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  1. CDR Report Sample for Geotechnical Engineers 3
  2. CDR Report Sample for Geotechnical Engineers: Sample 1 3
  3. CDR Report Sample for Geotechnical Engineers: Sample 2 3
  4. Engineer career Episode report: Sample 3 3

CDR Report Sample for Geotechnical Engineers: Sample 1

This is the first Career episode that the writer had implemented wherein, the writer had undertaken a project named "Mineral Process Modelling and Interpretation Project", which the writer had done in order to gain a partial acquirement in the Department of Geo-Engineering, Mining, and Geology. In the project, the writer had determined the effect of the performance of the recovery of grades while implementing a change in the air rate in order to acquire air recovery constantly. Moreover, the writer had also analysed the change in the air rate during the same process but maintaining the constant air recovery. Further, the changes that were seen during the change in the feed rate and the changes made to the concentration of the solids were also to be analysed by the author. Lastly, the author had also prepared a spreadsheet to predict and assume the industrial operations perfectly in calibration with the flotation cell in the single industrial segment.

CDR Report Sample for Geotechnical Engineers: Sample 2

Name of the project: Ajax

Ajax project refers to the career episode that completed in 60 days within an interim process at KGHM Polska Miedz S.A. In this project, level of proficiency has explained that make a proper reflection on capability of the responsible engineer for this project. Initially, the person has overviewed on security of the company that is situated in Quesnellia Terrance. In this section, the engineer is responsible to manipulate perfection in work for collecting geological data. Inspection and examining have done in different work sections. Model on amount, Block, and mass processing has evaluated in order to make more constructive performance for Ajax project. Moreover, the engineer looks into programming process and investigated it. Connecting with other employees and reporting of data has managed to be done at a particular time. In programming, test loaded apparatus are used for accessing a positive outcome. The responsible engineer has to lead the process of mineralization in this project. Copper to gold mineralization has done in Iron mask Batholith.

Engineer career Episode report: Sample 3

Title of the project: Supervising water relations of Odra River

Reflecting on an interspersed management service approach is the initial aim of this project that has described by the author. The study was conducted at the time of fellowship in Poland, Integrated Management Services Ltd., and Wroclaw. Main responsibility in this project was to analyze the nature of the soil in Odra riverbank. Examining geology and differentiation of soil nature has completed by the engineering personnel. It has committed to evaluate most suitable plan for establishing drainage system and water supply. Decision making on soil nature helps to understand how the water schemes can be managed by maintaining a compatibility with the concrete guideline of the existing soil at the bank of Odra River. Next, the work shifted to realize the impact of soil nature on the related circumstances. As in this case, soil criteria have discussed in order to analyze its impact on the dam of Malcyzce River. In addition to this, monitoring significant changes has done to analyze its effect. Sufficient consideration has attempted to assess actual changing factors in humidity of soil. The entire place has done with soil testing with the help of meteorological study. This entire work was bound to develop a detailed outcome from the soil testing beside Odra River.

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