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Common questions for NT Government Visa Nominations

Some of the common issues and questions come into being for Northern Territory (NT) Government visa nomination. These are given below:

1. What are the processing times taken for NT Government visa nomination applications?

Below are the time limits of general skilled migrants:

  • Time taken for offshore applicants is approximately 6
  • NT student/ NT resident applications can take a time of 1 month

2. How can I know about the status of my application?

Status of applications can be viewed online. Again, it is requested not to send any kind of enquiry emails as we would not be able to attain any queries like that. MigrationNT would be contacting you or a responsible authorized representative via message portal designated for online applications. For further information regarding any updates or decisions made, an email notification would be sent to responsible members.

3. Who are eligible to apply for NT Government nominations?

It is to inform you that NT Government is not supposed to send any form of invitation directly from your Eol, instead you have to send as well as submit an application to MigrationNT for the purpose of NT Government visa nomination.

4. Can MigrationMT advice on the likelihood of achieving success with the application?

No, MigrationMT would not be responsible for providing such advice or anything similar.

5. If the Visa application is rejected by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), is there any chance of asking MigrationMT for help?

No, approval of Visa is solemnly up to Department of Home Affairs, MigrationMT shall not intervene in such matters.

Is there a need of lodging an Expression of Interest (EoI) for getting a sponsored nomination from the NT Government?

Yes, you have to and for that you need to go to Skill Select service provided by Australian Government.

6. What is the probable cost of application?

A fee of AU$300 (plus Added GST) is charged from this 9th December for the subclasses 190 and 491.

7. For how long is the nomination valid?

If your concerned application is approved by the DHA, an invitation will be sent. An application for the Visa should be sent within 60 days tenure. Make sure to apply within this time frame as applications would be valid after that.

8. Is there a way to submit more than one application at a time?

No, multiple applications are not acceptable, only one application shall be sent.

9. From where can I view the list of eligible skilled occupations applicable for general skilled migration by DHA?

The list available this site- Department of Home Affairs website

10. From where can I view the NT occupation list?

Visit this site- NT Migration Occupation List.

11. My occupation is listed on the DHA site for general skilled migration but not on the NT migration list. Would I be nominated for the Visa?

You would have to provide strong evidence for your occupation and prove that that the occupation is in shortage in the NT if your occupation is not listed on both sites. For this you can show advertisements of the job role you are asking for to the authorities. In that case, you have to make copies of advertisements and not just provide the links. You also need to show the feedback you gained from the NT employers that you have contacted. Moreover, you also have to show that your skills match significantly with the requirements of the job. If you are already residing in the NT, you should show your experience of the required profession of not less than 6 months.

12. My occupation is not present on the DHA site. Would I be able to pass NT nomination?

No, it is quintessentially important for the profession to be listed in the DHA site for general skilled migration.

13. What should I provide for showing the offer of employment?

Firstly, you have to check for the NT Migration Occupation List, the occupation must be of minimum 6 months part time or full time occupation of those which are listed on the site or closely related ones. Any form of casual employment would not be accepted. You will have to show contractual agreements, letter of appointment from the employer, employer’s address, phone number, Australian Business Number (ABN). These would be verified with the advertisements given.

14. If I want an employer to sponsor me, can you help?

No, we do not provide any such recruitment services. However, we can assist in the job roles available in NT. Visit- looking for jobs in the Northern Territory

15. What is a skills assessment and where to get assistance for that?

It is nothing but the assessment of individual skills to test whether you have the skills or experience required for the occupation or not. Skill assessment can be of several types, you can choose the desired one from Department of Home Affairs website

You can apply for general skilled migration nomination for migration purpose.

16. You can apply for general skilled migration nomination for migration purpose.

Yes, you have to include the English translation of the documents you are providing in other languages. Apart from that, you have to include a clear colored scanned copy of the original document too.

17. I have completed my graduation from another state but the occupation of my interest is listed in NT occupation list. Would I be eligible for NT nomination?

Yes, however certain conditions are there. You have to show evidence that you have stayed and worked for at least 6 months there. You also have to show that your occupation is a closely related one or the same. For further information, refer to important information if you already live in Australia

18. What If I have completed graduation from the NT but have not studied here for 2 years? Am I eligible for the NT nomination?

Yes, but the application will be approved only if it is strong and exceptional cases under certain situations. However, you will be approved for only Subclass 491 visa.

19. What are the minimum requirements for English language?

Minimum requirement for English should be competent or else specified by concerned authorities like MigrationNT or licensing bodies. Competent here means ELTS 6.0 in each band level.

20. Would I be eligible for NT nomination if I I have completed 2 years full time study but not the course I am enrolled in?

No, in such case you cannot apply unless and until you provide the letter of completion from the Education provider. It is hereby informed that MigrationNT will accept the English tests listed in the DHA. Some of these tests include, TOEFL iBT, PTE, IELTS, OET, Academic and Cambridge advanced English tests (CAE). For further reference regarding test approved and accepted scores, please refer to Department of Home Affairs website

21. What is the significant area of difference between subclass subclass 190 permanent visa and 491 provisional Visa?

The people, who demonstrate a tendency to reside on a long term basis, would be provided with subclass 190 permanent visa. One of these criteria can be an international graduate who have been in the NT for study for at least 2 years.

22. What kind of evidence serves as potential evidence for showing personal assets and financial capacity?

You need to provide verifiable documented evidence to show that you have access to the required assets or amount. Assets can be of various types including cash, jewelries, commercial properties, residential properties, vehicles and so on. You also need to provide the valuation evidence which can show the amounts like purchase receipts and others. Also, there would be a need of showing the summary sheet with all the values converted to Australian dollars. Other things like medical insurance policies, fixed deposits, provident funds, savings scheme of the government and other investments can be used to show the assets but for that maturity date portrayal would be a mandate. If the tenure of maturity date is long enough, then there would be a need of withdrawing early.

If there is a case of family being engaged in the funding process, then the family members would have to show evidence of liquid assets like bank withdraw able balance and others. Not the ones like property or any form of similar dealings. Moreover, the applicant has to show the relationship with the parent with evidence. Family members should declare the certain amount that they are willing to cover and must have those in liquid assets form.

The NT will also need you to demonstrate and testify your financial capacity to show that you will be capable enough to support yourself and family members if you settle in the NT.

23. Is is possible to lodge another application for nomination if previous application is rejected?

Yes, however, it is hereby informed that even the new application is likely to get rejected if the information there is same. There is a chance of acceptance only if the information like a new job offer or a new English test result is obtained. These are just examples; there are more areas where change in information may lead to acceptance.

24. There is a plethora of ways to provide such evidence?

  • Letter of employment
  • Copies of job advertisements with written explanation how job criteria meets the skills
  • A statement showing how an individual’s skills as well as experience meet the criteria of the job. For example, an Aircraft mechanic would obviously need to have experience of working on planes that NT have. It is very obvious that people without relevant experience would not be able to show that they are employable

25. Is there a need to qualify and claim points for study?

For any queries regarding study requirements please refer to this site- Department of Home Affairs website

26. Once the Visa is granted, is there any chance to work outside NT and transfer my nomination to another state?

No, you have to work at NT for at least 3 years as the Government does not provide release letters under that limit.

27. If my nomination is accepted by MigrationNT and DHA, what would be my obligations?

There is a need to sign a declaration that you will stay and work in the NT for at least 3 years. This is a serious commitment and as mentioned above no relaxation would be given here under any circumstances, so please be careful with that. Go through the basic obligations again.

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