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Summary Statement on CDR Sample for Telecommunication Engineer

Summary Statement of Telecommunication Engineer

Competency Element Summary of application of the element Paragraph number
PE1.1 Comprehensive, theory-based understanding of the underpinning natural and physical sciences and the engineering fundamentals applicable to the engineering discipline. a) I studied mathematics, Unit operations ,Mass transfer operations, Heat transfer operations in my graduation level and used them in my engineering calculations. b) I use engineering fundamentals such as thermodynamics, heat transfer operations, mass transfer operations, unit operations to calculate heat loads, feed required, and evaporation losses in distillations. C.E1.6 , C.E1.13 , C.E 4.15 , C.E5.11 , C.E5.12 , C.E5.13, C.E2.12 , C.E2.14 , C.E2.15 , C.E3.3 , C.E3.12 , C.E3.13
PE1.2 Conceptual understanding of the mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics and computer and information sciences which underpin the engineering discipline a) I always use appropriate and upgraded versions of computer programs and soft wares in my engineering practices. b) I begin with the problem in hand and then arrive at the solution. c) I always make use of all available information and resources such as reference manuals, journals and internet etc. to find a reliable solution to the problem. d) I developed and conducted trial procedures to conclude viable solution. C.E1.7, C.E1.13, C.E2.3, C.E2.4, C.E1.2, C.E1.3, C.E1.8, C.E1.13, C.E2.2, C.E2.4, C.E2.16, C.E3.14, C.E4.15, C.E5.6, C.E5.7, C.E1.14, C.E1.15, C.E2.14, C.E3.11, C.E4.14, C.E4.16, C.E5.13, C.E1.14, C.E2.6, C.E3.14
PE1.3 In-depth understanding of specialist bodies of knowledge within the engineering discipline a) Concept to commissioning of Reverse Osmosis, Membrane, bio- reactors, water pre- treatments as per required specifications. b) Designing of ROs, WWTPs & ETPs, based on raw water (feed) analysis reports, required product (permeate) specifications. c) Deciding on suitable process, Equipment specifications and process specifications after checking feed analysis reports & PCB rules & regulations. d) Erection, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of process equipments & process plants. e) Start up, shut down, troubleshooting online, and debottlenecks during process operations. C.E2.1, C.E2.2, C.E2.3, C.E2.4, C.E2.11, C.E2.13, C.E2.3, C.E2.4, C.E2.14, C.E3.13, C.E3.14, C.E2.15, C.E2.13, C.E1.14, C.E2.6, C.E2.7, C.E2.8, C.E2.11, C.E2.14, C.E3.13, C.E2.14, C.E3.6, C.E3.13, C.E4.3, C.E4.15, C.E5.6, C.E5.7
PE1.4 Discernment of knowledge development and research directions within the engineering discipline a) I decide on suitable processes for a particular problem in hand. b) I always collect enough information regarding problem in hand , perform pilot plant trails after developing process to solve that particular problem. C.E1.14, C.E3.14, C.E4.15, C.E1.2, C.E1.5, C.E4.15
PE1.5 Knowledge of contextual factors impacting the engineering discipline a) Identification of problem and evaluating the outcome and finding a solution to implement. b) Maintaining strict adherence to health and safety rules and environmental compliance in work place. c) My expertise in rectification of abnormalities and capability to cope up with process changes during process operations comes from my quick adaptability to situation and diverse work experience. C.E1.3, C.E1.4, C.E1.13, C.E1.14, C.E.1.14, C.E1.15, C.E4.15
PE1.6 Understanding of the scope, principles, norms, accountabilities and bounds of contemporary engineering practice in the specific discipline a) I gather information from clients and undertake process development as per their requirement. b) I Prepare schedules and complete work in scheduled time frame. c) I maintain up-to-date compliance with environmental norms and government policies. C.E1.2, C.E1.3, C.E1.4, C.E1.5, C.E1.6, C.E1.13, C.E2.13, C.E2.15, C.E1.14, C.E2.11, C.E2.15, C.E4.5, C.E4.10, C.E5.12
PE2.1 Application of established engineering methods to complex engineering problem solving a) I analyze a problem and reach at various possible outcomes which can be implemented for a better solution. b) I make performance comparison of combination of different process development methods to achieve desired outcome. C.E1.5, C.E1.10, C.E2.2, C.E2.8, C.E2.15, C.E1.14, C.E2.14, C.E3.14, C.E4.15
PE2.2 Fluent application of engineering techniques, tools and resources a) I identify and propose options to achieve innovative solutions. b) I demonstrate the achievement of improvements in processes and outcomes. c) Using my diverse experience in different sectors of chemical engineering field, I always develop a process and test its viability on pilot scale to make commercial scale. C.E1.13, C.E3.14, C.E4.14, C.E1.13, C.E1.14, C.E2.3, C.E3.14, C.E4.15, C.E1.5, C.E1.14, C.E3.14, C.E4.3
PE2.3 Application of systematic engineering synthesis and design processes a)I offered solutions which improved environmental outcome b)My interest in design tasks to meet the agreed outcomes and cost structure c)I analyzed and selected resources /processes /systems to develop the design d) It’s my duty to develop and check the design solutions using the engineering specification. C.E2.2, C.E2.13, C.E2.15, C.E2.1, C.E2.2, C.E2.3, C.E.2.4, C.E.2.7, C.E2.6, C.E2.8, C.E2.9, C.E2.10
PE2.4 Application of systematic approaches to the conduct and management of engineering projects a) Identify long term environmental and sustainability issues associated with engineering activities b)I identify hazards and consequent risks, and initiate appropriate safety and disaster management measures c)I review the design with the client to ensure that end user’s requirements are met and to gain documented acceptance d)I prepare current and final documentation for the overall project and process ensure that the supporting documentation is accurate, concise, complete and clear e)I evaluate the performance of the design outcome in the end user ’s environment using appropriate tools and developed corrective actions to improve disadvantages revealed during operation C.E1.14, C.E4.10, C.E2.7, C.E2.9, C.E2.14, C.E3.7,C.E3.9, C.E4.10, C.E2.2, C.E2.3, C.E1.6, C.E1.7, C.E1.8, C.E2.14, C.E2.15, C.E3.11, C.E3.13, C.E4.14, C.E5.11, C.E1.8, C.E1.13, C.E1.14, C.E2.11, C.E2.15, C.E2.16, C.E3.14, C.E4.3, C.E4.15
PE3.1 Ethical conduct and professional accountability a) My adaptability to cope up with change. b) I easily develop a trust from my Superiors by completion of assigned duties in given time frame and for my confidentiality. c)I achieved recognition from colleagues and clients working in my current position C.E1.14, C.E2.15, C.E3.13, C.E4.3, C.E4.13, C.E1.4, C.E1.7, C.E1.13, C.E1.14, C.E2.1, C.E2.11, C.E1.9, C.E1.14, C.E2.3, C.E2.11, C.E4.14, C.E4.15
PE3.2 Effective oral and written communication in professional and lay domains a) Most of my decisions are based on discussions between team-members during projects & process operations. b) I always update my engineering capabilities, technical and non technical knowledge, so that I can communicate effectively with the clients, superiors and with colleagues. C.E1.8, C.E1.13, C.E2.1, C.E2.10, C.E2.11, C.E2.14, C.E3.6, C.E1.2, C.E1.3, C.E1.4, C.E1.7, C.E1.8, C.E1.9, C.E1.13, C.E2.1, C.E2.3, C.E2.5, C.E2.14, C.E2.15, C.E3.7, C.E3.13, C.E3.14, C.E4.14, C.E4.15
PE3.3 Creative innovative and proactive demeanour a) I identify and propose options to achieve innovative solutions C.E1.3, C.E1.12, C.E1.13, C.E1.14, C.E2.1, C.E2.2, C.E2.3, C.E2.6, C.E2.8, C.E3.14, C.E4.15
PE3.4 Professional use and management of information a) I keep the user end documentation simple for their easy understanding. b) I keep filling in the technical documentation along design phase for maximum guidance and for easy reference. c) I used data statistics which were received through computer soft ware (SCADA & DCPS) to analyze a particular process operation and performance of a particular equipment to bring out all necessary changes wherever required. C.E3.14, C.E4.15, C.E 1.13, C.E2.15, C.E3.11, C.E3.13, C.E4.15
PE3.5 Orderly management of self, and professional conduct a) I maintain professional attitude in the Work environment. b) I interact with specialists in other fields developing the projects and process that demand applying of broader knowledge C.E1.2, C.E1.8, C.E1.10, C.E1.13, C.E2.2, C.E2.3, C.E2.12, C.E4.15, C.E1.13, C.E2.1, C.E2.3, C.E414
PE3.6 Effective team membership and team leadership a) I coordinated with peers in process development department while developing pilot scale trials. b) I work with a team performing most of the tasks assigned to me. c) I mentor others in specific areas of engineering focus. d) I always interact and discuss with experts in water engineering and waste solvent recovery plants particularly while preparing PLDs(plant lay out diagrams), P&IDs(process & instrumentation diagrams), PFDs(process flow diagrams) C.E1.5, C.E1.8, C.E1.9, C.E1.5, C.E1.8, C.E2.4, C.E2.5, C.E2.7, C.2.10, C.E2.13, C.E3.6, C.E3.7, C.E3.14, C.E4.9, C.E4.14, C.E5.11, C.E2.14, C.E3.14, C.E1.14, C.E2.1, C.E2.2, C.E4.14

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