Essential things to know about RPL Assessment writing help

The RPL Assessment is an assessment to select engineers that desire to migrate to the Australian continent but have not acquired the ICT (Information Communication Technology) certification. However, such applicants have knowledge about the practical application of such subjects. The Australian Communication Society examines the skills and practical knowledge of such engineers who are yet to get the certificate but capable of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). The engineers need to demonstrate the knowledge before they immigrate to Australia and also submit the RPL report.

It provides the opportunity to the budding engineers with the necessary set of skills. As an individual, they have to fill in many areas of knowledge and skills as it helps to get the right job quickly. The ACS department assesses your RPL report with the Migration Skills Assessment where the applications are verified for engineers in any reputed organization.

Professional RPL writing help services providers write as well as review the skills for RPL assessment report. These companies provide custom writing and also prepare reports as per the guidelines laid down by the ACS. Recognition of Prior Learning reports is prepared with a complete detailed description of career episodes providing a detailed description of the summary of career projects.

Fundamentally there are two categories for ACS RPL Assessment Report Application:

Individuals and engineers who do not have acquired ICT degree qualifications and have at least 6 years of working experience as an ICT employee which stands at a part with the ANZSCO code.

Individuals not having any form of tertiary qualification require an additional 2 years of work experience; i.e. a total of 8 years. The additional two years may not be at par with the ANZSCO code.

Is it necessary to get experience assessment from Engineers Australia, or can I apply directly to Immigration based on only the CDR assessment?

CDR Writing Help

If you ask technically, then no! It’s not a mandate to get your experience assessment done by EA (Engineers Australia). Rather you can go through the immigration procedure with only a positive CDR. If you reach out to the EA for an experience assessment, it is more like a comprehensive trial. And, in cases wherein the assessment has a positive outcome, you are doubly sure of a positive Visa process as well.

However, if you chose to bypass the experience assessment process, you must submit all necessary work documents along with your CDR at Visa stage.

What do the documents entail?

  1. From Offer Letters, Joining Letters, Promotion Letters, Release Letters, everything that validates your tenure in a specific organization at a given time
  2. Letters highlighting JD, role, and responsibilities towards each of the profile you held
  3. Any pay slips or bank details to validate your earnings
  4. Documents validating PF withdrawals, superannuation etc.
  5. Other relevant documents validating your employment proofs

CDR Report offers quality consultancy and assistance with preparation of CDR (Competency Demonstration Report), RPL(Recognition of Prior Learning), and KA 02 (Knowledge Assessment 02). Our professional team of writers and experienced immigration consultants provide complete handholding through the entire process. Applicants can either get the reports prepared (end to end/or some parts of it) or reviewed by the experienced team at the most affordable charges. We also offer CDR report samples for your reference.

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You can apply directly. The firm requirement is only the Skill Assesment to get the visa. As a CDR expert with cdr report, I have gone through the documents of EA for engineers students, it is mentioned in the Engineers Australia guidelines that the experience is necessary but not mandatory. It is only the guidelines but to apply for a visa you only need skill assessment. So the duration is only a guideline, the real criteria are the skills/competencies.

The work documents of your work experience need to acquire the visa are as follows:-

  1. All the documents related to your job like your offer latter, joining letter, promotional letter, your releasing letter.
  2. Payslip of earning
  3. Letters of Job responsibility, Role, and Description
  4. PF documents
  5. All the related documents which reveal the proofs of the Job
  6. Must include the achievements that you have got through your Job experience journey

However, the main focus is to get a positive result. You must take the help of professionals before proceeding as they have experienced enough and can suggest the possible steps for qualifying.

Do engineers in Australia verify your CDR projects for skill assessment?

EA Approved CDR Sample

Yes of course they do and, rightly so. Since, they are looking at your capabilities and competency levels from the perspective of an engineer, EA (Engineers Australia) seems to be the perfect evaluator. Please understand that your visa application towards a skilled migration visa is all about aspiring for a work opportunity in Australia. Since it is relevant and limited to the domain of engineering, Engineers Australia is authorized to gauge your technical and professional standing. Their assessors need to verify and validate your competency levels, in the concerned domain. You can easily refer to the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet for detailed guidelines on CDR writing and submission as shared by the EA.

Your Competency Development Report displays your technical and professional expertise in the functional domain that you apply for. Thereby the report rightly acts as a pre-requisite to apply for a skilled migration visa to Australia. However, there are certain exemptions to the same. So if you belong to a country or come from a place, wherein the following educational accords are followed, there is no need to submit a CDR.

  1. Australian Accord
  2. Washington Accord
  3. Sydney Accord
  4. Dublin Accord

In a scenario wherein you need to put together a CDR, always remember that knowledge and understanding of the exact requirements will prove immensely helpful. Every year thousands of aspirants apply for the skilled migration visa, however, not everyone is lucky enough to achieve success. Most of the CDRs simply get rejected because the applicant did not have the correct information or adopted the correct approach to assimilating the documents or sharing about his projects.

One can apply from amongst the following occupational domains:

  1. Professional Engineer
  2. Engineering Technologist
  3. Engineering Associate
  4. Engineering Manager

Wherein, for each one that you chose to apply for needs to be perfectly backed by the essential documentary proof and relevant career episodes (essays) that highlight your proficiency in the relevant domain.

Understand Your CDR Well

  1. Continuing Professional Development: A tabular representation of your efforts and initiative to keep yourself updated and associated with the latest happenings in your functional area. Here you can share about relevant projects undertaken, workshops attended or seminars that you participated in. Mention the research paper you worked on or the kind of journals you subscribe to.
  2. Three Career Episodes: Every career episode tells a story about a project that you undertook. Take the opportunity to define your role and responsibility in the same. Share details about the competencies that you represented and how. The assessors are keen to understand your knowledge and skills in the area, along with your leadership skills, values, and attitudes. It’s easier to take them through this journey in an active undertone, so write it well in the first person, “ I did that”, “My responsibility was” etc. Every career episode needs to define a different instance and speak of a separate project so that the assessor gets a wider picture of your capabilities. Each of these episodes can be from 1000-2500 words. The assessors keep a keen eye on your language comprehension and ability to use Australian English well.
  3. Summary Statement: This is the last section of your CDR and offers a summarized view of the Career Episodes. In this one pager, you need to precisely put in place the concerned paragraph no. (From the Career Episode) that denotes a specific competency indicator. Not only does this make the assessment easy by correctly guiding the assessor towards the concerned data, but it also showcases your ability towards attention to details.

Of course, a positive assessment of your CDR opens doors to a bright future in Australia. Losing it for something like lack of writing skills, wrong choice of project, difficulty with the language etc. is absolutely worthless. At our professional CDR writers and experienced engineers understand what the EA assessors require and deliver accordingly. With a promise of 100% uniqueness and zero plagiarism, we have worked on thousands of CDR reports until now.

How much skilled experience will they count towards my skilled assessment for Australia?

skilled assessment for Australia

The Australia immigration process is based on point system. If you are planning to immigrate Australia, we should meet the certain points requirements.

To confirm your eligibility criteria you must score at least 60 points at Australia point grid. The points-based are calculated on your work experience, language ability, education, and IELTS etc. You can calculate your points via free tool Australia Point Calculator.

Here are the details about how much points you get

Work Experience for overseas

  • From 3 to less than 5 years experience 5 Points
  • From 5 to 8 less than years experience 10 points
  • From 8 to 10 less than years experience 15 points

Work Experience for Australian

  • From 1 to less than 3 years experience 5 points
  • From 3 to less than 5 years experience 10 points
  • From 5 to less than 8 years experience 15 points
  • From 8 to more years experience 20 points

Calculate your experience points

Age Factor

  • 18 to 24 25 points
  • 25 to 32 30 points
  • 33 to 39 25 points
  • 40 to 44 15 points

English Language

  • Competent English IELTS6/OET C 0 points
  • Proficient English IELTS7/OET B 10 points
  • Superior English IELTS7/OET A 20 points

Education Qualification

  • Doctorate from Australian or another institute 20 points
  • Bachelor degree from Australian standards 15 points
  • Diploma completed in Australia 10 points

Other Factors for Points

  • Credentialed community language qualification 5 points
  • A study in regional Australia or metropolitan area 5 points
  • Professional year completion for 12 months 5 points

Nomination factor

State or Territory government visa 190 only 5 points

Nomination by state, territory or family member in Australia only for 489 visas 10 points

What you need to know about the ACS RPL Skills Assessment?

ACS-RPL-Assessment HelpThe RPL Assessment may select engineers who desire to immigrate to Australia but do not have the required certification of Information Communication Technology (ICT) but have the necessary practical application. The Australian Communications Society (ACS) examines the practical skills of such engineers who do not have the certificate yet are capable with the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment. The engineers have to demonstrate their knowledge and skills before migration to Australia and for that they have to submit the RPL report.

It provides an opportunity to engineers who do not have the ICT certification but with adequate knowledge and skills. So, engineers from other countries who do not have ICT degree, have to submit the RPS report to demonstrate their skills to ACS for Australia Skilled Migration.

They have to acquire the ACS RPL Project Form and fill as many areas of knowledge as they may fulfill. The authorized body of ACS assesses the RPL report for MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) where applications for immigration to Australia are assessed so that engineers can find a job in a reputable organization.

Essentially there are two categories for ACS RPL Assessment Report Application:

  • Individuals who do not have ICT degree qualification need to have at least 6 years of work experience as an ICT employee in a field which is at par with the ANZSCO code.
  • Individuals who do not have tertiary qualification need an additional two years of work experience i.e. a total of 8 years. The additional two years may not be at par with the ANZSCO code.

The form can be divided into two sections. The first section which is called the Key Areas of Knowledge Reports Form allows an opportunity for the non-ICT qualified candidates to showcase as to how they acquired their skills by working in ICT industry. Key Areas of Knowledge has been developed from Australia Core Body of Knowledge that provides a guide for the applicants as to the extent of knowledge for applying in the immigration category.

The second section known as the Project Report Form where report of two projects have to be described. The reports have to be prepared free of grammatical errors and must be plagiarism free. Generally, projects must be one that is taken within the last three years and another one which is taken within the last five years.

Engineers are very busy with their projects and work load and their writing skills are dawned by their technical skills. Preparing a report may seem to be a very difficult task for them and so they may require RPL professional writer help.

There are professionals who hail from ANZSCO code personnel and know how to frame the RPL report so that it ensures the depiction of sufficient depth of ICT skills of an employer. The ACS RPL report must be prepared providing sufficient details of an engineer’s skills and projects providing information of organization and the details of the project, their designation, roles and achievements during the tenure of the project. It should also involve the duration of project and individual inputs into achieving the goals of the project.

Professionals provide writing as well as reviewing skills for RPL assessment report. They can provide custom writing and prepare reports according to the guidelines laid down by ACS. RPL reports have to be prepared with detailed description of career episodes providing complete details and a summary of the career projects.

It should be written in a language that can be easily understood with not much technical data and mathematical equations. The team of professional writers can provide help with a complete ACS RPL report which can be submitted to the ACS body for assessment.


Why is CDR Report Required for Engineers to File Work Visa?

CDR Writing HelpThere is particularly a great demand for good engineers in Australia. For this reason, they encourage engineers from other countries to migrate to Australia. The Engineers Australia (EA) assess engineers based on their skills and knowledge before they can migrate to Australia and find a reputable job in an established firm.

While some institutes are recognized by EA for their engineering degree, others who acquire their degrees from colleges which do not have appropriate accreditation have to submit a particular report known as the Competency demonstration Report.

So, engineers who want to continue their work and migrate to Australia have to submit a CDR report while they apply for a work Visa. Engineering is a technical subject and so different parameters are assessed in a CDR report. It has to be prepared in a detailed format provided by EA body following the exact guidelines laid down by them.

It involves a report of three independent career episodes of an engineer. It is a complete report of the education and skills acquired during the tenure of his education by working in different organizations. The career episodes must be described in detail providing information of the organization, job title, roles and responsibilities, duration of the project and personal inputs and achievements. It must highlight the individual’s personal contributions to achieving the goals of the project.

A CDR should clearly project the competency and skills of the engineer and his ability to handle problems and issues of engineering. The applicant should have sound knowledge of troubleshooting and providing effective solution utilizing his skills and knowledge.

A summary statement which must have a complete summary of the projects and educational qualification with special reference to technical skills acquired and achievements of the applicant must follow the career episodes. It should be linked to the paragraphs of the career episode so that it becomes easier for reference.

An effective CDR report must be written in a language which is easily understood with limited use of technical terms and mathematical equations. It should be free of grammatical mistakes and must be written in a plagiarism free style. It must follow the word limit and format as laid down by EA authorities.

A properly written CDR can help you get a hassle-free direction and a valid Visa to Australia. It can instantly provide you with a bright future prospect in Australia, however a CDR written in a poorly fashion may stall your migration and be resent for further checking or worse, it could get rejected. It is very important for engineers to prepare the CDR report carefully. While they are very busy with their work and it is difficult to pen down things in a tabular format, they need to take professional help for CDR writing. The CDR should be drafted in a way that it becomes evident of the technical skill and competency of the engineer so that the authorities are ensured to make a good selection.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate how their technical skills can benefit in the engineering industry and how competent and knowledgeable they are. A classic CDR report can help you land a great position in a reputable firm and can serve as a key to your smooth migration.

The learning and education system vary from one institute to another. Therefore, a CDR report provides a par at which the competency of an engineer can be effectively measured. It should be prepared with proper headings and sub-headings with bullets and points and be chalked without any glitch in the report.

It is a report which can either make your career and give you the chance of a rich career in Australia or ruin your chances of migration. If required, you can take help from professional CDR writers for framing a CDR report as they have the specific know-how of the requirements of a CDR.

Why to choose MYCDRHELP for writing your KA02 Report?

Why to Choose MyCDRHelp

KA02 stands for knowledge Assessment (2) Report which is preferred by students in Australia. This report is important to complete within the given time frame, and you have to write it with the use of effective words and without making any mistakes. Most of the students don’t even know that what is KA02 Report and if you ask them to write then they will end up getting into many issues.

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  1. Quality of Services

The quality of services matters a lot, and if you want the best one, then you can’t be wrong with this one. For the best results, you have to stay selective in approach. This method can definitely eradicate most of the trouble. The CDR and KA02 report are written by experts that known for their premium writing services.

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  1. Different Patterns to Write

Writing a report in different ways can help in numerous manners that are why you can rely on the service provider and go well in the future. All the quality service provider has a few numbers of the writer so you can’t expect different patterns from them.

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The Ultimate Guide to Write a Career Episode

Career Episode

When it comes to writing something impressive with the use of right vocabulary, easy to understand words and better interaction, most of the people stuck in issues where they can’t think about a single word. Such issues are common, and it occurs with most of the people. If you don’t want to get into any trouble and If you want to eradicate it then this guide can help in your Career Episode.

  1. Writing Events

Most of the students think that career episodes don’t have any topic, but they do so. You have to think the event wisely to avoid the issues. The below mentioned are three major events that are good to write, and you can definitely give them try because of their ease.

  • Writing an event on the current project report is simple, and you can explain that how you worked on it to complete.
  • Writing events on the academic training or the programs that you have decided to go with including the reason behind it.
  • The job responsibilities may be typical, but it is worth writing where you can explain about the workplace and such other factors.

During these events, you have many other factors to write a Career Episode. You can take online help from expert writers, and it is a highly reliable method to take into consideration. Most of the students prefer it, and you can also give it a try for sure.

  1. Begin with Introduction

The very first thing which matters a lot and requires the most of the attention of the reader is heading and proper introduction.

  • Start by writing the name of the project and when it happened.
  • In the next sentence, you should mention the location and the job.

After mentioning these two factors, you are ready to go and learn about the necessary factors which matter the most.

  1. Background Of the Task

It is the detailed portion so it is going to take a little time and you have to complete it by mentioning everything properly. You can write almost two hundred to five hundred words in this section, and it will look good. Make sure that you provide the proper details to make it look better.

  • What was the nature of the project or what kind of task it was?
  • Every task has some objectives, and you have to complete them all.
  • How you were involved in this task and what was your role in it?

Completing this task can be a little bit typical, and you can definitely complete it in a couple of hours. Write down in detail and avoid the use of words that can make it look cluttery.

  1. Personal Activity

So, this section is full of your involvement where you have to stay vigilance and explain all with the use of right vocabulary. You should go word to word by avoiding extra stuff which is making the stuff boring. After completing it all, you will be able to get the Career episode completed in a couple of hours.

  1. Summary

The very last thing which may be time-consuming but not that much is a summary. You can focus from the intro and write down all till the personal activity. You have to write a Career Episode in short and easy to read words. But, after a couple of minutes, you will be able to complete it and go well.

The Final Verdict

Here, the mentioned tips may be hard to follow, but after a couple of minutes and some tries, you can write a good career episode and without any issue. Keep in mind that you stay selective to avoid getting into an issue.

How to Write a Perfect CV for Engineers Australia?


A good CV can help to get a job with ease and make you opt for a good salary. Most of the people ask that how to write a good CV to their senior and it is sure that very few people know that how to do it. Well, such things can set you in many issues, and if you want to avoid it, then online CV writing services can come handy and eradicate all the issues with ease.

It is necessary that you focus on a reputed service provider because some may provide plagiarized CV and those are not impressive at all. Even, copying such content is easy for everyone. To avoid the trouble and go well in the future, the below given are some necessary tips which can make you write a good CV and have a good impression on the interviewer.

For engineers, the little bit complicated process’s why you should check all the tips wisely and prepare a good CV that is eye-catching also.

  1. Writing Clear and Concise

The interviewer doesn’t want to know that how you started and what you learned in part, they just want to know your primary skills which make you better from others. All the degrees that you have done really matters a lot, and you must have to explain it so that you can avoid all the trouble in the future.

You can use bullets and explain the degree and certificates in simple words. These are attractive, and most of the interviewers will notice the goods in a couple seconds. If you have a CV that is cluttered with large sentences, then the interviewer may not give a proper look at your skills, and he/she may reject.

  1. No Need of Photo

According to experts, it is very common to use photos, but there is no need for that. It is taking up extra space, and the interviewer doesn’t have to consider it. Anyway, it depends on interviewer also because using a photo become a rule these days.

If you avoid the use of a photo and go for an interview, you will love the fact that interviewer won’t judge by the picture and focus on skills first. It will help people who think that their looks don’t let them get jobs. In a good employee, the looks don’t matter because you are going for a desktop job, not for modeling.

  1. Personal Profile and Education

You can give a short note about yourself where you can mention that who you are and what you love. It will take a little time to write down all the necessary things in simple words, but after a few tries, you will find some impressive words that suit your personality and define the best of you.

The next section is off education, and you can’t avoid it, mentioning the necessary at the top and unnecessary at the bottom is necessary. Even if you have a little skill about any alternative topic, you can still mention that skill as a beginner. In many cases, such extra skills become the reason to choose you.

  1. Achievements

Every company wants an employee that is experienced, but for a student that just completed studies and got the degree, the experience is not possible. In such cases, the companies look for achievements. This will definitely work in various manners, and you can rely on it without a single issue.

Hope, you will be able to write a good CV and without getting into an issue. Try to avoid the use of words that are hard to read and unnecessary in your CV.

Different ways to write a Perfect CDR


When it comes to writing CDR, Resume and such other important notes, most of the students face lots of complication because they don’t know that what factors they should take into consideration to avoid all. To get the best results, you can focus on the selection of an assignment help service provider and eradicate all the issues.

If you don’t want to prefer such options and write it on your own, then this guide is definitely for you. The below given are top tips which can help you write a good CDR in different ways and without making any mistake. Let’s check out all and learn them wisely for the best experience. Keep in mind that if you choose CDR writing help then opt for a quality service provider to avoid the issues in the future.

CDR Writing Introduction

If you are new and don’t know that what factors to take into consideration then you can focus on the introduction because it is very important and it can take a significant amount of time to write a good introduction. The best method is to write down all the necessary factors in the first 100 words and doesn’t exceed the limit to avoid getting into any issue lately.

You should write down the name of the organization, then the date along with the duration of career episodes, a chronology, the location, and the last fact is the title. All these factors matter to write a good and effective CDR without any issue.

  1. Try Writing Background

In case, you begin to write the background; you have the great opportunity to write in various patterns. Everyone wants to write in different ways, but most of the students end up writing the same. Such factors can set them in various issues. If you want to avoid all and go well in future, then the selection of right CDR will fulfill your need with ease.

If you don’t have any detail about the background, then try taking online assignment help where the expert will try new methods and bring amazing details for the CDR which can definitely come handy. You can write down almost 200 words in this section and without worrying about a single thing. It is definitely going to come handy, and you can rely on it.

  1. Write About Creative Design

If you have any specific skill, then it is worth mentioning because it can come handy and provide a huge number of benefits lately. You can start by writing down the creative design which is loved all around. You can definitely rely on it and without any issue. Keep in mind that the better skills you have or, the better you explain it, the more benefits you can obtain in the future.

The assessment is always typical because people don’t know that how to write or how to go well in the future. With the creative design and the proper skills highlight, you are going on the right path and eradicating all the issues.

The Final Verdict

The above mentioned are the top three methods used by students to write effective and better CDR. Make sure that you mention everything wisely and don’t write facts that you don’t have. Many students end up writing skills they don’t have, and during the immigration, they are not able to answer all. Such factors can set students on various issues. Keep in mind that you must avoid these CDR related issues.

Hope, you will be able to write an effective CDR without any issue and make sure that you try different methods for the best results.