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Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand/ Engineering New Zealand

The Institute for Professional Engineers located in New Zealand (IPENZ) is the superior Membership organization for one of New Zealand's most imperative Professions. We are a group of individuals devoted to engineer a solid designing Professions that New Zealanders believe in and can trust. We set, keep up and advance designing norms and deal with the Registration Authority for Chartered Professional Engineers alongside our own engineering registers. We offer an ability-based Membership and Registration that remember you as being able and moral in your designing practices. We do this by surveying your engineering information and aptitudes against globally benchmarked instructive, capability and moral norms. IPENZ provides three forms of skill-based membership:

  • Professional Member (MIPENZ)
  • Technical Member (TIPENZ)
  • Associate Member (AIPENZ)

We take care of four national Registers:

  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
  • Engineering Technologist (ETPract)
  • Certified Engineering Technician (CertETn)
  • Professional Engineering Geologist (PEngGeol), Chartered Professional Engineers and registered engineering Technologists can apply for equivalent international registers – International Registered Professional Engineer (IntPE(NZ)) and International Engineering Technologist (IntET(NZ)) – which are evaluated against similar benchmarks. Sanctioned Professional Engineers can likewise apply to wind up Design Verifiers (for weight hardware, cranes and traveller ropeways).

Engineering New Zealand (previously known as Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand) is a not-revenue driven proficient body that advances the uprightness and interests of individuals, the Professions, and the business. It tries to "breathe life into designing" and has more than 20,000 members. [3]

The association's technique is to convey more prominent believability, acknowledgment, impact and association for individuals. It advances designing as a vocation and backers for individuals. Designing New Zealand sets benchmarks and performs appraisals that fulfil universal guidelines for Chartered Memberships and Registrations for Chartered Professional Engineers. Provincial branches run systems administration occasions, while specialized gatherings help individuals remain exceptional on explicit subject matters. Individuals can get to proceeding with expert advancement and addition experience as volunteers by serving on advisory groups and different bodies.

All individuals from Engineering New Zealand submit each year to pursue the association's Code of Ethical Conduct, and to completing proceeding with expert improvement.

Benefits of competence-based Membership and Registration Taking the following stage towards expert acknowledgment, either through Registration or Competence-based Membership, can enable you to advance your career. Enrolment improves your professional standing as an expert.

  • sets up proficient validity using the Registration title and post-ostensible
  • perceives your specialized fitness and expert aptitudes
  • ingrains open trust in your ability
  • shows your duty to consistent improvement and greatness in our industry
  • opens ways to work limited by direction
  • accelerates professional success and expands your gaining stamina.
  • improves your marketability and Job prospects in New Zealand and overseas. Fitness based Membership gives the apparatuses, backing and expert acknowledgment to enable you to accomplish your vocation objectives and:
  • shows your promise to demonstrable skill, moral practice and expert guidelines
  • imparts open trust in your fitness
  • gives chances to improve your designing information by extending your specialized ability, engineering relational aptitudes or finding out about administration at one of our expert advancement courses, gatherings or occasions
  • causes you stay up with the latest with data about morals, principles and best practice
  • encourages you manufacture your expert system by meeting similarly invested designers and experts at local Branches, occasions, particular vested parties and council gatherings
  • offers you the chance to have any kind of effect, either by utilizing your specialized aptitudes and skill to motivate others to end up designers or helping us with industry benchmarks, open arrangement and engineering practice. You could likewise take up a situation on an advisory group or board You'll have to deal with complex engineering geological problems and activities requiring specialists and in-depth topographical designing learning. Designing Geologists are not qualified for ability-based Membership but rather can join IPENZ as Affiliate Members (

Classes of Recognition

You can be surveyed as an engineering professional, designing technologist, designing professional or engineering geologist relying upon your capability and designing knowledge.

Each extraordinary class of acknowledgment is benchmarked to a universally perceived capability standard – Washington Accord, Sydney Accord and Dublin Accord – and are likewise separated by multifaceted nature (

Every one of our Registers and IPENZ Memberships require explicit abilities and capabilities:

Engineering Professional

On the off chance that you need to be evaluated for CPEng, IntPE(NZ) and additionally MIPENZ, you'll need a Washington Accord certify capability or have the capacity to demonstrate you've picked up the proportional dimension of learning. You'll have to indicate you can manage complex engineering issues and complete complex engineering exercises.

Designing Technologist If you need to be surveyed for ETPract, IntET(NZ) as well as TIPENZ, you'll need a Sydney Accord certify capability or have the capacity to demonstrate you've picked up the equal dimension of information. You'll have to demonstrate you can manage comprehensively characterized designing issues and complete extensively characterized engineering exercises.

Engineering technologist

In the event that you need to be evaluated for CertEtn as well as AIPENZ, you'll need a Dublin Accord authorize capability or have the capacity to indicate you've picked up the equal dimension of information. You'll have to indicate you can manage very much characterized designing issues and do all around characterized engineering exercises.

Engineering Geologist

On the off chance that you need to be surveyed for Peng Geol, you're in charge of foreseeing the idea of the ground and frequently work intimately with geotechnical engineers. You'll need a geology degree at the honours level, a postgraduate qualification in engineering geology or demonstrating equivalent knowledge.

Kinds of Assessment

There are three kinds of appraisals available from IPENZ

Assessment for Initial Registration , Knowledge Assessment and Assessment for Continued Registration. Evaluation for Initial Registration If you are applying for Registration for the first time, you’ll have to finish an Assessment for Initial Registration. We work a solitary appraisal process for skill-based Membership and Registration applications. You can be evaluated for various Registers and ability-based Membership in the meantime. On the off chance that you as of now have abroad Registration or potentially Memberships with one of our perceived outer experts, your abroad acknowledgment might be considered as a feature of the IPENZ evaluation process.

Learning Assessment

You can progress toward becoming enlisted regardless of whether you don't hold a perceived capability by first finishing a Knowledge Assessment. In your Knowledge Assessment, you'll have to indicate you have a dimension of specialized information and comprehension increased through your work and realizing which is identical to a science certificate certify under the Washington Accord. In the event that your Knowledge Assessment is effective, you would then be able to finish an appraisal for Initial Registration.

The key distinction between competence-based Membership and Registration is the recurrence of the appraisal. Capability based Membership appraisals are a one-time procedure to perceive fitness for designing practice.

To stay Registered, you have to participate in a continuous reassessment process, at any rate once at regular intervals, to demonstrate your proceeded with skill.

Understanding the Assessment Process-

The IPENZ Assessment Process for Initial and Continued Registration is comprised of five phases.

  • Stage 1 – Preparation

    The planning stage includes reporting your work and learning encounters and setting up an application for appraisal in My IPENZ, your own region of the IPENZ site. You'll have to give proof that exhibits you have the base standard of skill in your Practice Area.

    Your proof ought to include:

    • a designing capability or comparable learning
    • work related documents
    • learning records (CPD)
    • two referees
    • your Practice Field(s) and a portrayal of your Practice Area
    • A self-review demonstrating your competence against the Assessment Criteria.

    At the point when your application is prepared, submit it for approval.

  • Stage 2 – Validation

    Now, you'll be designated a Competence Assessment Advisor who'll care for your application all the way.

    Your consultant will check the data you've given and will intend to give you some underlying criticism inside 10 – 15 working days. They'll fill you in regarding whether you have to roll out any improvements previously presenting your application for appraisal. On the off chance that changes are required, attempt to roll out these improvements as quickly as time permits and resubmit your application for appraisal.

  • Stage 3 – Evaluation

    When you present your application for assessment, you'll make a moral presentation and pay your charge expense ( list). Appraisal expenses are payable for Assessments for Initial Registration.

    Your Advisor will sort out your evaluation board, which will more often than not comprise of a Lead Assessor and a Practice Area Assessor.

    Your Lead Assessor will be your central matter of contact on the evaluation board. They're in charge of booking an intelligent evaluation. Intelligent appraisals for evaluations for beginning Registration are held vis-à-vis. Appraisals for proceeded with Registration are directed by video or video chat.

    Your Practice Area Assessor will be the specialized master on your board; they'll have information in a territory of designing important to your very own training field/region.

    Together, the board will assess your accommodation by inspecting your evaluation application and the data you give amid your intelligent appraisal.

    Your board may set a composed task or demand extra data, if fundamental. Your board will make a suggestion to the Competency Assessment Board (CAB) about whether to endorse your application. Your lead assessor will instruct you with respect to their suggestion.

  • Stage 4 – Recommendation

    The CAB will consider the board's suggestion and settle on a choice on your application at their month to month meeting.

    Sporadically the CAB requests extra data from the board. Your Competence Assessment Advisor will fill you in regarding whether this is the situation.

  • Stage 5 – Decision

    Your appraisal counsel will tell you the result of your application. In the event that effective, your name will show up on the important online Register (

    On the off chance that your application is fruitless or an elective choice has been made, you'll be allowed a chance to make a composed reaction. Your Competence Assessment Advisor will talk you through the choices accessible to you.

Insights and Tips

  • Write in the main individual – use "I" or "Me".
  • Continually record your Work and Learning Records as you gain your experience. This will make finishing your application a lot snappier and less demanding.
  • Become acquainted with the Assessment Criteria before finishing your application (Info Sheet 5 For Initial Registration and 6 for Continued Registration).
  • Talk to individuals who have experienced the procedure.
  • Call IPENZ and request a Competence Assessment Advisor, to get as much data as you can. Making Work and Learning records.

Your Work Record ought to incorporate the accompanying:

Task or movement title: name your record Project/action depiction: a "major picture" outline, including:

  • who the work was for
  • extension and reason
  • anticipated results
  • different partners with personal stakes
  • explicit prerequisites, (for example, administrative requirements)
  • whatever other data that will enable the assessors to comprehend the idea of this work.

Role title

Role portrayal: insights concerning your job and commitment to the work, for example,

  • your very own inclusion in the work
  • your very own obligations
  • the assignments you explicitly performed
  • the commitment you made or bits of work you were included with if this was a piece of a bigger undertaking or action.

Beginning date and end date

Association: the association you were working for at the time

Work records: append archives that give proof of your own inclusion. These will change contingent upon the work you do however may include:

  • plans, schematics and illustrations
  • computations
  • offering records, venture designs or reports
  • interchanges – letters/messages, notes, surveys, records of gatherings or site visits, photographs, increasingly itemized undertaking/movement review, and so forth.

Work Records

You'll utilize Work Records to catch data about the tasks and additionally exercises you've done in your designing work. These records are utilized in fitness evaluations to exhibit the handy utilization of your engineering information and abilities. Your Work Records ought to incorporate insights regarding explicit undertakings or exercises you have embraced and your own job or duties inside the task or movement. Documents ought to be connected as test proof to help your Work Record.

Your Work Record ought to incorporate the accompanying:

Task or movement title: name your record

Task/movement portrayal: a "major picture" diagram, including:

  • who the work was for
  • degree and reason
  • anticipated results
  • different partners with personal stakes
  • explicit prerequisites, (for example, administrative requirements)
  • whatever other data that will enable the assessors to comprehend the idea of this work.

Job title

Job portrayal: insights concerning your job and commitment to the work, for example,

  • your very own inclusion in the work
  • your very own obligations
  • the assignments you explicitly performed
  • the commitment you made or bits of work you were included with if this was a piece of a bigger undertaking or action.

Begin date and end date

Association: the association you were working for at the time

Work records: append reports that give proof of your own association. These will change contingent upon the work you do however may include:

  • structures, schematics and illustrations
  • estimations
  • offering archives, venture designs or reports
  • correspondences – letters/messages, notes, surveys, records of gatherings or site visits, photographs, progressively nitty gritty venture/action review, and so forth.


You'll additionally need to include your capability subtleties into the Professional Profile area before beginning your application for evaluation. You have to give subtleties of your engineering capability that is perceived under the Washington, Sydney or Dublin Accord (not really your most elevated designing capability). After you've included the capability, the appraisal apparatus will affirm if your capability is perceived under an Accord. On the off chance that it's not perceived, connect with the Competence Assessment Team who will affirm in the event that you have to take a Knowledge Assessment before beginning an Assessment for Initial Registration.

Learning Records

Continuous expert advancement is a key piece of IPENZ proficient acknowledgment. You should make Learning Records sketching out the exercises you have finished to build up your insight and addition new aptitudes, and the learning results you picked up thus. Your Learning Records should concentrate on laying out the exercises you have attempted to propel your expert improvement. Intend to give a scope of learning exercises to demonstrate the expansiveness and profundity of your expert advancement.

Learning records ought to incorporate the accompanying:

Title: name your record

Type: choose from the rundown of action types including private perusing/look into, short-courses/workshops, formal instruction and hands on preparing, specialized gatherings, and so forth.

Timetable year: the year you finished the movement

Undertaking/movement portrayal: compose a short explanation about the learning action and the new information you obtained.

Learning results: portray how you connected this new information or how it changed the manner in which you direct your engineering work.


to what extent did you spend on this learning action?

Association: who ran the learning action?

Learning records (discretionary): join reports that give proof of your learning action, for example,

  • slides from an introduction or pages from an exercise manual (with notes)
  • separates from a specialized paper you read as a feature of research for a task.

When all is said in done, one passage is sufficient to give a concise diagram of your learning and catch your learning results.

Information evaluation or KA02 report is important to be set up by those designers who need to apply for New Zealand movement, and their capability isn't perceived with worldwide capability principles of Sydney, Dublin, and Washington Accord. IPENZ or Engineers New Zealand is the administrative assortment of New Zealand that evaluate your aptitudes and designing capability against the universally benchmarked instructive, ability, and moral measures.

Association structure

IPENZ is administered by a chose board, led by the president and including 11 different individuals. This board sets methodology and utilizes the CEO, who deals with the use of the financial backing to give administrations to individuals and to support exercises characterized by its technique. The national office is situated in Wellington, and there are territorial branches to which individuals have a place. Individuals can likewise be a piece of a specialized gathering or particular vested party that centres around a specialty zone of engineering.

Learning Assessment KA02 Report

IPENZ represents The Institute for Professional Engineers New Zealand and is an extremely pivotal enrolment association for the improvement of New Zealand in light of the fact that they are a gathering of individuals who comprise of every single exchange of Engineering and are the primary explanation behind the fundamental advancement of New Zealand. They offer participation dependent on rivalry and register for the sole reason to demonstrate that you are moral towards your work. This is finished by surveying the profundity in the field of designing and abilities that the particular individual has when contrasted with standard trademarked training guidelines. There are three sorts of participations given by IPENZ that are:

  • Professional Member (MIPENZ)
  • Technical Member (TIPENZ)
  • Associate Member (AIPENZ)

Advantages of taking an enrolment

Alongside the way that the engineering profession of the individual would fly high, there are some different advantages of taking the participation and they are as per the following:

  • One gets the opportunity to perceive the concealed potential they have.
  • Many openings come in the manner in which that was before obstructed due to either guidelines or organization arrangements.
  • It improves the general identity of the individual bringing about better outcomes at work.
  • The qualified individual will get a worldwide accreditation for the equivalent.

Presently discussing KA02, it represents Knowledge evaluation and the code is 02, this is the application that is utilized by individuals who need to move to New Zealand and need to get partnered by IPENZ with the goal that they can begin a superior vocation in New Zealand since there is an alternate sort of working and learning gauges in and around the world. Composing a KA02 report is an extremely unpredictable undertaking which requires total ability in the particular field of designing, Language aptitudes and greatness in composed abilities too. As it were, we can contrast KA02 and the Competency Demonstration report of Australia.

Sections of the Assessment procedure:

  • Preparation
  • Validation
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendation
  • Decision

Recharging of the enrolment

To keep up the enlistment one needs to get evaluated once in a time of six years, it ought to be noticed that the enrolments made based on skill should be surveyed just once and not over and over. This is to ensure that the expert, an architect, for this situation, has held up to the information of the field and developed with the developing explicit field. There is a one-time charge for the enlistment the reestablishment is done yearly.

Tips for Writing Perfect KA02 Report

  • While composition the application, make a point to utilize just the principal individual, that is 'I' or 'me'. This will make the individual perusing as though it is composed with individual encounters.
  • One should make records of the work done in the past associations since this will enable you to compose an application with better work to appear and reviewing the work done will be a lot simpler when contrasted with intuition specifically while composing.
  • The most ideal approach to get chose is to compose the application in understanding to the evaluation criteria to get a thought regarding what should be done and how the application is to be composed for having the greatest odds of determination.
  • Nothing preferred could be prompted over conversing with the individual who has cleared the comparable procedure and requesting that they share their experience and take a portion of the basic hints from them for the application composing.
  • The last choice for individuals is to call the association itself and orchestrate a consultant who at each progression would enable the candidate, to be it information accumulation or the report composing.

For what reason is KA02 Report so important?

Numerous nations like India regularly don't offer tertiary capabilities (Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, Graduate Diploma, or Doctoral projects) that are agreeable with the ICT necessities of the IPENZ. Subsequently, engineers from these nations can utilize the KA02 answer to feature every one of the aptitudes they have gained throughout the years, how they aced them, and how they connected what they realized in an expert situation.

The candidates with long stretches of involvement in ICT-related fields get an opportunity to exhibit that they have the certifications that are proportionate to those of the specialists who did their degree or recognition programs from New Zealand colleges in the KA02 Report New Zealand experts request (in the configuration endorsed on the IPENZ site). offers elite KA02 report composing services on the web. We help you in setting up the ideal KA02 report for all Engineering disciplines, including Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and many more. Every one of our scholars are exceedingly qualified Engineers with broad industry involvement in their fields and faultless language aptitudes. They are very much aware of the IPENZ models and desires and compose reports that are consummately in a state of harmony with IPENZ rules – improving your odds of getting your visa affirmed significantly.


For New Zealand aptitude evaluation of IPENZ, the competitors can present any of the reports referenced beneath.

  • If the competitors are moved on from a college of the nations that are licensed to Washington Accord, at that point they ought to present the KA01 answer to IPENZ for aptitudes appraisal. It can likewise be from a college that pursues the rules of New Zealand colleges
  • If the hopefuls have moved on from a college that isn't subsidiary with Washington Accord or some other New Zealand college, at that point they need to submit KA02 answer to IPENZ for abilities evaluation

What makes one of a kind?


At present, I am the just a single in the market who managed the most quantities of KA02 customers from various designing fields everywhere throughout the world. For example 50+ cases since 2012.

Nature of Service

I don't share poll as others do. I generally exhort my customers that they are the special case who can give point by point data with respect to their activities in KA02 application. Noting somebody and requesting that they compose your tasks according to Engineering New Zealand (some time ago IPENZ) principles is unimaginable on the grounds that the individual who is composing the activities doesn't know about the earth, details and so on which you(clients) have looked amid the undertakings.

In reality, KA02 application isn't tied in with filling the structure, it's tied in with comprehension of the application which I control my customers through intelligent sessions and inputs.

Giving survey and requesting to answer it without letting the client(s) realize that what is required in explicit components and scenes isn't my strategy.

Affordable Charges

Quality administration at most reduced cost! This is the thing that everybody needs. As of now, is putting forth the most minimal KA02 consultancy charge than others.


All KA02 specialist organizations are hesitant to share their area from where they are working however, I have effectively shared my contact data at Contact page of the site. Likewise, Once the customer gets enrolled, I will share my own contact number so at whatever point he/she needs to make inquiries/issues with respect to their case, they can get in touch with me right away.

As I am giving administrations from Pakistan, numerous individuals are hesitant to take my administrations for example dependability issue. Notwithstanding, I can utilize counterfeit area and trick my customers to produce business however I never deceive my customers.

In the event that the specialist does not have a Washington Accord-perceived capability or comparable, at that point this learning evaluation is important to be taken. IPENZ or Engineers New Zealand will assess your engineering information dependent on the competency components of KA02 Form. Designers are required to show their insight with proof from work understanding, scholarly investigation, and further learning.

Learning Assessment Form has three principle segments that expected to fill Section 2 – Knowledge Profile, Section 3-Evidence of Application Knowledge, and Section 4-Supplementary Evidence. A group of the CDR report is all here for your assistance and a careful direction in aggregating the applicable subtleties for the KA02 Form or KA02 Report. Our Team has comprised of master authors who are spent significant time in their particular fields and prepared to give their total direction and help in finishing the Knowledge Assessment report.

According to the prerequisite of customers, we presented distinctive KA02 administration at the best reasonable cost. Our Exclusive KA2 Service is all that you need in an astounding bundle. Our KA02 Report Service incorporates;

  • Preparation of complete KA02 for IPENZ
  • Review of customer composed KA02 for IPENZ

Area 2 – Knowledge Profile

In this KA02 Service, our scholars will direct a total audit of the customer composed KA02 Form. They will give their master guidance and recommendations for improving their components subtleties. Supporting examples will likewise be given. A total check of syntactic blunder and full edit work will be our last expectations.

Segment 3-Evidence of Application of Knowledge

We will survey the customer composed work scenes in detail, give a total audit that will incorporate expulsion of all syntactic and editing blunders, master audits on the gave data, master direction on further improving the subtleties and test subtleties will be given

Segment 4-Supplementary Evidence

In the last advance, we will survey the segment 4 and check for pertinent data filled by the customer. Master exhortation will be given on what to include this area, and the last check will be finished by the master journalists

Work Record:

The work record that the candidate shows ought to have the accompanying

Venture or action title: name your record Project/action portrayal: a "major picture" diagram, including who the work was for and ought to likewise incorporate the extent of the work there ought to be a little article about the normal outcomes, the section of the particular necessities ought to be there. Incorporate any valuable data that will depict the idea of the work bitterly would help writing in a fruitful application.

Here are a couple of reasons about why proficient report of KA02 composing from us, at Need CDR Report is the best –

  • We are best in furnishing our students with the most exact KA02 report that includes your gifts in the most positive light
  • Our journalists are skilful recorded as a hard copy reports in the littlest time span conceivable and dependably give you them on time
  • Our master essayists are able in creating records in a straightforward way that makes it simple to make quality report
  • All our appointed KA02 composing reports are finished by the degree holders furnishing you with the quality report
  • We have long stretched of understanding behind us which gives us the certainty to furnish you with the best reports of KA02 composing that are completely relatable to your very own involvement.
  • We are capable in giving you the most one of a kind pieces in the time span given by you to us.
  • We never at any point make a deferral in presenting the report as our essayists are that great in executing one

Bring your abilities to New Zealand and appreciate one of a kind expert open door alongside a way of life you just won't discover anyplace else.

Architects required

Migration New Zealand has arrangements of aptitude deficiencies.

In the event that you are offered an occupation which shows up on an expertise deficiency rundown and you have the capabilities and experience to coordinate, getting a work visa will be simpler. This is on the grounds that the Government has distinguished that businesses need to select individuals from abroad to help fulfil need for your aptitudes. Be that as it may, if your activity isn't on a deficiency list, don't be crippled. There are other work and occupant visa choices.

You'll secure bunches of engineering positions on the rundowns. Aptitudes looked for as at mid-2018 include:

  • chemical engineer (otherwise called Process Engineers here)
  • engineers: common, electrical, hardware, ecological, geotechnical, modern, materials, mechanical, generation, and basic specialities
  • draughtspersons: common, electrical and mechanical
  • technicians: common, electrical and electronic.

Moving Engineers-Build your Tomorrow, Today! is giving proficient counselling administrations with respect to Engineering New Zealand (once IPENZ) Knowledge Assessment 02 Applications, IT Professionals New Zealand Evidence Document Applications (New prerequisite from March 2018) and Engineers Australia Competency Demonstration Reports. I am an expert specialist as of now giving Engineering Consultancy to MARA and IAA consultants since 2012 and will help you to introduce yourself all the more precisely.

I trust that the absence of newness to the KA02, Evidence Document and CDR guidelines and procedures ought not avoid capable people to achieve their objectives for a superior life. That is the reason I am prepared to assist you with remarkable KA02, Evidence Document and CDR counselling administrations that will assist you with demonstrating your abilities and enthusiasm in your fields all the more precisely. I realize how baffling it is for those with English as their second language to exhibit their insight and responsibility while their enthusiasm things may lose all sense of direction in interpretation. I will be there for you, and I am resolved to enable you to achieve your objectives.

I have an affair of giving KA02 and CDR consultancy to migration specialists for their customers worldwide with 50+ positive results for KA02 and 60+ positive results for CDR.

Despite the fact that, setting up an expert KA02 is a specialized test, numerous architects choose to set it up without anyone else. Here I give specialized exhortation to the individuals who choose to compose their own KA02. I urge everybody to set aside the opportunity to build up your own KA02. In actuality, I am currently giving numerous KA02 tests that could be utilized as models for designers who are eager to chip away at their own and completely present themselves.

The following is a short rundown of the majors that I am ready to furnish customers with expert counselling administrations.

KA02 for Electrical Engineering, including the (Control, Power, Electronics and Communication)

KA02 for Civil Engineering.

KA02 for Mechanical Engineering.

KA02 for Polymer Engineering.

KA02 for Textile Engineering.

KA02 for Environmental Engineering.

KA02 for Structural Engineering.

ITPNZ for Telecommunication and IT Professionals.

I as of now hold in excess of 50 custom composed Knowledge Assessment 2 tests which covers practically any significant control in the designing field.


Once KA02 is declined by Engineering New Zealand, they won't support it once more. There are numerous people who get in touch with me after dismissal of KA02 evaluation and I generally encourage them not to squander cash in re-accommodation. Mercifully don't get in touch with me in the event that you are one of them, I won't react such questions.

I feel frustrated about individuals who doesn't assess advantages and disadvantages before applying for KA02 appraisal and lose a huge number of dollars (NZQA, EOI, Residence and KA02 charges) and their fantasies of moving to New Zealand just to spare KA02 consultancy expense. If it's not too much trouble settle on your decision astutely! It is no utilization crying over part milk.

About us is giving proficient counselling administrations in regards to Engineering New Zealand Knowledge Assessment 02 Applications and Engineers Australia Competency Demonstration Reports. I am an expert designer as of now giving Engineering Consultancy to MARA and IAA guides since 2012 and will help you to introduce yourself all the more precisely.

In what manner can Write CDR help you in your New Zealand movement process?

Our group of exceedingly qualified architects with broad involvement in various spaces is completely equipped for removing the correct sort of data for you, recognizing chances to exhibit your engineering abilities and learning, and fitting a KA02 report that is consummately in a state of harmony with your specific CV or resume.

With their industry experience, it is less demanding for them to offer you thoughts and proposals on what Study Episodes and Work Episodes you may incorporate into your Knowledge Assessment report.

Our designers have been putting forth report composing administrations to New Zealand transients for quite a while – and see well what the IPENZ assessors search for in a specific report. They can join different components (of your particular area) in the work scenes they create for you precisely where they ought to be.

When an architect readies the KA02 report for you, it gets checked by another designer from the equivalent or firmly related area to guarantee that the innovations and different claims to fame referenced in your work scenes are consistent with the ANZSCO occupation under which you are applying.

We have a different group of capable editors and editors who check the reports for syntactic and spelling mistakes, ensure that the stream of language is smooth and intriguing to peruse, and that all the IPENZ rules are pursued accurately.

We additionally utilize propelled instruments and programming to ensure that your report is totally unique and 100% copyright infringement free. Guarantees

We guarantee:

  • Delivery before the Agreed Deadline
  • Premium Quality
  • No Plagiarism
  • Unique KA02 Report (custom fitted as per the contributions from you)
  • Cheapest Price
  • 24 X 7 Open Door Policy (Call, Live Chat and WhatsApp)
  • Unlimited Revisions

What's more,

Ensured Results!


Framework ventures for structural architects

Government interest in foundation is making extraordinary openings for work for individuals working in different parts of the designing business. Among other spending, the administration has focused on a long-haul National Infrastructure Plan covering transport, broadcast communications, vitality and water.

Throughout the following ten years, around $110 billion is conjecture to be spent on framework under this Plan including a $13.9 billion land transport program somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2018.

In the course of recent years, the legislature has:

  • Added over $46 billion of property, plant and hardware to its asset report.
  • Spent $1.8 billion on neighbourhood foundation.
  • Spent $2.2 billion on government resources for the Christchurch modify.
  • Spent over $1.7 billion of a take-off of ultra-quick broadband.
  • Spent $400 million for a provincial broadband activity.

Different drivers incorporate new government strategy concentrating on ecological manageability, and nearby government enactment underlining higher guidelines in natural practice and general wellbeing in designing.


Common and Structural specialists

There is a genuine need in Christchurch for Structural and Civil architects to help with the revamp. Auxiliary architects are required to check the security of existing structures, while structural designers of all specializations will be expected to help with different parts of the remaking.

Concoction and Process engineers

In spite of the fact that the quantity of concoction engineers has stayed unfaltering since 2008, bosses think that its elusive talented specialists, since interest for substance engineers is solid around the world.

Individuals who have some expertise in oil engineering are especially sought after, as critical further development in the oil investigation, mining and preparing industry (particularly in Taranaki, on the North Island's west coast) is normal, both inside the business and all through its production network.

Electrical designers

As indicated by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment assesses, the quantity of electrical designers climbed consistently somewhere in the range of 2006 and 2010 – from 2,345 to 3,023. Be that as it may, there are still too couple of electrical specialists to fill all opportunities.

Two variables are driving interest for electrical architects. One is expanded Government spending on power framework. In the 2011 Budget, the Government affirmed it would burn through $3.8 billion on overhauling the national framework until 2015.

Another is the open interest for increasingly manageable power sources. Power request is relied upon to develop by somewhere in the range of 1% and 2% every year in the following 20 years, and power organizations are investigating alternatives, for example, wind control, sun-based power and wave capacity to help meet this.

Proficient enrolment

Most designers in New Zealand don't should be enrolled by law, however doing as such may incredibly enable you to find a new line of work. At times you may need to work in NZ so as to meet the necessities. If so, and you have an appropriate activity offer, you can apply for a work visa.


New Zealand is a standout amongst the most wonderful nations on the planet. It's not only an incredible spot to live, it's an extraordinary work environment. There are such a significant number of motivations to fill in as a specialist in New Zealand.

Work-life balance

New Zealanders put stock in buckling down, and playing hard. Life is for living, so while we strive to excel, we additionally set aside a few minutes for family and companions.

Sheltered and sound

New Zealand is one of the most secure nations to live in. In contrast to numerous different countries, we don't need to stress over access to medicinal services or government debasement.

Neighbourly as

Kiaora! New Zealanders are known as neighbourly, inviting individuals. Settling in to your new network is simple in our multi-social country that commends decent variety.

Basically, the best

New Zealand has been named one of the best nations on the planet. Our capital city, Wellington, is viewed as the best city to live in from a report by Deutsche Bank in Germany.

We need engineers

Designers are on our ability deficiency list for migration into New Zealand. So on the off chance that you have the correct aptitudes, apply for a visa.

The migration procedure

In case you're contemplating moving to New Zealand, the Immigration New Zealand site is the best spot to begin. There you'll discover data about:

  • types of visas and how to apply
  • skill deficiencies and occupations sought after
  • moving to and settling in New Zealand.

Visit Immigration New Zealand

We can't assist you with immigration

Apply for enrolment

Enrolment as an architect in New Zealand is distinctive contrasted with some different nations. You don't need to be enlisted to work here as a designer, however some employment types will require it. To wind up enrolled as a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) you need your skill evaluated against a globally perceived standard. For this you have to demonstrate proof of New Zealand explicit learning.

The Need for Professional Assistance

Since numerous architects who apply for a Skilled Migration Visa previously join a ton of expert ability in the required ICT area, they have faith in setting up the reports autonomously. Be that as it may, a great rate from among them, end up confronting dismissal. The explanation behind the equivalent being an absence of essential comprehension on the methods and rules of KA02 report composing, constrained comprehension on the official language, a not exactly significant structure to the report, or invalid references.

Be that as it may, a KA02 Report Sample Australia would diminish them of every one of these difficulties by displaying what precisely is required to accomplish the report endorsement. With over 99% of the reports that we have worked upon for our customers officially affirmed by the Engineers New Zealand, we can doubtlessly get it going for you too.

KA02 Report Writing

For engineers to obtain skilled migration for New Zealand they require an application or professional report known as the Knowledge Assessment 02 which can be also called as KA02. The engineers in New Zealand are a part of the non-profit organisation which is the IPENZ also known as Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand, which requires the application of KA02. This organisation consists of people who are involved in engineering or are an engineer. The members of IPENZ have to follow the rules and formal codes of the organisation which also leads to personal growth of the people involved in the organisation.

Before migration, the individual applying to New Zealand’s migration should have the necessary skills as according to the IPENZ. Thus IPENZ evaluates the applications of the members who have insufficient ICT or non ICT. The IPENZ for the New Zealand skilled migration requires the applicants of professionals of ICT across the globe to display their work experience and qualifications in the department of ICT. Hence they are required to submit the KA02 report to the IPENZ.

The KA02 report helps the unqualified applicants to display their skills in the field of ICT. The applicants have to demonstrate to the IPENZ on how they gathered their ICT skills and how their skills are identical to those needed by the IPENZ. The applicants should introduce the primary areas which consist of the acquired information for the skilled migration of New Zealand. The applicants who have a lot of experience in the field of ICT but their qualification in ICT which is not equal to the diploma or degree from the universities of New Zealand require this KA02 report. With the help of KA02 process of assessment, the candidates can administer for their assessment of their ICT skills.

The applicants can demonstrate their ICT skills for skilled migration with the help of MyCdrHelp which is a promising KA02 report service provider. This company provides the knowledge assessment report to the engineering aspirants of all fields whether it be electronics, computer, mechanical or technical. The members of the company produce report which is as per the directions given by the IPENZ as they are fully aware of the requirements of the IPENZ. This company has established its name in New Zealand for providing KA02 reports with an approval percentage of 99%. The company can help the applicants to receive a positive evaluation of their talents in their first try from the IPENZ.

The engineers who have done their graduation from non authorised countries and are migrating to New Zealand require this KA02 report. Their talents based on their experience and qualifications in the department of ICT are assessed by IPENZ. Many applicants do not get qualified for their migration because they write the KA02 report on their own. The applicants fail to prepare the report in an significant manner even after having technical experience of many years because they do not have information about the guidelines and requirements of the knowledge assessment report.

The evaluation and assessment has been more critical lately because of the increasing number of applicants for the New Zealand skilled migration. The preparation of KA02 report is a mechanical challenge and hence it should be prepared in an organised manner.

Why should one choose MyCdrHelp.Com?

MyCDRHelp is a global service provider of the knowledge assessments (KA02) reports which provides reports to all the applicants who are interested in New Zealand’s migration. They consist of a group of people who are skilled to write these technical reports systematically. These writers are experienced in the engineering filed and have a good hold on English which helps them to prepare successful assessment reports.

  1. Their group of writers are particular to each area of expertise and understand the requirements of IPENZ well.
  2. Their team of writers finish the reports before time so that the applicants can check the reports before submitting to IPENZ.
  3. After the writers complete all the steps the report, they use special plagiarism detection software’s to provide reports which are fully plagiarism free.
  4. They completely understand the requirements and processes of KA02 reports.
  5. They include all the departments of engineering whether it is computer, chemical, electronics, etc.
  6. They provide excellent knowledge assessment services to all the people who are interested in New Zealand’s skilled migration.
  7. They are 24/7 available on messaging, call and email for the comfort of applicants.
  8. They are giving on time help to all the applicants of New Zealand’s skilled migration.
  9. They can be held reliable for the best KA02 report writing service provider with an approval rate of 99%.

They are complete with expertise and technology to provide the applicants with the knowledge assessment reports for the assessment in IPENZ. This organisation is independent and consists of a professional group of people which guides the candidates for their assessment of their ICT skills for New Zealand skill migration. They give the best services to every applicant at very reasonable prices.




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