CDR Sample Report for an Electrical Engineer

CDR Sample Report: Electrical Engineer

ANZSCO Code: 233311

The Competency Demonstration Report Sample of an Electrical Engineer briefly describes the following essential documents. They are as follows: - 1] Three Career Episode, 2] Continual Professional Development, 3] Statement Summary and 4] Curriculum Vitae. The Contents of the sample report are as mentioned below:-

  • Curriculum Vitae: In this, the resume of the aspirant is based on a set format prescribed by the EA.
  • Sample for Continual Professional Development: CPD report briefly highlights the writer’s expertise in the field of Engineering-1000 words.
  • Report Sample for Electrical Engineer Career Episode– 1: General description on the Solar Photo Voltaic Module and Hydropower Plant" popularly called MATLAB- 2080 words.
  • Report Sample for Electrical Engineer Career Episode 2: “Preparation of Master plan for Ground breaking strategy and effort Study on the Extension and Reinforcement of Power Distribution System which is situated in the Pokhara valley in Nepal"- 2100 words.
  • Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 3: "Ideal Allocation of Static and Dynamic Reactive Power Support for Enhancing Power System Security"- 2100 words.
  • Summary statement sample for an Engineer Summary: A brief clarification of all the essential elements- 1120 words.

Skilled Migration of Electrical Engineer to Australia:

(ANZSCO Code: 233311)

The economy of Australia is progressing at a very higher rate with a great vigour in its Electrical, Computer and Telecommunication areas. Electrical Engineers with required experience are seen to be in higher demand in regions of Australia. The Australian Government has always put his feet forward for skilled migration visas for Electrical Engineers to lessen the genuine shortages of Electrical engineers, and to decrease the delay in handing over of the projects. Electrical Engineers seem to be in extraordinary demand in Australia in the previously mentioned sectors; production of electric power and establishment, control supply organizations, media transmission part, and so on. The minimum qualification required for this particular profession is a four year bachelor’s degree from a renowned college or a higher qualification. In some cases, significant experience is compulsory irrespective of the official qualification.

Required Job Description for Electrical Engineers

(ANZSCO Code: 233311)

  • Plans and designs the production and manufacture of electric power equipment.
  • Determines the designs and arrangements of electrical circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, gadgets, hardware and important equipment.
  • Develops gadgets, such as, electrical engines, parts, gear and other equipment.
  • Interprets specifications, illustrations, principles and controls identifying with electricity and its usage.
  • Organises, manages the utilization of resources in the supply of electrical equipment, machineries, apparatuses and hardware.
  • Establishes the distribution and fitting and other establishment plans for machines, shift gear, links and fittings
  • Monitors operations, maintenance and repairing of intensity stations, transmission and appropriation frameworks and modern plants
  • Electrical engineers might specialise in various parameters and considerable authority in research in zones, for example, control age and transmission frameworks, transformers, change gear and electric engines, telemetry and control frameworks

Occupational Categories designed to evaluate an Engineering Degree from Engineers Australia

The Engineers Australia presents three essential categories in an engineering team in Australia: They are as follows:-

  1. A Professional Engineer
  2. An Engineering Technologist
  3. An Engineering Associate

For the purpose of migration, an extra class of Engineering Manager is added.

Acknowledging Electrical Engineering Qualification in Australia

In Australia to get your Electrical Engineering qualification recognised, you need to get your qualification/certificates evaluated or approved by the Engineers Australia. To get qualification approved two methods are there. If your Engineering Qualification is assessed by Washington Accord, Dublin Accord or Sydney Accord, you need not require the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). In the second case, you have to draft a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to get the Electrical Engineering qualification assessed in order to apply for Migration of Australia.

English Proficiency Test

Minimum subject knowledge in English is required for your Engineering Degree evaluation through Engineers Australia. It should possess in general 6.0 band in IELTS or any equivalent English ability test like Cambridge/TOFEL, etc. Your band must not be less than 6.0 in any of the four modules; reading, writing, speaking and listening, and tuning in. Both General Training and Academic adaptation of the IELTS are worthy. Aspirants who are fluent in English or who have completed an Australian undergrad building ability, or who have completed a Master’s Degree or PhD program at an Australian University might be given relaxation from IELTS.

Degree evaluation from Engineers Australia

You have to present your form with all significant document as well as the assessment fee. The below mentioned documents are essential to evaluate your science certificate through Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) pathway:

  1. Application Form available at the Engineers Australia's site
  2. The Declarations Page
  3. The Three Career Episodes (CEs)
  4. CV/Resume
  5. The Continual Professional Development (CPD) Report
  6. The Summary Statement (SS)
  7. IELTS Result
  8. Certified Academic Transcripts and Experience Letters

Note: Engineering degree evaluation process may take a minimum time of about four months from the date of receipt. Nevertheless, the timeframe continues to change relying on the remaining task at hand.

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Australian universities outstandingly professional colleges which are giving electrical building courses will review the designing report seriously. They consider technical competency reports as a critical assessment and stroll through the report altogether before admitting students. EA will assess the understudies' information, experience and abilities just through specialized reports. They will be glad to see that the reports are being drafted in accordance with the EA guidelines.

Students should try to compose the report in sequential order and submit it to the EA immediately. Young people who have not report these sorts of far reaching expertise reports in the past can redistribute these sorts of composing activities to organizations which have gained maximum appreciation. Guests will get the most recent information about experienced cdr authors when they click here. Both EA and universities will see CDR electrical designer truly and gesture their heads decidedly just when the sources of info are impressive and comprehensive.

Prepare the competency report as indicated by MSA booklet

Majority of the students worldwide who are planning to migrate to the urban cities like Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney must draft competency reports as per the guidelines mentioned in the MSA booklet. Download a duplicate quickly from this website and investigate the printed issues altogether before composing. There is CDR Australia electrical designer will's identity ready to plan advanced reports as indicated by the details of EA and Booklets. Get moment assistance from these sorts of expert authors who have composed huge amounts of tasks previously. People who are on edge to move to Australia for profession or training reason should contract profoundly experienced and insightful scholars who have required ranges of abilities in this specific field. discover the best building journalists who are specialists in profession scene composing administrations.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) For Electrical Engineers (233311)

To get an excellent result in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Electrical Engineers (233311), you need to frame and draft the three career episodes depending on the roles and responsibilities.

The basic work of an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER is to design, create and monitor the fabrication, manufacture, establishment, the installation activity and upkeep of hardware, machines, and frameworks for age, dispersion, use and control of electricity.

Characteristic Levels:

In Australia and New Zealand:

Mostly, professions in this particular field assemble execute a dimension of ability equivalent with a four year bachelor degree or higher qualification. In a few occurrences, significant understanding and hands on preparing might be mandatory along with the other qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Registering or licensing might be essential.

Assignments hold the following:

  • Planning power stations and power generating machinery equipment.
  • Defining the type and placement of circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines and other equipment.
  • Developing goods, for example, electric engines, motors, segments, hardware and machines.
  • Interpreting specifications, illustrations, models and directions identifying with electric power hardware and use
  • Organising and overseeing assets utilized in the supply of electrical equipment, machines, apparatuses and gear
  • Creating conveyance and establishment plans for machines, switchgear, links and fittings
  • Monitoring the activities and upkeep of intensity stations, transmission and circulation frameworks and mechanical plants
  • May represent considerable authority in research in zones, for example, control age and transmission frameworks, transformers, switchgear and electric engines, telemetry and control frameworks


233311: Electrical Engineer

Prepares and modifies designs, creates and also regulates the installing, establishing, task and support of gear, machinery, and frameworks for the age, dissemination, use and control of electric power. Registering or licensing might be essential.

Ability Level: 1


  1. An Electrical Design Engineer
  2. A Railroad Signalling Engineer
  3. A Signalling and Communications Engineer



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Immigration to Australia for Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers from India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Brazil and different nations need to prepare a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) before applying for Skilled Migration for Australia. Engineers Australia is the assigned authority to evaluate professional and Para-professional qualifications in engineering for the reasons for skilled migration to Australia for most engineering occupations.

CDR Report for Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineering is considered as the most important field of engineering that incorporates study and utilizations of electromagnetism and electric power. Electrical engineering speaks to a significant piece of physics that has encountered development by the late nineteenth century. This critical specialized field envelops different electrical sub-subjects that incorporate control framework, control, hardware, chip, flag preparing, circuit hypothesis and so on. The undergraduate programs in electrical engineering offered by reputed colleges and universities give fundamental numerical and logical information; furnish understudies with the expected aptitudes to prosper in the field of electrical engineering.

Qualification to Apply for Electrical Engineers– 233311

ANZSCO 233311 is the code offered to electrical engineers who are applying to Engineers Australia (EA). Electrical engineers from abroad with a desire to flourish in their profession in Australia need to experience a CDR appraisal by EA to get chose in the ANZSCO 233311 business code. This is a movement abilities appraisal attempted by EA to oblige understudies from abroad in the designing calling in Australia.

Additionally, to apply for the post of Electrical Engineers-233311, understudies need to satisfy compulsory capability necessities as indicated in the Handbook of Engineers Australia Migration Skills. They are:

  • Complete 12 years of schooling or equivalent.
  • Four years of Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering
  • In addition to the formal qualification, significant experience in the electrical field.
  • Candidate should have skilled cut-off score in International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Minimum score of 6.0 ought to be obtained in four modules of English Language test that incorporate English composition, perusing, familiarity to talk and listening abilities.
  • The test sheet must not be 2 years more seasoned from the date of application reception.

Electrical Engineer occupations are in incredible demand in Australia

A couple of the engineering jobs are on high demand in the Australian market; electrical engineering jobs rule the opportunities not filled in the organizations. With numerous states having this activity on the state sponsorship list, the interest is developing. Electrical engineering, which is associated with structuring, development and upkeep of electrical power frameworks, centres around creation and appropriation of electrical power on an expansive scale. Thus, electrical specialists are required in different employment positions like power segments, transport systems, sustainable power source parts, lift organizations, lighting and warming, producing areas and circulation organizations.

The development of openings for work in electrical designing is observed to be profoundly promising and the Australian employment showcase requests increment in the quantity of immigrant engineers.


When it comes to salary for electrical engineers, it has shown a remarkable hike. If you are an entry level electrical engineer from India and have minimum 5 years of experience, you will draw a normal pay of AUD68000. Those with 5-10 years of experience can acquire a normal compensation of AUD90000. If you possess an experience of around 10-20 years, you draw a salary of AUD91000 – AUD106000 per year.


ANZSCO Code: 233311

Electrical Engineer's Competency Demonstration Report Sample consists of all the required reports like Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes, Curriculum Vitae and Summary statement. CDR Report Sample consists of Curriculum vitae, Continuing Professional Development Sample, Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-1, Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-2, Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-3 and Electrical Engineer Summary Statement Sample. Curriculum Vitae are based on professional template. Continuing Professional Development Sample consists of CPD Sample which explains the engineering knowledge of author and consists of 1000 words. Career Episode of Electric Engineer Sample-1 describes Hydropower plant and simulation of MATLAB of Solar Photovoltaic Module and consists of 2080 words. Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-2 tells about the feasibility and the master plan study on application of power distribution system and extension in Pokhara Valley in Nepal which consists of 2100 words. Electrical Engineer Career Episode Report Sample-3 describes the use of power support for enhancing the power security system and optimal allocation of statics and consists of 2100 words. Electrical Engineer Summary Statement Samples gives the detailed explanation related to competency elements which consist of 1120 words.

Electrical Engineering Career Episode: CE 1

Project Name: MATLAB Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic Module and Hydropower Plant

In this first episode of career, Author of the project describes the project which he carried out for fulfilling of Bachelor in Engineering in Electric and Electronics branch from Pokhara University. The name of the project is Hydropower plant and Simulation of MATLAB in Solar Photovoltaic Module. The author needed to use MATLAB for designing Solar Voltaic module. The author of the project studied the output characteristics of simulation used system. The author designed hydropower plant using MATLAB. Using simulation the author studied the characteristics of hydropower. The author has studied the characteristic curves and variation effects of environmental conditions. Using Partial shading condition the author has studied PV module behavior.

Electrical Engineering Career Episode: CE 2

Project Name: Study of feasibility and master plan on extension and increment of power distribution system in Pokhara Valley of Nepal

In this second episode of career, the author has explained the skills of engineering which is used in the project to carry out for fulfilling the requirement of Bachelor in Engineering from Electric and Electronic branch from Pokhara University. In this project, the author needed the detection of transmission of electricity status by NEA in Pokhara valley. The author needs to sort out the problem is caused by electricity transmission. The author needs to figure out the issue which is caused by the problem of lossless transmission. The author has done research and provides the possible improvement in a present system for reduction of loss. The author has figured out the way to maximize the utilization of resources which is available for power distribution.

Electrical Engineering Career Episode: CE 3

Project Name:Allocation of Dynamic and Static Power support to increase the security of power system.

In an episode of the third career, the author describes the engineering skills which is used in the project and was involved as a senior student. The author has taken the responsibility to describe the development approach for identification of contingencies and vulnerable buses through which the areas prone to voltage can be outlined in a project which is needed to restart power support. The author has identified the nature and degree of voltage problems. The author has developed a methodology for optimum allocation of the static and dynamic source of VAR for single contingency. The author has developed a methodology for reduction of complexity.

CAREER EPISODE 1: Electrical Engineer


CAREER EPISODE 2: Electrical Engineer


CAREER EPISODE 3: Electrical Engineer


EA Approval Letter shared by some of our Clients

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