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IT professionals Evidence documents required by Chartered IT Professionals New Zealand (CITPNZ)

IT professionals, who have successfully submitted their residence application, are put on fast track approval of their ITP evidence documents. As requested by Visa Officers “A certified letter is thus issued from the IT professionals of New Zealand that clearly states that the degree and further learning meets the standard qualifications towards CITPNZ status. However, a qualification level of 7 is required at NZQF initially”

Standards of education required for CITPNZ

CITPNZ provides a confirmation service. They assess the present education qualification and compare it with the benchmark academic requirements set by CITPNZ.

A guide with more details can be downloaded , or an application for ITP Qualification Recognition can be done.

However, one needs to keep in mind that this is merely an assessment to check if the individual qualifications match the benchmark educational requirements of CITPNZ. Neither this is a full-fledged test conducted by the CITPNZ, nor is it an assessment of basic skills. In order to get a full certification from the CITPNZ, one needs to go for a full assessment details.

Why is it necessary for an individual to undertake the IT Professional Qualification Recognition process?

This process is necessary when

  • During your visa application, the NZQA or New Zealand immigration asks for this.
  • You are interested to know what level your present educational qualification, or your base qualification or your subsequent level of learning compared to the standards of New Zealand's enterprise assumptions. (as per the CITPNZ standard obligations)
  • A company with the intentions to hire or educational institution might ask you to go through the assessment in order to see how your educational qualification and subsequent learning matches up to the standards set by the CITPNZ.
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Required Qualifications

In order to meet the standards of requirements set by the CITPNZ, one must have the following qualifications-

  • You need to have a NZQF level of 7 or higher
  • If you have combined your subsequent learning, then that should meet the required content benchmark set by the CITPNZ

A minimum requirement of level 7 or beyond is required on the New Zealand Qualifications framework if you are planning to take this assessment for the purpose of immigrating into New Zealand. Level 7 or above qualification is equal to a New Zealand's bachelor degree. There is no necessity that your field of knowledge has to strictly be based on Computer and IT degree. However, it needs to be relevant to the field of technology and the rest of the qualifications can be met by the subsequent learning process.

or instance, if an individual holds a degree in advanced mathematics, which is applicable but does not directly focus on Computing or IT, this scenario can be considered. However, added IT related knowledge that might be sufficient or supportive and has the evidence that the degree has been used in technological context can be viable for this. For an example: Machine learning would in all probabilities follow the standard requirements. Nonetheless, the degree on its own is not sufficient, additional knowledge or subsequent learning is essential.

Detailed description can be found in the Qualification Recognition Guide 11

Concluding the level

The New Zealand qualifications authority or NZQA is the body that is responsible for assessing your overseas qualifications and thus compares it to the NZ Qualification framework for determining your Level. In order to take the qualification process, one needs to meet some basic requirements.

  • Should be a degree holder from any institution of New Zealand or must have a level 7 or above certified by NZQA
  • If a person is from overseas, he or she must be Authorized by the Seoul Accord programme
  • If the person is from another country and is on NZQA’s list of qualifications then there can be exempt from assessment
  • Take an international qualification assessment (IQA) along with NZQA and get evaluated on level 7 or above.

Full details can be fetched from the NZQA website 1

Please keep in mind that the content assessment process by us cannot be proceeded with until one of these requirements are met. Now, if you are looking to go for NZQA or IQZ, then that should be done before the Qualification recognition process.

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Requirements for Content Qualification

We use our own representation of the Seoul Accord graduate attributes according to which we assess whether the applicant meets the benchmark qualifications of CITPNZ. The Seoul accord is a global body that is responsible for the accreditation global degree programme and is run by licence divisions.

This reflects that your Subsequent learning and present qualification is ample to allow an individual for:

Application of the fundamentals of computing knowledge, skills in the knowledge of computing, Mathematics, Science and knowledge of the appropriate domain this is effective in order to deal with defined problems and requirements of technology. With high levels of complexity and depths, this needs to be accomplished.

In order to meet the benchmark academic specifications for CITPNZ, there are 10 criteria you need to satisfy in order to meet the qualifications and learning standards. These criteria can be found in the Qualification recognition guide 11

How to apply for qualification recognition

The following steps can be considered when applying for a qualification recognition test, more information can be found in the qualification recognition guide.

  • Proof that you have the right level (Refer to section 2 of the guide). In order to get it, one must take an International qualification Assessment along with NZQA. These assessments need to complete before applying for the qualification recognition certification from the ITP. (This is to bring to your notice that unless the first requirement is met, the qualification assessment process cannot begin. If you have to undertake an IQA along with NZQA then that must be completed and done before applying for the Qualification Recognition measures. Refer to section 2 for more information.)
  • Hold proof that proves the subject of your qualification meets the given requirements (See section 3 of the guide 11). The evidence must include an official copy letter from our institution and other such documents that are mentioned in the Evidence Document 8. IF the documents are present in any other language apart from English then and the English version of the documents also need to be provided as well.
  • Fill up the evidence document of ITPNZ (See section 4 of the Guide 11) to give the assessors a clear comparison between your education qualification and the benchmark requirements of CITPNZ
  • Application submission online this would require you to upload the necessary documents along with the processing fees (See below).
  • Additional information might be asked to produce by the assessors. If the evidence provided by you are insufficient and do not meet the requirements set by the CITPNZ then the assessors might want to look out for more documents that can support your claim and then make the final decision.
  • 6. An official letter would be issued after the final assessment This letter would mark the assessment and would be thus stated if your qualifications have met the standards of CITPNZ or not.

Documents that need to be downloaded

There are several documents that are necessary to be downloaded for application of Qualification recognition

  • Qualification Recognition Guide 11 [PDF]
  • The application form ITP evidence Document 8

Qualification recognition service its applicable costs

The qualification recognition service is a detailed scrutiny of an individual and their subsequent understanding. This assessment is undertaken in order to see what your present qualification and subsequent leaning compares against the standards of New Zealand. The benchmark for selection is and its criteria are set by CITPNZ. The processing fees of this assessment is kept at $NZD191, this all that one needs to pay as there is no further cost for any further assessment in this regards and the also the issue of the letter.

Appealing for qualification recognition and other options

An expert assessor is the part of the qualification recognition, which is responsible for the evaluation process of the documents. Decisions that have once been made by the assessment Body cannot be reconsidered or held up for an appeal. Thus the decision that is given initially is cannot be changed and there is no available appealing process. There can only be revaluation if the person undertakes additional learning.

Please note if you are already holding level 7 or above qualification we can issue you a confirmation letter right away without needing you to undergo assessment


In case you are a holder of a CITPNZ certificate that happens to be of level 7 or above, then we can send you a confirmation letter that you have met the needed requirements. You won't be required to appear for any further assessments as you have already met the benchmark requirements. Not only that but also the fees for issuing the letter also not be required. However, rather than filing an application, contact us directly.

The application for CITPNZ process is different and can be done while you are “on the job” and is thus based on learning and practice-based factors and it needs to be confirmed if you are working at the level of senior IT professional. Applying for CITPNZ had its own costs.