CDR Report Sample for Naval Architecture

ANZSCO Code: 233916

The Competency Demonstration Report Sample of this Naval Architect project is comprised of some necessary reports that are named as Summary Statement, Three Career episodes, Curriculum Vitae and the Continuing Professional Development. The detailed content of this sample report of CDR mentions the following as below:

  1. Curriculum Vitae: A resume presenting the details of the academic qualification, personal information and the previous occupational experiences in this profession.
  2. Continuing Professional Development Sample: A sample of the CPD which briefly explains the knowledge of the author in Engineering- 1000 words.
  3. Naval Architect Career Episode Report Sample – 1: “Green Technology Catamaran Sailboat”- 1850 words.
  4. Naval Architect Career Episode Report Sample – 2: “Arctic Icebreaking Charter Yacht”- 1700 words.
  5. Naval Architect Career Episode Report Sample – 3: “Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction of Yacht Sails”- 2100 words.
  6. Naval Architect Summary Statement Sample: A brief description of all the elements of the competency- 1500 words.

Naval Architecture Career Episode: CE 1

The Name of Project: Green Technology Catamaran Sailboat

In the initial career episode, the author named this project “Green Technology Catamaran Sailboat” briefing the details of the project. One of the functioning responsibilities of the writer regarding the project includes the building of a model design having accuracy within a percentage of 10% as compared to the final design expected. It calculates all the details and analyses the electrical systems which focus on the green generation and energy conservation. The analysis of the vessel structure according to the indications of the sea conditions is presented in the project. It analyses the ship propulsion that would ensure the performance of the vessel in sea trials in real-world situations. It determines the weight of the vessel and evaluates the convenient conditions of loading too.

Naval Architecture Career Episode: CE 2

The Name of Project: Arctic Icebreaking Charter Yacht

The writer describes his skills regarding a capstone assignment which is designed for providing an experience of a preliminary designed ship. The project was titled as the “Arctic Icebreaking Charter Yacht”. The duty of the author in this project is to create a model design of an icebreaker charter yacht that would be capable of bearing at least 21 passengers in the eastern Arctic for a long time period. The project of this ship builds a model design of the yacht considering the level of the analyses’ having detailed consistency within the standards of the industry. The report on the project produces a boat that can be environmentally sustainable and could navigate in the mid to lower arctic during winter months. It creates such a sail boat that could be economically viable in the real world situations. The project builds a feasible designed vessel model to accomplish the needs set for providing the expected passenger vessel.

Naval Architecture Career Episode: CE 3

The Name of Project: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction of Yacht Sails

In the final episode of career, the writer acquainted his engineering skills by preparing the project of the naval architecture. The writer named the assignment as “Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction of Yacht Sails”. This author’s responsibilities for completing the assignment include the analysis of the recent research results in the modeling methods that would be suitable for analysing the sail flow and its limitations. The report states the evaluation of a valid use of viscous computational fluid dynamics considering the modeling of various upwind and downwind sections of sailing. It includes the preparation of a valid solution for a fluid-structure interaction for designing the issues of the sail flow. The project provides a proper validity to the solutions those were gathered for a fluid-structure interaction of this project. It also applies the solutions gathered regarding the fluid-structure interaction in the modeling of real-world scenarios of sail flow.

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