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Mechanical engineer CDR Sample

Mechanical Engineer CDR Report Help and EA Approved Samples (ANZSCO Code: 233512)

The economy of Australia is progressing at a very high speed with astounding financial blast in Industrial, Mechanical, and Production building areas. Modern, Mechanical, and Production Engineers with relevant qualifications are in more noteworthy interest in Australia. The Government of Australia has opened immigration visa for Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers to lessen the genuine deficiencies of Industrial, Mechanical, and Production engineers, and to conquer the deferral in ventures. Modern, Mechanical, and Production Engineers are in incredible interest in Australia.

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Mechanical Engineer Classifications- ANZSCO Code- 233512

Australia is one of the most developed countries and is widely preferred among engineering professionals for the enormous diversity, growth, infrastructure, elegance, and lifestyle it offers. Recently it has also been voted as the happiest nation in the world, which gives professionals another reason to migrate to this socially and economically developed country. There is no better country than Australia to build a career for Mechanical engineers credits for which goes to the growing economy and infrastructure. So if you desire to work as an engineer in Australia, you need to go through a migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia. You will also require submitting a top-notch quality CDR report for Mechanical Engineer (233512).

One thing that you must know being a migrant aspirant is that each year, the number of applications for Australian Immigration is also increasing. The competition is tough and you need to level up your game and provide EA with a well-written CDR Report that proves your competency in the mechanical engineering field. So if you want to live your dreams of working in Australia, you need to apply for Australia Engineering Skill Assessment. The process is quite rigorous so you need to be sure that you follow the guidelines carefully and do not miss an important detail. Australia had an effective occupation scheme to operate and Engineers Australia accepted it. Here is the list of mechanical occupations.

Occupational Categories considered by EA in Engineering

These are the three occupational categories recognized by Engineers Australia for the engineering practice in Australia -

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Technologist
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If you are applying for migration, Engineering Manager is another category recognized by Engineers Australia.

All applicants applying for the skill assessment by Engineers Australia are required to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language and to prove their English language competency; applicants are required to take one of the following tests:


Engineers Australia accepts both the General and Academic versions of the test.


Engineers Australia accepts the TOEFL iBT® English language test.


From the 1st November 2017, Engineers Australia has also started accepting the Pearson PTE ACADEMIC™ test.

The following table indicates the minimum scores for each module:

Listening 6 12 50
Reading 6 13 50
Writing 6 21 50
Speaking 6 18 50

IELTS, TOEFL iBT® and PTE ACADEMIC™ results must not be more than 2 years old at the time your application is submitted.

The following applicants may be exempt from the requirement to provide an English language test:

  • Applicants who have completed an Australian undergraduate engineering qualification or a 2 year Masters degree (92 weeks full time) or PhD program at an Australian university. Documentary evidence of successful completion of the Australian qualification is required for exemption on this basis;
  • Applicants who are native English speakers. A native English speaker is a person who lived and was educated (primary, secondary and tertiary education) in the country where the official language is English: Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Please note - Exemptions are determined on a case by case basis and Engineers Australia reserves the right to request an English language test result at any stage of the assessment.

To avoid any hassle, Australia has set up a proper segmentation, and applicants are required to check the guidelines and rules by Engineers Australia carefully to write the proper CDR report for engineering skill assessment.

Tips from Experts on writing the Best CDR Report for Mechanical Engineers

A CDR report is termed to be a vessel by virtue of which the engineers can get hold of their VISA regarding skilled migrations within Australia. Through such, the engineers can provide a proof regarding their competencies. EA that is Engineers Australia, being the authority for undertaking assessment regarding applications for skilled immigration, provides help on the preparation of CDR report.

There is no denial in the fact that a precisely written CDR report can help you live your dream of working in Australia. But it is not as easy as it seems to prove your competency to Engineers Australia. They scrutinize your CDR report at multiple levels and ensure it meets the standard and requirement set by Engineers Australia. To help you get through the assessment with ease, we provide the best CDR report writing services and also assist with reviewing and editing the CDR report.

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To get a better understanding of our work and services, you can also refer to our blog section, where we guide you to write a competency demonstration report for mechanical engineers. You will get hands-on many experts’ tips and advice on writing the best CDR reports.

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How to Draft the Best Career Episodes for your CDR report?

Engineers Australia requires you to write three career episodes in your CDR report for mechanical engineers. Since EA will analyze it to understand your competency and skills, you must write them with utmost precision and make sure you pick the best three career episodes from your career which can highlight your skills, leadership qualities, and expertise in the field. You can also refer to our CDR report sample available for a mechanical engineer to understand the format or to eliminate any confusion.

What Documents are required to be submitted along with CDR Report?

  • Latest passport-style photo with dimension (35mm x 45mm)
  • Important Identification Document like a current passport- Page with your name and photo on it)
  • Academic transcript with recognition of prior learning
  • Academic degree certificate (a letter of completion will only be accepted as a substitute before graduation and only for Australian qualifications)
  • Resume or your Curriculum Vitae
  • Official name change documents if applicable (e.g. gazette publication, letter/certificate issued by the registry)
  • Provide English translations of documents listed-above where applicable

Please Note-All the documents listed above must be color scans of the original document. You need to upload the documents individually. (If any document consists of more than one page, do not upload the pages separately).

How to Write the Three Career Episodes?

A career episode proves your competency and demonstrates your work experience and your engineering abilities. Each career episode you pick must be focused on a specific period and highlight your abilities and skills in engineering activity. The episode you pick must demonstrate how you used your skills, expertise, and engineering knowledge in the nominated occupation.

You may pick a career episode based on:

  • an engineering task was undertaken by you during your educational program;
  • a project you are currently working on related to mechanical engineering or have worked on.
  • any particular position that you are currently on or occupied in the past, but it should just comprise a mere duty statement
  • an engineering-related problem you solved

Make sure that you write your career episode in proper English and do not copy and paste content from CDR reports sample available online. It will also prove your communication skills abilities to the assessor.

Just keep the narrative short and remember that EA is not interested in your work history. They just need you to mention your best three career episodes. The narrative must be 1000 to 2500 words.

Each career episode should speak about your engineering skills and abilities and how you applied them for achieving the desired outcomes. Explain what you did, how you achieved the results. Do not use too many technical details. Write in active voice and first-person (for example- I resolved, I handled).

The career episode you pick must highlight any engineering-related problem handled by you and the techniques you used to solve it. It will help assessors to acknowledge your contribution in executing project and task objectives.

  • Technical problems and difficulties identified by you and your approach to resolving it
  • Any strategy or creative design work by you to solve the issue
  • How you coordinated and teamed up with other team members

Number each paragraph you write in your career episode. This helps you refer to the paragraphs while writing the summary statement.
The following system is recommended:

Career episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.)

Career episode 2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.)

Career episode 3 (paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc.)

Please Note: Career episode plays a crucial role in your CDR report. So use it wisely and explain your role and the inputs you gave in resolving the technical issues you faced.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one resource that keeps you up-to-date with all the major developments related to your engineering field once you complete your undergraduate qualification. You must use relevant CPD in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) application. The CPD must be written in the format (Title, date, venue, & duration) and can include details like:

  • formal post-graduate study received by you;
  • if any, the conference where you have delivered papers or attended;
  • Seminars, short courses, group discussions, workshops, technical meetings, and inspections you have attended;
  • Preparation & presentation of material for conferences, symposia, and seminars.
  • Any volunteer work you have done in the engineering profession

How to Prepare the Best Summary Statement?

All the elements required for each occupational category are listed on the pages below. You can find the detailed description in the appendix for the competency element in a particular category.

When you finish writing the career episodes, it is advised that you must proofread them and ensure that you have acknowledged all the competency elements for the occupational category you are nominated for.

Analyze the results and demonstrate them in your summary statement. Remember your summary statement must be relevant to the competency elements you will mention in the paragraphs of your career episodes. So don’t forget to number the paragraphs in the career episode so that you can refer to them with ease while writing your summary statement.

Remember to download and complete the summary statement for your nominated occupational category. You can find the summary statement templates on the official website. These are only for guide purposes. Also, keep in mind that you are required to write only one summary statement for all three career episodes and try not to restrict to just one page.

How to Apply Online?

To apply for Australia Skill Assessment, an online application must be filled by the candidates. For more details, you can check the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) Online Application User’s Guide to make sure you follow all the steps carefully and submit the form correctly. You can also contact us if you need any help with the application.

You are required to have an individual EA ID number to initiate an online application. Remember your EA ID number is your CID number or your membership number. If you do not have any of these numbers, you can register for an EA ID number using the myPortal. If you already have, you can register for the password through myPortal. Before you pay for the application form, double-check the billing address you have filled on myPortal is correct and is your current address.

You just need to log in to EA’s myPortal for availing of the online services. Go to the menu and select Migration Skills Assessment. You will be able to start filling and submitting the application.

Once you will submit the application form, you will receive the confirmation mail in your registered email address along with your EA ID number and application number. After making the fee payment, your application will move to the processing queue. If you will make the payment through credit card, it will process immediately and you will get the receipt through email immediately. If you paying an invoice, you will get the receipt once the payment will be processed.

Please Note- Documents you will submit must be color scans of your original document with a resolution of a minimum of 300 dpi.

Assessment Outcome

If your migration skill assessment goes as planned and you get success, you will soon receive an email with an assessment outcome letter suitable for migration purposes. You can verify the outcome letter by using the application details. In some cases, an assessment outcome letter is also sent by ordinary post, but that’s only in case it could not be issued electronically. Remember that as per EA, there is no expiry date for the assessment letter. But you must consider checking the validity policy of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for this. In case, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requests an updated letter, you can contact Engineers Australia for guidance and instructions.

Salary Package offered to Mechanical Engineers in Australia- ANZSCO Code- 233512

Before you start working on your Immigration process to Australia, you must be aware of the salary offered in your field. The salary of a Mechanical engineer is mostly configured in both weekly and yearly terms. On the weekly term, the salary offered to them is around $1778, while the average salary offered annually is $92,500. The salary stated here is for beginners. With more experience, you will be able to earn a better salary.

You are eligible to apply or for the nomination if you are a mechanical design engineer, project engineer in the related field, a technical engineer for lifts and escalators, senior mechanical engineer, construction engineer. You will get a hike in salary every year as per your position and experience you hold.

Application for Skilled Migration Visa as a Mechanical Engineer

When you have a received a positive response evaluation from Engineers Australia, it concludes that your qualification is assessed and evaluated by the EA and you are eligible to be an engineer in Australia. If you aspire to get a positive appraisal, you need to apply for Skilled Migration (Visa Class; 189 or 190 or 489). Australia welcomes the aspirants and their families after the application is approved. You can directly apply for your visa through the EOI framework on Australian Immigration. Survey, the CDR is helping engineers from all controls and especially Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers to set up their Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). CDR tests are available for Mechanical Engineers are available on the website. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) gives the most benefit in order to achieve an Australian Skilled Migration Visa. For assistance, you can refer to the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

Our CDR experts are proficient and effective in assessing the noteworthy abilities in your profile and featuring them into your CDR report to accomplish the most ideal profession choices


You are required to introduce a record of your designing exercises on every one of three career episodes. A career episode is a recorded segment of your designing training and additionally work experience which catches a specific period or unmistakable part of your building action. It needs to obviously exhibit the use of designing information and abilities in the designated occupation, not the securing of learning.

It might utilize material from:

  • A designing errand attempted as a major aspect of your instructive program;
  • An undertaking you have chipped away at or are as of now taking a shot at;
  • A position that you involved or presently possess (for this situation, the vocation scene must include in excess of a minor obligation explanation);
  • A specific designing issue that you were required to fathom.

Try not to exhibit a lot of specialized material. It is suggested that every story be at least around 1000 words and a limit of around 2000 words.

Each career episode should obviously show the use of designing information and abilities in the building discipline. That is, state "what you did" and portray "how you did it", with accentuation all alone close to home activities, e.g. "I designed...", "I investigated...". Inordinate specialized detail (outlines, photographs, estimations, tables) are not required. Each profession scene ought to stress any designing issues distinguished and a specific critical thinking strategy utilized by you. The reason for this is to survey the idea of the commitment which you may have made to the building venture or assignment - especially if that commitment was of a novel sort or basic to the execution of the errand/venture.If it's not too much trouble note that it isn't adequate to simply depict work in which you were included. Your very own job in the work must be obviously portrayed by you and be recognizable in the appraisal.

Career Episode composition is a critical part of your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) – required by Engineers Australia (EA) to pass judgment on whether your Engineering aptitudes and information coordinate the Australian principles or not

Further subtitles and rules are appended with this including test report.


Continual Professional Development (CPD) Report details present in the migration skilled assessment is mandatory for immigration visa by Engineers Australia.CPD demonstrates that an architect is staying up with the latest with improvements in field of designing. All related CPD must be incorporated into Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) application. This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) must be given in rundown group following vital data;

  • Title of Training
  • Date of Training
  • Duration of the Training
  • Venue of the Training

Rundown Statement: Though a Summary Statement is only one-page long, it is the most troublesome and most vital segment of your CDR report. In that one page, you need to grandstand your building and the board aptitudes by illustration occasions from the Career Episodes (CEs) you have composed prior. The cross-referencing of sections from CEs featuring capabilities you have is simpler said than done.

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Complete CDR Structure

A full CDR( Competency Demonstration Report) will consist of

  • 1 CPD (Continuous Professional Development)
  • 3 CE (Career Episode) based on your projects which can be based on either (Academic / Work Experience/ Training)
  • 1 SS (Summary Statement)

A full CDR will be 35 Pages long and 100% Plagiarism Free Work.Pay only 75% advance and rest 25% after Positive Assessment from EA.

A CDR report is termed to be a vessel by virtue of which the engineers can get hold of their VISA regarding skilled migrations within Australia. Through such, the engineers can provide a proof regarding their competencies. EA that is Engineers Australia, being the authority for undertaking assessment regarding applications for skilled immigration, provides help on the preparation of CDR report.

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Job Responsibilities

Mechanical engineers can chip away at parts and hardware for some, businesses including social insurance, power, transport and water.

Occupation duties differ incredibly as per the size and sort of boss. Be that as it may, obligations normally include:

  • assessing venture necessities
  • ameasuring the execution of mechanical parts, gadgets and motors
  • aagreeing spending plans, timescales and with customers and directors
  • amaintaining and altering hardware to guarantee that it is sheltered, dependable and effective
  • ausing PC helped structure/displaying programming
  • aliaising with providers
  • aundertaking pertinent research
  • aproducing and executing plans and test systems
  • apresenting plans to administrators and customers
  • a Evaluating, altering and re-evaluating items
  • a writing outcomes and important documents
  • aproviding important guidance
  • a Evaluating and deciphering the basic information.

Average Salary of a Mechanical Engineer in Australia

Before you start composing CDR Reports for Engineers Australia and include in the closeness to take choice for Australia Immigration you can investigate the compensation pattern referenced beneath to outfit yourself with a positive enthusiasm for Australia Immigration and get a mainstay of achievement your life as well.

The pay for a Mechanical Engineer in Australia has seen a change slanted towards a positive development of wages. The week after week full-time compensation of a mechanical designer stands around at $1,778 though yearly normal wages of stands at $92,500. The compensation pattern in Australia has made a circle of enthusiasm among the designers to chase for Engineer Jobs in Australia. A picture beneath portrays the compensation pattern in the distinctive areas of Australia.

Mechanical Engineer in Australia and the Immigration process

Being a Mechanical Engineer is a dream for every aspirant going to Australia. The aspirant should have a clear view and interest about his profession before going to Australia and commencing with the Australian Immigration Process. To be an Engineer, you must do research on the various jobs available in Australia. The candidate must refer to the Engineers Australia Skill Assessment booklet. Be that as it may, there are ,many professions which are already set by Engineers Australia and they are-

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate

MyCDRHelp.com ensures the clients that they will be provided with the best quality CDR, that abides by the Australian immigration standards framed by Engineers Australia.

CDR Writing Reports Samples for Mechanical Engineers

The necessity of Mechanical Engineers in Australia has expanded with the innovative headway and offering an exceptional way of life and astounding pay remuneration with numerous different advantages. Presently, designs over the globe are sharp for Australia Immigration and searching for a space to make an incredible profession benefiting Jobs in Australia.

Contribution in the Australian Immigration Process is a prime decision for the architects towards the progression of perfection and driving an unrestrained way of life in Australia with an advanced Engineering Jobs in Australia. Becoming a "Mechanical Engineer" is a prevalent option available to get a good job in Australia.

It is likewise altogether essential for you to cook a perceived building capability on the off chance that you are keen on Australian Immigration.

Here in this snippet of data you can discover fundamental rules for you to understand which is incorporated into the procedure of Australian Immigration for Engineers.

Understanding of the process thoroughly, can get one’s CDR accepted by EA in the first attempt. To put this in a different way, the What’s, How’s and Why’s of the whole process should be properly understood

Average wage of mechanical engineer is around AU$81,068/year.

CDR Report Sample for Mechanical Engineers

A CDR report Sample gives you a advantage with your CDR report writing. However, what needs cognizance is the fact that the CDR sample is only to act as the point of reference and nothing else. At MyCDRHelp.com, the samples that we share to help you understand the process of report writing and what goes inside, are approved reports from the past. Wherein, all of them exist in the EA (Engineers Australia) database and a direct copy and paste partially/completely, will surely result in your rejection due to plagiarism. Adversely impacting your application for the skilled migration visa and a ban to re-apply for the next 12 months.

CDR Report samples are only for reference purposes. Nonetheless, you can find a CDR Sample for any of the Engineering disciplines from us, but we strictly advice against plagiarism i.e. copying and pasting of any material from it in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) which is submit to Engineers Australia (EA) when you apply for skilled migration visa. Plagiarism is strictly disdained by EA. To know more about it, consider to our CDR Plagiarism Checking and Removal services.

MyCDRHelp has a team of and professional writers experienced engineers who can assist the candidates to prepare their CDR on a regular basis and therefore, are in a situation to offer you any number of Free CDR Samples that will get through you the assessment done by EA. You can look at the CDR sample accepted by Engineers Australia a earlier to see how the EA guidelines need to be executed in the report.

Do note that the Free Sample CDR Report can be found in the EA database as it is part of the CDR writing projects that we have done for our clients earlier. The sample of CDR given below is on the basis of the most recent Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet which is published by the EA from time-to-time and lists of competencies which was looked by Engineers Australia. It consists of a Sample Career Episode, a Sample CPD, and a Sample Summary Statement.

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  • Technical jargons are avoided and each error is corrected as well as any inadequacy is taken care of within the required time duration for the CDR to be approved by EA.
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