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Commitment Statement Tasmania

If you are a skilled worker and wish to live and work in Tasmania, the Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190), which is a permanent residence visa is a must.

You can earn five additional points on getting a State nomination from Tasmania for the above-mentioned visa. These additional points can help you reach closer to the 65 points that are the test pass marks as set by the Department of Home Affairs. You can get more information on this under the ‘Eligibility’ section.

It is important to mention here that if you are nominated for this visa by the Tasmanian Government, then you will have to live in Tasmania for two consecutive years post the granting of the visa.

For the skilled workers to live and work in Tasmania, a Skilled Visa Nomination is mandatory. And after getting nominated, the candidate must live in Tasmania for two years. The normal processing time of this visa may range between two to eight weeks. There can be a delay in the processing time of the visa due to many reasons like an increase in the number of applications, seasonal peaks, and demanding cases. Age, occupation, and proficiency in the English language are the deciding factors in assessing the eligibility of skilled workers for skilled migration

The first and foremost objective while writing the commitment statement Tasmania is that it should not exceed two pages in length and should be original and fact-based. The statement should include details about the lifestyle of Tasmania and must sight the main reason behind the candidate’s decision to migrate to Tasmania. In no way should any content be copied from other sources to avoid plagiarism.

"Here is an approved sample for Commitment Statement and Career Plan. We can not share the full sample due to a non-disclosure agreement with our clients."

Career Plan Tasmania


Statement of Commitment to Live and Work in Tasmania


How to apply for Skilled Nominated Visa

As a potential candidate, you need to realize that application for state nomination and application for the visa are two separate processes. It is the Tasmanian Government that assesses applications for state nomination, while the Department of Home Affairs assesses visa applications.

How thorough are you with the requirements and how well you prepare the application can have a great impact on the processing time? The more thorough you are with the requirements and do as prescribed can play a big role in getting the process done easily. Thus, it is logical to be ready with all the necessary documents before starting filling up the application to avoid any unnecessary delay. The processing time is affected by the overall quality and thoroughness of your application. It is recommended that you keep all the necessary documentation ready with you before starting the process of applying to help avoid delays. Other factors that impact processing times include changes in application volumes, seasonal peaks, and demanding cases.

The Tasmanian Government does not have the permission to provide specific migration advice concerning visa options. Such advice can be given only by registered migration agents or lawyers.

The Process – Explained in Steps

Check with Eligibility

Check that you meet the key eligibility requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs for skilled migration. This includes age, points required, nominated occupation, and English language competency.


Check that you meet the additional nomination requirements set by the Tasmanian Government. There are different categories you may apply under and each has different requirements.

Expression of Interest

Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) to register your interest in skilled migration with the Department of Home Affairs through SkillSelect. The EOI is not a visa application and is only an indication that you will like to be considered for a skilled visa.

Document Checklist

Ensure you have all the required documents prepared before you apply. This may differ depending on which nomination category you fall under. Also, ensure you have prepared the documents required to continue your visa application with the Department of Home Affairs after state nomination.

Apply for Nomination

Apply for nomination from the Tasmanian Government through this website. Application processing times are currently up to three months depending on the quality of your application. You will receive an outcome noting whether or not you have been offered a nomination from the Tasmanian Government. State nomination does not mean your visa has been approved. This can only be done by the Department of Home Affairs.

Apply for Visa

If the Tasmanian Government offers you a nomination, you will receive a notification of the outcome and an invitation to apply for your visa through SkillSelect. You will then be able to apply for your visa with the Department of Home Affairs.

Maintain Obligations

If you have been granted a visa, ensure that you maintain your obligations to the Tasmanian Government. This includes notification of your visa grant and when you arrive in Tasmania, updating contact details, completing surveys, and fulfilling a commitment to live and work in Tasmania for at least two years.

In case you have any outstanding financial debts from the Tasmanian Government, What you must do?

If there any outstanding financial debts from any Government agencies of Tasmania, even if that involves education and health, then you should clear the same or at least start taking necessary steps to clear the same as soon as possible.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

There is a difference between an Expression of Interest (EOI) and a visa application and the two are not to be confused. EOI acts as an indication to the Government of Tasmania. It expresses your willingness to be considered for a skilled visa.

The entire process of EOI is managed by the Department of Home Affairs through SkillSelect. So, you have to lodge a proper EOI through the SkillSelect, and then only your application will be considered. SkillSelect is a tool by which the Department of Home Affairs manages the entire visa application process by evaluating EOI. It is only those who receive a proper invitation to SkillSelect that can carry on with the visa application process.

Once you are done with this process of lodging an EOI via SkillSelect, you can apply for a Tasmanian Government state nomination.

List of Documents – Understand the Requirement

Please note that you must read and understand the nomination requirements carefully before preparing the listed documents below:-

  • All the listed documents must be uploaded while conducting the online application process and before an application is given the status of being lodged.
  • Migration Tasmania may also seek additional documents if required from you and can also directly contact the references that you have listed in the application to verify all such details in terms of educations qualification and experience that you are furnished.
  • It is important that whatever information and details you provide are updated and genuine. Any kind of false or fake information can lead to the rejection of the application and may even be subjected to further investigation by agencies like the Department of Home Affairs.
  • To keep the process of making the application simple and uncomplicated, you should sort all the similar types of documents and turn them into a single PDF instead of uploading each separately. For example, you can make one PDF file of all the bank-related documents, one for rental agreements and one for payslips, and so on.
  • You can refer to this Home Affairs page for occupations of people for any documents that need to be 'signed and witnessed'

Types of Documents

Three Types Of Documents Are To Be Uploaded And They Are Essential Documents, Category Specific And - Additional Supporting Documents.

1. Essential Required Documents : All Categories

  • Passport (bio-data page) –only the bio-data page is required and this is no longer needs to be signed and witnessed.
  • SkillSelect expression of interest (EOI) that must include your educational, personal, and employment details.
  • Skills assessment as received by the relevant assessing body.
  • English language report - this is the report of the English proficiency test and this must be dated within the last three years from the date of making the application. You can attach a blank pdf in case you hold a valid passport from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America, or the Republic of Ireland.
  • Updated curriculum vitae with all important details.
  • Declaration of financial capacity duly signed and witnessed. This is needed for the authorities to understand that you are financially stable and can support yourself while looking for a job in Tasmania. You must understand that it may take almost six months for you to secure a job in Tasmania and you must be able to provide for yourself till the time you get the employment. How quickly you can secure employment depends on your knowledge about the Tasmanian labor market as much on your skill and experience.

  • Commitment to Tasmania statement -This is a 1-page write-up that describes your intention behind migrating to Tasmania and living there. You can touch the following points while writing the same:-

    • Why Tasmania’s lifestyle appeals to you more than other places in Australia? Include proof and details about your self-analysis of lifestyle and attractions in Tasmania.
    • Avoid copying content from any other sources.
    • If your spouse/partner (if applicable) wishes to take up employment, then write their skills and experience, and also provide evidence that they have fair opportunities in Tasmania and they are satisfied with being successful in attaining employment there.
    • If you have resided or studies in any of the other Australian states or territory within the period of the last 12 months, then you must give reasons behind your decision to re-settle in Tasmania.
    • Also, you have to state whether your spouse/partner or any other dependents that have been studying or living in another Australian state or territory within the last 12 months will move out with you and if not, then state why.

1. Category-specific documents (also required):

Category 1: Tasmanian graduate (subclass 190)

Current visa grant notice including any bridging visa notice or AAT or federal court review information if applicable. Just VEVO printouts will not suffice.

  • Tasmanian qualifications – this will include an academic transcript and a completion letter or acknowledgment
  • Any other Australian qualifications this will also include an academic transcript(s) and a completion letter(s)
  • Bank transaction statements providing daily transaction details in Tasmania for 24 months if applying for subclass 190
  • Evidence of living in Tasmania - this refers to rental agreements or any statutory declarations)
  • Travel itinerary
  • Signed employment contract if working in Tasmania otherwise attach a 'blank' pdf
  • Employability statement - this statement should tell about current job openings suitable for you and should also explain how knowledge, skill, and experience will help you to settle in the country and make a meaningful contribution
  • Career plan - this document should mention how you wish to grow in career and professional intentions after a period of 2 to 3+ years. The international student graduates page can provide more in-depth information for the Tasmanian graduates.

Category 2: working in Tasmania (subclass 190)

  • Current visa grant notice including any bridging visa notice or AAT or federal court review information if applicable. Just VEVO printouts will not suffice.
  • Bank transaction statements that provide daily activities details in Tasmania since the date of arrival
  • Evidence of living in Tasmania: This refers to rental agreements or any statutory declaration
  • Your small mistake can lead to rejection from ACS and you have to wait for a long time to re-apply again. It is advised to take help from professionals to avoid rejections.
  • Signed employment contract/letter of offer
  • Payslips for 6 months immediately before application submission
  • Evidence that pay and conditions are no less favorable

1. Additional supporting documents:

Below is a list of some additional documents you can provide during the online application process:-

  • Outstanding Tasmanian debts/payment plan summary – This is required if you have an outstanding debt with the government of Tasmania and it must be signed and witnessed
  • Declaration of nomination obligations –If the application is made by a migration agent
  • Form 956 in case the application has been submitted via migration agent
  • Tasmanian drivers’ license
  • Volunteer certificates and evidence
  • Current employment reference letter
  • Adult dependent's passport – only the biodata page
  • Adult dependent's resume – an updated one
  • Dependent child/children passports – only the biodata page
  • Adult dependent's skills assessment – if applicable
  • Adult dependent's employment contract – if in case of working in Tasmania
  • Other educational qualifications – details of educational qualification achieved overseas

Apply for nomination

You must take every care while arranging for the supporting documents to make sure that no important document is missed. It is on the successful submission of supporting documents on which the assessment of an application for state nomination is based. The application can face refusal if it is incomplete in any part or if it fails to meet the nomination criteria. Post assessment, you will receive an email about the result of an application.

Another critical point that needs to be mentioned here is that an unsuccessful subclass 190 applications stands the chance to be considered for subclass 491 skilled work regional (provisional) visa nominations. To avail of this, you must include subclass 491 as an option on your SkillSelect expression of interest (EOI). Unsuccessful subclass 190 applicants who do not go for these two options will get approval for a visa state nomination.

Again, multiple nominations are not allowed. Applicants who are granted a subclass 491 skilled work regional (provisional) visa will not have another chance to apply for a subclass 190 in the future. The subclass 491 visa helps to seek permanent residency by way of a subclass 191 visa. Previous state nominees supported for a subclass 489 visa will need to follow the pathway to permanent residency by way of the subclass 887 visa.

Fee details for service

Applicants need to pay a fee of $220 (GST inclusive) for all Tasmanian visa state nomination applications (subclass 190 and subclass 491). This payment has to be made online during the time of the online application submission process. It is on successful payment of fees that you will apply for further processing.

If you face any issue while making the online payment for the application, or if the payment turns unsuccessful, then you can save the application. The application will remain ‘in progress’ for the following two weeks within which the payment must be made. After two weeks, if the payment is still pending and the application is not lodged, then it will lapse.

You can make the payment of the amount for successful submission of application only by way of a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). The fee once paid is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application.

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