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MyCDRHelp provide the most optimum editing and writing services to fulfill the Australian Dream of the applicants for skilled immigration. The RPL is directly related to the immigration and assessment of skills associated with the knowledge of the applicants, who wants to migrate in Australia. This RPL report is to be submitted in Australian Computer Society (ACS) for the skill assessment of candidates.

So, what is RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and what is the importance of this report?

RPL or the Recognition of Prior Learning is the method related to the assessment of the skills of the applicants and acquisition of knowledge. The determinations related to the competency of the applicants are reviewed through the various standards and various outcomes of learning.

Moreover the assessment related to the RPL reports are directly associated with the reviewing of the work experience and knowledge of the individuals applying for migration according to standards.

The processes related to the RPL include the evaluation of the working experience of the applicants and according to the RPL standards.

Things to consider

The considerations related to the writing of the RPL reports are stated below:

  • The RPL report must be able to showcase the applicant’s understanding of a real world issue related to work.
  • The report of the applicant must reflect the information related to the applicants related to their profession and working experience. The ICT learning should be applied in estimation of the working situation and appropriate validation.
  • For quoted information, genuine sources should be considered and mentioned in the report
  • The details related to the understanding and knowledge of ICT.
  • ACS RPL should be unique for each and every applicant.
  • The content should be authentic and plagiarism free
  • The data related to the report should be authentic and free of any false data as it will be subjected to rejection.
  • The reduced experience in work can lead to rejection of applications.
  • If work experiences of the applicant do not meet the norms of RPL standards, the application would be rejected stating “Not suitable due to lack ofexperience”.
  • Your job description should also be presented in detail for maintaining transparent portrayal of information to the ACS

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What should be included in the Project Report Forms?

The project section or the Section 2 related to the RPL requires the detailed information of operations implemented by the applicant in the role of an ICT professional. For this procedure the submission of two separate reports are required associated to the projects implemented by the applicant in their ICT careers.

The importance of the report lies in showcasing your grip over the Key Areas of Knowledge mentioned in thesection 1of this application. The applicant should submit a report associated to the project,one of which has been undertaken within the time span of three years. The other project should be the one implemented within at least 5 years.

The important points related to the project have been provided below:


The duties and responsibilities relate to the project related to the codes of ANZSCO.

Business problem and opportunity

The business problems and opportunities addressed along with scope should be signified in the project report.


  • The contribution related to the project should be signified in the project.
  • The problem solving methods and designs used should also be mentioned
  • the outcomes of the project.


Implementation of various solutions along with assessment of the success and failure of the project are implemented should be stated. The lessons learnt by the applicants should be used in the report.

Now, with important requirements of the project being stated, we want to ensure that there is no risk associated with the expert help service. In fact, the RPL reports have small yet significant requirements, which should be addressed. Most of the applicants miss out on the significant requirements and thus get rejected. We thus suggest you to take expert help and while you are thinking about expert help, MyCDRHelp can be a worthy option. Get consultation from our experts, get in touch with us via call at- 61-3-9111-2498or chat with us at- (+974) 7472 1052

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