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Australian Computer Society called ACS is a legitimate body that is responsible for administering a background check for ICT migrants. It helps to ensure the applicants for their eligibility concerning the standard defined by EA. 

 RPL for ACS skill assessment required two project reports in which your career details episode should be mentioned and your ICT knowledge should also be reflected in your working situation.
A CDR report should be-
  1. 100% free from plagiarism
  2. With a good wiring skill and grammar
  3. Should contain all the necessary episodes of your course.
  4. Should be aligned with the guidelines of EA.
IMarEst stands for Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology. The Marine professionals who are working in Marine Engineering Science and technology contribute to becoming a complete society of IMarEst. Among 128 countries, it is the largest marine organization. It aims to promote the development of science and technology in marine engineering. IMarEST reports are required to get the membership by the IMarEST Chartered Engineer UK council. This report helps fetching information about the applicant in the area of developing and implementing new technologies and to have good design method in engineering. 

Hence, it is advised to take professional assistance for framing your IMarEST professional report

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