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My CDR Help has emerged as an independent organization that involves a team of expert and professional writers. We have been instrumental in offering great assistance to aspiring engineers for the preparation of CDR (Competency Demonstration Reports). In addition, we also offer out and out support in terms of complete guidance or assistance for Migration Skill Assessment by Engineers in Australia, ACS and IPENZ Migration to Australia.

We are also thoughtful for helping engineers from different parts of the world to complete their Recognition for Prior Learning (ACS RPL) as well as Knowledge Assessment O2 (KAO2) report successful migration skill assessment. We come along with a wide range of services – starting from writing or reviewing any given section of CDR for EA, RPL for ACS and KAO2 for IPENZ to proofreading and writing overall projects.

The professional writers that we have in our esteemed team belong to different engineering disciplines, and they have got an insightful understanding of different disciples of engineering. In addition to that, the writers also have comprehensive experience and keen understanding regarding the elements that are quintessential for the assessment from ACS, EA, and IPENZ.

CDR or KAO2 writing for migration skills assessment is indeed one of the most crucial steps when it comes to the career of an aspiring engineer. At the same, it is also time-consuming. ACS and EA are some of the Australian authority that looks after the fact whether the aspiring engineers looking forward to migrating to Australia have got enough qualifications or not that should be adhering to the Australian standards. Thus, it remains no doubt that the quality of the work should be top-notch at the first attempt itself and here lies the importance of hiring professional like us.

Our Vision

We at My CDR Help work with a vision of offering an exclusive range of academic services to our potential client. We follow an approach of building and friendly educated as well as the expert community where our experts help in boosting knowledge in the practical world. We always try to diminish the level of anxiety among the clients and thus we let them focus more on their core subject.

Our Mission

My CDR Help envisages a platform where students get results with great reliability, high quality and they can rely on us. We work with a vision to create a stress-free environment of immense knowledge. In order to fulfill the vision, we ensure offering a strong platform where students and tutors get to connect with each other easily.

Our Values

We at My CDR Help are extremely concerned about the values that we have. We consider them as drivers that help us to make informed and positive decision at any given point of time. The best thing is that the values that we have are extremely helpful in referring back the values so that approach seems ethical as well as value oriented. Have a look at some of the values that we have inculcated in us in the passage of years serving to thousands of aspiring engineers.


One of the biggest values that we have and we follow is our concern towards the clients. We embark on any given task with great sincerity, and we make sure that results are always satisfactory on the part of the client.

Neutral Approach

In case of any conflict, we do not resort to any bias, and this has emerged as one of our strengths. In a crisis like situation, we usually make and roll decision on the basis of the facts as well as actual decision. Also, our experts have got enough professional experience, and they know very well that how to deal with such situations.


Although, it sounds a little heavy, but it goes well with the kind of service we offer and the kind of character that we show for our clients. We normally work on innumerable projects at a time, but for each project, we make sure to work in the most justified manner. We make sure that the service we offer in the form of quality CDR report matches the requirements of the person looking forward to it and finds it appropriate.

On the basis of all these values, we at MY CDR Help have now become one of the leading service providers for the report evaluation services.

We Offer Higher Approval rate for CDR EA (99%)

We at My CDR Help offer assortment of services – starting from preparing the CDR report to writing CDR report. We have gained expertise in editing, proofreading as well as plagiarism checking for the CDR reports.

We take great pride in stating the fact we have got an incredible success rate of 99% for CDR approval by Engineers Australia. A number of people who have taken out help have appreciated the brilliance of our team and their exceptional abilities in preparing CDR reports.

We have also been appreciated for best preparation of relevant career episodes, writing summary statement properly and lot more – the best thing is that we prepare these reports on the basis of the inputs given by the client along with their academic and industry experiences.

What Makes Us Distinct from Other Service Providers for CDR Report?

The success of our company lies beneath the outstanding knowledge of the engineers, experts industry based writers, experienced editors along with EA assessment experts. Our team is always ready to offer with the best, professional and most important inexpensive CDR assistance as well as support services.

We continuously offer CDR reference reports as well as samples that we have already worked on. It is of great pride for us that Engineers Australia has already assessed all the reports and samples. We bring forward samples from different types of engineering disciples like

  • Chemical Engineers
  • Bio-medical Engineers
  • Control Engineers
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Computer Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Architecture Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Polymer Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Telecommunication Engineers and many more

We do offer 100% Money Back Guarantee in case the client is not satisfied with the reports that we offer. This is indeed one of the biggest commitments from our end. The reason behind this is that we have been successful in delivering the best quality that we did not even hesitate to offer a 100% money back challenge.

This has also helped to uplift the level of confidence among the clients for choosing us. In a way, this has also made our journey in the industry little difficult because through our service we deliver tough competition to the market adversaries. But not to worry as we did not leave scope to deliver the best outcomes every time that get worth the money invested.

In case someone needs revision for the CDR report, we can do it without any additional charges, and this is for the second, third, fourth and ‘n’ number of occasions. The fact that we offer scalable and pocket-friendly services also makes us one of the reliable and leading service providers in the industry.

All our experts’ writers constantly remain in touch with the clients round the clock. We also take pride in the responsive nature of the experts, and they are available at any point in time to deliver inputs regarding the project. In case of any doubt or query, we are there to help you out and to take you out from the hassle.

Our Core Strength Areas

My CDR Help has now become a familiar name in the industry for delivering an outstanding piece of work. In the course of the service years, we have gained great experience and appreciation from the clients, and it is all because of the core strength areas that we encompass.

The most important fact is that we never settle down and always have an urge to excel in the field. From the inception of the company, we have decided to offer services that would bring great results to our clients so that they make the process easy. Let’s have a look at some of the core strengths that we have and what has made us so popular in the industry.

On-Time Delivery

Punctuality is quintessential or key to success in any given field, and we have imbibed the fact very well in us. The services that we offer are always on time, and on most of the occasions, we try delivering them before the deadline.

We also do this so that the client get enough time to go through the CDR reports before submission and get satisfied with the same. After we receive the order, we keep offering regular updates to the client through customer support.

Domain or Industry Specific Writers

At My CDR Help, we are working with a team of expert writers from all disciplines of engineers that has great experience in offering CDR, RPL as well as KAO2 applications. All our writers have great familiarity with the industry norms, and they are conversant in terms of the elements that they need to add in the report. The kind of experience and special skill also make us one of the driving forces in the industry.

We Offer Plagiarism Free Offer

When it comes to reporting submission, plagiarism is one factor that needs great priority. We are extremely critical towards the plagiarism issue because contents with similar or matching content would lead to the rejection of the application by Engineer Australia. We have arrangements for using leading and advanced software to check plagiarism of the content that we deliver.

After the completion of the report, we conduct manual proofreading and then check the content with the help of computer system, and they let the content to undergo scans for plagiarism. We value the efforts of the aspiring engineers and thus make every possible effort to make the process hassle free for them.

We Offer Best Pricing

When it comes to service providers that offer help of CDR reports and other related facts, we make sure that our price should be the best in the industry. So far we have been successful in offering the best price to the clients. We also ensure that in case you get lower quotes from any other service provider than us, we would surely beat the price and deliver the best price to you.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

When it comes to the overall quality of the CDR reports that we deliver, it gets extremely difficult to beat us. We are highly effective in matching the requirements of the clients and ensuring the best outcomes. The best thing is that we work in accordance with the inputs given by the clients and before we use them our experts make sure to conduct enough research about the reliability of the inputs given.

Round the Clock Availability

We have been working in a profession where we need to be available throughout the day and night. And we at My CDR Help ensure the fact that our clients get easy access to our expert writers. We also always up front in solving the queries of all the clients through online support and also make sure to provide help until they are not satisfied with the result we offer.

Reasons Why Choose US for CDR Report Writing Help?

  • The writers we have are efficient enough to deliver the best CDR contents that are superior to the ones given by other service providers
  • We are the one who takes great pride in being the most suitable company for offering students with the most accurate report
  • We have got experts with Master’s degree or pursuing or are Ph.D. holders to ensure that the quality remains top-notch
  • We have been successful in offering CDR writing reports in the shortest period for the convenience of the clients.
  • The reports we deliver are unique in nature and does have any resemblance with existing or previous reports

Apart from all these, we have the right intention to help engineers so that they achieve their goals and reach the destination.

Please get back to us now and increase your chances of getting the report approved from the higher authority. In case of any query, our expert customer service team is always there to help you and to solve the query with great dedication. All you need to do is to take the initiative and reach us.


Our Amazing Features

  1. EA Assessed Engineers as CDR Writers
  2. 10+ Years of Experience
  3. Australia Based Company
  4. All Engineering Disciplines
  5. 100% Success Rate with EA
  6. 100% Plagiarism Free Report/Turnitin
  7. Unlimited Free Modification/Corrections
  8. Negative Assessment? Get Full Refund within 2 hours
  9. 24*7 Live Chat, Phone Call and WhatsApp Facility
  10. Direct Conversation with The CDR Experts
  11. Pay only 75% Advance and 25% after Positive Assessment
  12. Beat the value offer
  13. Complete CDR Before the Agreed Due Date



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