CDR Report Sample for Electronics Engineers

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  1. CDR Report Sample for Electronics Engineers 3
  2. Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 1 3
  3. Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 2 3
  4. Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 3 4

Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 1

Herein, the author discusses the project that he executed in his first Career Episode during his University days. It was titled "Integrated Plug-in Electric Vehicles into the Electric Power System". The author had investigated the onboard electronics topologies for the vehicle-to-grid and alternatively grid-to-vehicle transfer of power for bidirectional vehicles. Further, the author has also implemented the role of an energy and power evaluator wherein, he estimated and the power consumed by a fleet or a flight on duty or the PEVs. Moreover, during his University project, the author even had investigated the pricing structure and the estimated cost that can be set of the electricity by a PHEV aggregator. The author had also analysed the effects of the decision-making structure that is implemented by a cost aware and conscious PHEV proprietor. In the project, the author had also implemented the role of an identifier wherein, he evaluated and identified the impacts that the PEVs owners face due to the distribution system under the control of an aggregator. Further, it was also analysed that the usage and implementation of a light duty PEV in the long duration usage and its planning in the transportation on the national scale.

Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 2

In the next project, the author implemented the task while being a Ph.D. student. In this project named "Internal Polarisation Rotators", the author had performed a controlled study of the optical signals. Herein, the author had manipulated and studied vividly the level of optical signals polarisation. Further, the author assisted in design development and the methods related to fabrication of the polarise converter which is actually a single section integrated and reciprocal device. The author had also operated converter devices that were polarised and single section integrated reciprocal devices. It has also been seen that the author had jointly developed and operated the design of the polarisation converter and even operated the polarisation converter to check its functionality. In the next task, while implementing the project, the author had also rigorously optimised and analysed the geometrics of the polarised convertors and provided a theory for its optimisation. Lastly, the "Integrated Polarisation Rotators” project comprised taper section which was diabetic and it’s incorporated in the process.

Electronics Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 3

The author had undergone the third project when he was a student of Ph.D. at the University of Birmingham. The project that had been incorporated by the author was named as the “Evaluation of Microwave Microscopy for Dielectric Characterisation”. In the initial stage of the project, the author collected samples that were standard and seemed appropriate for the project. Later, the author calculated the samples collected and implemented a proper measurement of the collected samples. Secondly, it has been seen that a proper portion of dielectric samples had also been collected by the author wherein, he performed the responsibility in implementing the perfect procedure related to proper management and measurement of the sample collected that were dielectric. Further, it has been portrayed that the author had analysed and evaluated the coupling effect and more vividly, the coefficient effect that the coupling had generated. Moreover, a proper demonstration of the uncertainty of the measurement process had also been implemented by the project undertaker. The relative permittivity of the samples collected and the acquirement of a bulk sample for the measurement and the uncertainty in the measurement has been dealt with by the author in this part of the project. Finally, the image change model and its limitation that is extended into thin and small films have also been demonstrated by the author in the project.

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