CDR Report Sample for Mining Engineers

ANZSCO Code: 233611

The necessary reports for the Competency Demonstration Report Sample for the Mining engineers include Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes, Curriculum Vitae and the Summary Statement. The sample contents are stated below:

  1. Curriculum Vitae: A biodata describing the personal details, educational qualification and the previous occupation experience of the profession
  2. Continuing Professional Development: A sample of the CPD states the Engineering knowledge of the author- 1000 words.
  3. Mining Engineer Career Episode Report Sample- 1: “Advanced Mining Seismicity Processing”- 2100 words.
  4. Mining Engineering Episode Sample- 2: “Sustainability Analysis of Copper extraction and Processing Using LCA Methods”- 2000 words.
  5. Mining engineering Episode Report Sample- 3: “Application of Treated Oil Sands Drill Cuttings Waste in Micropiles Construction”- 2000 words.
  6. Mining Engineer summary statement Sample: A brief description of all elements of the competency- 1000 words.

Report on the Career Episode of Mining engineer: Sample 1

The Name of Project: Advanced Mining Seismicity Processing

In the first episode of career, the author enlightens a project that he performed while studying the Bachelor degree of the Mining Engineering. The author named the project as the “Advanced Mining Seismicity Processing”. The duties of the author in this project were to Research Ground Monitoring on a preliminary basis and use the methods of Location Advanced Event Detection and the Magnitude Estimation in the project. The project report analyses and tests every method’s strengths and weaknesses. It addresses potentiality of creating seismicity events by applying computer techniques for data discovery, mining, integration, and analysis. The report makes the accessing and combination of all the information collected and tools for evaluating trends of spatio temporal and correlation.

Report of Career Episode on Mining Engineer: Sample 2

The Name of Project: Sustainability Analysis of Copper Extraction and Processing Using LCA Methods

The author described the engineering skills in the second episode of career which he used for completing the project of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The responsibilities and duties of the author in the "Sustainability Analysis of Copper extraction and Processing Using LCA Methods" project were stated. The project evolves a complete framework of Life Cycle Inventory for “cradle-to-gate” assessment as an alternate of the copper production technologies and exploitation. It develops the quantitative and extensive database of the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI). It performs a comparison of the production technologies of copper in terms of waste production LCA and the consumption of water resource. The acquiring of all the opportunities for decreasing the waste production and environmental effects and it improves the efficiency of water in the life cycle aspect. Performing a sensitivity analysis based on Monte Carlo for assessing the effect of the uncertainty of data and modeling is done in this project. It enables the effects of the variability on the impacts calculated by the indicator result.

Report on the Career Episode of Mining Engineer: Sample 3

The Name of Project: Application of Treated Oil Sands Drill Cuttings Waste in Micropiles Construction

In the third episode of the career, the author has demonstrated his entire technical skills utilised for completing the project in which the writer was involved during his university studies. The name of this assignment was “Application of Treated Oil Sands Drill Cuttings Waste in Micropiles Construction”. One of the key duties of the author is to examine the chemical, mineralogical and the physical characteristics of the treated oil sand wastes (TOSW). The project considers all the impacts of the treated oil sand wastes (TOSW) addition on the fresh properties of the grout that is used for the installation of the hollow bar of micropiles. It performs the development of an investigation report on the mechanism of load transfer of the hollow bar micropiles according to a load of axial compression, assessing the load distribution of the micropiles because of the axial load. The checking of the interface properties between the surrounded soil and the grout body of the hollow bar micropiles is performed. It enlightens the impacts of the treated oil sand waste influencing the surface properties of the hollow bar micropile.

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