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Technical Report Route (TRR) help

CEng via Technical Report Route

The Technical Report Route is for those engineers wishing to become member (MICE) at the Incorporated (IEng) or Chartered (CEng) level but doesn’t possess the right academic qualifications. As an applicant, your Technical report must prove that you have the equivalent level of Engineering knowledge and understanding as someone with an MEng degree. We at www.mycdrhelp.com offer premium and highly specialists and capable experts to assist with your CEng technical report.

The technical report route (TRR) is the second part of the alternative route to membership.

It is for those applicants who already have ACIBSE or MCIBSE and wish to add professional registration to their membership of IEng or CEng.

The Technical Report is separated from and, besides, the Engineering Practice report, which is a requirement for CIBSE Membership. You can submit it only after the application for MCIBSE has been processed and accepted.

The report itself needs to be a critical exposition of some aspects of building services engineering. A successful applicant demonstrates that they can define the technical issues they have had and show how these problems have been solved by applying engineering principles and their knowledge of building services engineering fundamentals.

The purpose of this report is that you can show that you have attained the breadth and depth of knowledge and that the skills you have are equal to MEng.


The first stage of the Technical Report Route is the Synopsis. The Synopsis is divided into 4 sections:

A sketch of the proposed report, to include the planned structure with a heading (for example, a draft content list).

  • How and where you will include the underpinning science and mathematics and related building services engineering disciplines?
  • How and where you will include engineering analysis?
  • Where and how you will show design awareness?
  • The maximum word count for Synopsis is 1000 words and each section needs to be nearly 250 words.

Writing Your Technical Report

Good examples of a completed technical report should have:


Written explanation


Together these can be proof of your understanding of fundamental engineering principles.

The report reviewers search for some or all of the following:

Mathematical aspects and calculations

Utilization of appropriate software to sort out problems

Application of innovative and new technologies that are relevant to the project analysis and modeling

Assessment and exploration of sustainable technologies in offering building services

Establish the solution’s fitness for purpose with quantitative and reliable methods.

Identifying and sorting out practical problems

Scientific knowledge of the properties of materials, components and physical processes

Selection and utilization of related materials equipment, tools processes or products

Use information from technical knowledge resources

Use of engineering practices

Analysis of the social, economic and environmental contexts

The report must be in English and structured with an introduction, aim, discussion and assessment.

After being accepted as a MCIBSE, you can decide whether to register in Chartered Engineering with the Engineering council (UK) or not. The candidate will be offered to prepare a technical report if they do not have any necessary qualifications. The technical report is different from the Engineering practice report which have to submitted along for the CIBSE membership. The submission is mainly implemented after the applications related to the process of the MCIBSE have been approved.

Purpose of the Technical report

The main purpose related to the preparation of the technical report is to depict that the candidate have obtained same knowledge regarding engineering as a person with proper qualification and degree. The registration in the CEng level will require proper knowledge and understand of the MEng level which is master degree of Engineering. The technical report of the candidate should require aspects related to the engineering of building services.

The candidate must identify the problems arising technically and demonstrate how the problems can be solved through engineering knowledge.

The report should be prepared on the basis of the following -

  • Description of the project in which the candidate have taken part in.
  • Investigating related to the project associated with building services should be undertaken.

The purpose related to the report shows that the knowledge obtained by the candidates if there is any lack of formal qualifications related to education. However the technical report should not include competence relevant to their profession like the management experiences and skills. The ideal qualification for registering is MEng and CEng or any other honours degree with proper knowledge of the Master's level.

The Application

The application related to the registration through the technical report route should include contact information of the mentor and provide a Synopsis of the report.

Mentor Support

The preparation of the technical report and Synopsis are prepared according to the recommendation of the mentors. The mentor of the applicants should posses a CEng degree affiliated to ECUK. The mentor can be a co worker, trainer or any teacher who have expertise in the field of Engineering. The mentor should be trusted and should spend a considerable amount of time with the applicant.
The person should help in understanding the following:

  • Provide knowledge regarding the registration in ECUK.
  • Provide insights related to the contents of the technical report
  • Provide support and stability
  • Endorse the report prepared for the candidate.


The candidate must submit the synopsis related to the technical report in order to get approval from the CIBSE regarding proceeding with the report.

  • The report should be prepared according to the Synopsis Guidance Sheet given at the end of the application form and each section has to be properly responded accordingly.
  • The total word count of the report is 1000 and is divided into four sections. The word count of the sections should not exceed 250.
  • The information regarding the demonstration of the technical knowledge should be provided in the report. The report should be comprehensive on nature.
  • The identification of the engineering principles should be mentioned clearly along with proper description of the projects.

After the submission of the report the CIBSE will respond in 8-10 weeks, providing advice related to the outline of the report or resubmission and amendment of the report. The submission of 1 hard and soft copy is to be done through email along with the application form and important documents.

Technical report

Content -

The report should include written diagrams and explanation along with various calculations related to the understanding of the engineering fundamentals. The following attributes are included in the content:

  • Mathematic Calculations and formulas
  • Problem solving with the usage of software along with technical solutions
  • Usage of innovative and new technology
  • Usage of various modelling and analysis techniques
  • Usage of the various technologies in building services related to sustainability.
  • Introduction of the quantitative methods in engineering principles.
  • Appropriate knowledge regarding the usage of the components and materials
  • Knowledge regarding the selection of the materials.
  • Proper analysis of the context related to the social and economic factors.

The technical report should be authentic and should reflect the originality of the candidate. The printouts and extra supporting documents provided should be included in the appendices of the report prepared.

Structure -

The report prepared by the candidate should be prepared entirely in English and should include Introduction of the report, aims and objectives, evaluation and discussions related to the topic. The organization of the report should be done according to the following format.

  • Title of the report
  • Introduction of the title relevant to the report
  • Aim of the report and the reason behind the preparation of the report
  • Background of the report along with the significance related to the project.
  • Description and technical content are provided in the report to signify the fundaments and principles related to the subject of the report. The report must include the standards and the codes related to the report. The illustrations associated with the understanding of the engineering principles and fundamentals.
  • Conclusion - The success and the failure of the report are dependent on the application of the fundamentals of the engineering principles.
  • Evaluation and reflection related to the lessons learned in the report. The evaluation of the success and failure of the project have been assessed. The inclusion of the critical comments linked with the engineering principles.
  • Appendices- The information related to the background and support related to the background of the report are provided in this segment along with relevant information.
  • Diagrams and drawings- the diagrams and drawings are mainly prepared for the motive of referencing the content of the report provided by the applicant. Therefore the diagram should be prepared close to the principles provided in the report. The diagrams should also be relevant to the principles provided in the report.
  • Reference sources- a list of sources you have utilised for your report such as journals, books, guides, websites, etc.

NB: If in any case you use modelling techniques, software, standards, code of practice or other prearranged solution methods, your demonstration of understanding the base of these methodologies should be provided. For instance, you can describe a first principles reasoning, or calculation for a completed section of your work.

Length -

The Technical Report can be up to 10,000 words long with suitable illustrations. You should use your experience to write this report as it will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of fundamental principles of engineering.

The length of the Technical Report will differ as per the highest level of qualification you hold. The below provided instructions display expected length of the Report, without appendices.

Please note that these are only approximations -

Qualifications you hold Approx. word count
Accredited BEng(Hons)/Cognate Degree 3000-5000
MSc/HND/HNC/BSc/BEng/BSc(Hons) 5000-7000
No proper qualification 7000-10,000

Judging Criteria -

The Technical Report will be assessed by CIBSE using the following criteria:

  • Underpinning Mathematics and Science with associated building services engineering disciplines include -
    • Apprehension of scientific principles of your specialisation and associated disciplines
    • Perception of developing technologies associated to your discipline
    • Understanding and knowledge of computer and mathematical models in relevance with building services engineering and appreciation of their limitations
    • Knowledge and understanding of theories of unrelated areas and their effective application in engineering projects
  • Engineering Analysis includes -
    • The capability of the usage of fundamental knowledge for investigating emerging and new technologies
    • The capability if the application of computer and mathematical-based models for solving engineering problems, and assessing limitation in specific cases
    • Extracting data pertinent to an unknown problems, and using computer-based engineering tools solutions wherever it seems appropriate

  • Design awareness includes -
    • Understanding and gathering knowledge of design methodologies and processes, and their application in unfamiliar situations
    • Generation of innovative solutions for systems, products, processes, or components to fulfil new requirements

After completion of your Technical Report, you are expected to submit 3 copies approved by your mentor, along with the Technical Report assessment fee.

The Technical Report Interview -

Your Technical Report will be assessed by assessors of CIBSE, and upon deemed satisfactory, you will be invited for discussing it in Technical Report Interview in London at CIBSE headquarters. You are required to pay the Interview fee at this stage. During the interview, you will be expected to provide a short presentation. After the presentation of your knowledge, interviewers will ask you questions regarding the contents of your report.

During this time, the above mentioned judging criteria will be followed for the assessment.

Professional Interview Review -

If you pass the Technical Report Interview stage, you will be immediately asked to attend for a Professional Review. No separate appointment will be required in this stage.

During this appointment, interviewers will review the file notes of your Competence Review needed for CIBSE membership. You will be asked to update it by confirming your current advancements in your career. You should also be prepared to present your Development Action Plan for CPD at the time of discussion.

The application of the criteria during Professional Review stage are the CIBSE Competence Criteria provided in factsheet M21.

All stages provided in this factsheet are outlined in the flowchart on the next page.

Additional Details -

1. Fees

Fees applicable for the Technical Report route are provided below:

Amount Payable
Administration fee 110.00 with initial application
Technical Report Assessment fee 170.00 with Technical Report submission
Interview fee (Technical Report + Professional Review) 180.00 on approval of the Technical Report, prior to the interview stage

2. Dates

No specific dates are assigned for the submission of Technical Report route by the CIBSE. However, please note that you are to successfully complete the MCIBSE process for TRR eligibility.

3. Cancellations

If you choose to cancel the scheduled interview after your selection, CBISE may charge an administrative fee.

Technical Report Route (TRR) -

The Technical Report Route provides support to Associates or Member of CIBSE, who do not have accurate academic qualification necessary for the registration with the Engineering Council (UK).

The Technical Report allows an opportunity to display your knowledge regarding engineering and understanding of fundamentals of engineering, which is at the same level as any academically qualified person on this field. Requirements for registration are below:

  • IEng level- Demonstration of your level of knowledge and understanding that should be equal to a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng (Hons)).
  • CEng level- Demonstration of your level of knowledge and understanding that should be equal to a Master of Engineering (MEng).

Technical Report Route registration requires the Application containing your sponsor details and report summary for approval is to be filled and returned.

It contains the information regarding demonstration of your technical understanding and knowledge through four sections provided in the application form.

The Report -

It involves demonstration of your knowledge regarding fundamental principles of engineering through written descriptions, calculations, and diagrams.

Consider the following instructions and attach a coversheet during submission.

The Interview -

An interview attendance is essential after the approval of your Report. Note details of Technical Report Interview.


  • Administration Fee - payable with application.
  • Assessment Fee - payable with your report submission.
  • Interview Fee - payable before interview.
  • Engineering Council IEng/CEng Entry Fee

Application Form and Guidance -

  • Technical Report Route Application
  • A23 - Technical Report Route to IEng Registration
  • M23 - Technical Report Route to CEng Registration
  • Technical Report Samples
  • Report Cover Sheet

Further Information -

You can gather further information from the Membership Officers at CIBSE Head Office during working hours. You can also contact on 020 8675 5211, or send mail queries at [email protected].

Technical Report Route Flowchart -

The flowchart shown below describes the major stages of the Technical Report route for registrations in Engineering Council. You should understand that the advancement in this chart depends on the successful completion of each stage of this process.

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