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Welcome to the official website of My CDR Help, a team of quality based professionals and expert engineers determined to provide the best CDR Writing Services For Engineers Australia to the clients. Our mission is to maximize the chances of CDR approval for Australia, UAE, Singapore, New Zealand, India & Pakistan based engineers. We pride ourselves for providing assistance and auspicious cooperation to the engineers from all over the world, regarding their CDR preparations and skills assessments.

Not to mention, CDR Writing Services Australia is one of the most challenging task for migration and assessment in these countries.

We hold the apex position in providing services regarding CDR writing for Engineers Australia. We are known to have very high success records for consistent team of professional Engineers having years of experience in the field of CDR preparation. We provide the best and trusted service for CDR writing and reviewing of all kinds of Engineering disciplines. We provide services for Career Episode writing, plagiarism check and removal etc.

About My CDR Help

We are a leading company in the provision of best CDR services, CPEng (Stage 2) reports, RPL reports, and KA02 reports for those wishing to excel their engineering careers in Australia and New Zealand. Our professional resume writing services are an added-value premium service to our clients seeking the whole package enabling them get accepted without fail. Our professional writers are wholly committed with extensive knowledge and skills in Mechanical, Electronic, Manufacturing, Mechatronic, Structural, Automotive, Aeronautical, Electrical, Telecommunication, and Civil Engineering among many others. Our core values are accessibility, commitment, professionalism, transparency and devotion to duty, perfection, quality, and integrity. We assure for 100% positive assessment by EA in first attempt.

Our Australian team of CDR Engineers work with clients in creating Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR). Very high chances of getting accepted in the first attempt as highly skilled Professionals and Engineers, having years of experience work with CDR clients to provide favorable Competency Demonstration Report.

We provide free CDR revision services in the second attempt, if not accepted in the first. And 100% money is refunded with the applied terms and conditions.

Further to our Quality CDR Reports writing, we have a highly responsive customer care service for your immediate feedback reception and processing to harness the quality and speed of our services. Our customer base all over the world is our mainstay, we always strive to beat quality rather than profit. As a freethinking society, the culmination of our deliverables are based on adherence to existing governing laws, zero-plagiarism, perfect grammar, unbeatable market prices, and success.

CDR writing help

If you are aspiring to further your engineering career by interacting with professional CDR, RPL, KA02 report writers, then look no further than us. We are always ready to help you master your destiny by simply preparing these vital documents for your immediate relocation. Once you have chosen, you will have chosen the right career and professional path.

What My CDR Help Covers?

As per the Engineering bodies from various countries, whenever you want to apply for the skilled migration to Australia or any other country as a professional engineer, you need to show your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) in order to illustrate your professional career comprehensively.

CDR writing help

Generally, the CDR Report For Engineers consists of 3 CEs ( Career Episodes) that describe your professional engineering activities of last three projects, a Summary Statement providing crisp cross referencing to the competency elements discusses in your CE and a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) statement that lists short courses, workshops and training you have attended throughout your study career.

It is crucial for you to write these documents in a well defined proven format according to the competency standards setup by the Engineers Australia. Those candidates, who are unaware of these guidelines, often fail to make it to the migration list. We, at My CDR Help, can help you to create an impressive and fully acceptable CDR within a few days.

A CDR report is termed to be a vessel by virtue of which the engineers can get hold of their VISA regarding skilled migrations within Australia. Through such, the engineers can provide a proof regarding their competencies. EA that is Engineers Australia, being the authority for undertaking assessment regarding applications for skilled immigration, provides help on the preparation of CDR report.

EA, on a normal basis, asks the candidates for writing their own CDR report along with providing demonstration regarding their skills of communication in front of the assessor. Regarding a poor presentation of a CDR report in front of EA, there is a significant reduction in one’s chances of Australian settlement. Services pertaining to CDR writing for Australian engineers helps the needy candidates for preparation of their CDR report. This is intended to help them overcome the assessment test with positive remarks from EA and to get VISA within Australia successfully. We offer the best CDR writing services by virtue of professional writers eligible to assist larger number of engineers regarding successful CDR writing with customization over their roles of careers along with achievements.

We are The most Trustworthy CDR Help Providers in Australia with 100% Success Rate

My CDR Help is recognised for holding the 1st position regarding provision of services of CDR report writing for EA. We claim to possess the best professional teams of Engineer writers with more experiences along with excellence over records of success. We further claim the provision of quality CDR writing along with services of reviewing regarding every available disciplines of engineering. We also provide many other services relating to writing resumes for EA, Summary Statements along with checking of plagiarism by Turnitin software.

The website provides assistance regarding the preparation, followed by the writing and editing aspects with a multistage proofreading session. It is also effective regarding the provision of CDR reports free form any sort of plagiarism and features to provide contents in its original form with approval from EA. It also provides reports of references along with worked samples with positive assessment through EA. Further we also entertain the provision of revisions in an infinite number to our customers free of cost.

Our professional Experts come from engineering backgrounds to ensure your CDR is flawless. We guarantee that your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is cautiously written in accordance with the Engineering Australian Guidelines and as per MSA Booklet.

  • We consider the core aim of CDR as well as write each part in a systematized structure following EA norms.
  • A Summary Statement that is the utmost important part of the CDR, with a special focus on all competency elements of a given profession.
  • My CDR Help focuses on the different parts of CDR from introduction to abstract and ensures that each part is inscribed in aprecise and accurate manner.
  • We make CDRs through extensive assessment of your project and give details that meet Engineers Australia Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) requirements.
  • We evade technical terminology and modify each defect in time so as your CDR will be approved by the EA.
  • We line up the CDR along with the Migration Skills Assessment rules and thoroughly evaluate each section so as we can provide you with detailed and accurate CDRs.
  • My CDR Help assures clients that they will receive the maximum quality CDRs in line with the Australian immigration rules established by Engineers Australia.
  • A system procedure will be used by our professional authorities so as the client's achievements are consistent with the position and education plan they choose.
  • Our skilled and qualified writers confirm that contents of CDR is written in the perfect Australian English as well as appropriately organized as per the guidelines.
  • We ensure that CDR meets EA standards, in addition, includes all features that match the client's selected profession.
  • We highlight the individual role of candidate and pay special consideration to every paragraph of professional plot.
  • Plagiarism is a Crime! My CDR Help also assures that each part is plagiarism free, original and unique as customer satisfaction is the most important. We also provide Free Plagiarism/ Turnitin report. Turnitin is the same software which is also used by EA to detect Plagiarism in your CDR report.
CDR writing help

Top 10 Reasons to choose

  • Each section of the CDR is presented in a coherent form, while taking in account the pre-eminent features and EA guidelines.
  • The Summary Statement for the applied occupation is given special attention, as it is the most proficient aspect of the CDR.
  • Utmost emphasis is laid on the various sections of the CDR, from introduction to Summary, in order to ensure that every segment is presented precisely.
  • Preparation of CDR is done by a comprehensive evaluation of the projects in order to provide details to cater to the requirements by Engineers Australia for Australian immigration Competency Demonstration Report.
  • Technical jargons are avoided and each error is corrected as well as any inadequacy is taken care of within the required time duration for the CDR to be approved by EA.
  • Each section of the CDR is assessed as per the standards laid down by MSA (Migration Skill Assessment Booklet) in order to provide meticulous CDR.
  • ensures the clients that they will be provided with the best quality CDR, that abides by the Australian immigration standards framed by Engineers Australia.
  • The qualified connoisseurs apply an analytical process so that the achievements of the clients are in accordance with their desired position and educational lineup.
  • Appropriate Australian English is used by the professional CDR writers to write the content of the CDR to make it affluent.
  • It is made sure by the professionals of that CDR complies with the Australian standards and consists of the desired characteristics of the required profession of the client.

Importance of CDR Report for Australian Immigration

CDR report is a priceless and important technical report which provides comprehensive information about personal, educational, engineering aptitude levels and different projects handled by the students in college or company. Millions of engineers are showing interest to get engineering job in the other than home country like Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada which offer an engineering job on high salary to international migrant engineer. Responsible approval body/agency is capable to admit skilled and competent students based on the competency demonstration report submitted. Engineers Australia is a team of senior engineers who have expansive knowledge in the engineering domain. They are responsible for approving the assessment competency report after they satisfied with the technical competency levels.

In Australia, good engineers are in great demand. The industrial growth has bestowed due to a surge in economic growth and increase of state of technology. The Australian government has been executing plans to encourage migration to Australia – especially for those who fall under the skilled migrant category, like engineers. As engineering is a technical subject, the engineers are assessed on certain parameters.

Features of a Good CDR

  • Keep in mind, the Career Episodes mean showcase your abilities as a Professional Engineer, Engineering Associate, Engineering Technologist or Engineering Manager. Subsequently, pick the skills and abilities cautiously so that it shows the competency components for the building class in which you are applying.
  • A CDR report is additionally expected to demonstrate your matching abilities of a particular field the EA assessor.
  • Utilized the right Australian English.
  • One of the key highlights of a compelling CDR is that it keeps off any incidental intricacy that EA doesn't request. For instance, EA just worried about your job achievements and your own commitments to your association as a designer. EA wouldn't have interest in knowing the historical backdrop of your organization, accomplishments of your group, or the market size or offer of your past business.
  • Be prepared to substantiate every one of your cases with reports and confirmations. Show confirmation of results you guarantee to accomplish.
  • EA approves prescriptive composition style for Career Episodes. Personal singular pronoun (I) must be used for the execution of self-denoting matter. The scenes from carrier episode ought to be written in the first individual - in a functioning voice. It implicates that you should use words as I looked into, I arranged, I gauged and so on.
  • EA requests that you write a Summary Statement where it is necessary to break down that how each section you wrote in your 'Profession Episodes' comply with the proficiency components for the Skilled Migration class you are applying for. It implies that you need to stay noteworthy consistent or you will lose 'examination' focuses.
CDR writing help

Career Episodes(CE’s)

While undertaking any sort of writing regarding Career Episodes, one should note down a few points:

  • Each of the CE’s are to be based over a task of engineering that is subject to be undertaken by the candidate such as
    • A project on engineering that is prepared while being in studies
    • A project over which the candidate has worked
    • A role of engineering that is played by the candidate within any company context

  • The limitation of words for writing CE’s are supposed to be in the range of 1200 to 1700 words although 2500 words is the Maximum limit

  • The numbering pattern mentioned below is to be followed while maintaining paragraphs in a career episode:
    • 1st episode of career (paragraphs as CE1.1, then CE1.2 and then so on)
    • 2nd episode of career (paragraphs as CE2.1, then CE2.2 and then so on)
    • 3rd episode of career (paragraphs as CE3.1, then CE3.2 and then so on)

  • The limitation of word count regarding various portion of Career Episodes are summoned below:
    • An introduction with a maximum of 100 words
    • A background limited to 200 to 500 words
    • An activity based on personal engineering in a range of 500 to 1000 words
    • A final summary limited to 100 words

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD writing is one of the most important parts of CDR writing. Continuing Professional Development writing is something that you just cannot afford to neglect. It will provide information about the engineer’s current activities. As an engineer, you will learn many things while working in an organization. A CPD report conveys each and everything that you will learn in the organization. You can sum it up by saying that CPD writing will be an up-to-date report of what the engineer is doing and learning at the present times.

What is a Continuing Professional Development for Engineers Australia?

CPD is a documentation or report of your knowledge, skills, and training gained by you as an engineer. It must depict that you are up-to-date with all the latest advances in your field of Engineering. It also helps you to prepare a document of the knowledge base you have developed till date and your skills that you have gained. Engineer’s Australia has specified the format of CPD and what it should include. While preparing a CPD, you must keep in mind the following few things:

  • It should be in the form of a list and represented in chronological order.
  • It must not exceed one page but should contain the detailed information of workshops and conferences including location, duration, and skills achieved
  • It should contain data pertaining to both formal and informal background.
  • It is not required to attach certificates of courses and events.
  • It must include information on conferences attended, papers delivered, short courses, workshops, seminars, technical meetings attended, presentations prepared.
  • Volunteer services to the engineering field or mentoring students.

Usually, CPD writing involves information based on two perspectives: training based and development based. Training based is the formal part of the CPD writing where information related to enhancing skills and knowledge is provided.

Development part is more of an informal approach where the entirety of the individual and the competency as an engineer is projected. The ability and will to develop as an engineer are both depicted from a fully formatted CPD. It shows an individual’s skills, knowledge as well as other attributes of management, leadership, mentorship, academics, writing skills, communications which are equally important in any reputed organization or firm.

Summary Statement

Writing the Summary statement is one of the most difficult tasks in preparation of CDR rport. You need to provide an analysis of all the competency elements which has been illustrated in your CDR for the occupation category for which you have applied. It has to be written very efficiently and skilfully as it is the first step in your technical career path in a reputed organization.

It is preferred and advisable to hire an expert for writing your summary statement from a reputed online service provider. We provide excellent Engineering writers for Summary statement writing services and have a team working for 24hrs round the clock so you can avail immediate help.

How to prepare a Professional Summary statement?

Summary statement should have significant importance as it is one paragraph which should be effectively cross-referenced with your CDR to provide a clear demonstration of your competency. All the three Career Episodes must be tabulated in your summary statement.

The format is available online which can be downloaded and filled and then attached to the application. The format looks like the one given below where you have to provide a summary of each key element and the reference for your work done in the appropriate field as mentioned in your CDR.

Knowledge and Skillset:
  • The detailed and comprehensive theory of physical sciences and engineering of your Engineering discipline.
  • The conceptual knowledge in the following domains according to your engineering discipline: Mathematics, Computer & Information Sciences, Statics, and Numerical Analysis etc.
  • According to your engineering discipline you should have deep knowledge of specialist bodies.
  • The proper research direction skill and knowledge development in your specific engineering discipline.
  • Knowledge of all the dependent factors which have an impact on your engineering field
  • complete knowledge and understanding of the professional scope, fundamental assumptions, liabilities and latest awareness of all engineering practice in your particular field.
Capability of engineering application
  • The designing of such methods which leads to the solving of complex engineering problems.
  • The eloquent tools and techniques in the specific engineering field.
  • All the synthesis and design processes according to your specific field of engineering.
  • The efficient application systematic approach which gives conductance to management in engineering projects.
Professional and Personal Characteristics
  • The answerability of professional and humane
  • The efficient and compelling communication in particular engineering domain
  • Inventive, prolific and creative attitude
  • The proper professional management and sorting of information of data
  • The professional conductance in a proper orderly manner

It is advisable and recommended to cover as many points in the report as possible to showcase your engineering capabilities and achievements in your CDR. We provide the best writers for Summary statement writing so that your application is accepted at first glance and is approved by EA. We aim to at least provide two points of knowledge and skill base and professional and personal attributes and three points of engineering abilities so that your total stands at a much higher value. They take care not to skip any detail of your engineering abilities and achievements so that your CDR leaves a mark on the assessment community.

One of the most common mistakes of a CDR Summary statement is missing or pointing the wrong paragraph as a reference which shows your incapability of analysis, organization, and lack of attention. Our writers take care to cross-check and provide a complete and comprehensive summary statement without any errors and plagiarism free, with all the data well-tabulated.

CDR writing help

Top 10 Tips to Write A Perfect Career Episode

Are you frightened that your CDR would be rejected? Here are 10 most important CDR report writing tips from our specialist Engineers to help you qualify for Engineers Australia Immigration.

1. Appropriate Introduction

You must include an introduction section that must be about 100 words long. Make certain it covers the following information:

  • Name of association
  • Duration and date of the professional series
  • Chronology
  • Location to gain experience
  • The name of the job you occupy
2. Proper Background

You must include what you learned or worked in background section. It should be 200-500 words long and must cover the following information:

  • The nature of entire project
  • The nature of your specific work area
  • Project Objectives
  • Administrative hierarchy
  • Description of Job
3. Personal Engineering Activity

This is important part of the “Career Episode Report” and is subject of narrative and important evaluable components. You should define the function you did as an engineer in this section, which would not exceed 1000 words. Here you can emphasize your role and contribution in project. And don't make mistakes because of team activities.

Things to include are:

  • How do you apply your knowledge and skills?
  • How do you work with another team associates?
  • Represent your tasks, in addition, how you accomplish them
  • All technical problems and how to solve them
  • Includes imaginative design work
4. Include Creative Design

The Design activities have very higher priority in CDR evaluation. If your CDR report contains technically creative designs, then your report is likely to receive a positive assessment. That's why, you must explain whole technical experience and artistic engineering about design activities, in addition, make assured to highpoint it.

5. Include Technical Difficulties

The details of the project you are involved in and the exact content you contribute to project are an integral part of your career. When writing a CDR report, each project heads to few technical problems or issues. At least 3 technical problems/issues should be stated in the CDR report. When you include a problem declaration in a professional drama set, you must cite the steps to resolve them.

6. Details About Project Management

The Project management is responsible for overseeing the project to achieve goals, timelines and budgets. When writing a CDR report, you ought to include duration of the responsibilities, the job description, and the team members involved in the problem. Be sure to cover technical details (such as plans), assign tasks to the team associates, and set deadlines for every task in the report.

7. Summary

Length of this part is 50-100 words. You require to pay consideration to technical representatives plus your conclusions. An outline of overall situation, mentioning the approaches you implement and portraying your technology development while pursuing technology development. Don't forget to involve the succeeding information:

  • Complete project picture
  • Contribution to project
  • The project is expected to achieve its requirements and goals
8. Summary Statement

Before inscribing a CDR report, you need to understand that the CDR report has three elements necessary: a summary statement, 3 Career episodes, and a list of continuing professional development. Everyone plays a significant role in CDR report. The summary statement is first page read by the assessor. It is the most important and intricate portion of any CDR, and you require to prove all the skill elements of the nominated professional category. In the Summary Statement (SS), you provide cross-references for entire professional episodes. It displays you the analysis of the information, which gives you a first impression also. All three Career episodes must be accompanied by a summary statement and CPD.

9. Avoid Plagiarism

You can discover CDR Samples for all Engineering Profession from our website. Don’t imitate this sample. You can refer to, learn as well as use samples from Internet and any other source. Engineers Australia opposes plagiarism, besides if they discover that you copied content in the report, then you may face an assessment rejection and ban for one year. Engineers Australia knows if you really made a blooper or attempted to cheat. That's why before submitting a CDR report to Engineers Australia, you must first use advanced tools to check for plagiarism, in addition, learn which parts of the CDR you need to modify.

10. A Perfect CPD

The Engineers Australia requires a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) report to conduct an immigration technical assessment. A CPD ensures that engineers are up to date on the latest growths in the engineering field. The CPD provides the essential information: the title, duration, date and location of training. You don't need to include multiple A4 pages in the Continuing Professional list. CPD actions are outlined to update and expand your skills and knowledge, and to uphold technical skills, successfully handle changes and better serve the community. Participate in the CPD activities to increase your network and contacts.

CDR writing help

Peek Into Our CDR Writing Services

As according to the experience of our CDR Expert Georgia, who is one of our most rewarded client agent –

“Understanding of the process thoroughly, can get one’s CDR accepted by EA in the first attempt. To put this in a different way, the What’s, How’s and Why’s of the whole process should be properly understood; Whys:

  • Why is the CDR report required primitively?
  • Why is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required?
  • Why is it required to create three Career Episodes instead of 1?

  • Tell us the right layout of composing a CDR
  • Tell us the function of each constituent
  • Which voice (Passive or Active) should be used to compose the career episodes?
  • Do I have to write about my contribution, the company or the project? Ho these Career Episodes have to be written?
  • How to compose the summary statement?

… And many similar queries.

Over the passage of time, I have come to this realization that these questions are the key for the final CDR report to get approved”

CDR writing help

We Cater CDR Services For all Engineering Branches

We have a big team of engineering experts who have great knowledge on wide range of stream related to engineering and make sure to use impeccable knowledge for preparing outstanding CDR reports by referring to the personal as well as professional details shared by the client. We are working with a team that can deliver premium CDR writing services, and we strive to help each and every group of engineers in getting the best placement. Starting from Civil, Mechanical, IT,Chemical, Electrical and even Software Engineering. We help professionals from a given background with the best output. The professionals that we have are proficient in offering services complying with all the EA and MSA guidelines that are laid for the Engineers in Australia. They also educate students regarding if’s and but’s of engineering.

We brag excellence in offering online CDR help services as we are working with a team of language experts, scholars, engineers, as well as professionals working in different MNCs with an aim to help people in getting the best CDR help services.

To Prepare a CDR for "Engineers Australia", We Shall Provide The Following:-

  • Heading Word Count
  • Resume 600-800
  • CPD 600
  • Career Episode 1 1000-2500
  • Career Episode 2 1000-2500
  • Career Episode 3 1000-2500
  • Professional Engineer (Summary Statement) 500


*** PLEASE Mention the project titles and attach complete project files of all projects, in case you do not have, then inform us in advance, we shall make it at our own.      

** This format is approved only for Engineers Australia


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  1. EA Assessed Engineers as CDR Writers
  2. 10+ Years of Experience
  3. Australia Based Company
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Our Premium CDR Writing Services by the Native Australian Engineers who have already been assessed Positive by Engineers Australia make us 100% different from others. We boast of Brilliance with our following features: -

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Being one of the best CDR report writing service providers in the industry MyCDRHelp covers all engineering domains to get your report approved by EA in the first attemt! Be it Chemical Engineer, Mechanical, Civil , Electronic engineer or engineer from any other field, we provide CDR writing and reviewing service to all at the most affordable price.

EA Approved Fresh Samples for all Engineering Subjects

We have EA approved multiple CDR Samples for all the engineering disciplines which are easily accessible and one click away and these samples will definitely assist you in setting up your CDR Report perfectly. With the assistance of our Engineering experts team, you can prepare your CDR Report and also manage about how to get positive EA assessment.

Unlimited Free Modification/EA Feedback Corrections

Although we assure for 100% Positive assessment in first attempt, still if you need modifications or you get feedback from EA, we would revise it as per feedback till final acceptance by EA and that too without any extra charges.

24*7 Live Chat, Phone Call and WhatsApp Facility

Our CDR team works 24*7 for your convenience. Feel free to contact us at any moment. Our experts are available all the time. We have a dedicated team who are highly acclaimed for providing 24*7 live support to the CDR aspirants all around the world. Our experts are also open to communicate 24*7 with the clients on phone and live chat .

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Our CDR experts are available 24*7 for direct conversation with the clients. Discussion is an exchange of knowledge and if you discuss your case with our senior experts ,maybe we will end up in a win-win situation.

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We only use 100% original content in our CDR report and use the best plagiarism detection software Turnitin to check our completed CDR reports. Turnitin is the same Software used by EA to detect Plagiarism. We provide free Turnitin report for each CDR.

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