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Beware - Scam Alert

It is hereby informed that there are many scam companies, which offer CDR/RPL/KA02 report help service. However, unfortunately, people come to us saying that they have made payment to a company and now there's no response from them whether it's about the delivery or quality or other issues. People ask for a concession from us due to these mishaps faced with other companies. Unfortunately, even if we feel bad, we cannot help with that. The prices at MyCDRHelp.com are fixed and it is your responsibility to check and confirm about the credibility of services you opt for before making a payment.

• Make only half payment upfront using the PAYPAL method only because if any scam company tries to scam you, you would be saved by PayPal as you can complain to PayPal and PayPal will get your money back from that company.

• Never trust the companies which publish writers’ snaps/Photos on their website, it’s the first sign of a fake company. As you know taking and providing CDR report help is unethical as per the MSA booklet and no expert in Australia is going to share his photo for doing unethical practices. They use fake photos of people to show them as their team members. You can search the team members’ reality by Google Image Search.

• Check if they have a crystal clear refund policy page. If no refund in case of rejection, don’t trust them else they will experiment with your reports and then won’t refund any amount in case of rejection.

• Make the rest payment only after checking at least 75% of completed work along with Plagiarism reports.

• Read real reviews on Turstpilot.com and do not go ahead with their own website reviews if 90% of reviews are good then you can go ahead with that company.

We at MyCDRHelp.com have developed a comprehensive set of measures that can be taken for avoiding these scams.

Ask for sample Reports

These companies claim that they have years of experience but if you ask them for sample reports done by them, they will try to make excuses in the name of Privacy and company policy. Some of them provide reports available on the internet. You can ask for the date of assessment, which is mentioned in the top left corner of the reports. You can be confirmed from this date that the reports are recent and trustworthy.

Ask for reports by maintaining client anonymity

If the companies refrain from sharing the reports for maintaining privacy of the client, you can ask for reports with name and personal information hidden. If still they choose to refrain from the delivery of samples, please beware of registering with them.

Company policy vs. samples

Many websites promote their KA02/CDR/ACS report writing service with the help of sample reports posted on their websites. Now, if there is a company policy of not sharing samples of their work done with clients, how can they sell the samples on their website? We never sell samples but provide our own drafted report free of cost which we prepare for our own R&D purpose.

Pseudo Samples

Some scammers claim that they only share the samples written by professionals. However, as KA02/CDR/RPL reports are sensitive in nature, confidentiality needs to be maintained and hence they are not the real ones. In fact those companies are lying because probably they do not have even the original reports.

After approval communication

Majority of these scam companies use fake email IDs, where they make use of their own IDs to show that there has been a correspondence between clients who got approval. In this case, you can ask for more email confirmations of different date and times, so that you can be sure about their work format regarding CDR/RPL/KA02 reports.

Cheap pricing

Professional report writing help for CDR/RPL/KA02 reports consume standard rates too. However, as these companies mainly opt for grabbing money, they offer attractive and high discount offers on their report writing help like 50% Discount, 70% Discount etc. This cannot be the case for genuine companies, which provide original reports.

Fake Team and their Snaps

Images of fake team members/Experts are common for these companies. If you make use of Google images search, you can easily search for the images or look up for the pictures. No professional expert will share their photos freely on Google as taking help and providing help for these reports comes under unethical practice from ACS/EA/Engineering New Zealand. Genuine experts do not showcase openly that they work with CDR/RPL/KAO2 clients.


The companies force to read the testimonials of clients. However, testimonials are written by themselves and those are not genuine. Ask for real testimonials, emails and reviews of clients. Ask them to show the testimonials from the mailbox.

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