Telecommunications Network Engineer CDR

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Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) For Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312)

To get a positive outcome in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312), you need to compose the three career episodes depending on the accompanying job responsibilities.


Tasks Include:

  • Planning, structuring, assembling, arranging and appointing media communications gadgets, systems, and frameworks, for example, voice modulation, radio transmission, broadcasting information, satellite monitoring and advanced information frameworks, as well as ensuring broadcast communications frameworks that smoothly interconnect with gear from various producers, engineering companies and other service providers.
  • Compiling engineering project proposals to characterize objectives, recognize extension, foundation, and need, and evaluate the tentative amount of equipment, machinery parts and other devices.
  • Assessing the new products as well as administrations from merchants
  • Ensuring abidance with the laws, rules, strategies and methodologies in the preparation of broadcast communications outlines
  • Picking and developing new communications locales by discovering destinations, recording reports, illustrating up archives for endorsement, conscripting expansion illustrations and concluding to endorsement
  • Determining proper setups of broadcast communications equipment and programming, ensuring wanted implementation of media communications hardware
  • Preparing and deciphering illustrations and directions for the application of broadcast communications hardware
  • Determining action of electrical circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines and hardware
  • To determine and dissect the issues along with the requirement requirements of present telecommunications networks, for example, understandability, and transparency, to evaluate the most proper methods for lessening, killing as well as maintaining a strategic distance from present and future issues and enhance interchanges
  • Monitoring broadcast communications frameworks to evaluate requirement for updates, overhauls, improvements, preventive upkeep and new frameworks
  • Assessing execution dimensions of network gear and programming to determine the upcoming requirements, and growing short-and long-terms plans, getting prepared for high quality hardware, plus abilities, advancing existing networks as well as producing enhanced telecommunications.


263311 Telecommunications Engineer

263312 Telecommunications Engineer

Elective Titles:

Correspondent Consultant

Communications Specialist (ICT)

Telecommunications Consultant

Telecommunications Specialist

Determines, structures, as well as scans difficult media communications organizes and related telecom gear.

Aptitude Level: 1


  3. Engineers Australia Skill Assessment

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Why is the 263312ANZSCO Code needed by the Engineers Australia (EA) for the Telecommunications Network Engineer Category?

The Engineers Australia (EA) has settled independent and one of a kind ANZSCO Codes for different engineering disciplines. Hence, the ANZSCO Code for Telecommunications Network Engineer under EA is 263312.

In this manner, in the event that you are applying for Telecommunications Network Engineer class CDR application, at that point you have to apply under the 263312 ANZSCO Code. This CDR report incorporates the accompanying components:

  • Three Career Episodes, A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and a Summary Statement (SS) alongside a refreshed resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae).
  • The Curriculum Vitae is a resume dependent on any expert format
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD): It clarifies your building learning.

This part is 1000 words in length.

  • Career Episode Report1: It is 1850 words long
  • Career Episode Report2: it is 1700 words in length
  • Career Episode Report3: This part is 2100 words in length
  • The Summary Statement (SS): It is a detailed explanation of all the referenced fitness components. It is 1500 words in length.

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Skill assessment for Telecommunication Network Engineer for Australia

A Telecommunication Network Engineer ANZSCO: 313212 is an individual who designs and implements the structure and actualizes the framework that causes us to make and get calls, get to the web and get the associations or flags on the TV and Radio. They work for telecom organizations like Airtel, Aircel, and Vodafone and so on and furthermore for TV and radio telecom organizations. They need IT aptitudes, and even electronic abilities and they are likewise not quite the same as telecom specialists. Media transmission Network Engineering is a work for tomorrow. These Engineers have made a few changes in our everyday life. For instance, all you have to assume is your praise card. They oversee diverse media transmission systems.

The EA will take skill assessment of Telecommunication Network Engineer care. Your skills will be assessed before your movement. There are no formal degrees required for Telecommunication Network Engineering. In any case, individuals with an instructive capability in a similar field would be bound to get high positions in the zone. To stay attractive, it is compulsory to get a four year college education in designing. The interest for Telecommunication organizes Engineers is expanding step by step, as individuals are anticipating greater enhancement in the advances.

Occupation obligations regarding Telecommunication Network Engineer

  • Major work or obligation of a media transmission engineer is to work with equipment and administrations of telecom.
  • They are in charge of thinking about the functions of media transmission frameworks.
  • To handle media transmission gear and bolster it to any dimension.
  • Should investigate distinctive specialized issues by distinguishing and discovering answers for it.
  • To assemble and plan media transmission frameworks.
  • To have a wide scope of learning in establishment and telecom frameworks and in this manner helping them with it.
  • To visit the destinations consistently to check if any fix is required.
  • Authorization for the nature of the gear ought to be given.
  • Initially become acquainted with about the organization's tenets and standards and work in like manner.
  • They are in charge of distinguishing issues and furthermore answers for it.

Average salary for a Telecommunication Network Engineer

The demand for a Telecommunication Network Engineer is increasing day by day. Australian companies are looking for skilled and qualified engineers. An average salary for a telecommunication Network Engineer is $92575.

Designation for Telecommunication Network Engineer

Engineers who want to work as a Telecommunication Network Engineer should have an excellent understanding of the computer data and systems. These Engineers should install and design the data communication of a company.

CDR Report Sample: Telecommunications Network Engineer

ANZSCO Code: 263312

CDR Report Sample for Telecommunications Network Engineers includes all the necessary reports such as Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, Summary Statement and Curriculum Vitae. The Content of the CDR Report Sample is as follow

  • Curriculum Vitae: Resume based on a professional template.
  • Continuing Professional Development Sample: CPD Sample clearly explains the writer’s Engineering Knowledge- 1000 words.
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 1: “Design and Implementation of a Generic Communication Protocol for use in an IPTV Environment”- 1850 words
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 2: “Telecommunication Services Migration to the Cloud: Network Performance Analysis”- 1700 words
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 3: “WCDMA RUE Verification Method”- 2100 words
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Detail explanation of all the competency element- 1500 words


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CDR Sample for Telecommunications Network Engineers

ANZSCO Code: 263312

The Report Sample for Competency Demonstration in Telecommunication Network Engineer considers few essential reports named as Curriculum Vitae, Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes and lastly a Summary Statement. The sample of a CDR report contains the following contents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae: A proper resume that presents details on educational qualification and professional experiences.
  2. Continuing Professional Development Sample: A clear CPD sample is explaining the knowledge of author in Engineering. 1000 words
  3. Telecommunication Network Engineer Career episode Report Sample 1: “Design and Implementation of a Generic Communication Protocol for use in an IPTV Environment” 1850 words
  4. Telecommunication Network Engineer Career episode Report Sample 2: “Telecommunication service migration to the Cloud: Network performance Analysis” 1700 words
  5. Telecommunication Network Engineer Career episode Report Sample 3: “WCDMA RUE Verification Method” 2100 words
  6. Telecommunication Network Engineer Summary statement Sample: Describing all detailed elements of the competency 1500 words

Telecommunication Network Engineering Career Episode: CE 1

The Title of Project: Design and Implementation of a Generic communication Protocol for use in an IPTV Environment

In initial report of the career episode, the writer explained the project of "Design and Implementation of a Generic communication Protocol for use in an IPTV Environment" in a detailed manner. The author holds few key duties regarding the project of telecommunication network engineer. The first duty is finding a proper alternative solution technique for the platform of Krea TV. This platform receives commands from any android cellphone. The report builds a solution design for application of the STB. The STB directly interacts with the platform of Krea TV in such a way that it can follow all custom commands. It will also categorise the difference between the custom commands and commands from IR remote control. It constructs a specific protocol that can be used for communication between the platform of Krea TV and other external devices. It implements the solutions and the communication protocol that are mentioned above in the Android application and Krea TV platform.

Telecommunication Network Engineering Career Episode: CE 2

The Name of Project: Telecommunication Services Migration to the Cloud: Network Performance Analysis

The author showed his engineering skills in this Master of ICT thesis. The career episode presented secondly explains all the responsibilities in "Telecommunication Services Migration to the Cloud: Network Performance Analysis" project. One of his main responsibilities regarding the project is making an analysis and then evaluating the performance level of computing resources. According to the viewpoint of a network, the expected performance level can be achieved by using the computing resources of Cloud. The telecommunication services can be implemented by performing practical experiments. The project designs a proper network environment functioning in telecommunication. A prototype named MSC-S blades is developed for running on all the standard x86 based computers along with fulfilling the application's needs. It tests the proper operating by deploying an application prototype from the functional viewpoint. In the Ericsson network, a cloud is stimulated for testing the application prototype MSC-S. The test is performed in presence of the impairments that might be suggested by the real environment of Cloud. A survey is conducted for evaluating the number of present Cloud computing providers in the market. The survey in terms of network capabilities and computing capacity shows those service providers only who can meet the needs.

Telecommunication Network Engineering Career Episode: CE 3

The Title of Project: WCDMA RUE Verification Method

The writer demonstrated the technical skills he pursues by involving and completing the project in the last career episode. The author during his university studies named the project as “WCDMA RUE Verification Method”. The duty of author is first to verify the FPGS-CRAUL and validate the flow of data, configurations, timing using the specimen. It develops the required test bench for every processing of CRAUL. It simulates the scenarios possible according to 3GPP specification and measures the behavior of a device. The project creates documentation on detailed design and investigates various CRAUL processing blocks.

CAREER EPISODE 1: Telecom Network Engineer


CAREER EPISODE 2: Telecom Network Engineer


CAREER EPISODE 3: Telecom Network Engineer


Continuing Professional Development: Telecom Network Engineer


Summary Statement of Telecom Network Engineer

CDR Sample 2 for Telecom Network Engineer

CAREER EPISODE 1: Telecom Network Engineer


CAREER EPISODE 2: Telecom Network Engineer


CAREER EPISODE 3: Telecom Network Engineer


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