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Computer Network and Systems Engineer

Computer Network and Systems Engineer CDR Report Help and EA Approved Samples (ANZSCO Code: 263111)

Computer Network and System Engineer

Plans, creates, deploys and streamlines system and framework administrations, assuming liability for configuration management by and large operational availability of system frameworks, particularly situations with numerous working frameworks and setups, and gives investigating and blame discovering administrations for system issues.

Skill Level: 1


  • PC Network Engineer
  • PC Systems Integrator

Who is 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer?

Distinctive organizations require PC systems to be introduced, for example, LANs, WANs, extranets, intranet, little territory systems, individual zone arrange, voice over web convention systems and some more. The PC system and frameworks engineers need to work with the system frameworks of an association whether at national or worldwide dimensions. Their primary point is to guarantee smooth correspondence among the different bureaus of the association by means of the PC arrange, ensuring the honesty of an organization's information and using the PC organize assets successfully. They can function as a piece of the IT group of an organization or as an autonomous system expert and connect with more than one organization. The Australian and New Zealand standard characterization of occupations (ANZSCO) portray the obligations, work jobs and different prerequisites for ACS Computer Network and Systems engineers.

Job responsibilities of 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer

Diverse retail groups, banks, transport administrations, schools, colleges, banks, government divisions, and different associations search for 263111 PC organize experts. The ANZSCO gives the Computer Network and Systems build expected set of responsibilities as the accompanying:

  • They are the experts who can configuration, create, actualize and keep up the system of an organization.
  • They need to plan system configuration and documentation.
  • They introduce and arrange the system frameworks
  • They fix any specialized issues in the system and keep a mind its proficiency.
  • They likewise need to redesign the current frameworks time-to-time.
  • They are totally in charge of the general activity of the system frameworks in an association.
  • They need to keep up the equipment and programming that are identified with PC organize frameworks.
  • They offer help to the entire staff of the organization just as the customers, clients and partners by investigating any issues that may emerge.

Assignments Include:

  • Analysing, creating, deciphering and evaluating complex framework structure and engineering determinations, information models and graphs in the advancement, arrangement and mix of PC frameworks
  • researching, breaking down, assessing and observing system foundation to guarantee systems are designed to work at ideal execution
  • assessing and prescribing upgrades to arrange activities and incorporated equipment, programming, correspondences and working frameworks
  • providing authority aptitudes in supporting and investigating system issues and crises
  • installing, arranging, testing, keeping up and regulating new and redesigned systems, programming database applications, servers and workstations
  • providing system programming in help of explicit business needs and prerequisites
  • preparing and keeping up strategies and documentation for system stock, and recording conclusion and goals of system flaws, upgrades and alterations to systems, and upkeep directions
  • monitoring network traffic, and action, limit and utilization to guarantee proceeded with respectability and ideal system execution

Qualifications Required for 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer

  • Educational prerequisites for PC system and frameworks build for ACS assessment are a four year college education or higher in any material field, for example, organize security the board, arithmetic, physical science, PC framework designing, software engineering and gadgets building.
  • An industry experience of at least 5 years is an absolute necessity for each candidate with which they can depict the different aptitudes they have learnt and connected in this field.
  • Applicants can have a specialization in PC arrange designing and PC framework combination as indicated by the ANZSCO rules.

CDR Report Sample: Computer Network and Systems Engineer

ANZSCO Code: 263111

The Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Computer Network and Systems Engineer incorporates all the essential documents, for example, Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, Summary Statement and Curriculum Vitae. The Content of the CDR Report Sample is as per the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae: Resume dependent on a professional template.
  • Continuing Professional Development Sample: CPD Sample plainly clarifies the creator's Engineering Knowledge-1000 words.
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer Career Episode Sample –:"Pattern Based Peer-to-Peer Data Integration"- 2500 words.
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer Career Episode Sample –:"Similation versus Coding"- 3000 words.
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer Career Episode Sample – :"Expansion to MAC 802.11 for execution enhancement in MANET"- 2050 words.
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Detail clarification of all the competency component 2500 words.

Abilities Required for 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer

If your job title, description and responsibilities and duties align with the PC system and frameworks build in ANZSCO under the code 263111, there are a few aptitudes and subject matters that you should reverberate inside your RPL answer to expand your odds of progress.

  • ability to examine and take care of issues
  • Organizational aptitudes
  • Ability to train individuals who are not technically trained.
  • Ability to handle different undertakings
  • An aptitude for design and creativity.
  • Knowledge of arithmetic, gadgets, broadcast communications and PC equipment

The core ICT units referenced by ANZSCO for PC system and frameworks design are:

  • 1: Network Security
  • 2: Network Monitoring and Management
  • 3: Network Programming
  • 4: Computer Communication
  • 5: Network Design
  • 6: Network conventions
  • 7: Communications systems like LAN and WAN
  • 8: Mobile innovations
  • 9: Wireless innovations
  • 10: Operating Systems
  • 11: Assemblers
  • 12: Computer Organization
  • 13: Computer System Architecture
  • 14: Digital Design
  • 15: Microprocessors
  • 16: Digital Circuits
  • 17: Network Topologies
  • 18: Network Interfacing

CDR Sample for Computer Network and Systems Engineer

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CDR Report Sample: Systems Engineer and computer network

ANZSCO Code: 263111

Systems Engineer and computer network designs, creates, sends, tests and advances system and framework administrations, assuming liability for arrangement the board and by and large operational status of system frameworks, particularly conditions with different working frameworks and setups, and gives investigating and blame discovering administrations for system issues. Computer Network and Systems build are engaged with the plan, establishment, fix and administration of computers and related gear.

Ability level: 1


  • Computer Systems Integrator
  • Computer Network Engineer

Abilities Assessment Authority

  • ACS (Australian Computer Society)

List of Occupation

This valuable list of occupation is on the accompanying abilities records:

  • Combined Skilled Occupations List (STSOL MLTSSL)
  • RSMS Occupations List (RSMSL)
  • Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)


Plans, creates, sends, tests and advances system and framework administrations, assuming liability for setup the executives and by and large operational preparation of system frameworks, particularly conditions with different working frameworks and designs, and gives investigating and blame discovering administrations for system issues.

  • Specialisations
  • Computer Network Engineer
  • Skill Level: 1

Computer Systems Integrator


Elective Titles

  • Network Specialist

System Support

Introduces and keeps up equipment & programming, reports conclusion & goals of the shortcomings, oversees client security, passwords and stock documentation, guarantees the productive execution of printers, servers, and PCs, & takes care of extra functioning errands. Might likewise perform assignments; for example, enable work area to help and client preparing.

  • Skill Level: 1
  • LAN Administrator
  • Specialisation


Elective Headings

  • System Specialist
  • Network Designer
  • Network Strategist

Inquiries about and investigations arrange to engineer and endorse approaches and procedures for structuring, arranging and developing an association's system, for example, the aggregate framework condition and design. May likewise perform operational assignments, for example, observing framework execution, programming and equipment updates, reinforcements, support and system upkeep.

  • Skill Level: 1
  • Specialisation
  • Network Architect

The Capability Demonstration Statement Sample for Computer System and Systems Engineer incorporates the fundamental information wholly, for example, Summary Statement, Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes and Curriculum Vitae. The Content of the CDR Statement Illustration is as per the following:

  • Prospectus: Resume dependent on an expert format.
  • On-going Professional Progress Model: CPD Model unmistakably clarifies the creator's Manufacturing Knowledge-1000 words.
  • Computer System and Systems Engineer Career Chapter Model – 1: "Outline Based Peer-to-Peer Data Integration"- 2500 words.
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer Career Episode Sample – 2: "Simulation as opposed to Coding"- 3000 words.
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer Career Episode Sample – 3: "Augmentation to MAC 802.11 for execution enhancement in MANET"- 2050 words.
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer Rapid Announcement Model: Detail clarification of all the capability component 2500 words.


  • Analysing, creating, translating and assessing complex framework plan and engineering details, evidence models and outlines in the development, arrangement and incorporation of mainframe frameworks.
  • researching, breaking down, assessing and observing system foundation to agreement structures are designed to put effort at model implementation.
  • Evaluating and recommending enhancements to establish tasks and coordinated apparatus, program design, communications and working frameworks
  • Providing proficient skills in investigating and supporting system crises and matters.
  • Connecting, testing, designing, keeping up and versatile new and overhauled systems, software design database claims, servers and terminals.
  • Providing system program design in the help of explicit commercial needs and prerequisites
  • Formulating and keeping up approaches and certification for system standard, and demo finding and goals of system shortcomings, improvements and changes to systems, and upkeep directions
  • checking system circulation, and action, limit and use to assurance continued with honesty and perfect system implementation.

Expertise Level

Most professions in this item bunch have a dimension of skill commensurate with a 4- year college tutoring or advanced competence. Not less than 5 years of important experience and additionally applicable merchant affirmation may substitute for the formal capability. In some cases, pertinent knowledge as well as at effort formulating might be obligatory nevertheless the official ability (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Professions in this Group

  • 263112 Network Administrator
  • 263111 Computer Systems and Systems Engineer
  • 263113 Network Analyst

English Prerequisite

  • OET result with a base review B in all areas
  • IELTS result with a base score of 6 (L, R, W), 7 in talking and 7 by and large
  • PTE Academic with a base score of 50 (L, R, W), 65 in talking and 65 in general
  • TOEFL IBT with a base score (L:12 R:13 W:21 S:23 in general L93);

Special cases

  • Australian Graduate special cases apply in some specific regions or states.
  • Expert Capability Lists may relate an explicit necessity in around states/regions
  • Nations absolved from submitting OET or IELTS incorporate Canada; New Zealand; US; UK; and Ireland.

Wherever obligatory authorizing or enlistment is obligatory, you should exhibit a dimension of English moreover adequate to encounter permitting/enrolment or a base IELTS, or comparable, whichever is higher in comparison.

Normal Income:

The normal pay for a Computer Network and Systems Engineer is $ 104,807 for male representatives and $ 116,867 for female workers for every year.

Normal Age: Males: 40.8 Females: 46.8 Persons: 41.6

[See: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2631 Computer organize experts – Employee Earnings and Hours, Australia, May 2016]

The portrayal of Carefully Related Core ICT Units:

  • Computer Communication
  • Computer Network Design
  • Computer Network programming
  • Data communications – (WAN, LAN)
  • Operating frameworks – (Unix, Linux, Xenix, Network OS)
  • Wireless innovations – (Wireless Communication, Microwave Communication)
  • Mobile innovations
  • Computer Network conventions
  • Computer Network, the board
  • Mobile innovations

The portrayal of Added Thoroughly Related ICT Units:

  • Assembler Languages – (Assembler Programming)
  • Computer Association
  • Digital and flag preparing
  • Computer Logic Design
  • Computer Architecture
  • Digital innovation
  • Client/Server related equipment and programming
  • Digital circuits – (VLSI Design, Integrated Circuit Design)

Introduction to ICT – (Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Theory, Introduction to Business Computing, Computer Science I)

  • Optical communication innovation
  • Microwave innovation
  • Network Component advances
  • Network security
  • Microprocessors
  • Peripherals and Interfacing
  • Satellite communications
  • Project Management

English Proficiency Test For Australian Migration Skill Assessment

If it is necessary for a person to get through the Australian PR, they have to take a language proficiency test. Both Engineers and non-Engineers have to appear in the following tests so that they are acknowledged by the Department of immigration and border protection which is often abbreviated as DIBP. There is a three years of maximum time limit for the acceptance of the test previous to submitting for migration skill assessment.


Test of English as foreign language or TOEFL is one of the proficiency tests which evaluates the ability to conceive English as a language to use at university standard. TOEFL has two types of examinations. The first is the internet based test which is known as TOEFL-IBT and the other one is the paper based offline exam known as TOEFL-PBT. These tests evaluate proficiency of a person in four sections, which is reading, speaking, listening and writing. 30 marks are allotted for each and every section. All the evaluations are done to convince the authorities about academic proficiency with the language itself. It will take four hours to completely go through the test. Someone can get a Skilled Visa with at least a score of 24 for reading and listening section while the score for writing is 27 and the score for speaking is 23.


The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is one of the tests where the evaluation is based on the four sections , which are Writing, Reading, Speaking and listening with a maximum time limit for two hours and forty five minutes. They evaluates the proficiency in English as a working language for the communication with the surroundings in the countries where English is a primary language for working and communication. IELTS can be taken in two different formats. The first is Academic and the second is General. However for skilled visa the general IELTS should be availed. The score is determined on a scale of 9 where for a skilled visa the least score is 7.


Occupation English Test or OET is the proficiency test to get thorough the migration skill assessment to get a skilled visa. This test too has four section evaluation systems. The sections are reading, writing, speaking and listening. Here the scoring is done by gradation where A is the highest grade and E is the lowest one. One has to get at least B to get an Australian Skilled visa.


The Pearson Test of English or the PTE is one of the proficiency tests which operate at two different types. The first is the academic one and the second one is General one. It evaluates the spoken and written skills through four major sections. There sections are speaking, writing, listening, reading. The Scoring is done within a window of 10-90. However, one has to get at least 65 to get a skilled visa.

Cambridge Test of English:

The Cambridge test of English is an eminent evaluation system for the language proficiency. Four sections are here to assess the skills, which are reading and use of English, writing, listening and speaking. The score is given out of 210 and to get a skilled visa one has to appear in the advance level of the Cambridge test and with at least a score of 185.

At the end, the Competency Demonstration Report contains all the credentials of the applicant, such as the educational qualification, the English proficiency test skill certificates issued by any one of the above mentioned tests. The credentials mentioned here must match with all the agencies records because if they don’t match anyhow, the processing of the application and the progress of the visa processing will be hindered and elongated.

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