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For engineers to obtain skilled migration for New Zealand they require an application or professional report known as the Knowledge Assessment 02 which can be also called as KA02. The engineers in New Zealand are a part of the non-profit organisation which is the IPENZ also known as Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand, which requires the application of KA02. This organisation consists of people who are involved in engineering or are an engineer. The members of IPENZ have to follow the rules and formal codes of the organisation which also leads to personal growth of the people involved in the organisation.

Before migration, the individual applying to New Zealand’s migration should have the necessary skills as according to the IPENZ. Thus IPENZ evaluates the applications of the members who have insufficient ICT or non ICT. The IPENZ for the New Zealand skilled migration requires the applicants of professionals of ICT across the globe to display their work experience and qualifications in the department of ICT. Hence they are required to submit the KA02 report to the IPENZ.

The KA02 report helps the unqualified applicants to display their skills in the field of ICT. The applicants have to demonstrate to the IPENZ on how they gathered their ICT skills and how their skills are identical to those needed by the IPENZ. The applicants should introduce the primary areas which consist of the acquired information for the skilled migration of New Zealand. The applicants who have a lot of experience in the field of ICT but their qualification in ICT which is not equal to the diploma or degree from the universities of New Zealand require this KA02 report. With the help of KA02 process of assessment, the candidates can administer for their assessment of their ICT skills.

The applicants can demonstrate their ICT skills for skilled migration with the help of MyCdrHelp which is a promising KA02 report service provider. This company provides the knowledge assessment report to the engineering aspirants of all fields whether it be electronics, computer, mechanical or technical. The members of the company produce report which is as per the directions given by the IPENZ as they are fully aware of the requirements of the IPENZ. This company has established its name in New Zealand for providing KA02 reports with an approval percentage of 99%. The company can help the applicants to receive a positive evaluation of their talents in their first try from the IPENZ.

The engineers who have done their graduation from non authorised countries and are migrating to New Zealand require this KA02 report. Their talents based on their experience and qualifications in the department of ICT are assessed by IPENZ. Many applicants do not get qualified for their migration because they write the KA02 report on their own. The applicants fail to prepare the report in an significant manner even after having technical experience of many years because they do not have information about the guidelines and requirements of the knowledge assessment report.

The evaluation and assessment has been more critical lately because of the increasing number of applicants for the New Zealand skilled migration. The preparation of KA02 report is a mechanical challenge and hence it should be prepared in an organised manner.

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They are complete with expertise and technology to provide the applicants with the knowledge assessment reports for the assessment in IPENZ. This organisation is independent and consists of a professional group of people which guides the candidates for their assessment of their ICT skills for New Zealand skill migration. They give the best services to every applicant at very reasonable prices.


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