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Step by Step Process for ACS Skills Assessment

ACS stands for Australian Computer Society, which assesses your skills, knowledge, and work experience in the field of ICT, even if you do not qualify for tertiary education. But you can apply for a PR visa in Australia through an RPL report which the ACS will review. ACS will assess your skills. If you still need an ICT qualification, however, you have professional ICT work experience. The ACS Migration Skills Assessment is a process by which individuals demonstrate information and communications technology (ICT) knowledge and skills. This assessment is required for those wishing to move to Australia and work in the ICT sector. 
  • Know the criteria of the Department of Provincial Administration: 

Your work experience is definitely related to the Nominated Occupation (ANZSCO) for Migration. Skills assessments are conducted by the appropriate assessment body in Australia. The assessment agency will let you know if you are a suitable candidate for the nominated occupation. Only IT professionals are assessed by ACS (Australian Computer Society).
  • Choose the appropriate ANZSCO code:

While selecting an ANZSCO code, you must read the description of employment duties associated with the specific ANZSCO code, including a description of the relevant occupation by them and the skill level required. Make sure your qualifications and work experience relate precisely and match the ANZSCO code, then select that ANZSCO code for the ACS RPL application.
You must provide an ACS RPL report with the help of RPL Help according to the ANZSCO code you choose.
  • Fill out the application form:

Complete the application form and upload all your important documents as certified copies in PDF format.
The ACS Skills Assessment is an important process for those wishing to immigrate to Australia and work in the ICT sector. You will pass the assessment and perform well in Australia.
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