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Employment Reference Letter for Australia Immigration

MyCDRHelp is one of Australia’s best RPL Service Providers with a team of highly experienced and skilled writers willing to write comprehensive RPL reports to the Australian Computer Society.

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Employment Reference Letter Services

Candidates with non ICT degree or insufficient ICT qualification are required to submit RPL project report with employment reference letter to Australian Computer Society (ACS) for proving their competencies.

Here at MyCDRHelp, we would provide you with samples if you are intending to write the RPL report without expert help. These samples are of pre-existing applicants, which have been approved by the ACS.

An employment reference letter or say a recommendation letter is a written document that includes the entire assessment, professional skills, work, and experiences of an individual, thereby emphasizing his/her abilities to perform particular tasks.

Employment reference letter plays a quintessential role in the life of ICT professionals to prove their knowledge and skills. A perfect employment reference letter garners positive assessment.

What should be included in Employment reference Letter?

Employment Reference Letter Service includes everything you need to submit in an RPL Form. It is readymade file you just have to submit it to the ACS for assessment. Following are the things included in Employment Reference Letter Service:


A professionally designed and written Employment Reference Letter with a clear set of history, work experience, achievements, goals and credentials is a sure way for the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to make an impact. Our team of experts can help you write proper letter of reference.


MyCDRHelp ensures that the Reference Letter they provide will be 100% original, plagiarism free work. So there will be no chance of being claimed as plagiarized and RPL rejection.


Proofreading is the process of reviewing the final report to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

Things to consider for the Employment Reference Letter

According to ACS skill assessment guidelines, each employment reference must contain the following information:

Employment Dates

Start and end dates of the employment should be clearly mentioned in each employment reference letter. These dates must be specified in a DD/MM/YY format. If your employment is “Current”, the employer reference should state the term “To Date” and MUST include the date the reference was written.

Duties and Responsibility

Employment reference must include all the duties and responsibilities performed by the candidate in the period of their employment. And it is very important that those responsibilities are relevant to the nominated occupation.

Worked Hour

Clearly include the total worked hours (Full time or Part time). It must be a minimum of 20 hours per week.


Must include the country where employment was undertaken. If you have worked in multiple countries for one company, the employment reference must clearly show the specific dates and corresponding locations where the employment was completed.

Company Letterhead and author signature

References must be signed by your employer or a person authorized by your employer. The name, position and contact details of the person making the reference must be clearly included.


Employment reference letter must be certified as a valid copy by authorized notary

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