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NER is termed to be the framework of registration being introduced by Australian engineers and is called the register of national engineer. With NER registrations, an individual is eligible to hold the demonstrating badge consulting professionalism, professional recognition along with trust of public.

Writing NER work experience Statement for Australia

MyCDRHelp has the best NER statement writers who are having vast skills and competencies. Considerable points for statement writing for NER work experience;

  • Chronological orderly writing of statement of work experience
  • Expectation of relevant and recent experiences
  • Practise areas must constitute an experience of minimum five years’ experience in engineering
  • Wiring of critical achievement along with responsibilities and roles
  • Lengthy past positions are to be made short when ending the statement of work experience

Inclusion of elements regarding each position held in past seven years

  • Inclusion of position title along with starting and ending dates consulting each positions Name of employee with their address and location
  • The situational roles and responsibilities in a brief description with inclusion of critical achievement keys concerning that position

Elements addition for key achievements

The key achievements refers to the skills along with abilities and knowledge containing tasks of engineering, the engineers are being working on the inclusions;

  • Worked over projects, services along with programs, systems and products
  • Faced opportunities along with problems and situations
  • Contributions to improvements in quality

Use of specialist skills and knowledge

  • Achieved outcomes
  • Taken actions regarding the address of situation relating to creativity and innovation
  • Undertaken extra duties

Details of professional referees

The detail mentioning of two referees of professionalism are to be done in favour of being contacted by Engineers Australia regarding work experience discussion and competence claim at the working ends.

Consulted referees

  • Subjective to mentors, supervisors, engineering clients or any senior colleague; being acquaintances with the concerned for least a year.
  • Possessing a degree of engineering along with a minimum of five experiential years within practise area
  • Preference of Engineers Australia chartered member or any other equivalent
  • One referee subjects to be from the current employer with another if acquaintance with the current employer is for a minimal of Five years
  • With recent change of employers, another referee might subject to prior employer where work have been done for 5 years prior to application lodging. Referee is subjective of being an external monitor with not being any friend pertaining to workplace
  • Provision of mentioned details consulting the referees;
  • The title
  • Name given
  • The surname
  • Consulting organisation
  • Title or position
  • Relationship in professionalism
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • The e-mail

Statement of Professional referee through statutory declaration

Pertaining to incomparable circumstances, under genuine facts, submission of statutory declaration is to be witnessed regarding the statement of referee in case of inability for providing details of referee. The declaration of statutory is subjective of producing the statement of work experience regarding the student’s present competencies with history of career.

The Engineers Australia pertains the right of rejecting the statutory declaration.

Fees of application and registration

  • A price of AU$335.50 (incl. GST) is paid by the EA members in inclusion of NER registration regarding the present subscription membership year remainder.
  • An assessment fee of AU$335.50 (incl. GST) is paid by the non-members with provision of NER remainder listing pertaining to that of present year of finances (June 30). After such, the application of AU$166 (incl. GST) on an annual basis will be entertained.
  • An assessment fee of GST private of AU$305 is paid by the EA members of overseas with inclusion of remainder registration of NER regarding the present subscription membership year.
  • An assessment fee of GST private of AU$305 is paid by the non-members of overseas with provision of NER listing consulting present year of finance (June 30).
  • The assessment fee of chartered consulting members of EA takes the inclusion of registration fee of NER regarding present subscription EA membership year balance by through chartered is gained.
  • A renewal fee of AU$97 (incl. GST) of NER is entertained with the annual renewal of EA membership.

NER registration applicability

  • EA chartered members through each categorical occupation
  • Categorical occupation of EA members
  • EA non-members with five experiential years consulting engineering relevance in practise areas with seven areas of past

Statement of work experience

In case if there is any sort of confusion regarding the writing of statement of work experience, then there are provision of experience statements of work examples of NER. It claims their writer to possess writing skills with an experience of five years in the writing fields of statement competency. It also claims the availing facility regarding their experience statement of work consulting writing services of NER Australia pertaining to guarantee of 100%. It claims to have several statement of work experience samples in written format with allowance of receiving them consulting only purpose of referencing. It does not allow any sort of direct submission rather entails to executive contacts regarding any sort of help with statement writing on work experiences.

Documents, forms and support links needed for NER Australia

  • CPD Activity Report (XLSX 11kb)
  • Statutory Declaration template (PDF 494kb)
  • Acquired Competence Worksheet (PDF 607kb)
What is it?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is considered as an important document which helps to make learning conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive, maintain up-to-date technical skills and make progress in your engineering career. Participation in CPD activities helped you to grow your professional networks and contacts. CPD is required to attain and maintain Chartered Status.

Sources of CPD

Attend conferences, seminars, training courses, presentations and site visits. Read industry journals, study at university or online.


One should present papers at conferences and seminars and write articles for journals. Even also learn language that can be used for work purposes like relocation to international office.

Previous work experience

There are numerous activities, skills and knowledge that you embark on at work can be considered in your CPD. These activities include like learning new software or codes, in-house presentations, implementing/creating new systems and ways of conducting business and research activities. It will also includes non-engineering related activities like participation in community committees can give you skill for communication, business management and risk management which will helped to advance in your career.

What CPD does Engineers Australia provide?

Apart from our online resources, we also give you information about our CPD activities via email, division newsletters and eNews.

Your email address and privacy choices should be up to date so that we can informed you about the great activities that we are providing. These include:

  • Events calendar: It contains the information regarding the latest engineering seminars, conferences, technical presentations and more.
  • Online library: It contains the best engineering resources in the world including policy publications, magazines and technical journals.
  • Video and audio streaming: It includes informative presentations on a wide range of engineering topics.
  • Engineering Education Australia website: It includes short courses, seminars and tertiary courses.
  • Engineers media: It includes magazines, periodicals, eNews and books.
  • Professional networking groups: the networking groups helped to connect with peers from your industry both locally and nationally.
  • Volunteer opportunities: By it one can become one of Engineers Australia's office bearers or volunteers.
CPD : Objective

CPD activities are designed to update your knowledge, skill or judgement in your area(s) of practice so that academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated and it allowed individual to update skills regardless of occupation and age. CPD enables you to enhance your competency like -

  • Helped to maintain technical competence
  • Enhance your effectiveness in the workplace
  • Helped to develop leadership qualities
  • Be able to help, influence
  • Helped to deal with changes in your career
  • Better serve the community.

Chartered Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists and Chartered Engineering Associates should be aware of the obligation to meet CPD policy.

Minimum requirement

Your CPD records must contain a document of minimum 150 hours of structured CPD which contain information of your career for 3 years

Specific requirements

For all practitioners, of the 150 hours:

  • It should contain at least 50 hours that relate to your area(s) of practice
  • It should contain at least 10 hours that relate to cover risk management skills learned through your career
  • It should contain at least 15 hours that must address business and management skills
  • The rest must cover a range of activities that are relevant to your career and interests.

Practitioners like engineering, academics and teachers must demonstrate at least 40 hours along with 150 hours which showcase their industry involvement in any three-year period. The industry involvement can be considered as an additional requirement or main part in your CPD. It depends upon whether it satisfied CPD criteria or not.

Keeping CPD records online

Today eCPD record is easily accessible through my portal and helped the members to record their structured CPD by allocating hours in relevant categories. The summary of CPD represents different skills like Risk Management, Business and Management and Related Area(s) of Practice.

CPD for multiple colleges

If you have more than one area of practice, you have to record at least 50 hours for each area. For example, if you are in the civil and structural colleges, you have to record 50 hours for Civil and 50 hours for Structural. If some technical CPD activities may overlap, then these technical activities can be labelled as both civil-related and Structural-related CPD.

The diagram below illustrates a situation where 15 hours are considered ‘both civil and Structural.' This would require an additional minimum of 35 hours for Structural and an additional 35 hours for Civil to meet the requirement of 50 hours in each area of +/practice.

Career break provision

The CPD requirements are more flexible as it considered career break like chartered members who have been on a career break of at least six months during the three year period. Such members can complete 150 hours of CPD over five years in spite of the three years.

A person career break is considered if he or she has a period of leave from the workforce of at least 6 months but less than 5 years for proper cause. To avoid uncertainty, the following may be proper causes:

  • A serious illness;
  • Parental leave;
  • Extended Travel;
  • Caring for family members;
  • Involuntary unemployment; or
  • Elite sporting or cultural pursuits.

Note: The permanent part-time engineering work, voluntary engineering work, work-related study, retirement, semi-retirement are not proper cause.

Applying for Chartered Status.
  • A minimum of 150 hours of CPD over the three year period up to the date of the Chartered application.
  • If you are trying to achieve chartered status directly through the Engineering Competency Report (ECR) Pathway, the Professional Development Program (PDP) Pathway, or the Mature Experienced Engineers (MEE) Pathway, you must have CPD of 150 hours over the last three years.
  • Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) is another pathway; it considers either records of 150 hours of CPD over the last three years or you may be expected to present your current CPD records.
CPD types

CPD activities have been classified into various types like any tertiary course taken, short course, learning activities in the workplace, private study, service to engineering profession, the preparation and presentation of material of course, academic research and any other activities that meet objective of CPD policy.

CPD resources
Understanding CPD
  • CPD Policy
  • CPD - Types & Conditions
Recording your CPD
  • Manual CPD Recording sheet
  • Record your CPD online

To record your CPD online: log into myPortal, click on the menu drop down and select "record eCPD".

Can I count learning activities in the workplace towards my CPD?

Activities which do not extend your knowledge cannot be claimed as learning activities in the workplace. For any learning activity undertaken in the workplace it must demonstrate how it has extended your knowledge for CPD consideration. A maximum of 75 hours of your total CPD in any three-year period can be claimed for the above activities.

Do non-award courses count towards CPD?

Yes. Individual tertiary course units not undertaken for award purposes still count towards CPD.

Does mentoring other engineers count towards CPD?

Yes. It can count towards CPD in accordance with the requirements set down relating to service to the profession

Does my CPD have to be obtained through Engineers Australia?

No. You can source your CPD through any channel but there is value in sourcing through the various Engineers Australia channels.

Does post graduate study count towards CPD?

Yes. Study whether on campus or by distance education can count. There is no limit to the maximum number of hours that you can state over a three-year period for the above activities. For distance education, estimate the equivalent number of hours of formal face-to-face education must consider. But the time which was claimed must be the actual hours of lectures/tutorials/laboratory work, which was spent both in preparation and/or follow-up. All such activities will involve some form of assessment.

What information about me will be on the NER?

The following details will be disclosed for all registrants registered on the NER: a) given name and surname b) post nominals of membership of Engineers Australia, if applicable; c) State/Territory/city in Australia along with postcode for overseas registrants; d) suburb and postcode (Australia only) ;e) occupational category; f) areas of practice. Registrants can choose to have additional information including email address and phone numbers from their professional address in my portal and also shown in their NER profile. All registrants will be given an annual certificate of registration to present.

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