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The task of ACS Migration skill Assessment

ACS stands for Australian Computer Society, a peak body that represents the ICT sector of Australia. For the benefit of commerce, society and government it is responsible for building the capability and capacity of relevant technology. It focuses to catalyse the Australian speed and innovation of technology so that its overall growth catches more speed in every aspect.
  1. The task of ACS Migration Skills Assessment is to assess the work experience and educational qualifications and check their match the professional ICT level and if it is closely related to the nominated occupation for the migration purposes. The course units are designed in such a way that they can efficiently assess the professional ICT volume of your qualification. 
  2. On the authority of the Australian government, it asses the migrant ICT professionals and ensure that they meet relevant standards that are needed to get employed in Australia. 
  3. It may use several ways to validate or verify the claim of applicants and documents. And when the credibility of the applicant’s claim is established, then only it proceeds with an assessment.

  • Use of a migration agent 

Appointing a migration agent by an applicant is too beneficial and a productive method these days. The migration agent helps the applicant to deliver their ICT skills assessment on their behalf.
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