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The backbone of your Australian Migration

If you want to meet the standards of an Australian Engineer, then your CDR is going to be the most effective and introductory tool. It is Engineers Australia, which analyses your report and checks your level of knowledge and skills through that document.  

If they find you fit for that occupational category, then you get approval to immigrate to Australia. Since it is the backbone of your migration application to Australia, it’s better not to be too complacent with the writing process of your CDR. We all know that experiences are foremost, even above the certification itself. So what could be better than having a guide who has himself been positively assessed by Engineers Australia? 

If you have also dreamt of getting immigration approval as an Engineer in Australia, then you can have the topmost experts to assist you with your CDR Report Australia

To highlight your career steps and achievements appropriately, so that it efficiently comes in the sight of the EA, you can anytime reach to My CDR Help. Here, 

  • Guidelines for writing a Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia 
  1. If you do not want to take a risk on your dream to reach Australia as an Engineer, then you are always advised to get in touch with an expert. The expert or say the group of experts will formulate your CDR in the best possible manner to get it selected at once.
  2. The CV is your full documented report of your education and work experience as an Engineer. You should arrange your experience in chronological order, but should not be longer than three pages.
  3. Your CPD is to be mentioned in the list format. It’s better if you complete it on one single page itself.
  4. Your career reports are the narration of the cases that you have done.
  5. It should neither look like a table nor a complete long essay.