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Career Episode 3 on CDR Sample Electronics & Communication Engineer


Time duration
Project 2G/3G Networks R.F Optimization
Project Supervisor
Project submitted to

This career episode is allied with my project titled “2G/3G Networks R.F Optimization”. This project was carried out and submitted for Bachelor degree requirement in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

[CE 3.1]

I undertook this project in _______year as part of my undergraduate degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering requirement. I executed this project in a group of three engineers including me.


[CE 3.2]

Radio-Network enhancement is completed keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the system execution with the current assets. The principle reason for existing is to build the use of the system assets take care of the current and potential issues on the system and recognize the plausible arrangements for future system arranging.

Through Radio Network Optimization, the administration quality and assets utilization of the system are incredibly enhanced and adjust among scope, limit and quality is accomplished. In general, the accompanying advances are taken after amid the Radio Network Optimization:

  • Data Collection and confirmation
  • Data examination
  • Parameter and equipment change
  • Optimization result affirmation and detailing.

Because of the versatility of endorsers and unpredictability of the radio wave proliferation, the majority of organize issues are caused by expanding supporters and the evolving condition. Radio-Network-Optimization is a constant procedure that is required as the system advances

[CE 3.3]

I went through numerous offline & online sources to get information about the Radio-Network Optimization. I studied the topic in detail in order to execute the project accordingly. I also had numerous meetings with the project supervisor in order to have in depth knowledge and resolve any issues related to the project. I also documented the complete project as per requirements.

The Hierarchy of the project is shown below -

Electronics and communication CDR report


[CE 3.4]

I defined the Optimization-methodology as following -

  • Collection of Data
  • Scruitiny of collected data
  • Endorsement of vicissitudes
Electronics and communication CDR report CDR Writing Help

[CE 3.5]

As a team lead engineer I drafted the Optimization flow-chart as following -

Electronics and communication CDR report

[CE 3.6]

I defined the inputs for the optimization structure

  • Traffic-Statistics

    Insights are checked on the NMS every day with the assistance of counters. The NMS generally measures the functionalities, for example, call-setup failures, dropped-calls, and hand-overs. It likewise gives information identified with activity and hindering in the radio-network. A case of KPI measurements is displayed underneath.

  • Drive-Testing

    The Quality of the Network is eventually controlled by the fulfillment of the clients of the Network i.e. the subscribers. Drive tests give the 'vibe' of the outlined system as it is practically-experienced in the field. The testing procedure begins with determination of the 'live' locale of the Network where the tests should be performed, and the drive testing way. I presented the Drive Test Route for optimization approach as following.

    Electronics and communication CDR report Electronics and communication CDR report
  • Client-Complaints

    The complaints lodged by the clients are the momentous basis for R.N.O teams. These complaints give the network-performance data in real-time mode. The issues normally faced by patrons are -

    1. Call-Drop
    2. Mute-Calls
    3. Distortion in Voice
    4. Busy-Network tone
    5. Sound Over-lapping

      The reports are sent to the R.N.O teams through the services department which find proper changes to the network for better client services.

[CE 3.7]

The data obtained by above sources is analyzed by the R.N.O teams for core issue resolve. They imply special-tools such as T.E>M.S & Map-info for analyzing the data. The team normally use MS Excel for B.S.C statistics-analysis.

Subsequent to the allocation of the issue the R.N.O team execute methodologies for resolving the problem.

  • Replacement of defective T.R.X
  • Interference is lessened by reviewing the frequency-plan
Electronics and communication CDR report

[CE 3.8]

I found that below approaches can effectively elevate the C.S.S.R in the live-network

  • Augmentation of Radio-Resources e.g. Half-rate, Sharing of the traffic, & direct-retry execution of the parameters.
  • Addition of hardware such as T.R.X
  • Immediate replacement of faulty hardware like T.R.X

[CE 3.9]

I studied the issues involved in the Call-Drop-Rate.

Electronics and communication CDR report

Issues Found

  • Air-Interference, Internal-interference which parallels to the bands while external-interferences refers to the other wireless-networks like Army.
  • The non-presence of network coverage also leads to the call drop scenario
  • Hardware malfunction such as B.T.S trans-receiver can also aid in increasing the C.D.R values.


Based on my research & findings I drafted the improvement techniques as following -

  • Immediate replacement of malfunctioned hardware and making the network go live again
  • Review of the frequency-plan on immediate basis & tuning of the model for safeguarding the ultra-clean band-carriers for dealing with the cell networks.
  • Addition of new-B.T.S sites for increasing the cell-network coverage for optimal call services without any failure
  • Implementation of R.F repeaters for amplifying the Radio-signal produced thus upsurge the coverage area.
  • The technically enhanced tuning of the parameters can also elevate the call stability and dependability.
  • Execution of frequency-hopping methodology for lowering the interference effects.
  • Orientation change of the B.T.S antenna might also help in reducing the C.D.R

[CE 3.10]

I was also accountable for the feasibility study of the project. I also drafted the reports of the project progress. I passably kept the supervisor informed of all the stages of the project. My project management skills were highly endorsed by the project supervisor.

[CE 3.11]


I completed the project successfully and practically demonstrated all the aspects of the project. I went through all the necessary literature to study the optimization methodologies being executed in the past and in the current age. The project enhanced my vision of the Radio Networks and their optimization technologies. I found that the resolve for issues related to cell coverage, non-presence of Dominant-Server & immediate lowering of the signals i.e.

  • New B.T.S site proposal
  • Addition of new Sector
  • Addition of Repeaters for coverage enhancement & quality improvement
  • Antenna tilts
  • Attenuation-Check for any losses

The best activity if there should arise an occurrence of low signal-strength could be suggesting new site increases. A forecast instrument with right and nitty gritty tallness and mess information bolstered with a sensible spread model could be utilized to distinguish the best areas to put new locales. On the off chance that customer isn't anxious to put new locales on account of high expenses to the financial plan or thinks that its superfluous in light of low request on movement, at that point fitting repeaters could be utilized to improve the coverage and enhance the scope.

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