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Skilled nominated visas/Northern Territory (NT) Statement

Commitment to the Northern Territory (NT) Statement

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (subclass 491) visa and Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visas

Are you engaged with a skilled occupation in high demand in the Northern Territory of Australia? If so, are you looking for migration?

If so, the NT Government is here to support the visa procedure for general skilled migration procedures under any of the above subclasses.

So, with all the prospects for nomination, what are the aspects of being nominated by the NT Government?

Well, the NT Government can make a choice to nominate you only if the occupation you are showing interest in listed on the NT Migration Occupation List

There is also a chance of nomination on the basis of the occupations listed on Australian Government’s current list of eligible skilled occupations and based on the below aspects:

  • Strong prospects of employment in the NT with strong evidence showing that there is a chance of residing in the state for a certain amount of time
  • Having relevant skills and experience
  • A commitment for living in the NT
  • See this for further reference- important information if you already live in Australia

As mentioned earlier, a strong commitment from the applicants is needed about their staying time in the NT and that should be of at least 3 years in the NT after grant of visa.


  • Be nominated by the Government of NT itself
  • Meet the basic requirements of the Australian Government to get the grant of Visa
  • Be able to meet the requirements regarding permanent visa like age, character, health. This will also include any dependents including in the Visa application

Your application would be approved for nomination only if the following rules are qualified and you meet the basic yet significant requirements of NT residency and work

Read: important information if you already live in Australia.

  • You have an occupation which is listed in the Australian Government's site but not on the Migration NT site and you are able to show strong evidence of the importance of the job.
  • Skilled occupation is listed in the NT Migration Occupation List
  • Successful completion of a course a course full-time for at least 2 years duration
  • You have the skilled occupation listed in Government website and also have strong connections with the NT family members.
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Documents Required for NT Statement

  • Evidence supporting the financial capability of the applicant/ net assets for settling in the NT
  • Evidence supporting the applicants wide knowledge and research done on NT
  • Copies of evidence or documents supporting applicants employability in the NT
  • A statement showing employability of applicants


You should provide strong evidence of your employability in the NT and its prospects in either the direct skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation.

You must show good employment prospects by providing the following -

  • An offer letter from an employer based in the NT
  • A statement justifying how your experience and skills meet employer needs in the NT
  • Evidence portraying that the job vacancy which you have been chosen for, has been advertised multiple times
  • Potential feedback from the NT employer

190 NT

If you are an offshore applicant, you would need to prove and portrayal that you have strong commitments towards the NT and its employment aspects. Here we must notify you that the NT has limited places for nomination, which evidently means that the applicants needs to set their standards high for getting chosen. Generally, subclass 491 nominations are provided.

Commitment to NT

If you are accepting the nomination from Australian NT Government, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • Live and work in the NT for at least 3 years in the skilled occupation selected for or a closely related occupation
  • Regular updates should be given to the authority of NT government about contact details
  • Provide the state of visa application or simply notify the government
  • Participate in the NT government conducted surveys

If you are bestowed with a nomination from the NT government, you will be required to sign the declaration. MigrationNT considers a number of areas for assessing the commitment of an applicant towards NT.


It is a mandate that the skilled occupation you are taking up must be present in the occupation list. Other than this, the occupation can also be from the Australian Government's current skilled occupation’s list but not on the NT list or it can be a closely related occupation.

N.B: Offshore applicants should provide strong evidence portraying the prospect of the skilled occupation he or she is applying for.

Financial capacity

You need to record your assets in Australian Dollars and provide the evidence of those. These can include clear colour copies of share certificates, property valuations, jewellery evaluations, bank statements.

Follow the below table for assets:

Family Consumption Minimum value of net assets
Individual Applicant AU$ 35000
Applicant with spouse AU$ 50000
Applicant with a spouse and a child AU$ 60000
Applicant with a spouse and two children AU$ 65000

How can you apply for the nomination process?

Firstly, the applications must be in English. If there is any copy which is not in English, a translated version of that copy must be provided. There are some mandatory documents to be provided and other documents would depend on further conditions.

It is to be notified that that documents would be accepted in word Doc/Docs and Adobe Pdf formats only, which shall be attached in mail not in the cloud.

Below are the requirements that applicants should provide:

  • Completed application filled online for the NT subclass 190 and 491 nominations
  • Detailed curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Clear copy of the skills assessment test taken from an approved authority skills assessment and assessing authority
  • Colour copies of current or recent employment, skills, qualifications and certificates must be provided
  • Take copies of the first page of the identity page of the passport and also provide the same for any dependent members, who are included in the application process
  • If there is previous work experience in Australia or you are currently residing in that area, provide evidence of that from the Visa
  • Take English Tests approved by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and provide the results of the test with the application
  • Any evidence that can provide high chances of employability are welcome and listed below:
    • (i) A statement showing your awareness about the market for your concerned occupation in the NT and what the employer needs. This should be compared with personal skill sets stating that those are in line with the requirements of the employers
    • (ii) Evidence of high importance of the occupation by showing that the occupation has been advertised a number of times and how your qualifications would be best fit for the required role
    • (iii) Any feedback received from the NT employers contacted beforehand about skills, qualifications or experience
    • (iv) A letter of employment or appointment, which would be compared with the advertisements given by the NT employers
    • (v) A written declaration stating your commitment to the NT
    • (vi) Additional documentation needs are outline below

If the application is a resident of the NT

You need to provide:

  • 6 months bank statement before applying showing day to day spending and proof of that spending in the NT
  • Past 6 months pay slip from employers. [NB: this is not needed in case of students who have completed a course from NT]

If applications are from outside Australia

  • Verifiable evidence showing full time employment in your nominated occupation for at least 12 months. This must be out of the last 24 months or a person should prove that he or she has Australian qualifications
  • Evidence showing that the applicants have detailed knowledge about the market of NT and living conditions. The applicants should also show that they have researched well about the climate, relocation costs and the expenses of living in the NT.

If you are not a NT graduate or resident

You must provide the below

  • Evidence showing financial capacity of self or family to show the capacity of residing in NT in the form of total assets
  • Information about the connections already present in the NT

The below aspects gives a brief idea about the net assets considered to be eligible

Applicant and spouse must possess at least AU$ 50,000, whereas an individual applicant must have AUD 35,000. Applicant with spouse and 2 children must have AUD 65,000, with one child should have AUD 60,000.

Apart from this, you also need to provide a list of assets that you are possessing. For example, bank statements for a certain amount of time, property statements, jewelry purchase receipts, shares etc. All the information should be supported with a summary statement with all the values translated in Australian Dollars

Below are the commitments that would be required if you are nominated by the Australian Government

  • Live and work for the nominated profession for at least 3 years from the approval time
  • Inform the Government about the Visa application status
  • Participate in surveys conducted by the Government for letting the Government assess the outcome
  • Provide current contact details of the Government

If your Visa application is approved then you will be called for signing a declaration where you will sign to all these commitments and return.

Who is responsible for granting your Visa?

Department of Home Affairs grant the Visa

For detailed requirements, please refer to- Department of Home Affairs website.

How can you submit your application?

All the applications should be submitted online- refer to online application.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or check NT Government Visa Nominations FAQs.