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There are a huge number of CDR reports which gets rejected every year in Australia by EA. Even after preparing your CDR report properly, stating all three of your career stages, and creating a well-written summary statement, when you send your CDR to EA for verification, in most cases, it gets rejected. Now, you must be wondering why that happens. Well, there are a number of reasons as to why that happens.

Some Common Mistakes in CDR Preparation

When candidates prepare CDR in order to apply for a particular post in a reputed organization, there are some common mistakes they make. These mistakes almost end their chances of getting the post they want in that very organization.
Let’s have a look at the mistakes they make:

  • Skipping important information
  • Copying an already published work
  • Miscalculations and wrongly placed information in the tables
  • No link between the data of Summary Statement and CDR
  • Wrong information of career stages
  • Vaguely stated career goals
  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

If your CDR is written in this manner then you will see that EA has rejected it. However, there is a way in which you can avoid this hassle of rejection and re-submission.Please contact our live chat Engineers.

Occupational Categories considered by EA in Engineering

These are the three occupational categories recognized by Engineers Australia for the engineering practice in Australia -

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Technologist
CDR Writing Help

If you are applying for migration, Engineering Manager is another category recognized by Engineers Australia.

All applicants applying for the skill assessment by Engineers Australia are required to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language and to prove their English language competency; applicants are required to take one of the following tests:


Engineers Australia accepts both the General and Academic versions of the test.


Engineers Australia accepts the TOEFL iBT® English language test.


From the 1st November 2017, Engineers Australia has also started accepting the Pearson PTE ACADEMIC™ test.

The following table indicates the minimum scores for each module:

Listening 6 12 50
Reading 6 13 50
Writing 6 21 50
Speaking 6 18 50

IELTS, TOEFL iBT® and PTE ACADEMIC™ results must not be more than 2 years old at the time your application is submitted.

The following applicants may be exempt from the requirement to provide an English language test:

  • Applicants who have completed an Australian undergraduate engineering qualification or a 2 year Masters degree (92 weeks full time) or PhD program at an Australian university. Documentary evidence of successful completion of the Australian qualification is required for exemption on this basis;
  • Applicants who are native English speakers. A native English speaker is a person who lived and was educated (primary, secondary and tertiary education) in the country where the official language is English: Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Please note, exemptions are determined on a case by case basis and Engineers Australia reserves the right to request an English language test result at any stage of the assessment.

What and how to respond to EA if you got similarities in your career episodes

CDR Writing Help

If somebody gets a reply on behalf of EA that gathered responses across CE have similarities that relate with the sources then someone accountable for that should consider one lucky if they have a chance of explaining their work. Similarly, the originality index should be proven otherwise your work would be designated as invalid and a ban might be applied or application for the same could be required thereby requiring $s for new application.

Similar situation is faced by me that could help you with the proceedings while going by the shared experience.

Situation tends to arise when you are copying stuff from online sources which could be CDR’s, magazine, books, published papers or anything that is available across online portals.

Under no situation one should copy content from CDRs and Websites.

You are eligible to go through them and cite information as per own words.

Similarities Explanation:

  1. If a case of copying from CDR arises then never accept to it, rather denote that you have went by CDR and consulted the same while it accounted to be ethically negative as compared to other sources.

  2. You are liable to know which portions are copied in your CDR therefore there is no need to highlight the same and explain it. In contrast, try to focus on the set of activities and tasks that you have done entirely on your own thereby keeping the focus across that only.

  3. In order to ensure that you have went by the project activities all by your own; you can take notable evidence of the associated elements that usually lies in the form of drawings, calculations and write up of literature in relevance to the project. Therefore, scanning the subjective evidences would develop to be beneficial in the project development process.

    This would automatically cater to the fact that the entire project work is done in an authentic manner thereby solidifying the project work in front of assessor. Therefore, presentation of the materials referred to needs to be wonderful. There was inclusion of drawings that were not in good condition, literature did not really followed suit of English language whereas the notebook demarcated the poor condition of it due to four years of usage. Lastly, I scanned and sent forth 20 pages of it to the assessor.

  4. If any product across CDRs is highlighted or a machine is being highlighted upon as a standard unit then everyone is eligible to highlight it. For example, ABB motor is used over my application in the project and CDR that might as well match up with other candidate’s selection of the same as well. Therefore, those elements need to be marked across the CDR thereby leading to the search of the same for finding common sources that have a global standard. This would ensure that the content might be copied from existing literature that has an overall standard value.

    The assessors asking of the sources should be dealt with effectively by handing out the common set of materials that were used across the project as they should match up with the sources of other individuals too.

    Provision of web links, in general 2-3 is crucial for the explanation of the project actions, e.g. ABB motor guidelines for installation (CDR was based over motor therefore it is being used by me).

    Never cite that you have copied from other sources rather outline that you have taken help from the standardized activities and consulted them.

  5. A mention of safety measures across the CDR should be cited as well and linked with regular standards such as the OHSAS safety norm or many others. It should be mentioned because it has become a common element and the application of safety strategies is starting to be usual too.

  6. In relation to the introduction of the project some set of sources may also be referred from you.

  7. A collection of a certificate from the professor or an organization (scenario dependent) would ensure that the entire project is done in a legit manner without having any discrepancies. It would also make it beneficial. However, the in charge person should be your boss as shown forth across CDR hierarchical chart.

Point #4, 5 and 6: Materials for these points can be easily found across the internet as they are common elements across any project process. Links for these portions are mentioned whereas rest of the portion is written by me. Standards and Literature are units across CDR that should match with other participants and highlighting should be done across it. Sources should be provided to the assessor while creation of a new one is must without copying.

We at www.MyCDRHelp.com take special care of the Plagiarism and we provide Plagiarism/Turnitin report with each document of your CDR to ensure and as a proof of 100% Plagiarism free work.

Get Instant Help from our Premium Experts for CDR Review Services

First of all, you need to be honest with you. You are not a professional writer, you are an engineer. So, when you can take help from the professional writers of the CDR review services then why would you do it yourself and see the dreaded face of rejection? These writers will do the necessary editing of your CDR when you ask them. We also assure for 100% guaranteed success else refund.

In your CDR report, one thing that you just cannot afford to have and that is a grammatical mistake. Our Professional writers will check your grammar not only through proofreading your documents but they will also use various tools to do that. They will also check whether your document matches the other documents already submitted to EA through their highly efficient plagiarism checker tools known as Turnitin Software. They will do everything that needs to be done in order to avoid rejection.

How would MyCDRHelp.com help in CDR Reviewing?

  1. Our expert’s inside and out knowledge of EA MSA guidelines on CDR Writing assists them to successfully identify all types of errors and correct the same. Blunders relating to grammar, structure, language, alignment, and even plagiarism get removed from the report through valuable surveys and reviews done by proficient specialists.
  2. What sets them apart is the fact that Engineers Australia provides helpful information about every section of the report to make it look natural and authentic. The experts review the content of the report minutely, ensuring complete alignment with the MSA instructions and guidelines. They also review the report to eliminate every error and correct all mistakes in terms of formatting and pattern.
  3. Our Experts have years of experience and know very well how to frame every line to make it sound original and 100% unique. The choice of the correct words to create the right impact is very much needed while writing the CDR report and this is where our experts prove their real worth.
  4. CDR experts do thorough proofreading and editing of every single report. Reviewing of report is done to identify any and every possible error concerning grammar, language, depiction, arrangement, alignment, and authenticity. The reports are then checked for plagiarism to ensure their quality and originality. The contents are made 100% unique through such checks and reviews.

Thus, it is clear that you should not skip this vital step and get your report reviewed by our CDR Report experts. This is crucial as there may be errors and points of concern in the writing that only experts can identify through their years of experience and exposure. So, do get the CDR report reviewed before submitting it to EA to make sure 100% positive assessment. Your report may get rejected despite you having a successful career to showcase if there are mistakes in it. It is always wise to get the CDR report reviewed by our experts before submitting the same to EA. It will build the confidence that your efforts yield the result that you are hoping for.

Plagiarism, inadequate structure, lack of basic details, and meaningless facts in career episodes are the most critical factors for CDR refusal. Although, all these things are given special consideration during the analysis of the CDR to ensure the consistency is of the highest level. Our review service includes proofreading, editing, plagiarism check and removal. We focus on following issues during the CDR analysis

Technicalities: The CDR must have all the technical elements needed to show your engineering skills as well as knowledge, according to the guidelines from Engineers Australia. At MyCDRHelp.com, we ensure that the CDR contains the relevant parts that must be addressed in detail.

Report Structure: Australian Engineers has strict CDR Structure guidelines. We therefore carefully monitor the framework of the CDR to ensure that it conforms to the EA specification.

Flow: Anomalies must be stripped of the sequence of events and functions seen in the CDR. We make sure that your CDR holds maximum flow.

Plagiarism Check and Removal: Plagiarism is a huge reason why Engineers Australia has rejected most of the CDR submitted. We use state-of-the-art tools to identify first the sum of plagiarized contents on your CDR and then delete it to original and exclusive material.

Proofreading and Editing: To detect spelling errors, we revised each section of the CDR. Grammatical faults and failures in printing and then writing appropriately.

What Happens to a Wrongly Written CDR?

When you send a CDR to EA for review and if it is filled with mistakes, then you might get rejected or get considered for a lower post that what you have applied for. Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate and Engineering Technologist, these are the four categories for which you will apply as an engineer in Australia. If your CDR if filled with Mistake or Plagiarised then the EA will consider you for an associate’s post even if you are qualified for a higher post or in the worst case scenario, your application might get rejected and you will get informed to resubmit it for a lower position. When you avail our services for the CDR review, you just eliminate these chances of rejection.

Why CDRs Get Rejected in First Attempt?

Writing Career Episodes in Points

This is something you just cannot afford to do. You have to write your career episodes in paragraphs and not in points. Because of this mistake, many applications get rejected. You have to mention every detail of your career episodes in detail in paragraphs.

Stating ‘We” and Not “I”

Basically, the members of the EA are more eager to know about the skills you have personally rather than your teamwork abilities. So, writing the CDR as “I” would be more acceptable to them rather than writing in “We”.

Failing to Mention the Expertise Properly

One of the biggest problems with the engineers writing their CDR is they fail to mention their expertise properly. The kind of tools they have used in the past or are proficient in using or the ideas they have with regards to completing a project and what advantage they bring to the table is a big reason for their CDR getting rejected.

Improper CPD Writing

CPD writing plays a big part in the CDR which showcases the skills of the engineer in the applied field and how he or she has achieved it. As per EA, it has to be written in an A 4 size paper. However, most engineers take 2 to 3 pages to complete their CPD.

Violating MSA Guidelines

The episodes are long (1000 to 2500 words is the recommended length), have to be written in the first person, and may talk about a specific period or a distinct aspect of your engineering experience. All the three CEs have to be drawn from different periods of your engineering work or showcase different aspects of your experience as an engineer. Do not forget to use Australian English while writing CDR report.The guidelines of Migration Skill Assessment states that the career episode must be written within 1000 to 2500 words. But, more often than not this word limit gets surpassed.

Too Much Emphasis on the Numbers

This is a common mistake that many make while writing CDR. They put too much weight on the numbers and graphs and data which makes the career episode look messy. Now, there is no doubt that you need those numbers to state your capabilities but too much use of the numbers can become a negative aspect of your CDR as well. Therefore, you need to create a balance.

How Our CDR Review Services Could Help You

Our CDR review service is just what you need if you don’t want to see the dreaded face of rejection. Our writers are experienced and professional in reviewing CDRs and they know what it takes to get your CDR accepted. Here are some of the advantages that you will have when you take help of our CDR review service.

Experienced Professionals will Help You

When you opt for our CDR review service, you will have experienced and professional engineers’ help who knows what the EA members want and they will put the right information in the domain in which you applied for in order to get you selected.

24x7 Availability of Our Writers

We have our writers 24x7 available who will provide you CDR review services. They will help you to rectify three of the most important aspects of CDR which are:

  • Putting the technical skills for the respecting domain in which you are applying for. It will be written in a manner that it will grab the attention of the EA members
  • They will also use plagiarism checking tools to ensure that there is no plagiarism in your piece which is one of the biggest reasons for the reject of CDR.
  • Our writers will also proofread your piece to ensure that there are no grammatical errors with your CDR. They will also check the spelling errors to ensure that your CDR is absolutely error free which increases the chances of your selection.

Our writers are experienced in creating CDR for MSA. The CDRs our writers create will have all the necessary information and the technical details of the engineer. We also deliver CDR report in a short period of time without compromising on the quality. So, there is no doubt that if you want to ensure your selection for the specific post you are applying for, before submitting your CDR, come to us for the CDR review.

Get the Best Experts for CDR Reviewing Services for Engineers Australia

Once you have successfully written your CDR, finished with all three career episodes, prepared the summary statement and also the continuing professional development (CPD) document, you would now want to send out your application to EA for a particular reputable occupation in an institution.

However, even after providing all the information and adhering to the terms of application, there are chances of it being rejected. This is why CDR Reviewing Services is one of the most sought-after services in terms of CDR submission. If you do not satisfy the EA engineers, they might ask you to resubmit your CDR report or push you to some other immigration facility.

There can be many reasons for your CDR report being rejected with the most common reasons being skipping of essential data or copying pre-published work from other reports, incomplete tables and calculations, improperly linked data of CDR with Summary statements, misrepresentation of objectives and information in career episodes. In order to be very sure of your CDR report, you might want to take help of CDR reviewers.

They are professional writers and will understand the importance of a CDR report and the implications of not abiding by the regulations laid down by EA authorities. They can review your CDR with Plagiarism checker tools, and proofread the document for any spelling and grammatical errors. They will prepare your report according to the inscriptions of EA so that there are meagre chances of rejection if any at all.

Why do you need CDR Review Service?

Once you submit your CDR to Engineers Australia, they might reject it and ask you to make the necessary corrections and editing and resubmit for another lesser category than what you had initially applied. Four categories where engineers develop a CDR and submit to EA are Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate and Engineering Technologist.

If your CDR has a mistake which catches the attention of EA they might assess you for a position of Associate even if you have four-year bachelor’s degree and are much more qualified or they might simply reject you. Even if you get assessed for another category, they might not invite you to the interview. Even with the qualification and hard work, you might not get the job due to an ill-prepared CDR. Therefore, it is necessary to avail of CDR review services to get your CDR report proofread and checked.

Reasons for rejection of CDR

CDR Writing Help
  • Each career episode must be written in detail in the paragraph to explain the duties and responsibilities. However, one common mistake is many people write CE in points and not paragraphs.
  • The EA authorities are more interested to know your capabilities as an individual rather than a team and so the mention of terms such as “I designed” and “I investigated” are considered more acceptable.
  • Technical details such as graphs, tables, calculations make the description of career episodes messy, and while it demonstrates the technical abilities, too much of data makes it difficult to assess, and a balance needs to be maintained with more emphasis on your contributions.
  • The applicants failed to mention the tools and techniques which speaks of their expertise and knowledge in the field for solving complex issues and problems in a certain project. They also fail to provide details of the design process and new concepts applied for completion of project goals.
  • CPD which is a part of CDR depicting the inclination of engineers to his field and details of workshops and conferences attended. It has to be within one A4 size page according to the rules of EA. However, generally, engineers exceed it to 3 pages to include all the certifications.
  • According to the guidelines of MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet, career episodes need to be from 1000 – 2500 words. Yet, the word limit is generally exceeded.
  • Describing the same company profile in multiple career episodes or incomplete information of company and duration of work creates confusion.
  • More often than not spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are encountered which may lead to rejection of CDR.

Why should you choose CDR Review Services?

An incomplete and improper CDR can lead to dire consequences as it is the first step in your career to achieving a position in a reputed organization. Our writers fully understand the importance of your CDR, and you must seek their help to get a full-proof CDR report which will minimize the chances of your rejection. The benefits which you will get with CDR review services:

  • Our team of writers are available 24*7 round the clock to provide you with their services
  • They are a team of more than 1000+ skilled and professional engineers who know what the EA members would be looking for in the CDR and in which domain should you put your information.
  • They would frame your report properly so that it is well connected with Summary statement s and easy to analyze.
  • They can cater to the three most important aspects of CDR:

Our team of writers have many years of experience in making CDRs for Migration Skills Assessment. CDRs are prepared which are informative and include all the technical information of engineers. With all the latest resources we ensure to prepare a winning CDR report and deliver it in a short period of time. Therefore, if you have any doubts before submission, you can take the help of our CDR Review Services.

Technical details

Our writers are experts in the engineering field, and they are from all fields so you can apply to any field and send us for reviewing your document. They can design the information provided by you and place them in the respective domains so that your technical skills are projected and catch the attention of the assessment committee.

Plagiarism Check

Our writers use the same software for plagiarism check which is universally applied and also used by EA which is Turnitin. Once your document is plagiarism free, it will automatically pass the most important criteria for acceptance.

Proofreading and Editing

Once all the criteria have been fulfilled, the document is also verified thoroughly for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Any errors left behind can be eliminated by proofreading and further editing.

Get The Help of Native CDR Engineers with 10+ Years of Experience

My CDR Help service has a team of professionals and experts engineers who will help you to prepare a quality CDR document for the Engineering Australia (EA). The success rate for the approval of CDR report submitted by our organization to Engineer Australia is very high. All the engineers who are looking for migration to Australia as a professional engineer need to offer CDR to Engineers Australia (EA).

CDR writing services for engineers consist of formulating your comprehensive CV, writing career episodes (CEs), a summary statement (SS) and continuing professional development. CDR writing is not a cakewalk, and here we are to help you in every walk of life. My CDR Help is the platform which helps you to write quality CDR report.

CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) and Its Importance

CDR refers to competency demonstration report which is a technical report required by Engineer Australia for those who are targeting to pursue a career in engineering stream in Australia.

The foremost foundation for using this report is to check your expert assistance and acquaintance as either an engineer subordinate, proficient engineer or engineering technician. Australia is using CDR report to check the competency and education level of the students and professionals who are having to migrate as an engineer in Australia.

All the information regarding the experience and professional expertise have to be provided by the applicant at the time of EOI and once the invitation received you cannot edit the information and have to submit the documents according to information filed by him. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare that CDR on the basis of EA guidelines and receive its result before filing to EOI.

What's included in CDR writing services?

CDR Writing Help

My CDR Help provides you an innovative CDR prepared carefully while considering your theoretical and professional pathway to present in a way which manifests your abilities, awareness and occupational accomplishment.

CDR includes some parts which might prove complicated while writing CDR report. We deliver diverse answers and facilities in formulating those parts with accurateness. Some of the services provided by us are:

Career Episodes (CEs) Writing

Career Episodes is a vital part of the whole CDR writing process. It needs to be best to make a great impression on Engineer Australia (EA). Thus this required a little care and effort. The career episodes are divided into three projects that have you done in your final year, internship program and employed project.

Each career episode should clearly show your experience and skills of engineering in the specific field, strategies, and strength of detecting faults and also solution finding techniques — our expert writing services assist you in the groundwork of Career Episodes Writing based on your skilled experience by supporting you to prepare all three topics very uniquely.

Summary Statement (SS) Writing

The summary statement might be of just one page, but you cannot disgrace its importance because of its length. This one short page is written on focusing the main part of your three career episodes.

The content of the summary statement defines the competency element claimed by you indicating how you achieved the claims in your career episodes. Our writers are experts will help you write a good quality summary statement on the basis of your three career episodes.

CV - Resume Writing

CV writing is considered to be the easiest part of writing CDR report, but it should be written in proper order to create a good impression on Engineer Australia (EA). Our expert team assists you in preparing an interesting personal statement in CV.

Continuous Professional Development Writing

Continuous Professional Development(CPD) writing refers to write the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge, and experience that you gain both formally and informally. It generally refers to the record of what you experience, learn and then apply. Our skillful team can aid you in CPD Writing to deliver an impression of your specialized knowledge and development.

Mistakes generally commit in writing CDR

Now, let's discuss some of the common CDR writing mistakes commit by the candidates while applying to Engineer Australia (EA):

Breaking down one project to incorporate into two career episodes

Many of the applicants commit this common error while writing career episodes. As per the requirement by the Engineers Australia (EA), you need to describe one full project in each Career Episode.

However, the applicants often present the same project separately in two different divisions and add each section in each one of the Career Episodes. This is the reason many engineers applying for jobs in Australia prefer hiring CDR writing services to present a brilliant report.

Preparing a plagiarized paper available from the sample available online

The CDR sample which is available on various websites is for reference purposes. The authorities of Engineers Australia can detect if there is any kind of plagiarized content, considering there are multiple advance software that can identify inconsistency in the paper.

So just go for a sample online, gather some ideas from them and write your CDR report. Alternatively, you can approach to CDR writing service provider like My CDR Help.

Preparing a Career Episode about group project and activities

People make this again common blunder. Discussing about how your group or team worked on an assignment, overcame the issues and presented the final product is not what EA is looking for.

CDR is used to evaluate your skill, not the expertise of your group. It emphasis to analyses the role you had in an assignment which you have presented, how you carried out your responsibility, what issues you faced while working on an assignment and how you overcome the issue.

Opting for different language (other than English) for writing your CDR

It is mandatory that you prepare your CDR document in English language only. In case of you presented your document in another language, then you have to translate your document into English.

Otherwise, EA will not be able to analyze your CDR report properly. In this case, it is always appreciated to employ Australian English and apply it properly. If language isn't your strong suit, you can approach for CDR writing services.

Inappropriate format and grammatical error

When you submit your CDR report, you are typically handling an official application which is supposed to be pre-read by professionals. So you must be careful about its formatting, accuracy of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Most people are ignorant of these particular aspects. There are simple mistakes, but that can be crucial in determining the success of your CDR report. Some other mistakes in writing are too many technical jargons, word count, not maintaining the specific structure and no information about design activities.

So you can see that presenting a CDR document come up with many layers which need to be maintained for the success of approval of CDR report at Engineer Australia.

Things to consider before hiring a CDR writer

An Engineering writer/scientist should write CDR document:

Nowadays, several CDR consultants offer CDR Writing services. However, most consultants provide academic writers, not the engineering writer/scientist for CDR Writing. A writer by engineering background can easily understand the CDR requirements which are put forward by the Engineer Australia. It takes an engineer to pass the engineering assessment. You need to careful not to risk your application by hiring a writer rather than an engineer with writing skills.

CDR Writing service provider should be familiar with the Immigration program:

Every CDR writing provider should be familiar to the immigration procedure followed by the Australian government, especially related to the migration of skilled engineers. Although CDR Writing service mainly deals with the positive assessment of CDR document by Engineers Australia, in migration skill assessment process, they need to consider another application process.

They should have a little bit idea of how the immigration process is carried out from the beginning to the end. They should know about all requirements and criteria that must be fulfilled before the visa application process such as skills in demand, type of visa, skill assessment and IELTS score. They must know the importance of good CDR in order to get a successful visa approval.

CDR Writing service should be registered in Australia:

It is always better to opt for those CDR writing service provider who is registered in Australia because they provide accurate information and have a good level of understanding service that they are providing. The process is legal, and the chance of approval by Engineers Australia is much higher.

CDR Writing service should be based in Australia:

There are many consultants based on different countries outside Australia as well. In such cases, there are chances that there CDR report might get approved, but as they are located outside Australia, so maybe they are not constantly updated about Australia Engineering Scenario.

My CDR Helps also located in Australia, so we can help you to select the best engineering profession in regards of Australia Engineering Scenario. Our experts make sure to prepare a quality CDR document matching the Australian Standards.

Why should opt for our CDR Writing Service?

As CDR writing is a very popular writing style in Australia, along with engineers who are migrating to Australia to continue their engineering profession, but also the students have to prepare CDR writing for getting good grades in exams.

There are numerous consultants available for CDR writing services. However, there are some reasons to opt for our services. The main objective of our organization is to provide support to the students in preparing their projects with the help of CDR writers. The experts’ main motive is to come up with the best possible outcome. Some of the reasons to opt for our services are:

Well Experienced Engineer writers

We have highly qualified and experienced experts from all engineering field which will help you to come up with the perfect CDR.

100% original content

Our experts have the ability to prepare a perfect CDR with authentic data which is easily verifiable. We will ensure you to write perfect Career Episode on the basis of your academic and professional experience. We make sure that your report is unique.

On- time delivery

My CDR Help knows the value of time, so we set a realistic deadline and try to stick to it. We respect our clients’ deadline and take them seriously. We will constantly communicate to give an update about the CDR report as we progress. The early you place an order, the more better CDR we can offer.

Reasonable Price

My CDR Help provides you the services at a very reasonable price with quality services. In fact, you can avail our CDR Writing Service at the nominal price.

High Approval Rate

Our experts are familiar with the requirement that Engineer Australia are looking for. Our experts will help you with every step of the process of CDR writing. The CDR reports prepared by our experts are approved at Engineer Australia at the first time of submission.

100% Confidentiality

In a time of preparing the CDR report, it is necessary for the venture to keep the information of the students confidential. My CDR Help will never provide the student's personal information to others. We try our best to keep the secrecy of data effectively. Also while making payments; the students can use their preferable transaction option for payment.

24/7 Availability

The authorities of My CDR Help provide help and support to the students of any geographical area. With the ease of the Internet, you are able to contact at any time and from anywhere. There is a comprehensive range of CDR services are available. It includes:

  • CDR report for civil engineer
  • CDR report for an electrical engineer
  • CDR report for Mechanical engineer
  • CDR report for biomedical engineer
  • CDR report for electronic engineer
  • CDR report for instrumentation
  • CDR report for an industrial engineer

Thus, if you are looking forward to migrating as a skilled engineer to Australia and facing difficulty in preparing a quality CDR report, then you are welcome to avail the services from a renowned organization My CDR Help at any time and from anywhere. The content is prepared by the professional experts and hence ensures you the quality work with a high percentage of approval from Engineer Australia (EA)

Top 10 Reasons to choose MyCDRHelp.com

We hold the apex position in providing services regarding CDR writing for engineers Australia. We are known to have very high success records for consistent team of professional writers having years of experience in the field of CDR preparation. We provide the best and trusted service for CDR writing and reviewing of all kinds of engineering disciplines. We provide services for career episode writing, plagiarism check and removal etc.

  • Each section of the CDR is presented in a coherent form, while taking in account the pre-eminent features.
  • The summary statement for the applied occupation is given special attention, as it is the most proficient aspect of the CDR.
  • Utmost emphasis is laid on the various sections of the CDR, from introduction to Summary, in order to ensure that every segment is presented precisely.
  • Preparation of CDR is done by a comprehensive evaluation of the projects in order to provide details to cater to the requirements by Engineers Australia for Australian immigration Competency Demonstration Report.
  • Technical jargons are avoided and each error is corrected as well as any inadequacy is taken care of within the required time duration for the CDR to be approved by EA.
  • Each section of the CDR is assessed as per the standards laid down by MSA (Migration Skill Assessment Booklet) in order to provide meticulous CDR.
  • MyCDRHelp.com ensures the client that they will be provided with the best quality CDR, that abides by the Australian immigration standards framed by Engineers Australia.
  • The qualified connoisseurs apply an analytical process so that the achievements of the clients are in accordance with their desired position and educational lineup.
  • Appropriate Australian English is used by the professional writers to write the content of the CDR to make it affluent.
  • It is made sure by the professionals of MyCDRHelp.com that CDR complies with the Australian standards and consists of the desired characteristics of the required profession of the client.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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