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Writing the Summary statement is one of the most difficult tasks in preparation of Career Episode Writing (CDR). You need to provide an analysis of all the competency elements which has been illustrated in your CDR for the occupation category for which you have applied. It has to be written very efficiently and skillfully as it is the first step in your technical career path in a reputed organization.

It is preferred and advisable to hire an expert for writing your summary statement from a reputed online service provider. We provide excellent writers for Summary statement writing services and have a team working for 24hrs round the clock so you can avail immediate help.

Occupational Categories considered by EA in Engineering

These are the three occupational categories recognized by Engineers Australia for the engineering practice in Australia -

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Technologist
CDR Writing Help

If you are applying for migration, Engineering Manager is another category recognized by Engineers Australia.

All applicants applying for the skill assessment by Engineers Australia are required to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language and to prove their English language competency; applicants are required to take one of the following tests:


Engineers Australia accepts both the General and Academic versions of the test.


Engineers Australia accepts the TOEFL iBT® English language test.


From the 1st November 2017, Engineers Australia has also started accepting the Pearson PTE ACADEMIC™ test.

The following table indicates the minimum scores for each module:

Listening 6 12 50
Reading 6 13 50
Writing 6 21 50
Speaking 6 18 50

IELTS, TOEFL iBT® and PTE ACADEMIC™ results must not be more than 2 years old at the time your application is submitted.

The following applicants may be exempt from the requirement to provide an English language test:

  • Applicants who have completed an Australian undergraduate engineering qualification or a 2 year Masters degree (92 weeks full time) or PhD program at an Australian university. Documentary evidence of successful completion of the Australian qualification is required for exemption on this basis;
  • Applicants who are native English speakers. A native English speaker is a person who lived and was educated (primary, secondary and tertiary education) in the country where the official language is English: Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Please note, exemptions are determined on a case by case basis and Engineers Australia reserves the right to request an English language test result at any stage of the assessment.

What is a Summary statement writing?

Essentially a Summary statement is a summation of your CDR report, and you have to prepare it in such a way that it is understood with one glance by the EA so that they do not have to go through the entire report and can find out what they are looking for easily. For this, you must provide cross-references of the paragraphs that is written in each career episode. For all the three episodes, only a single summary statement is required.

While writing the Summary statement, you should be careful to mention all your achievements and information and connect them to the appropriate episodes in the CDR section. This would provide you with a successful and complete well-spun Summary statement. It is an initial step in having a promising profession in any specialized institution.

A summary statement is part of a CDR report which ahs to be submitted to the Engineers Australia (EA) for an assessment of the engineering skills. It is written in a tabular format where the competency elements are listed and have to be well-connected to the episodes in the CDR.

There are at present four categories according to which Engineers can prepare their CDR which is: Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, Engineering Technologist. The template prescribed by EA for all four categories is different, and it has to be written according to the format chosen.

How to prepare a professional Summary statement?

Summary statement should have significant importance as it is one paragraph which should be effectively cross-referenced with your CDR to provide a clear demonstration of your competency. All the three career episodes must be tabulated in your summary statement.

The format is available online which can be downloaded and filled and then attached to the application. The format looks like the one given below where you have to provide a summary of each key element and the reference for your work done in the appropriate field as mentioned in your CDR.

Knowledge and Skillset

  • The detailed and comprehensive theory of physical sciences and engineering of your Engineering discipline.
  • The conceptual knowledge in the following domains according to your engineering discipline: Mathematics, Computer & Information Sciences, Statics, and Numerical Analysis.
  • According to your engineering discipline you should have deep knowledge of specialist bodies.
  • The proper research direction skill and knowledge development in your specific engineering discipline.
  • Knowledge of all the dependent factors which have an impact on your engineering field
  • Complete knowledge and understanding of the professional scope, fundamental assumptions, liabilities and latest awareness of all engineering practice in your particular field.

Capability of engineering application

  • The designing of such methods which leads to the solving of complex engineering problems.
  • The eloquent tools and techniques in the specific engineering field.
  • All the synthesis and design processes according to your specific field of engineering.
  • The efficient application systematic approach which gives conductance to management in engineering projects.

Professional and Personal Characteristics

  • The answerability of professional and humane
  • The efficient and compelling communication in particular engineering domain
  • Inventive, prolific and creative attitude
  • The proper professional management and sorting of information of data
  • The professional conductance in a proper orderly manner

It is advisable and recommended to cover as many points in the report as possible to showcase your engineering capabilities and achievements in your CDR. We provide the best writers for Summary statement writing so that your application is accepted at first glance and is approved by EA. We aim to at least provide two points of knowledge and skill base and professional and personal attributes and three points of engineering abilities so that your total stands at a much higher value. They take care not to skip any detail of your engineering abilities and achievements so that your CDR leaves a mark on the assessment community.

One of the most common mistakes of a CDR Summary statement is missing or pointing the wrong paragraph as a reference which shows your incapability of analysis, organization, and lack of attention. Our writers take care to cross-check and provide a complete and comprehensive summary statement without any errors and plagiarism free, with all the data well-tabulated.

Key to writing a complete Summary statement

Our writers provide the perfect guide to framing a comprehensive summary statement. Certain things which can be followed while writing the pointers in summary statement are discussed here:

Knowledge and Skill base

This provides a brief idea of the fundamental concepts, and knowledge of your engineering education and application go your skills including technological and mathematical for the completion of the tasks assigned to you.

Engineering Application Ability

This area requires an elaboration of the technical skills and expertise and how you apply that for all the projects with which you have been connected. The tools and techniques used by you can be concisely mentioned here to attain the goals of your project and new applications that you may design. The new designs created by you specifically can impress the EA assessment authorities. Your contributions to problem-solving and key findings can be reported in this pointer.

Professional and Personal Attributes

This involves an elaboration of professional ethics and personal attributes which gives an idea of the person you are in general. It provides information about your team player activities and initiatives of social welfare, co-worker help and safety and conservation of the environment and how much you work towards these.

The writers of our team know the implications of breaching the guidelines set by the EA community and understand the importance of a well-presented CDR. It is the first step which is set by an engineer in paving a path to his career in a reputable engineering organization. We provide plagiarism free, grammatically checked and precisely prepared a summary statement based on the information provided. The team of writers delivers much before the stipulated time so you can make any amendments. They have been acknowledged to have prepared statements which have been accepted upon first submission. You can go ahead and seek their help and be assured of 100% satisfaction.

What One Needs to Write a Lofty Summary Statement?

There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while writing comprehensive summary statements. These are discussed in points down below:

  • The first thing that should be mentioned in a summary statement is the knowledge an engineer have for their particular domain and the skills he or she have attained over the years during their professional and educational life.
  • The second thing that has to be mentioned elaborately is the engineering application ability. In this section, the writer of the summary statement has to show how the engineer could apply what he or she has learned over the years.
  • Also, the execution of the attained skills has to be spot on. Moreover, mention the creative ideas you have implemented over the years and the way you have created new and practical designs with your engineering skills.
  • In the third section, include things such as the personal attribution of the engineer and his or her professional ethics. This section will give an overview of the person who is applying for the post.

Our writers know how to write these sections in a comprehensive manner. They will follow the guidelines given by EA. The Summary statement written by our writers will play a huge role in carving the road for your successful engineering career. So, if you need the best-quality summary statement written by some of the best writers in the industry then we can help you out with total satisfaction.

How Experts Could Help You in Your Summary Statement Writing

In the career episode writing, if you need to state about the backbone of that service then it has to be the summary statement. It has to be an illustrated analysis of the competency you have and how you are the best-fitted choice for the position for which you are applying. As this is the first step for you towards your career path, it has to be carved in a very skilful and knowledgeable way. Unless it is done properly, you will have a hard time in bagging the position you would want.

Who Will Help You?

When you need to write a summary statement then you should hire the expert writers who have the knowledge of writing such pieces. You get your summary statement written via an online service provider. We have got some of the best and the professional writers when it comes to writing a summary statement. We help you to get your summary statement written through experts’ writers 24x7. If you need a summary statement written on an emergency basis then we can help you with that too.

Summary Statement Writing

If someone asks you to elaborate a piece you can do it quite easily. But, if someone tells you to sum up a piece of writing, will you still feel at home? Absolutely not because summing up a piece of writing whether it is written by you or anyone else is by far the toughest job that one can take up. The summary statement is exactly that.

In summary statement, you have to sum up everything that you have written in the CDR report. It has to be prepared in a way that it gives a comprehensive overview of the whole CDR report to the EA reviewer which means he or she will not have to go through the entire work. This will create a very good impression in the mind of the reviewer which will, in turn, have a positive impact on your overall result.

Things You Must Mention in Your Summary Statement

While writing the summary statement, you have to mention your career episodes and also the achievements you attained on those phases of your life as an engineer. Also, state the skills and the knowledge you have regarding the field of engineering.

The summary statement is something that an EA reviewer will first want to see. If the summary is comprehensive and well-written then it will raise the bar of expectancy from the CDR report which is something that you would definitely want. This will also showcase professionalism from the applicant which an EA reviewer would like to see.

Categories of Summary Statement

When you are writing summary statements, you should know that there are four categories for which you need to prepare the CDR reports which are Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Technologist. The format of the CDR prescribed by the EA for each category is different and therefore, the template you choose for writing your summary statement will be according to the category in which you are applying.

Writing a Professional Summary Statement

The summary statement you write will have a huge impact on the overall CDR you prepare and therefore you have to take extra care while writing a summary statement. It should clearly portray you’re your skills and what you are good at. It should basically give an indication of the benefits an organization will have by having you in their organization. You should be including all the career episodes in this section. If you want to find a format for the summary statement you will get it online. It will have a similar structure to the one mentioned below. This will give you are an indication of what to include in the summary statement which will help you to compile a well-written summary statement.

PE1 Knowledge and Skillset

  • PE 1.1: The comprehensive information of physical sciences and engineering of your discipline
  • PE 1.2: Theoretical knowledge of Mathematics, Computer & Information Sciences, Statics, and Numerical Analysis as per your engineering domain
  • PE 1.3: The deep knowledge of specialist bodies that you have according to your engineering domain
  • PE 1.4: The research and analytical skills you have and the knowledge you attained in your engineering domain
  • PE 1.5: Information about the depend on factors that impacted your engineering filed
  • PE1.6: Overall knowledge and understanding of the possibility, liability, assumption, awareness of the latest happening as per your engineering domain.

PE2 Knowledge and Skillset

  • PE 2.1: creating ideas and methods that would avert complex engineering issue
  • PE 2.2: proficiency with techniques and tools of the particular engineering domain
  • PE 2.3: Synthesis and design processes as per your particular domain of engineering
  • PE 2.4: A systematic approach towards completing a certain engineering project

PE1 Knowledge and Skillset

  • PE 3.1: Liability of the professional
  • PE 3.2: The proficiency and communication skill about the particular field of engineering
  • E 3.3: Creativity and innovative traits
  • PE 3.4: Data analysis skills and management of the given data
  • PE 3.5: The professional conduct in a proper way

Common Mistakes in Writing Summary Statements

One of the common mistakes in writing summary statements is missing certain points which might seem trivial to you but carries a significant amount of value for the EA reviewer. Also, if your paragraph is wrong then it will showcase your lack of attentiveness and competency in doing certain works which will certainly be a negative aspect of your overall CDR. That is why the summary statement of your CDR has to be grammatical and spelling error free and also free from plagiarism.

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  • Technical jargons are avoided and each error is corrected as well as any inadequacy is taken care of within the required time duration for the CDR to be approved by EA.
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