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  1. Career Episode Report of Telecommunication Engineering: Sample 1 3
  2. Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 2 3
  3. Episode Report of engineering: Sample 3 4

Career Episode Report of Telecommunication Engineering: Sample 1

Name of the project: Controlling of Topology for wireless sensing network system

This report is a demonstration report that enhances clear knowledge about competence level in Telecommunication Engineering. The report has mainly concentrated to develop professional development in telecommunication sector. In this project, the aim was to develop topology control system with wireless sensing network. The author was primarily responsible to access knowledge on wireless sensing network. Methodologies are also included in this system in order to manage the work process more accurately and understand specific ways for this system. Studying the analogy of migratory birds has helped to use wireless network in less harmful way with accessing new prototype. The prototype that has invented by the author is effective to manage and control wireless networking system. Simulation and analyzing the nature, features, and usage of new prototype are effective to manage the way to monitor the newly developed prototype in this system. Final decision has taken on comparison and simulation in combining with the existing prototype.

Engineer Career Episode Report: Sample 2

Name of the project: Composing of Long reach VLC system with an LED

This episode is about performance in an undergraduate project as a telecommunication engineer. The project is to designing a long reach VLC system with an LED that can be used to establish uninterrupted and strong communication channel in marine purposes. The performance has done with specific researches and available communication methods. The first research was done on existing communication methods for marine system and usage of LED for accessing the advantage of long range lighting. Selection of appropriate materials has done to make the design effective and modeled on situation, type of use. Entire designing has done with optimum methodological process and it has properly implied in the system designing method. In this project work, the components have selected on the basis of strength and capacity for using in marine purposes. In addition to this, the types of equipment which have selected for designing the high range VLC system with LED are compatible with marine communication system. Designing a mathematical model refers to collimating lenses that can play a contributory role in the communication system. Finally, the responsible person has managed to develop and use Taguchi's method. The reason behind such accession is to assess a complete section on initial value, which will be highly effective to use in Marine communication system.

Episode Report of engineering: Sample 3

Name of the project: Designing and analysis on Triangular and Rectangular Patch Antenna in combining with various slots

The third career episode report is based on design of triangular and rectangular Patch Antenna for establishing strong telecommunication with different slots. The author in this project had the responsibility to analyze the use of an inventive technology for establishment of strong communication level. Investigation of antenna technology refers to make several parameters in relation with the slots. Designing of rectangular patch has managed to make with implementation of micro strips in the antenna for a range of 2.4GHz. In the next part, the project developed to make simulation for more specific and strong access to telecommunication level. Moreover, the author has analyzed all the details properly in order to bring the patch antenna for telecommunication equipment. Accessions of specific broadband and dual frequency level have designed by the author. Simulation has done on triangular patch antenna and selection of suitable geometry have selected for different slots. Selection was based on the compatibility with the type of slots. These ways are effective to manage the entire process efficiently and access required result at the final time.

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