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Electronic Engineer's Competency Demonstration Report Sample consists of all the requires reports like Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes, Curriculum Vitae and Summary statement. CDR Report Sample consists of Curriculum vitae, Continuing Professional Development Sample, Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-1, Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-2, Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-3 and Electrical Engineer Summary Statement Sample. Curriculum Vitae are based on professional template. Continuing Professional Development Sample consists of CPD Sample which explains the engineering knowledge of author and consists of 1000 words. Career Episode of Electric Engineer Sample-1 describes Hydropower plant and simulation of MATLAB of Solar Photovoltaic Module and consists of 2080 words. Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-2 tells about the feasibility and the master plan study on application of power distribution system and extension in Pokhara Valley in Nepal which consists of 2100 words. Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-3 describes the use of power support for enhancing the power security system and optimal allocation of statics and consists of 2100 words. Electrical Engineer Summary Statement Samples gives the detailed explanation related to competency elements which consist of 1120 words.

Electrical Engineer’s Report of Career Episode: Sample 1

Project Name: MATLAB Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic Module and Hydropower Plant

In this first episode of career, Author of the project describes the project which he carried out for fulfilling of Bachelor in Engineering in Electric and Electronics branch from Pokhara University. The name of the project is Hydropower plant and Simulation of MATLAB in Solar Photovoltaic Module. The author needed to use MATLAB for designing Solar Voltaic module. The author of the project studied the output characteristics of simulation used system. The author designed hydropower plant using MATLAB. Using simulation the author studied the characteristics of hydropower. The author has studied the characteristic curves and variation effects of environmental conditions. Using Partial shading condition the author has studied PV module behavior.

Electrical Engineer Report for Career Episode: Sample 2

Project Name: Study of feasibility and master plan on extension and increment of power distribution system in Pokhara Valley of Nepal

In this second episode of career, the author has explained the skills of engineering which is used in the project to carry out for fulfilling the requirement of Bachelor in Engineering from Electric and Electronic branch from Pokhara University. In this project, the author needed the detection of transmission of electricity status by NEA in Pokhara valley. The author needs to sort out the problem is caused by electricity transmission. The author needs to figure out the issue which is caused by the problem of lossless transmission. The author has done research and provides the possible improvement in a present system for reduction of loss. The author has figured out the way to maximize the utilization of resources which is available for power distribution.

Career Episode Report for Electrical Engineer: Sample 3

Project Name:Allocation of Dynamic and Static Power support to increase the security of power system.

In an episode of the third career, the author describes the engineering skills which is used in the project and was involved as a senior student. The author has taken the responsibility to describe the development approach for identification of contingencies and vulnerable buses through which the areas prone to voltage can be outlined in a project which is needed to restart power support. The author has identified the nature and degree of voltage problems. The author has developed a methodology for optimum allocation of the static and dynamic source of VAR for single contingency. The author has developed a methodology for reduction of complexity.

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