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Career Episode Report Writing For Engineers Australia

Career Episode Report Writing for Engineers Australia may seem daunting, but fear not! It's about showcasing your skills and experiences confidently. Think of it as telling a compelling story about your engineering journey. Start with a unique project that impacted your career. Highlight your role, challenges, and achievements. Include technical details, but don't dwell on them. Instead, focus on sharing your passion and growth. A relaxed tone will captivate assessors and show your enthusiasm for engineering.

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Writing is an art and when it comes to writing career episodes that art has to be at its supreme best. That is why you need the help of the expert writers who can compile all your life into a single piece of paper. Now, this is a tough job for you but not for the experts and professionals.
When you take help of our CDR writing services, you will have:

1. Some of the most qualified and expert writers writing your career episodes which mean there will be a very limited chance of errors as far as the spelling and grammar are concerned. Also, they will be following a format which means your CDR will be perfectly written. This will eliminate the chances of your rejection.

2. Our CDR writers will maintain the originality of the piece. In order to ensure that the work is original and not copied from somewhere, they will use various plagiarism checking tools that will indicate the authenticity of the work.

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Occupational Categories considered by EA in Engineering

These are the three occupational categories recognized by Engineers Australia for the engineering practice in Australia -

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Technologist
CDR Writing Help

If you are applying for migration, Engineering Manager is another category recognized by Engineers Australia.

All applicants applying for the skill assessment by Engineers Australia are required to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language and to prove their English language competency; applicants are required to take one of the following tests:


Engineers Australia accepts both the General and Academic versions of the test.


Engineers Australia accepts the TOEFL iBT® English language test.


From the 1st November 2017, Engineers Australia has also started accepting the Pearson PTE ACADEMIC™ test.

The following table indicates the minimum scores for each module:

Listening 6 12 50
Reading 6 13 50
Writing 6 21 50
Speaking 6 18 50

IELTS, TOEFL iBT® and PTE ACADEMIC™ results must not be more than 2 years old at the time your application is submitted.

The following applicants may be exempt from the requirement to provide an English language test:

  • Applicants who have completed an Australian undergraduate engineering qualification or a 2 year Masters degree (92 weeks full time) or PhD program at an Australian university. Documentary evidence of successful completion of the Australian qualification is required for exemption on this basis;
  • Applicants who are native English speakers. A native English speaker is a person who lived and was educated (primary, secondary and tertiary education) in the country where the official language is English: Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Please note, exemptions are determined on a case by case basis and Engineers Australia reserves the right to request an English language test result at any stage of the assessment.

Know Why You Need Top Experts for Writing Your Career Episodes

Career episode writing or CDR could serve as a game-changer as far as your engineering career is concerned. If it is a well-written CDR then you can get your desired position at the desired organization fairly easily. It works comprehensively in order to make your career path a smooth sailing. As it plays a pivotal role in your engineering career, you would want it to be written down by the expert writers who have knowledge of writing CDR for years.

When you contact us, we help you by providing such writers who will prepare your CDR in a comprehensive manner.

Career Episode Writing

Career episode is a piece of writing which depicts everything about an engineer in Australia. It will tell you about the significant achievements in the educational sphere as well as the work experience of the engineer. While writing career episode, one has to focus on the three independent career episodes written about the three different projects that an engineer has taken. This has to be a part of his work experience.

Career episode will inform the reviewer of your CDR about the knowledge of engineering and the skills you have attained during your study and career as an engineer. This will help them to choose for the post you deserve.

Facts about Career Episode Writing You Should Know

Good English is Must

Your career episode must be written in very good English. EA would prefer a career episode written with Australian English. Your piece should not contain any grammatical error or spelling mistakes. Active voice is a must as it portrays the candidate who is initiating this career episode.

The Skills of the Engineer

The career episode should state all the skills the engineer has accumulated through his engineering career as well as the workshops he or she has attended. This will help the EA members to determine whether the engineer is capable or not for the applied position.

Perfect Career Episode Writing Format

When you are writing a career episode, you have to follow a simple format. You don’t need to try anything extravagant. With a simple format and easy to understand writing language, you will surely get selected for your applied post. Here are some of the things that you have to include in your CDR writing:

CDR Writing Help


This has to be compiled within 100 words. This part of the piece will introduce you to the reviewer. By reading it, the reviewer will find out the information of who you are and what your career goals are.

This phase should contain information such as:

  • Chronology: Important date and the duration of the career episodes
  • Name: Name of the organization where you worked or learnt the trade
  • Place: The place where that career episode of your took place
  • Position: The position you help during that career episode

Written in a Narrative Essay

When it comes to writing career episodes, many tend to write with facts and figures. Now, the numbers are catchy and they can grab your attention. However, a proper career episode should be written in narrative English because that would make the reviewer’s work a lot easy when it comes to understanding the knowledge and the skills of the engineer.

Numbering Format

The numbering format of the career episode is highly important because it aids to the writing of summary statement. Generally, the career episode is written as the Career Episode 1 along with the paragraphs 1.1,1.2,1.3 etc. and similarly for the 2nd or the 3rd episode.

Background of the Career Episode

This paragraph will focus on the knowledge and the experience you have accumulated throughout your working and educational life within 200 to 250 words. The points this paragraph should cover are:

Nature of the Project

Here you must state about the organization where you handled that particular project and the nature of the project.

The Objective of the Project

Here you will show your position in that project handling and the responsibilities you handled.

Official Duty Statement

You need to give an official duty statement which will justify and proof your above statement.

Personal Skills and Achievements of the Applicant

While writing the career episode, this that art which will make the difference. Here you will be highlighting your skills and the achievements you attained throughout your life and an engineer. This will bring your career into the limelight which will help you to bag the position you are applying for. This section must cover the following:

  • The role you played in the team along with the other team members
  • Difficulties you faced in completing the tasks assigned to you and the way you overcame them
  • Application of your knowledge and how it helped you achieve your goals
  • Some of the technical difficulties you overcame
  • Ideas and strategies that you carved which made a significant impact on the end result of the assigned task

Summary of Career Episode

Basically, in this section, you just have to sum up what you have stated before with 50 to 100 words. This is just the overview of the goals you want to achieve and how you are planning to go forward in your career and why you are fit for that particular position. You can also mention the accomplishments you have in your career until the present times.

Final Thoughts

If you want to avail our CDR writing services, then you have to submit your resume and all the information regarding the projects you handled and the skills you have and your career goals. We will prepare the CDR and deliver it to you which will definitely increase the chances of your selection for your desired post. So what are you waiting for?

What Should I Do if I have not Enough Projects for Career Episodes?

The career episodes is a crucial item that shows the relocation ability to Australia. The career episodes represent your technical experience, capabilities, skills and talents related to professionalism. It offers a concise overview of your job and EA assessor’s abilities.

EA is presented with all three career episodes involving various projects. This will help the EA evaluator to persuade your career episodes and determine your ability. Your contribution and primary role in this project are determined through career episodes.

The three different projects of your career episodes validate the broad spectrum of your professional capabilities or skills. Three different projects in career episodes are highly recommended to include. However, you may not have sufficient projects to showcase before the EA assessor.

Well, both professional as well as academic projects are mainly approved by EA. Hence, you get numerous options from which you can choose to demonstrate your best skills by selecting the accurate project.

As you can get the option to select both professional as well as academic projects, try to choose the project correctly. It is suggested to use the organizational chart to demonstrate your status and role to accomplish that task if you include a professional project.

And, try selecting one of your internship periods, if you want to select the academic project. It will cover all the minute details and the problem-solving skill.

The career episode needs to be focused on your personal work and contribution, not the whole team. Hence, it needs to include the primary roles and responsibilities that have helped the team accomplish the goal.

The framework and the comparative analysis of the desired result to the actual result of the project should be illustrated. You will have to mention all the problems or issues during your task and your role in solving these. Hence, you should always remember to keep focused on the leadership qualities, skills, the abilities of efficient work, the major roles, and responsibilities towards your job.

Using the basic vocabulary, you would clearly grasp when including all the technical words in your shows. In this case, the Australian language would be better suited.

You should always remember that the inappropriate listing of the team leaders and other unwanted diagrams and photos has negative implications for the CDR report.

Although in the career episode, the EA assessor wants the original and natural content. Hence, plagiarized material is definitely not in the benefit of EA assessors and is the primary justification for EA officials to refuse and oppose.

You can take professional assistance from MyCDRhelp.com to overcome that problem. We are the best service provider in Australia with Engineers Australia approval rate of 97 per cent.

The seasoned team of CDR writers and specialists guarantees that credible qualified episodes for your matching career have the original material with outstanding accuracy of the CDR article.

Throughout your technical life, you can conveniently pick the three separate ventures. Most crucial is that you pick the one that replicates your ability and supports skilled migration visa of Australia.

Hire the Best Experts for Career Episode Writing

Career Episode Writing essentially referred to as CDR is a comprehensive overview of career episodes in engineering and requires a very precisely written report. It is a very vital element of your career path and should be prepared with the utmost care and sensitivity. It should be made presentable and concise strictly following the format. We aim to provide the best services for career episode writing with a team of efficient and experienced writers.

What is Career Episode Writing?

It is a report for Engineers in Australia which depicts the significant contributions and activities during their entire engineering education and the work experience they have gained. It involves three independent career episodes to be written on three different projects that engineers may have undertaken during their final term or an internship program or as part of work experience. This report should enlighten the reviewer of your engineering knowledge and skills for the chosen occupation and how you can fit into it.

Brief Overview of Writing a Career Episode

There are certain facts that you should consider before writing a career episode:

  • It should be written in good English preferably Australian English without any spelling and grammatical errors. It should essentially be written in an active voice and first person depicting your individual initiate in each career episode.
  • It should clearly demonstrate the knowledge and skills of engineering that you gained during your education and internship and how you mean to apply these skills to the job you are applying for. It should show how you could benefit the requirements with your skills and training.
  • It should follow the technical format and must be written as a narrative essay which can be easily understood and comprehended without any difficult and in-depth mathematical equations and formulations.
  • It is very important to follow the numbering system of each paragraph in each career episode to aid in the summary statement writing. The format usually recommended is Career Episode I (paragraphs 1.1,1.2,1.3) and similarly for the 2nd and 3rd episode.

The format for Career Episode Writing

CDR follows a particular format which enables the reader to get a comprehensive overview of your career experiences at a glance. It involves the following aspects:


To be written in 100 words, this introduces the reader to career episode and should include basic information like

  • Chronology – Dates and duration of the episode
  • Name of the organization
  • Geography where that particular episode happened
  • Title of the position held by you


This will provide an operational knowledge of your work or study experience. It must be written within 200-500 words and entail the following points:

  • Nature of the project and the organization where it was executed
  • Objectives of the project and organizational structure chart marking your position in the particular project and the duties you had to carry out
  • Official duty statement specifying the duties you were responsible for

Personal Engineering Activity

This is the most important part of the career episode writing and should highlight your personal job skills and achievements. It should bring to limelight your personal abilities as an engineer. It must include:

  • The engineering task assigned to you
  • Your role in the team and how you worked along with your team members
  • Any difficulties you faced and how you coped with those
  • How you applied your knowledge base and accomplished your targets
  • Technical difficulties that you solved
  • Strategies designed by you and any original ideas which made a significant contribution to the completion of the project


The allotted word limit for this part is 50-100 words. It should be a summation of the entire episode projecting a complete overview of the episode, providing information on the goals achieved and your individual contributions to the success of the project. You can also mention of rewards and appraisals you may have received during the career episode.

Writing a Career Episode is an art, and it should be perfectly written in a format, so it speaks all about you. It should highlight your own achievements rather than the teamwork and how you made to achieve the goals of the project. It would help if you prepared the CDR with time and utmost care. If you need help in writing our writers can provide you with efficient online services.

Know why you should take CDR Writing Services from us

Qualified Engineer Writers

We have a team of qualified and experienced writers who ensure writing in the perfect format and well written English.

100% Approval Rate

Engineers Australia (EA) gauge on the engineering ability and skills gained but do not look for technical stuff. The CDR needs to be prepared appropriately to be accepted by the EA. Our writers have a history of writing CDR with a high rate of approval upon the first submission to the EA community.


Our writers provide authenticate data tabulated in the form of CDR without any plagiarism and errors for your satisfaction and speedy submission.

Meet the Deadline

The writers provide delivery much before the stipulated time frame. The sooner you place the order; the earlier writers can start working on it and prepare your CDR. They communicate with you all the time and inform you of the progress of your CDR and give you a completion deadline as well. They frame the CDR so that it provides complete satisfaction to the EA community and gets accepted.

Reasonable Pricing

You can place your order for CDR writing Services at a very reasonable price. This allows common people to easily avail the services and get quality material in a short time to at least give you a strong framework.

In order to get the required professional help, you must seek for CDR Writing Services. All you need to do is submit your resume with all the information, the projects you have been assigned and completed during your education career and your achievements to get your CDR prepared and deliver it for EA evaluation. With the right kind of professional and expert help and a well-built CDR, you will stand a high chance of being accepted at first glance.

Career Episode Writing Tips

  • When you are in the process of selecting the Career Episode Topics, it is better to have the EA list of competencies in front of you. Try to remember the times when you applied a particular competency in your career span and then weave a Career Episode around it. Keep in mind that you will have to provide evidence to support your claims and hence only provide those facts and details which you can prove.
  • When preparing your CE, never exceed the word limit (1000 to 2500 words), do not use too many technical jargons and make sure you are using correct Australian English. Your CDR report will be used by your assessor to judge your communication skills also and so be careful about the representation of your narrative.
  • EA assessors specifically look for keywords like ‘I designed,’ ‘I planned,’ ‘I measured,’ ‘I calculated,’ ‘I investigated’ etc. Hence, in your CE, focus on how you applied engineering knowledge and your skills to solve specific problems and elaborate on your role in the event that you are narrating.
  • Do not use tables, formula, pictures, etc. as these will make your essay look too technical. However, please focus on the tools or techniques that you used to solve a particular problem and try to elaborate on it in simple language. All these will make your CE look more believable.
  • A Career Episode should comprise of four sections: Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity, and Summary which should be prepared as follows:


This should contain the chronology of your career episode in not more than 100 words. It should describe the dates and duration of the episode, geographical location, name of the institute or organization involved and what was your position there.


This should comprise of 200 to 500 words and should describe the general context of the project that you were involved in. You may include the nature and objectives of the project, your particular area of work or contribution in the project, an organizational chart or organigram highlighting your position in the organizational hierarchy, your job description and key roles and responsibilities. You may have to provide a copy of the appointment letter or official duty statement as proof of your claims.

Personal Engineering Activity

In not more than 500 to 1000 words, describe the actual work you performed and your engineering related tasks. Elaborate on how you applied your engineering skills and knowledge to accomplish the task that was delegated to you, the technical difficulties or challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Describe your innovative or creative designs, unusual approach or any original ideas that you came up with. You can put in a little about your relationship with your team members and how you discharged your duties as a team leader, negotiator or astute follower.


In the end, write a short summary of your Career Episode highlighting all the engineering related competencies that you utilized in that particular narrative.

  • Do not make your Career Episode too generic or too technical and try to maintain a balance in your approach. When you write about how you designed circuit board, add details like the parts that you used to make it, the software and design tools that you used, how you collaborated with others, if and why you needed to make revisions in the circuit design and so on.
  • Instead of adding too many technical details, you can focus on other elements of the project such as the pioneering processes you were a part of, reporting and communication mechanism of the project, and cost-related decisions you were involved with.
  • Avoid getting distracted when writing your Career Episode. Always keep in mind that it should be about showcasing you and your capabilities and not what your team or department did. The assessors will be looking for more “I did” and “I designed” related sentences and not for “we designed” type of narrations. Focus on your role in the team and your contribution to the project. One of the biggest mistakes you should avoid is lying about your role in the team. If you are not able to provide ample proof for any of your claims made in the CDR, it will be rejected by the EA.

Writing Career Episodes for Engineers Australia requires good command over your language skills along with a good grasp of technical skills and knowledge. One's engineering experiences play a vital role in crafting an effective CDR.In the CDR report, it will not suffice to mention that you successfully handled all the problems that occurred during the project. You have to elaborate on what types of problems and challenges you faced and how you overcame them. For example.

“When we tested the prototype, we found that its tolerance was less than what was required in our design specification. I analyzed the circuit design but could not figure out the error right away. Hence, I devised a series of tests to separately test all the different input parameters and the operating environment step-by-step and found that the vibration was affecting the input transducer.I replaced the transducer with a better one and had to redesign the control circuitry to accommodate the new component. Then, we re-conducted all the tests and were finally able to meet the design specifications successfully.”

In the Summary Statement, we need to correlate each paragraph of your Career Episode with the four elements and sub-elements mentioned for the Occupation Category that you are applying for. Hence it is important to read the elements and sub-elements thoroughly and make sure you write episodes which prove that you possess the desired competencies.Writing Career Episodes for Engineers Australia is a challenging task, and it is not enough to have mastery over English or even Australian English. That is why it is recommended to take the help of online services of to prepare the best career episodes for CDR. Their experts not only have exceptional language skills but also know engineering skills and terminologies. Visit them below to know more:

When CDR is not written as per the guidelines and requirements of Engineers Australia, it is liable to get rejected by the assessor. To achieve the best possible results, the candidates applying for Migration Skills Assessment should take help from the best CDR provider. You can also have a look at the samples provided on CDR samples. It is advised to make the best possible attempt with your career episode report writing.The Career Episode writing service providers at CDR Report have a few tips to offer on how to draft a Career Episode report that Engineers Australia will find impressive.

Each career episode should depict a different period in your life, demonstrate the unique aspect of your engineering activities and provide proof that you have applied your technical knowledge and skills that are related to the occupation you have chosen to apply for.

Some of the topics that you can include in your Career Episode are as follows:

  • A task which involved the use of engineering skills or an internship which you might have participated in.
  • An engineering project which may have round your way or you may be currently working upon
  • Any types of problems you may have solved applying your engineering skills.
  • You should always write career episodes in the first person and use active voice
  • It would be best if you do not use a lot of technical terms, and the word limit between 1000-2500 words should be maintained.
  • You should take help of career episode samples which are available on the internet. The report should be free of plagiarism and grammatical errors.

The essential sections of a career episode can be divided into four subgroups


It is usually a 100-word brief of the career episode. It would help if you write about the organization where you undertook the project and the position held by you as well as the responsibilities which were endowed upon you.


This should be completed in 500 words where you have to write about the background of your project and the main objectives. It would help if you mention your goals and the nature of the work involving engineering skills and technology. The section must be brief and to the point. Give a little background about the project in about 500 words.


In summary, you could briefly discuss the team and the work environment. You should focus on how you contributed to the team to achieve the goals of the project. The summary has to be completed in 50-100 words at the maximum, and it should provide a final expression of the engineering activities.

Engineering Activities

This section forms the main body of the career episode and should be written in a limit of 1000 words. Here, you must provide complete details of the project and the problems you may have encountered. You should provide details of how you tackled the problem, the reasons for your approach and your achievements. You should make sure to make the career episode all about your personal contributions and achievements rather than talking about the teamwork. Engineers Australia does not find an interest in teamwork when they are recruiting you. They want to check your abilities and knowledge, and you should focus on your personal skills and contribution.

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Expert writers who provide CDR Report writing can provide you with some tips for which will help you qualify on EA parameters:

  • You must first understand the purpose of the report before you start framing your CDR and carefully go through the EA guidelines. The CDR report has three important elements: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list, three Career Episodes, and the Summary Statements. Each of them has an important purpose to serve in your report. Effectively understanding each section will help you provide your details more efficiently.
  • You should be able to complete your CDR report in Australian English and not confuse it with British English. The grammar and the writing style should be of high quality with emphasis on your choice of words and spellings, and the report should be able to meet Australian standards.
  • You should be able to choose your Career Episodes so that you can project and display your competencies and achievements to the best of your ability. You should check out the guidelines of EA and try to understand what they look for in the candidates of different occupation category (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, or Engineering Manager) and be able to choose career episodes which will best depict your qualities.
  • The report should be focussed on you and your achievements rather than the details of the company. Information of the company should be brief, and the history and market share information is not required. Rather you must focus on your objectives and the role assigned to you and how you were able to achieve them. You can provide details of what have been your personal contributions to the company and awards and achievements that you might have received.
  • The career episodes should be broken into paragraphs, and each paragraph should be carefully linked to the summary statement. This provides for easy reference and points out your competencies clearly. The writers who provide CDR help claim that the Summary statement is the first page which is read by the assessing authorities as it provides them the brief of your capabilities, knowledge, and skill. It also tells them about your analytical skills and your eye for detail.
  • The career episode should always be written in first person and an active voice. You should start the sentences with ‘I researched,’ ‘I planned,’ ‘I obtained feedback’ etc. You should prepare your CDR report stating only the facts and provide details of your engineering skills and experience without talking about other irrelevant details.
  • The CDR samples available on the internet can be used for reference, however, do not try to copy from it. If the CDR report is found plagiarised, it will bring about your rejection and not be given another chance. Plagiarism may also occur accidentally when you read samples and then sit to write. Certain sentences which you may have liked may remain at the back of the mind which you might want to use but make sure to put the emotions in your own words rather than copy the entire text.
  • Before you start to write, make sure you have the following information
  • Number of projects you may have completed in your career
  • Objectives of those projects and results that were achieved
  • Recognition and awards achieved in any of those projects and if yes supporting documents which you can present to back your claims (even if you do not have any certificate, however, have been an admirable worker, the testimonials of seniors written on your LinkedIn, social media profile, would work. You must keep such information handy)
  • It would help if you get a strong hold on Australian English for few days/weeks.

Once you are ready with the official documents, you could start writing your CDR report. Once you achieve the writing skills of an expert, you can produce a refined CDR report. Make sure to achieve the following points. If you provide an expert to write your CDR report, you will be able to achieve these points.

  • It will comply with EA guidelines
  • It will impressively project your skills and knowledge.
  • It will bring to highlight the achievements, awards, and competencies of the candidate
  • It will be written in a proficient language with no grammatical errors and plagiarism free.

So, according to the objectives laid down by the EA, the report should fulfill all the expectations that have been stated above.

Once you are ready, you can start writing. While writing you should keep some additional points in mind.

  • Make sure not to include any irrelevant information.
  • The focus of the CDR report should be on your job and not what your team did. The assessment team is interested to know about your individual qualities rather than the company or the team.
  • Do not mention awards and expertise for which you do not have any proof to present.
  • Make sure that you do not have grammatical errors and spelling and punctuation mistakes in your CDR.
  • Australian English – You should use more of Australian English rather than British English and not confuse between the two.
  • Plagiarism-Your document should be free of plagiarism, and not even a word should be copied from any other source.
  • Do not lack in design – You can include design in your report as it has extra credits.
  • You should link the CDR report with Summary statement carefully and avoid any mismatch.
  • You should focus and give importance to Career episodes
  • Try to maintain the word limit of 6000 to 8500 words for the entire document. The break of word limit has been given here.
  • Resume - around 600 words
  • (Continuing Professional Development) CPD - around 600 words
  • Three Career Episodes - around 4000 words
    1: Career Episode 1 - Min 1000 & max 2500 words,
    2: Career Episode 2 - Min 1000 & max 2500 words
    3: Career Episode 3 - Min 1000 & max 2500 words
  • Summary Statement - 500 words

Keep in mind that if your CDR gets rejected, it will take another 12 months to get filed. So, prepare the CDR report carefully and take help wherever possible.

Some leads for the best way to prepare a CDR report has been given here:First, you must read and understand the EA guidelines.In each CDR report, there are three important elements as given below- You should have a clear understanding of the purpose of each element.

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Three Career Episodes (CE), and
  • A Summary statement
  • Proficiency in English
  • Use active voice for all the Career Episode
  • Make use of few sample CDR from authenticated sources
  • Make sure to check and make the document free of plagiarism.
  • If professional help was taken to draft the CD report, make sure you go through it before submitting.
  • The report should be prepared in high-quality English language, preferably in Australian English.
  • Each career episode must contain more than 1000 words. The entire document should be prepared within the word limit as described in the guidelines.
  • If possible, introduce designs wherever possible which provides extra credit points and help in acceptance.

Before starting to write the CDR report, you must go through the guidelines in the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet also called MSA booklet. This will provide you with a definite idea of what information you should provide in your CDR. You can also contact professionals who provide CDR writing help and clarify your queries.

It is very important for you to choose the correct topics for Career episode descriptions as it has been prepared to depict the technical skills of the engineer. The applicant must first describe the category in which he or she is applying and then provide the details which will meet their competencies. This is the first step towards getting Engineers Australia Membership.

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  • Each section of the CDR is presented in a coherent form, while taking in account the pre-eminent features.
  • The summary statement for the applied occupation is given special attention, as it is the most proficient aspect of the CDR.
  • Utmost emphasis is laid on the various sections of the CDR, from introduction to Summary, in order to ensure that every segment is presented precisely.
  • Preparation of CDR is done by a comprehensive evaluation of the projects in order to provide details to cater to the requirements by Engineers Australia for Australian immigration Competency Demonstration Report.
  • Technical jargons are avoided and each error is corrected as well as any inadequacy is taken care of within the required time duration for the CDR to be approved by EA.
  • Each section of the CDR is assessed as per the standards laid down by MSA (Migration Skill Assessment Booklet) in order to provide meticulous CDR.
  • MyCDRHelp.com ensures the client that they will be provided with the best quality CDR, that abides by the Australian immigration standards framed by Engineers Australia.
  • The qualified connoisseurs apply an analytical process so that the achievements of the clients are in accordance with their desired position and educational lineup.
  • Appropriate Australian English is used by the professional writers to write the content of the CDR to make it affluent.
  • It is made sure by the professionals of MyCDRHelp.com that CDR complies with the Australian standards and consists of the desired characteristics of the required profession of the client.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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