the application needs to be completed for placing the order. Other than requests, no service is given.
  • The work scope will be specified in the order along with delivery terms and order parameters. The provision of exact and final information is your personal responsibility to each standard order form fiction during completing our order form.
  • You will be anticipated for registering including your contact information such as residential country, name and email address, telephone number and others. You are requested to contact our support in terms of experiencing any difficulties taking place during the process of creating an account. However, it is your consent for updating your profile according to changes over time in your contact details. Else you can inform support of those changes.
  • In case of having multiple accounts, all will be consolidated with your particular account created at the beginning

Payment of order and discount

  • You agree to purchase our company service when you place an order. After the completion of authorised payment, www.MyCDRHelp.com will begin to process your order.
  • The company pricing policy is preferred for calculating the payment for service with the feature of advance payment as defined in the order form after identifying work scope. Until the authorised payment is completed, www.MyCDRHelp.com is not liable for service delivery
  • The acceptance of both credit and debit cards are allowed with any other means made available by www.MyCDRHelp.com for paying to the orders
  • www.MyCDRHelp.com, at its sole discretion, obtains the right to provide attractive bonus programs and discounts for potential customers with the usage of discount code applicable during completing the order. Discount will not be offered by www.MyCDRHelp.com for that specific order in case of not disclosing the code in the respective section of the order form.
  • Provision of equal access to bonus programs and discount information is highly committed by www.MyCDRHelp.com for each potential customer with no exceptions.
  • After evaluating an order, the impact of the work done to complete the order cannot be defined until manually confirmed, so www.MyCDRHelp.com may require additional payment or time to process the order. Customers can decide at their circumspection whether they agree with the new order parameters and order amount or refuse to work with the company. If you wish to stop working with us, your refund will be processed in accordance with our Money-Back Guarantee Policy.

Your personal wallet

  • You are allowed to pay with any available payment methods at your own discretion during placing order and purchasing products from www.MyCDRHelp.com. You are allowed to proceed as per the money back guarantee policy or you can transfer funds into credits in your personal account in case of occuring partial or full payment reimbursement.
  • 1 credit is equivalent to USD 1 which is stored with no expiry or limit in your personal account. Credit numbers might be utilised in case of proceeding with future order related payments with www.MyCDRHelp.com.
  • In accordance with your own will and approval, your funds will be transformed into credits. After the completion of fund transfer into credit, the stored amount becomes non refundable and might be preferred for placing orders in future only
  • The company might also deliver certain credit amount to you as an integral part of our loyalty program activities in order to cover further payments for your orders in future

Order Process

  • Order validation:The Company reserves the right to reconfirm the order details after the final payment and follow the customer's instructions to ensure that the order requirements are successfully met. Considering the event of a breach, Support reserves the right to modify your order to ensure that your requirements are also met.
  • Order volume:Each customer's order has the required quantity calculated by word count. When servicing, the document you receive must correspond to the expected number of words (the number of pages in the document may be less than requested, but "250 words per page, or 1 per page, twice as often" You must include the exact number of words according to the instructions "500 words per page". "Single line» rule). If the page/word numbers do not match, the customer will see "250 words per page in double space, 1 in single space". You can request that your product be reformatted to match the number of words / pages according to the "500 words per page single-spaced»" rule.
  • Order details changes:The work scope might be changed according to the customer and support in case of not starting the work from the writer's end. After the writer initiates researching and working on the order, no changes will be allowed. If the order details increase due to the scope or complexity of the order, or due to deadline limits, the customer will be required to pay additional compensation for additional instructions.
  • Resources:The customers are likely to point out and provide specific resource material to the writer that is required to be used in the production process. In case of having the writer's responsibility to locate and pay for not providing specified resources, additional charges might be applicable and should be transacted prior to delivery. Several general deadlines are provided below for orders-
    • Adequate supply of resources is mandatory within 30 minutes of placing the order for orders due within 12 to 24 hours
    • 1 hour deadline is provided for orders to be delivered within 24 to 72 hours
    • Resources are required to be delivered a day in advance regarding orders having 72 + hour deadline
    • Extra time and payment to complete the order would be needed in case of not providing materials and said resources within deadline
    • Communication: The customer will be highly vitalized for communicating with correspondent writer through messaging system or by directly contacting the support team for seeking extended information
    • Progress tracking: With the use of personal accounts, the customers are allowed to track their order progress where detailed information regarding their order status is disclosed. In order to achieve updates on order status, the customers can communicate with support with all possible communication means available 24/7

Order delivery

  • www.MyCDRHelp.com is considered to be liable for service delivery along with the maintenance of deadline as instructed in the order
  • After providing service to the client, it is the sole liability of customers to guarantee the delivery channels availability. In case of indicating inappropriate email address by the customer in profile, outage of internet, spam filters, general negligence of customers and others, the company will not take the liability for providing communication channels and other respective contact means that are beyond the company controls. In this case, the customers should contact support regarding any assistance with the delivery of order.
  • The customer will be accounted super intended for downloading the service under deadline after being delivered by the company.
  • The orders page within the customer’s account on the website is preferred for delivering all orders.
  • With due respect to the writer's protection, automatic release of funds will be encouraged 7 days after the deadline. You are requested to carefully review each order. As soon as the full agreed amount is received by the author, the work done is considered complete and there is no refund.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before using any of educational services being provided by My CDR Help. These Terms are applicable to all users of our services and the visitors of our website.

Copyright Statement

All rights stated in Policy section are reserved with mycdrhelp.com The content of our website are copyrighted materials exclusively owned by mycdrhelp.com. However, you may get the print of this content for non commercial use. No permission is granted to anyone to use the content of this site for commercial purpose or to modify for any other purpose. The content of our website are copyrighted materials exclusively owned by mycdrhelp.com.

However, you may get the print of this content for non commercial use. No permission is granted to anyone to use the content of this site for commercial purpose or to modify for any other purpose.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

We have no liability for any interruption or delay in access to Site, however we are always ready to assist you. We don't accept responsibility for damage or data loss of on your PC, server or network, however we use only trusted and well tested software. We don't guarantee that access to our Website will be 100 % error free; however our dedicated professionals ensure the smooth operation at their best. We reserve the right to suspend access for the scheduled maintenance/update of website. We are not responsible for the failure of access to our site due to failures of links or equipments, which are beyond our control.

Revisions and Refund Policy

If the customer wishes to cancel his or her order with mycdrhelp.com, the customer can only do so within 24 hours of placing the order. In this case, mycdrhelp.com will refund the order amount..In case mycdrhelp.com is unable to deliver an order placed by customer; mycdrhelp.com will issue full refund against the order.

If you notice that you were charged twice, and you receive two receipts from the payment processing system (that is, PayPal.com or other payment method), do not hesitate to contact us. Forward both receipts to our email and the extra payment will be refunded in full within the shortest possible time.

We always do our best to assign the most appropriate writer to work on your paper; however, it is still possible that on rare occasions, the writer is not found. If this does occur, we will refund your amount.