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Civil engineer CDR sample

Career Episode 3 on CDR Sample 3 Civil Engineer


Time duration 2013 to 2014
Location United Kingdom
Organization Anglia Ruskin University
Project Circular Car Park Construction
Position Civil Engineer

[CE 3.1]

This career episode narrates to my project titled “Circular Car Park Construction’’. This project was carried out during my tenure at Anglia Rustin University as a Civil Engineer. ______________ was established in the year 1935 having about 80 years of experience in Construction Industry with the full time working staff of 2500 & and an operative work force of more than 5000. The company is spread into various divisions such as construction, roads & infrastructure, property services, facilities management, dewatering division as ______________________works and sustainability division.


[CE 3.2]

The site is situated at the North-West North of A1016 dual carriageway leading to the north entrance of the Anglia Ruskin University. The site is to the North-East North of the northern entrance. It is an empty (brownfield) land and is north of Marconi building comprises some residential areas. The approximate grid reference for the site is TL 70703 07840.

[CE 3.3]


  1. Site Survey and Ground Investigation

    The location of the site is in an area where the geographical chain for the soil is assessed to be the following:

    • Stiff clay, overly merged together, and
    • Sand, gravel and alluvium deposits.

    As the soil properties classed above seems to have been washed away and deposited by water, the water ratio is high in the area and lies on the route of a water passage. The material (soil) is likely to soften when the pressures applied on it are removed, for example excavation for foundation and its fissured means that the sides of unprotected excavations can be exposed to sudden collapse (Nwaubani, 2013).

    The following factors for this deposit is assumed as:

    • Coefficient of consolidation cv = 0.5m2/year.
    • Coefficient of compressibility mv = 0.06m2/MN
    • Undrained angle of shearing resistance u = 0
    • Undrained cohesion cu = 50 kN/m2 at top of layer, increasing with depth.
    • Angle of shearing resistance in effective stress terms ’ = 20
    • Cohesion in effective stress terms c’ = 2 kN/m2
    • Bulk unit weight 20 kN/m2.
  2. Layout Design of the Site (Concept Design)

    • Existing Condition of the site

      The Characteristics of the present car park site which our group have decided to work on with, is prejudiced by its location whether it underwrite to the existing requirements of the university and the surrounding streetscape. Initially the site had been investigated and to be analyzed in the light of the expected usage and the potential confines. However as in group we have taken the most appropriate decisions when planning the site so in further to maximize the value of money.

      Moreover, after analyzing the site which we had decided to take over for the project, the most prevailing conditions which stand out are the site had been used by the University Graduation Ceremonies and main outdoor activities, which had motivated to go further with the underground car park project. The Features which will affect the planning of the site layout can promote the layout to be in different way which will depend on the existing site, slopes & Flood defense. Moreover, Site boundaries / perimeters which will explore the locations and find outs who owns the neighboring lands.

      When analyzing the suitability of a site, we also ensured that there is sufficient space for the proposed facility and space for future expansion. There is adequate space for car parking based on the local authority standards and any potential overflow requirements.

    • Physical necessities of the proposed site

      The foremost feature that should be considered with the car park should be on which angle the entrance and exit of the layout should be allocated. However, the group had come in to a conclusion that there should be at least 3 emergency exits and entrance which should be easily assessable during the emergency situations.

      The main entrance should be orientated away from the direction of the prevailing wind. Viewing positions should not face the setting sun. Thereafter pitches should be orientated to avoid low un angles. Maintenance Requirements such as costs and long-term sustainability, which helps in reducing the requirements for day-to-day maintenance and replacements of items.

      Large and rectangular shaped sites are ideal for parking structures. Although flat sites are generally more economical to develop, sloped sites can provide design opportunities such as access on different levels, and or no ramping between levels. For a practically efficient parking layout, double loaded parking ‘bays’ range in width from about 54 to 60 feet depending upon the angle of parking and the width of parking space. The overall width of the structure has been determined based upon the multiplies of the chosen parking bay width. An ideal length for a parking structure is at least 240 feet.

      The parking requirements set out should be met in the places which is not intended for adoption by the Chelmsford county council. The car parking space in a car park will normally be 2.4 m x 4.8m in size, with adequate space provided to allow vehicles to maneuver in and out without any difficulties. An in-cartilage space will normally be 6.0m in length but, moreover in constrained circumstances, this dimensions may be reduced to 5.0 meters.

[CE 3.4]

The project Hierarchy is given below -

Civil Engineer CDR report


[CE 3.5]

My Roles & Responsibilities

  • Liaising with the client to investigate the existing car park area
  • Preparing a probable estimate to complete the work (re-measurable contract)
  • Coordinating with the testing team to take the samples for the work done and submitting it in the laboratory to carry out the required tests.
  • Conducting a joint survey to take the exact measurements for the work done
  • Guiding the draughtsman to prepare the as built drawing

[CE 3.6]

Concrete floors

The concrete within a car park is particularly susceptible to deterioration, so grade 50 concrete should usually be specified. Pre-cast units are generally more durable than in-situ concrete due to factory controlled production conditions. To minimize the percolation of corrosive fluids through cracks floors should be sloped at 1:60 falls to aid drainage, and the top surface of the concrete slab should be protected with an appropriate proprietary waterproofing system. Manufacturer’s guidance should be followed for the correct choice of product and application.

Metal decking

G275 galvanizing (275g/m2 of zinc) is the standard protective coating for composite steel decking. This level of corrosion protection to the upper surface of the decking will be sufficient, provided adequate provision has been made to prevent the ingress of water (using reinforcement to control cracking, and waterproofing the top surface of the concrete). The underside of the decking should be given additional protection in the form of a pre-applied coating or epoxy paint applied insitu. Such an additional layer of protection has the advantage that it can be regularly inspected and remedial work undertaken if required. However, it is recommended that Corus be consulted on durability and future maintenance issues at an early stage if this solution is to be adopted.

Disabled persons

Position is particularly crucial for disabled persons and any allocated spaces should be as close as possible to the destination, wide enough for wheelchair access and connected to the destination without steps. Ramps or lifts may be necessary

[CE 3.7]


Layout design of the car park

The client and design team must establish the design brief mutually. The aim of the design brief is to understand the technical aspects and constraints affecting the design. It is important that the clients wish list is reviewed by the design team, so in this respect we must follow the client’s requirements closely with feasibility with sketches as closely as possible.
Information we require were as follows -

  • The maximum and minimum number of spaces required.
  • A plan of the proposed site to a known scale, showing building lines and surrounding access roads.
  • Site levels – approximate
  • Proposal for future development that might affect upon the setting out, shape and function of the building.
  • The presence and location of gas pipes, electric cables, drains, sewers that might be present at the site and must be moved or built with or without special precautions.
  • The maximum number of parking levels and height of building required by the client or allowed by design constraints or local authority.
  • The proposed use of the car park, whether it I long, medium or short stay, together with a anticipated vehicle entry and exit traffic flow figures.
  • The proposed method of payment to be adopted if any, payment of exit, payment on foot or pay and display or no payment at all.
  • Type of construction
  • The accommodation required for staff and public (offices, rest rooms, toilets)
  • The capacity and location of lifts/escalators.
  • The requirement of water protection.
  • The need for providing heating
  • The need for ventilation whether it is mechanical or natural.
  • Standard of finishes
  • The level of lighting (if it varies from BS)
  • The requirement for security, CCTV, patrol on foot.
  • The standard for signage illumination.
  • The provision for water and power supplies.

These considerations must be made some choices will have certain benefits and other cause issues. These variations must be assessed for feasibility and be justified. Although the brief is an outline and is followed closely, there will be reconsiderations along the stages and so each member of team should justify their decision and should be agreed by the client. Several designs have to be evaluated, it is important that there are a choice of preferred solutions meeting client’s criteria which can be adopted. The brief must be accepted before progressing to the detailed design stage.

[CE 3.8]

I used Civil Engineering AutoCAD 14 software in this project and did Space capacity calculations along with load capacity calculations for the car park. I followed UK Standards Engineering codes throughout the project.

[CE 3.9]

Upon observing the whole process of work for all areas of the project and considering the critical issues I took following steps

  • Measures were taken to prevent odors such as exhaust gas, etc. from looming over the interiors of car parks.

    Breakages such as holes etc. on walls, ceilings, etc. are not left untended. (Maintenance is done on a regular basis. In addition, measures are taken so that users do not have unpleasant feelings in sight.)

  • Measures were taken so that facilities as a whole or their exterior views blend in with surrounding buildings and townscape. (Exterior designs, such as height, colors, walls, etc. of buildings are devised to match surrounding buildings and townscape. More also, measures are taken so that under bodies or basilar parts of parked cars on parking floors cannot be seen from outside.)
  • The car park will be designed to give the best possible return on investment and will therefore be maintenance free as far as possible. Maintenance is of importance to ensure that drainage gullies and downpipes are clear of debris to enable water to drain efficiently from the car park. Car parks, by their very nature exist in environments that are far from ideal.
  • [CE 3.10]

    I PRESENTED Attributes of good car park design to the client as following -

    • Easy entry and egress to car park and stall
    • Uncomplicated and logical traffic flow
    • Unimpeded movement
    • Light and airy
    • Low maintenance
    • Safe and secure

    [CE 3.11]

    Good health and safety planning helped ensure that project is well managed and that unexpected costs and problems are minimized. Everyone who works in the construction industry have their part to play by ensuring their own health and safety and improving the industry's health and safety record.

    Client and domestic client are provided a place to stay or live in the premises where the work is carried out. The premises is not relate to any trade, business or other undertaking.

    • We make sure we check competence and resources of all appointees
    • Suitable management arrangements for the project welfare facilities
    • Allow sufficient time and resources for all stages
    • We provide pre-construction information to designers and contractors, where projects are notifiable under CDM 2007.
    • We will ensure that construction work does not start unless a construction phase plan is in place and there are adequate welfare facilities on site
    • Retain and provide access to the health and safety file
    • Appoint a CDM coordinator

    [CE 3.12]


    The project was successfully accomplished. I did the site survey & ground investigations, thoroughly checked the existing conditions of the site. I did problem solving related to the project. I resolved all the issues professionally. I drafted the layout design of the car park. The learnings from the project were

    • Time management techniques
    • Layout drafting
    • Team work for job accomplishment
    • Overall management of the project

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