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Understanding IMarEST CEng and Our Services for Marine Engineers

IMarEST is an established international professional body for all the marine engineers, scientist, and technologist. Being the largest organization of its kind, it forms the leading learned society for the global marine community. This body facilitated education and handles paper and magazine publication showcasing the progress and development of the field. Through their membership, they provide a platform to share ideas and innovative technique to enhance the area of marine engineering, science, and technology.

What is IMarEST?

IMarEST is the abbreviation for Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology. It forms an international professional figure and literary society for all marine professionals working in the discipline of Marine Engineering, science and technology.

It forms a multi-disciplinary professional body by accounting marine engineers, marine scientists, and marine technology. It is the largest marine organization spanning 128 countries. It works to promote the scientific development of marine engineering, science, and technology by yielding opportunity for the interchange of ideas and practices and upholding the standard, status, and expertise of marine professionals worldwide.

This institute turns out to be the first institute to come up with an international multi-disciplinary professional body. IMarEST is a Non-Government Organization and has registered charity status. It has a worldwide membership of about 1800 individual.

It had a registered status in the UK and licensed body of Engineering Council UK to award Chartered Engineer (CEng). Moreover, IMarEST CEng publishes professional magazines for Engineering, science, and technology. Apart from professional magazines, they also publish some international Research papers which take the accounts of latest discoveries, development and advanced done in marine sector. These published papers in the journal are eligible enough to earn the award for being the best paper in the journal.

Education is patronized through Marine Learning Alliance Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IMarEST group. Primarily the marine education and training courses are delivered through distance e-learning. Furthermore, they provide grades of membership for everyone. From those seeking to become CEng or acquire other professional recognition or for those who are just starting out in their career or studying in education.

What is the purpose of IMarEST?

IMarEST builds up a global network to connect and interact with different members. It encourages global marine community to step ahead and promote the scientific development of marine engineering, science, and technology. Most importantly, it renders a platform for the members to exchange their ideas and practices. It helps Chartered Engineers to develop and come up with a solution to all the engineering problems. It may help CEng to face and formulate new technique and apply this technology to solve real-time problems. It promotes advanced designs and design methods for the engineers.

It also nurtures new and more efficient production techniques and also pioneers new engineering services and management method. Additionally, it aims to resolve the questions associated with the fields like Marine Engineering, science and technology. Issues like student papers, lecture paper, review papers, and technical notes are all cleared and made comprehensible.

The papers are always published online. It is proposed by the UK Engineering Council and has alliance with maritime organization worldwide. It also has several offices in vivid locations. These branches function in building and maintaining communication with people and organization in the marine world.

It also aims to strengthen the employment prospectus, and the need to acquire a professional qualification. It provides excellent exposure and experiences in the field along with numerous rewards. They provide links and contacts that lead to networking of people and exchange of ideas online.

What are the Member Benefits that IMarEST CEng comes with?

Whether you are a student, an experienced professional, just starting out in your career, or just someone who is interested in marine engineering, science or technology, the membership of the IMarEST is open to all.

Membership provides you with an array of benefits and services tailored to different grades and designs to support the required professional development, and elevate your profile, provides you with access to relevant information and various tools. It also connects you with other members around the world.

As a member, one can become a Chartered Engineer and achieve several awards in their field. One can attend various training and courses, and also the conferences that could boost your technical knowledge through the virtual library.

IMarEST has numerous membership categories, from which the people can choose what is appropriate for them. They include member who works in Marine Engineering systems, Marine security, Commercial shipping, Biotechnology, Ship design, construction, and maintenance and decommissioning, defense and naval engineering, marine renewable, power and propulsion, natural hazards, navigation and communication, marine environment and pollution, natural hazards, offshore oil and gas, coastal and shelf seas, and marine surveyors.

There are three types of membership category. Starting with Fellowship, followed by Member and finally forming an Associate member. Fellowship deals with the demonstration to the satisfaction of council by the level of knowledge one posses, his competencies and commitment to upper-level responsibilities for management work in marine profession.

Professional conduct wherein one fulfills the category of Member has to satisfy the council through achieving a position in the marine sector for straight five years. One can acquire Associate membership by committing to institute’s code of professional conduct and satisfying the council by achieving the position for a functional role in the marine division.

In addition to this, there are two types of Non-corporate Membership categories, i.e. Affiliate and Student. People who find activities of the institute in the decisions of the council and contribute to the technical service of institute appealing join Affiliate Membership. Those who want to enroll in programme or get recognized by the IMarEST can join Student Membership.

Altogether, it can be said that it helps enhance the employment prospects, helps in acquiring the professional qualification, helps gain a lot of experiences and rewards and tests valuable networking opportunities.

How to Register for IMarEST CEng?

Besides Membership, IMarEST has a license to provide a wide variety of professional registers coming under the discipline of Engineering, Science, and Technology. Also, the institutes are energized by IMarEST to fulfill the specific need of the marine profession.

It is significant to show a demo of professional competence and commitment, to stay eligible for CEng. No doubt, there are various ways to meet the requirement. One can consider the Incorporate Engineer registration in developing the competencies of CEng. Many routes can be taken to acquire this standard, including combination of vocational qualification, academic awards, and practical learning through work competence.

There are three steps to register professionally for this course. One can join the Professional Engineering Institution which is under the license of Engineering Council, and they will assess the candidates. The institution chosen by the candidate should be associated with engineering discipline. One should keep track of academic development, professional development, and keep personal record of professional competencies. The candidate can go ahead if he feels he is confident and knowledgeable enough to show the demonstration of required technical and personal skills.

If you think you are able to meet all the criteria for CEng registration, you can either complete application online or download it. The final application shall consist of a completed application form signed by the referee, Curriculum Vitae, a professional development report, photocopies of the academic certificates, and the registration fee. It is very important for the applicant to abide by the code of conduct of IMarEST.

All interviewees are asked to read and sign the code, before the interview. This signed document has to be presented to the interview assessors before proceeding to the professional review interview. The interview assessor shall then submit the interview outcome report along with the signed document to IMarEST. All the applications are then reviewed the Membership Committee or Individual Case Panel.

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IMarEST CEng Report Help

International Standing of IMarEST

IMarEST is the esteemed authority in all the maritime country. Its members govern it through their elected representatives on Board of Trustee, Council as well as the by the number of Committee of Council.

It is basically an NGO with consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), observer status at the London Protocol/London Convention, observer status with the Joint Group of Expert on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environment Protection (GESAMP), observer status at the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).

They also hold a consultative status with Social and Economic Council of the United Nations, which in turn makes it possible to access other international inter-government meetings where its specialized marine expertise and skills come handy.

They form a significant link with many other maritime organizations worldwide. It forms a nominated and licensed body of the Engineering Council in the UK. It also forms a part of the Science Council.

There are a lot of branches and divisions of IMarEST. These help them in providing a local focus to the on-going activities, networking, managing conferences, meetings, and events. They are also involved in developing and maintaining links and partnership with people and organization in the crucial region of maritime world.

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