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Civil engineer CDR sample

Career Episode 2 on CDR Sample 2 for Civil Engineer


Time duration 4.5 months
Location Lahore
Organization Department of Civil Engineering ,University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
Project Using Marble Powder to prepare self compacting concrete
Position Lead Civil Engineer

This career episode is related to my project titled “Using Marble Powder to prepare Self-Compacting Concrete”. This project was carried out in the third year of my Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering at University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

[CE 2.1]

The project was carried out during fifth semester of my Bachelor in Civil Engineering. I completed this along with two other team members & it was completed under the supervision and valuable leadership of our project supervisor.


[CE 2.2]

Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) is special type of concrete and is different from ordinary concrete. One of the most distinguishing qualities of self compacting concrete is its ability to flow through reinforcements and filling of space without any need of shaking it. The composition of self compacting concrete is also different from ordinary concrete as it contains greater quantity of fines like crushed limestone or sandstone. When compared to other industries, concrete industry uses huge amounts of raw material due to large scale construction activities happening all around the globe. Of many other types of filler, limestone is one of most frequently used in making of concrete. Marble powder can be used in preparation of self compacting concrete as marble stone originates from limestone. So, I used waste marble powder to produce self compacting concrete. I used different amounts of waste marble powder to produce self-compacting-concrete & in this way I managed to have four different samples of self-compacting-concrete & each of them contained different amount of waste marble powder. I performed different tests on fresh concrete like flow ability and resistance to segregation. In order to measure compressive strength of SCC, I allowed it to harden and performed tests on hardened concrete samples having different quantities of waste marble powder.

[CE 2.3]

Marble is a rock produced as a result of metamorphism of limestone and dolomite. It is angular in shape. The term marble is also applied to superfine rock that can be polished. During the process of cutting of marble for its domestic use, a large quantity of waste marble powder is left behind which I will use in the formation of self compacting concrete.

In preparation of Self-Compacting Concrete filler materials are used to fill the spaces between aggregate particles and creating impermeable concrete. This enhances durability of concrete. Lime stone fillers are used for preparation of Self-Compacting Concrete and have shown good performance.

Self-Compacting-Concrete has been extensively implied around the globe due to nonexistence of research, it has not expanded admiration in Pakistan. This project was a conscious effort in the right direction to make the use of Self-Compacting Concrete more frequent in Pakistan. International researchers have made serious efforts to use waste marble powder in making of Self-Compacting Concrete but Pakistani researchers are lagging behind in this particular area and conventional concrete is more predominantly used in the construction industry of Pakistan.

[CE 2.4]

The prime objectives of the project were -

  • To check the efficacy of waste marble powder in self compacting concrete thereby reducing burden of waste on environment.
  • To know the properties of fresh self compacting concrete when waste marble powder is added in it.
  • To check effect of the addition of waste marble powder on some hardened properties of concrete at different ages.
  • To find the best amount of waste marble powder that will lead to highest quality of self compacting concrete.

[CE 2.5]

This project hierarchy is displayed below -

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[CE 2.6]

The foremost objectives in the project were -

  • Finding out the strength and quality of self compacting concrete prepared using marble powder
  • Incisive analysis of the work already done in this regard
  • Exhibiting the system
  • Accomplishment of the project by forming high quality self compacting concrete using right amount of waste marble powder


[CE 2.7]

I carried out both literature based and online research in the field of self-compacting concrete. I left no stone unturned in overcoming any difficulty faced during project completion. I fortified my skills as a civil engineer during this project and consulted my supervisor for any issue resolution. I was also accountable for the report writing and documentation of this project.

[CE 2.8]

I performed laboratory tests on fresh as well as hardened self compacting concrete to know more about its properties as each mix of self compacting concrete contained different amount of waste marble powder. I used the guidelines laid down by American concrete institute as well as by EFNARC for making a control concrete mix which was in conformity with standards of self compatibility.I prepared the concrete mixes using construction materials available in the local market.

I used Lawrencepur sand and Chenab sand as fine aggregates.These sands are frequently used as fine aggegates in Pakistan and both of the used fines were of highest quality available in local market.Both of these fines fulfilled the requirements laid down by American Sociey for Testing and Materials (ASTM) C33 .

[CE 2.9]

I used crushed stone from Sargodha quarry as coarse aggregate. I used Sargodha crush as coarse aggregate due to its angular shape and ease of availability. Sargodha crush is primarily used as coarse aggregate for making of concrete in Pakistan. Now, I performed sieve analysis for separation of different size particles of coarse aggregate. According to grading requirements laid down by ASTM, I separated two different fractions of coarse aggregate i.e. crushed stone particles that had size between 19 mm and 12 mm and other fraction of particles that had size lesser than 12mm.

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I used ordinary Portland cement (ASTM Type 1) for this project. Properties of Portland Cement were as following -

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Now, I collected waste marble powder from local factories manufacturing marble stone. As the waste marble powder collected by me had varying proportions of different size particles so, I performed sieve analysis to separate the marble powder of my desired size. The particles that passed through ASTM sieve #100 were used by me for my research work. The specific gravity of marble powder is 2.67

[CE 2.10]

I prepared a control mix keeping ACI 237 & EFNARC guidelines. Trials were performed and I finalized the mix design upon reaching successful results as required. Target performance requirements were fulfilled by this control SCC mix.

I prepared a total of four different mixes. I swapped cement by waste-marble-powder and used diverse percentages of waste-marble-powder i.e.5%, 10%, 15% and 20% respectively. I designated the mixes as MPR-5, MPR-10, MPR-15 and MPR-20 respectively. But, I managed to keep the quantity all other materials constant with respect to weight of cement. In this project I prepared mixes and investigated their fresh properties. And as Stopover point was reached at MPR-20 concrete mix, that’s why four different types of concrete mixes were prepared. MPR-20 also exceeded the water cement weight ratio range laid down by American Concrete Institute (ACI) 237 i.e. 0.32 to 0.45.With the addition of waste marble powder, the required quantity of cement decreased to keep the water powder ratio constant. In this way an inverse relationship was established between waste marble powder and the required quantity of cement.

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[CE 2.11]

I did the mixing following ACI committee report ACI 304R. Mixing was executed in a high speed mixer, with a speed of 300 revolutions per minute. I initiated mixing of ingredients with preparation of paste i.e. mixing of water, cement and fillers in two thirds of water. Preparation of paste took a minute of mixing. After preparation of paste, I added the aggregates to the mixer and admixtures were also added to the mixer. Thus the whole process of preparation was done in 5 minutes. The water was added in two rounds by pouring two thirds part of water during paste preparation and the left on third was used in preparation of aqueous solution of blend of admixtures, which was added after the aggregates were poured in mixer. I faced some issues during the mixing process. I was unable to set the speed of mixer which initially resulted in ill formed mixture. I consulted my supervisor and used high speed mixer with a speed of 300 Rpm. This resolved the mixture texture issue. Other problem was faced by me when I added water. I added water all in one go which resulted in very less viscous paste formation. I concluded on my own to pour water in two or three steps in order to form a paste of required viscosity.

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[CE 2.12]

I tested the fresh concrete following ACI 237R, ASTM standards & EFNARC. I tested the concrete mixes for flow ability, passing ability & segregation resistance.
I performed following tests on fresh concrete -

  • Slump Flow Test

    I performed slump flow test for the determination of free flow features of self compacting concrete. I placed the concrete in one lift and raised the mold allowing the concrete to subside. This test is performed on fresh concrete and enables us to gauge the properties related to handling of concrete. I noted the average of two diameters that were placed perpendicular to each other and it was noted down as slump flow of the self compacting concrete. The value I got was in the range of 18 to 30 inches most of the times. Greater the slump flow value meant greater the ease of flow of self compacting concrete.

  • Visual Stability Index

    As the name suggests, visual stability index is used to visually examine the slump flow spread of self compacting concrete which was encountered after slump flow test. I placed a sample of freshly mixed concrete in a mold. I placed the concrete in one lift. I made sure that the concrete sinks in by lifting the mold. I noted the visual observation of the concrete spread and characterized the stability of the mixture. VSI rating of SCC mixtures are given below.

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  • T50

    The flow of SCC mixture is influenced by its viscosity. I placed a freshly mixed sample of concrete in a mold. The concrete was placed in one lift and mold was raised allowing concrete to subside. I monitored the time taken in seconds (T50) for any part of the outer edge of the concrete spread to reach a diameter of 20 inch from the time the mold was first lifted.

  • Tests on Hardened Concrete

    I performed tests on the hardened concrete for measuring its comprehensive strength after a period of 7 days & 28 days respectively. I performed these tests to know the strength of hardened concrete when different amount of waste marble powder was added to self compacting concrete. The results of this test are as following.

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[CE 2.13]


I successfully completed this project. The fallouts of my study were in contrast with any other study done before in the same phenomenon. I came to a conclusion that waste marble powder can be productive filler when used in self compacting concrete. It can be instantly mixed in concrete without much processing. I found out that mixing of 15 percent by weight of waste marble powder yielded positive results. I also found out that strength of self compacting concrete attained by adding 15 percent of waste marble powder is quite similar to strength of conventional concrete that uses cement in its composition. Similarly, I found out that this special type on concrete prepared by using marble powder can also be cost effective when compared to conventional concrete as cement is quite expensive when compared with marble powder.

The project enhanced my skills as Civil Engineer. I came to know about strength and quality of different materials used in construction industry of Pakistan .I also worked with other team members which helped in building my leadership qualities as well as time management skills which form an important part of civil engineering profession. The project also raised my project forecasting, development, leading & administration. I also learned know how of using outdoor resources when the team was not able to figure out the complex matters. I also learned a lot about team-management skill as I engaged with local factories and industries when looking to procure high quality materials. By being able to perform different tests along with a team, I was able to enhance my leadership capabilities.

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