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Recognition of the Engineering Degree in Australia

How to obtain the recognition (equivalence) of your engineering degree in Australia? Organizations to contact, practical steps, and level of English required.
Recognition – Engineering degree equivalence in Australia: how does it work?
To have your engineering degree recognized in Australia, you must have your skills and the content of the training you followed in UK or abroad assessed at an organization accredited by the Australian Department of Immigration. .
This administrative procedure is relatively simple if you have the appropriate documents and follow the instructions set by the competent body concerning:
1.  The presentation of the elements of your file
2.  The presentation of your academic / professional background.
Obtaining the recognition of your engineering degree will be useful to you:
  1. If your engineering qualification is in demand in Australia, you plan to go to work there and wish to participate in the SkillSelect immigration path.
  2. You are about togo to Australia on a Working Holiday to look for an employer-sponsor on the spot: the recognition of your qualifications by Engineers Australia will facilitate your procedures on the spot, even if it is not essential in the framework of this visa.
  3. The Competency Demonstration Report: what is it?
The CDR Report Australia (Competency Demonstration Report) is a codified document comprising information and data relating to your professional and academic background attesting to your skills acquired in the engineering qualification for which you wish to obtain recognition in Australia.
This document supports official documents (diplomas, proof of English proficiency).
To properly write your CDR Report Australia, you will need to:
  1. Identify and detail your continuing education periods (Continual Professional Development)
  2. Identify, select and write three professional “highlights” (Career Episodes)
  3. Prepare a “Summary Statement”, a summary of your skills in the form of a standardized grid
  4. What language level is required for engineers wishing to work in Australia?
In order for ACS Migration Skills Assessment to be admissible, Engineers Australia requires candidates to produce proof of their operational fluency in English: this fluency is attested by a sufficiently high score on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the TOEFL.
You must obtain a minimum score of 6 out of 9 in each of the components of the test:
  1. Written comprehension
  2. Oral comprehension
  3. Written expression
  4. Oral expression
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