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  1. CDR Report Sample for Petroleum Engineer 3
  2. Petroleum Engineer Career Report: Sample 1 3
  3. Petroleum Engineer Report: Sample 2 3
  4. Career Episode Report: Sample 3 4

Petroleum Engineer Career Report: Sample 1

Project name: Strength, cost and, density control

This report is based on the completion of engineering in the petroleum department. In the project of cost, strength and density control this section has evaluated responsibilities of the person who has attempted to fulfill all the tasks related in this project. Initially, samples on specific sections have prepared to with some additional mixer. It refers to make a proper outcome of the sample testing that has contributed ineffective benefit of cost control. Next test was about to access thickness and viscosity of mud. It is effective to make a proper outline about the actual strength that can be assessed in testing the mud. In order to take the reading of RPM in opposite to the reading of dial has accessed properly from viscometer. These readings are helpful to make a proper analysis on how the company can handle on cost of petroleum. Next, responsible engineer has made a comparison between levels of slurry density with outcome of reported value. In addition to this, assessing of strength has best developed with Bentonite combined compressed strength samples. In the last part, the project work has made another comparison between expenses of Bentonite and cement.

Petroleum Engineer Report: Sample 2

Name of the project: A proportionate outlook on adsorbed gas potentials in different substances

This project report has organized to access undergraduate study conditions in the department of petroleum engineering. The study has mainly focused to evaluate a comparison in different substances in according to the gas potentials. Reviewing the study, the author has understood the capacity of absorption of different material. In addition to this, a core examination has done on the volumetric method. The study has further approached to understand a clear review on mineral capacity of absorption has assessed through using of Quartz, Clay. Engagement of high-pressure volumetric analyzer has made to assist in methane adsorption isotherm curve. Next, a theory has introduced for construction of methane absorption. Implement of Langmuir theory is a major tool to complete the work successfully. HPVA tools have used to analyze coal and clay samples. The outcome has accessed from a detail explanation of Shale sampling. The process is helpful to achieve an expected result that will be used for the better outcome for an organization. Finally Total Organic Content has applied successfully to measure adopting capability of clay.

Career Episode Report: Sample 3

Title of the project: Instrument and controlling on Process

In this part, the project assigned for an undergraduate programme for a clear demonstration of technical skills in order to complete it successfully. The aim of this project is to assess a proper result about skill development of the responsible person who has maintained a controlling process on instrumentation and control. Primary responsibility is about an appropriate selection of integral and proportional terms for effective changes in system. Materials have used PCT51 along with other components for an effective study on the research. Close experiment has done in order to find out the gaps or loops in the system. It has maintained at the time of working flow and after the end of working flow. The process has made to develop and control a proportionate working flow in the system. The specific faults which are identified in this project are Only and with P+T. identification of loopholes is effective to make a flow in management in addition to a positive result from this system. Finally, the author has prepared a graphical image in order to show and conclude strength of system after relating with other intervention.

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