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Summary Statement on CDR Sample Electrical Engineer

Summary Statement on CDR Sample 4 Electrical Engineer

These are the competency Units and Elements. These elements must be addressed in the Summary Statement (see Section C). If you are applying for assessment as a Professional Engineer, you will need to download this page, complete it and lodge it with your application.

Competency Element A brief summary of how you have applied the element Paragraph number in the career episode(s) where the element is addressed
PE1.1 Comprehensive, theory-based understanding of the underpinning natural and physical sciences and the engineering fundamentals applicable to the engineering discipline. I implemented the project “Human Detection Robot” making use of my knowledge related to Electrical Engineering. I implemented the circuit using my Electrical Engineering skills which was based on the motor control circuit and the circuit sensors. I selected the right motor by making use of the power engineering concepts associated with the Electrical Engineering. CE 1.7, CE 1.8 CE 1.9, CE 1.10 CE 1.10, CE 1.11
“Wireless Power Transmission” was the project which I finished and made it as second career episode in which I mentioned my gained Electrical Engineering skills. I mounted the transmitted circuit on the floor and it was under the table and I embedded the receiver circuit with the laptop. I implemented the mini-prototype which was developed for testing the desired performance. CE 2.6 CE 2.10 CE 2.11
I finished the project “Automated Finite Element Model Development & Analysis of Single Phase Three Limb Transformer” and it was done by maximizing the utilization of my Electrical Engineering knowledge. I completed the finite element analysis for the design and code was applied in such a way that the proposed design was tested to save human effort and time. I set the parameters as per the related power loss generation and it resulted in the heat dissipation. CE 3.9 CE 3.10 CE 3.7
PE1.2 Conceptual understanding of the mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics and computer and information sciences which underpin the engineering discipline
I did testing which was achieved with the desired outcome. I operated the device connection with the wireless electricity circuit. I utilized NPN transistor which was for the current amplification flowing through the coil and it resulted in the higher magnetic flux. CE 2.11 CE 2.10
I created the chart to show my position in the project. I obtained the current collector which was 30A and it was dependent on the base current and it was applied to the transistor base. CE 2.8 CE 2.9
I worked on the slot length for the windings and it was based on the formulation as per the length of the electromagnetic pole and the slot length relative area. CE 3.10
PE1.3 In-depth understanding of specialist bodies of knowledge within the engineering discipline I implemented it with the loops creation and noted the system errors in the commands. I improved the diode rectifier with the Z-source which resulted in overall system improvement before reaching to 240V. I connected the power supply positive pole to both the wires and it was done inside the cable. CE 1.11 CE 2.12 CE 2.10
PE1.4 Discernment of knowledge development and research directions within the engineering discipline I flowed the magnetic fluxes to the upwards and linked it to the circuit at the receiving end. CE 2.11
PE1.5 Knowledge of contextual factors impacting the engineering discipline
I filled the chart provided by project guide and I highlighted my role as Electrical Engineering student in it. CE 1.5
My responsibilities were well mentioned in the flowchart which I prepared while working on the project. My position as Electrical Engineering student is mentioned in the project and I utilized my skills accordingly. CE 2.8 CE 1.9
PE1.6 Understanding of the scope, principles, norms, accountabilities and bounds of contemporary engineering practice in the specific discipline I operated and charged the product with the laptop within the 0.5m height. I set the output specifications within the operating range and the needed power was delivered with the 75% efficiency. CE 2.8 CE 2.10
PE2.1 Application of established engineering methods to complex engineering problem solving I set the signal operation at “robot stuck” mode and it was impossible for an audio alert for manual operation to send it to the receiver. I obtained the current collector which was 30A and it was dependent on the base current and it was applied to the transistor base. CE 1.9 CE 2.9
PE2.2 Fluent application of engineering techniques, tools and resources
I implemented the programming in such a way that it can even be used in earthquake disasters to figure out the stuck human. CE 1.10
I directly obtained the relation between the transmitting and receiving coils at the distance which was needed between the two coils for the proper operation. CE 2.8
PE2.3 Application of systematic engineering synthesis and design processes
I obtained the L.C of 0.5 for the first and third leg and I selected the LS based on the window length. CE 3.10, CE 3.11
I utilized my Electrical Engineering skills in an appropriate manner to obtain the necessary project skills. CE 2.10
PE2.4 Application of systematic approaches to the conduct and management of engineering projects
I made two angles of 90 degrees in the left and right side which moved in front and back directions accordingly. CE 1.7, CE 1.8
I designed the table which showed my project related responsibilities. CE 2.10, CE 2.11
PE3.1 Ethical conduct and professional accountability
I determined the robot efficiency with the speed and movement along with the right path and it was done for avoiding the block paths. CE 1.8, CE 1.9
I was responsible for sorting out technical issues associated with the project. CE 2.11
PE3.2 Effective oral and written communication in professional and lay domains There were many technical responsibilities which I finished well while finalizing the project. CE 3.10
PE3.3 Creative innovative and proactive demeanor Interim reports were customized as needed by the project guide. CE 1.11
PE3.4 Professional use and management of information
I implemented the programming in such a way that it can even be used in earthquake disasters to figure out the stuck human and I made reports regarding this information. CE 1.10
I finished both the interim and final reports designs while working on the project. CE 2.8
I faced one problem related to the project which I solved well for obtaining the project appropriate results. CE 2.11
PE3.5 Orderly management of self, and professional conduct
For discussing the technical things related to the project, my project supervisor arranged weekly meetings. CE 2.9
The technical specifications were obtained well by me under the sharp guidance of project supervisor. CE 2.12
I managed to complete all the tasks associated with the project within the allocated project deadline. CE 2.10
PE3.6 Effective team membership and team leadership
Within the project deadline, I managed to finish all the technical requirements related to the project. I estimated the hurdles which occurred in the distance and movement as per the passage. CE 1.8 CE 1.11
I discussed the project sections well with my project guide to solve all the relevant project related issues. CE 2.8
I addressed the project issues in soundly manner while working on the project. The project effective tasks were implemented well under the guidance of project supervisor who assisted me well at every stage of the project. CE 3.10

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