CDR Report Help and Sample for Engineering Manager

CDR Report Sample: Engineering Manager
ANZSCO Code: 133211

An Engineering Manager is a high level state position that involves building of important strategic policies’ and planning for a particular organization. Engineering Managers are supposed to have a four year certification/degree or higher capability and, at least three years of experience working in this dimension. Experience should be exhibited through letters of reference and organizational charts demonstrating the candidate's position. Engineering Managers plan, sort out, direct, control and arrange the designing and specialized activities of the organizations.

The fundamental capability dimension of any engineering manager is a Bachelor’s or Master’s qualification in the required discipline. Exceptionally highly qualified engineers are for the mostly offered with the post of technical managers or the engineer administrators.

Job Responsibilities of an Engineering Manager

  • Implementing and checking designing procedures, strategies and plans
  • Interpreting designs, illustrations and determinations, and giving exhortation on building strategies and techniques to accomplish development and generation necessities
  • Establishing budgets and spending plans
  • Ensuring similarity with determinations and plans, and with laws, controls and wellbeing gauges
  • Ensuring designing gauges of value, cost, wellbeing, opportuneness and execution are watched
  • Overseeing upkeep prerequisites to advance productivity
  • Liaising with advertising, research and assembling supervisors in regards to building parts of new development and item structure
  • Contributing to research and projects
  • These CDR reports are evaluated by a group of selectors known as the Engineers Australia (EA). Along these lines, the reports are to be in accordance to the guidelines given by the EA on their distributed MSA booklet.
  • For this reason, the aspiring engineers need to qualify the CDR in the engineer manager category under the ANZSCO Code133211. The organization and style of composing the CDR report for engineer manager should be filled in accordance to the Engineers Australia (EA) rules.
  • The minimum qualification required for this discipline is a four year certification/degree in engineering or even higher. At Least 5 years of working experience in the same field. You require a relevant experience as well as job training along with your additional qualification as noted in the “ANZSCO Skill Level 1".


The Engineering Manager (133211) ANZSCO Code is required as per the Engineers Australia (EA) guidelines for CDR application. There are 2 pathways for gaining acknowledgment for your qualification.

The CDR candidates who have engineering qualification from any equivalent college or from countries like USA, Canada, UK, and so on need to give the consideration on 1 pathway. The contents that need to be incorporated into the CDR report under this ANZSCO Code are as per the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae: : It is the most recent and commonly used resume that it to be composed by utilizing any expert layout. A CDR composing Australia service provider can help you in this regard.
  • Career Episode1 for engineering manager: It should be of at least 1700 words with required project details.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): ) In this field of the Engineering manager CDR report, you have to write in a way that aligns and clarifies your specialized learning and aptitudes in around 300 words.
  • Career Episode2 for engineering manager: This should be least 1770 words I length.
  • Career Episode3 for engineering manager: This part must be at least 1520 words in length.
  • Summary Statement for Engineering Manager: It is a brief explanation of all the competencies and undertakings in least 1040 words.

Points to be featured in the Engineering manager career episodes are as per the following:

  • Scheduling meetings with the related divisions
  • Managing the financial plan/budget
  • Managing the project plans
  • Synchronizing all the project reports
  • Preparing the right projection plans and distributing them among the supervisors.
  • Managing the work routine and stream to accomplish the objectives
  • Preparing the correct undertaking activity intends to achieve the organizational objectives
  • Uploading the finished project work of the organization on the company portal.


A significant number of candidates applying through CDR think whether they can apply as Engineering Manager.

Instead of applying as Professional Engineers. The appropriate response is yes but you require appropriate experience for this.

What experience is required in order to be an Engineering Manager?

As per Engineers Australia (EA) MSA booklet you require at least 2 years of experience at the Engineers Manager position followed by a 5 years of experience at the Professional Engineer level.

Insights of the EA requirements can be found on page 47 of the MSA booklet which can be downloaded from the EA site:

Please note that the Project Manager/Project Engineer cannot be taken equivalent as an Engineering Manager Occupational Category. Engineer Manager Job is a lot more extensive and requires a more elevated amount of experience.

In case you are not aware whether you are eligible to apply as Engineering Manager, it's better to refer to page 48 of the MSA booklet and analyse the event that you show dominant part of the indicators recorded there.

If you wish to apply as an Engineering Manager you should endorse the following documents with your application:

  1. Letters of reference and organizational charts must be given. The report must be approved by the official who is directly reporting in the organization.
  2. Official duty statement endorsed by approved individual in the organization.
  3. Company profile of the entire organization, including details of the size and business exercises of the organization being managed.
  4. Detailed employment documentary experience of the last ten years.
  5. Documentary proof of your appointment as an Engineering Manager (execution audits, letters of offers and advancement letters)
  6. Historical profession profile indicating you vocation movement inside the association
  7. Details of the formal administration training undertaken.
  8. Remuneration throughout the previous three years

A considerable lot of candidates applying through CDR think about whether they could apply as Engineering Manager instead of applying as Professional Engineers. The appropriate response is yes however you require the correct experience for this.


CDR Report Sample for Engineering Manager

As per the Engineering bodies from various countries, whenever you want to apply for the skilled migration to Australia or any other country as a professional engineer, you need to show your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) in order to illustrate your professional career comprehensively.

Generally, the CDR Report For Engineers consists of 3 CEs ( Career Episodes) that describe your professional engineering activities of last three projects, a summary statement providing crisp cross referencing to the competency elements discusses in your CE and a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) statement that lists short courses, workshops and training you have attended throughout your study career.

It is crucial for you to write these documents in a well defined proven format according to the competency standards setup by the Engineers Australia. Those candidates, who are unaware of these guidelines, often fail to make it to the migration list. We, at My CDR Help, can help you create an impressive and fully acceptable CDR within a few hours. This section combined of detail knowledge about planning and controlling of project at Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant, Tehran Cement Power Plant development, development plan in PARAND. All elements of competency have also analyzed in this section.

Engineering Manager, Name of project: Project Planning and Controlling at Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant

Engineering Manager Career Episode: CE 1

In this project, the scholar is entrusted with the duty of making a time plan for meetings in which all the departments will be involved. Evaluation of project planning and cost has also estimated in the planning for preparing a budget structure. In addition to, the author has reported every movement and progress of the project for proper monitoring. Notes, data, and information have to be delivered among supervisors of this power plant. It is helpful for them to understand the details of working in this place. Management of workflow is another important fact including the documentation that has managed by the author. Improper documentation may affect the proper use of resources and the responsible person must be very careful about that. An action plan has prepared and discussed in order to separate work responsibility among employees. In the last part, the person has finished the task and updated documents on the project on the website of the company.

Engineering Manager Career Episode: CE 2

Name of the project: Project on Tehran Cement Power Plant

The project on cement power plant has required a skilled person most preferably an industrial engineer who can perform all duties effectively. Focusing on project documentation, flowcharts and diagram are important to assess a clear idea about the project. Explaining the operational measures on the basis of organization has managed to develop by the engineer. Drawbacks and gaps are identified for achieving a successful operational process. Review on related environment provides standard time, date and process of the operation. The allocation has done by time and budget for designing of a project. The engineer has monitored project progress continuously and provides suggestions for decision making. Improvement of workflow has done with involving more advanced equipment and sources. Optimization of cost and procedure can be best achieved with the appropriate use of resources and this has achieved by the engineer. It is effective to make the best possible use of cost and process of Tehran project.

Engineering Manager Career Episode: CE 3

Project title: Power Plant Development in PARAND

In this project, technical skills have demonstrated in order to assess the level of competency of involved engineer in the time of 1095 days. In PARAND Power development responsible person has prepared a proposed decision making for particular scheduling of work process. Next part, he has used standard coding mode, prepare a work breakdown structure in order to implement in this project. Outcome of report has analyzed properly for understanding specific progress in the workflow of this plant. Scheduling of workflow and reporting has done to describe work status of this plant. Each of the jobs has reported in detail from the beginning to the completion. Risk identification is the next major factor that has managed to develop specific measures. It is helpful to minimize the impact of negative circumstances in this project. Next, the engineer has developed appropriate strategies in order to achieve solution to overcome unnecessary delay and roadblock issue.

EA Approval Letter shared by some of our Clients

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