Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for 233916 NAVAL ARCHITECTS (AUS) / MARINE DESIGNER (NZ)

Naval Architect Immigration to Australia PR Visa


Naval architects plan and oversee the development, overview and fix of marine craft and floating structures, including maritime art, traveller and load ships, submarines, rapid ships and sailboats, pulls, water crafts, yachts and oil rigs.

To get a positive result in Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for 233916 NAVAL ARCHITECTS (AUS)/MARINE DESIGNER (NZ), you need to compose the three career episodes depending on the following job responsibilities.

Maritime Architect (233916)

Plans and regulates the development and fix of marine craft and floating structures.

Skill Level:

The section prerequisite for this profession is a four- year certification or higher qualification. In a few occurrences important experience is required notwithstanding the formal capability. Licensing or registering might be required.

Job Responsibilities

  • Studies plan recommendations and details, to build up the essential attributes of marine art, for example, estimate, weight, speed, drive, weapon, payload, removal, draft, group and traveller supplements, and crisp or salt water administration
  • Oversees development and the testing of model models
  • Develops sectional and waterline bends of structures to set up focal point of gravity, perfect body structure and lightness and solidness information
  • Designs complete structure and superstructures as indicated by details and test information to adjust with principles of wellbeing, proficiency, and economy
  • Designs the format of specialty insides, including freight space and traveller compartments
  • Confers with different designers about impetus, warming, ventilation frameworks and other useful gear
  • Evaluates execution of art amid dock and ocean preliminaries
  • Determines configuration changes and congruity with national and universal measures

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The most effective method to compose Career Episodes for Naval architect for Australia

An Engineering report is a report that ought to be submitted to Engineers Australia. Specialists Australia is an association that assumes a main job in choosing and designating Engineers who have connected from various districts of the world. ANZSCO: 233916 maritime modeler CDR Sample is obligatory for Engineers who are intending to move Australia to find a new line of work. The Engineer ought to set it up all alone. It is encouraged to allude an example designing report before beginning to compose a provide details regarding your own. This will give you some innovative thoughts and help in staying away from oversights. Vocation scenes maritime planner can be gotten from web sources and soft cover books. This CDR test is just for reference reason and not for duplicating. Copyright infringement is entirely precluded. Plagiarism ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. Specialists Australia utilizes one of the world's most exceptional devices for identifying Plagiarism. Theft may prompt getting you prohibited from applying for relocating visa and occupation in Australia for at least one year. For applying to Engineers Australia, least capability of Under Graduation (UG) degree or Post Graduation (PG) degree is required in the proper branch of building field. An Engineering report for an Environmental Engineer should comprise of three Career Episode, Continuing Professional Development, Summary Status and Curriculum Vitae. The Career Episodes were composed should comprise of the ventures, obligations, obligations. Three career episodes contain three passages, and it ought to be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, individually.

Job responsibilities for Naval Architect

One of the maritime draftsman's principle obligations is effectively guaranteeing the plan and examination of a wide range of buoyancy frameworks are kept up. This may incorporate having the capacity to guarantee that all maritime engineering, send structure, and ship configuration are as practical as could be expected under the circumstances. A maritime designer is additionally in charge of giving upkeep and preparing backing to all water-bound vehicles. They should likewise have the capacity to break down any issues that may emerge and build up an arrangement to fix them, just as modify those plans as essential. Maritime engineers work with organizations that bargain with pontoons and other sea travel, for example, journey deliver organizations and marine organizations. They ordinarily work all day in indoor and open-air conditions, albeit additional time might be required relying upon the necessities of the organization. Travel might be required too.

The base instructive necessity incorporates a four -year college education in maritime engineering or a related field. Moreover, having at least two years in the maritime field is likewise important. A maritime engineer must be comfortable with current statutory and administrative prerequisites and have experience overseeing extensive gatherings of individuals and activities. Essential PC capability is commonly required, as are solid correspondence, administration, and time-the board aptitudes.


Marine engineers commonly do the following:

  • Prepare framework designs and definite illustrations and schematics
  • Inspect marine hardware and apparatus, and draw up work demands and occupation determinations
  • Conduct natural, operational, or execution tests on marine apparatus and gear
  • Design and administer the testing, establishment, and fix of marine gear
  • Investigate and test apparatus and gear to guarantee consistence with measures
  • Coordinate exercises with administrative bodies to guarantee that fixes and modifications are done securely and at insignificant expense
  • Prepare specialized reports for use by architects, chiefs, or deals staff
  • Prepare cost gauges, contract particulars, and plan and development plans
  • Maintain contact with contractual workers to ensure that the work is being done effectively, on timetable, and inside spending plan

Maritime engineers ordinarily do the below mentioned:

  • Study structure recommendations and particulars to build up essential qualities of a ship, for example, its size, weight, and speed
  • Develop sectional and waterline bends of the ship's structure to build up the focal point of gravity, the perfect body structure, and information on lightness and soundness
  • Design whole ship frames and superstructures, following security and administrative benchmarks
  • Design the total format of boats' insides, including spaces for apparatus and assistant gear, traveller compartments, load space, stepping stool wells, and lifts
  • Confer with marine specialists to plan the design of engine compartment hardware, warming and ventilation frameworks, refrigeration gear, electrical appropriation frameworks, wellbeing frameworks, directing frameworks, and drive apparatus
  • Lead groups from an assortment of claims to fame to administer building and testing models
  • Evaluate how transports perform amid preliminaries, both in the dock and adrift, and change structures as expected to ensure that national and universal norms are met

Marine architects and maritime engineers apply information from a scope of building fields to the whole water vehicles' plan and generation forms. Marine specialists additionally structure and keep up seaward oil fixes and may deal with elective vitality ventures, for example, wind turbines found seaward and tidal power.

Marine architects and maritime modelers who work for ship and vessel building firms structure extensive boats, for example, traveller boats and payload ships, just as little specialty, for example, inflatable water crafts and rowboats. The individuals who work in the government may plan or test the structures of boats or frameworks for the Army, Navy, or Coast Guard.

Marine architects ought not be mistaken for ship engineers, who work or direct the activity of the apparatus on a ship. For more data on ship engineers, see the profile on water transportation laborers.

Work environment

Marine architects and maritime engineers held around 8,200 occupations in 2016. The biggest managers of marine architects and maritime draftsmen were as per the following:

Designing services 32%

National government, barring postal service 13

Transportation and warehousing 8

Other expert, logical, and specialized services 7

Marine specialists and maritime engineers regularly work in workplaces, where they approach PC programming and different instruments fundamental for breaking down undertakings and planning arrangements. Now and again, they should go to ocean to test or keep up the boats that they have structured or manufactured.

Marine designers and maritime draftsmen who take a shot at power age ventures, for example, seaward wind turbines and tidal power, work along the coast—both seaward and ashore. They additionally some of the time take a shot at oil rigs, where they administer the fix or upkeep of frameworks that they may have planned.

Maritime engineers frequently lead groups to make practical plans, and they should viably utilize the aptitudes that every individual conveys to the structure procedure.

Work Schedules

Most marine specialists and maritime draftsmen work all day, and around 1 out of 4 worked over 40 hours of the week in 2016. Marine specialists who work adrift will work a timetable attached to the activities of their specific ship. The individuals who work inland will have to some degree increasingly standard work routines. Maritime planners, and marine architects who are locked in principally in configuration, are considerably more liable to work a customary calendar in an office or at a shipyard.

Imperative Qualities

Communication skills. Marine designers and maritime modelers must give clear directions and clarify complex ideas when driving activities.

Ingenuity. Marine specialists and maritime draftsmen must utilize activities examination to make a plan to play out the ship's capacities. They at that point utilize basic reasoning aptitudes to foresee and address any inadequacies previously the ship is fabricated or set to ocean.

Relational abilities. Marine designers and maritime engineers address with customers to dissect their issues for ship frameworks. Designers must talk about advancement with customers to keep update alternatives open before the venture is excessively far along.

Math aptitudes. Marine specialists and maritime modelers utilize the standards of analytics, trigonometry, and other propelled points in math for examination, structure, and investigating in their work.

Critical thinking abilities. Marine specialists must plan a few frameworks that function admirably together in boats. Maritime planners and marine specialists are relied upon to take care of issues for their customers. They should draw on their insight and experience to settle on compelling choices.

Average pay for Marine specialists and Maritime engineers

The middle yearly pay for marine specialists and maritime engineers was $90,970 in May 2017. The middle compensation is the pay at which a large portion of the laborers in an occupation earned more than that sum and half earned less. The most reduced 10 percent earned under $63,980, and the most astounding 10 percent earned more than $145,550.

In May 2017, the middle yearly wages for marine architects and maritime engineers in the best ventures in which they worked were as per the following:

Government, barring postal service $100,120

Building services 91,400

Transportation and warehousing 85,000

Other expert, logical, and specialized services 78,540

Most marine engineers and maritime modelers work all day, and around 1 of every 4 worked over 40 hours of the week in 2016. Marine engineers who work adrift will work a calendar attached to the tasks of their specific ship. The individuals who work inland will have to some degree progressively customary work routines. Maritime planners, and marine architects who are locked in fundamentally in configuration, are considerably more prone to work a standard timetable in an office or at a shipyard.

Pathways and designation of Naval Architect

There are two number of ways through which the Engineers Australia will perceive the Naval Architects. The Engineers Australia gives assurance with Engineering capabilities from perceived establishments or colleges from Canada, UK, USA direct acknowledgment. Try to submit written falsification free without linguistic mistakes.

Documents required for CDR

The accompanying archives ought to incorporate into the CDR:

  • Head and shoulders photo (35mm x 45mm).
  • Prime Identification Document (current international ID, just page, including photograph and name).
  • Academic degree declaration.
  • Complete and authority scholastic transcript (counting any acknowledgment of earlier learning).
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume.
  • IELTS Test Report Form.
  • Official Change of Name records where relevant
  • Registration testament under the important authorizing expert where material (for example Philippine Regulations Commission).
  • Documentary proof of business (for times of a year or more, or if the work gives a premise to a lifelong scene/s).
  • List of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Three Career Episodes Summary Statement for the selected class.
  • Official English language interpretations of above reports where appropriate.

Employment Skill Assessment

For the work aptitude appraisal, you must present the accompanying documents.

  1. Referral letter/experience declaration.
  2. Any one of the accompanying records.


Documents issued by the related government office or some other association not identified with your boss, for example, Social Security/Social Insurance Report


Salary Tax/Payroll Tax report


Superfund Contribution Statement


Provident Fund Statement/Retirement commitment reports


Work grant NOTE: Company name must be expressed on each archive

Step by step instructions to compose Career Episodes

Profession scene position:

Each profession scene ought to pursue the organization underneath:

  • An Introduction (approx. 100 words):

    This acquaints the user with the profession scene and ought to incorporate such things as:

    • The sequence - the dates and length of the career episodes;
    • The geological area where the experience was picked up;
    • The name of the association;
    • The title of the position involved by you.
  • Background (200 – 500 words):

    This sets the scene and gives the setting in which you have been examining/working. It ought to incorporate such things as:

    • The nature of the general designing undertaking;
    • The goals of the task;
    • The nature of your specific work territory;
    • A diagram of the authoritative structure featuring your situation, in connection to the vocation scene;
    • An announcement of your obligations (give an official obligation explanation where accessible).
  • Personal Engineering Activity (500 – 1000 words):

    This is the body of the story and the key assessable segment. In this segment, you should depict in detail the genuine work performed by you. You should state what you did and afterward depict how you did it. It isn't adequate to depict the exercises performed by a group or gathering - your own job must be obviously recognized. Keep in mind, it is your very own designing capabilities that are being evaluated. This area ought to incorporate such things as:

    • How you connected your designing learning and aptitudes;
    • The assignments designated to you and how you approached achieving them;
    • Any specific specialized challenges/issues you experienced and how you comprehended them;
    • Strategies contrived by you including any unique or inventive plan work; how you worked with other colleagues.
  • Summary (50 – 100 words):

    This segment totals up your impressions of the designing movement and your job in it. It ought to incorporate such things as:

    • Your perspective on the general undertaking;
    • How the undertaking fared in meeting the objectives/necessities;
    • How your own job added to the task

    The most effective method to pick a venture for Career Episode

    You may put together your career episodes with respect to:

    • A designing assignment attempted as a feature of your instructive program;
    • A venture you have taken a shot at or are right now chipping away at;
    • A position that you involved or as of now possess (for this situation, the vocation scene must include in excess of a negligible obligation articulation);
    • A specific designing issue that you were required to unravel.

Continuing Professional Development:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the method by which you stay up with the latest with improvements in your field of building after you have picked up your undergrad capability. All significant CPD must be incorporated into your CDR application. This CPD must be given in rundown group (title, date, term, and setting)

CDR Structure for Naval Architect

A full CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) will consist of

  1. 1 CPD (Continuous Professional Development)
  2. 3 CE (Career Episode) based on your projects which can be based on either (Academic / Work Experience/ Training)
  3. 1 SS (Summary Statement)

A full CDR will be 35 Pages long and 100% Plagiarism Free Work.

Pay only 75% advance and rest 25% after Positive Assessment from EA.

CDR Report Sample for Naval Architecture

ANZSCO Code: 233916

The Competency Demonstration Report Sample of this Naval Architect project is comprised of some necessary reports that are named as Summary Statement, Three Career episodes, Curriculum Vitae and the Continuing Professional Development. The detailed content of this sample report of CDR mentions the following as below:

  1. Curriculum Vitae: A resume presenting the details of the academic qualification, personal information and the previous occupational experiences in this profession.
  2. Continuing Professional Development Sample: A sample of the CPD which briefly explains the knowledge of the author in Engineering- 1000 words.
  3. Naval Architect Career Episode Report Sample – 1: “Green Technology Catamaran Sailboat”- 1850 words.
  4. Naval Architect Career Episode Report Sample – 2: “Arctic Icebreaking Charter Yacht”- 1700 words.
  5. Naval Architect Career Episode Report Sample – 3: “Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction of Yacht Sails”- 2100 words.
  6. Naval Architect Summary Statement Sample: A brief description of all the elements of the competency- 1500 words.

Naval Architecture Career Episode: CE 1

The Name of Project: Green Technology Catamaran Sailboat

In the initial career episode, the author named this project “Green Technology Catamaran Sailboat” briefing the details of the project. One of the functioning responsibilities of the writer regarding the project includes the building of a model design having accuracy within a percentage of 10% as compared to the final design expected. It calculates all the details and analyses the electrical systems which focus on the green generation and energy conservation. The analysis of the vessel structure according to the indications of the sea conditions is presented in the project. It analyses the ship propulsion that would ensure the performance of the vessel in sea trials in real-world situations. It determines the weight of the vessel and evaluates the convenient conditions of loading too.

Naval Architecture Career Episode: CE 2

The Name of Project: Arctic Icebreaking Charter Yacht

The writer describes his skills regarding a capstone assignment which is designed for providing an experience of a preliminary designed ship. The project was titled as the “Arctic Icebreaking Charter Yacht”. The duty of the author in this project is to create a model design of an icebreaker charter yacht that would be capable of bearing at least 21 passengers in the eastern Arctic for a long time period. The project of this ship builds a model design of the yacht considering the level of the analyses’ having detailed consistency within the standards of the industry. The report on the project produces a boat that can be environmentally sustainable and could navigate in the mid to lower arctic during winter months. It creates such a sail boat that could be economically viable in the real world situations. The project builds a feasible designed vessel model to accomplish the needs set for providing the expected passenger vessel.

Naval Architecture Career Episode: CE 3

The Name of Project: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction of Yacht Sails

In the final episode of career, the writer acquainted his engineering skills by preparing the project of the naval architecture. The writer named the assignment as “Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction of Yacht Sails”. This author’s responsibilities for completing the assignment include the analysis of the recent research results in the modeling methods that would be suitable for analysing the sail flow and its limitations. The report states the evaluation of a valid use of viscous computational fluid dynamics considering the modeling of various upwind and downwind sections of sailing. It includes the preparation of a valid solution for a fluid-structure interaction for designing the issues of the sail flow. The project provides a proper validity to the solutions those were gathered for a fluid-structure interaction of this project. It also applies the solutions gathered regarding the fluid-structure interaction in the modeling of real-world scenarios of sail flow.

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