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CDR sample civil engineer draft person

Career Episode 2 on CDR Sample Civil Engineer Draft Perso


Time duration 3rd September 2018 to 28th September 2018
Location 121 Greenhill Road, UNLEY South Australia
Organization GPA Engineering
Project Hope Valley Water Treatment Plant Stage 3
Position Trainee Draftsperson

CE [2.1]

This career episode relates to project titled “Hope Valley Water Treatment Plant Stage 3’’. The project was done as a Trainee Engineer at GPA Engineering Adelaide South Australia.

GPA Engineering was established in the year 1987 having about over 30 years of experience in engineering industry. The company has many branches in major cities in Australia including Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Melbourne. The multidisciplinary engineering company is spread into various divisions such as oil and gas, water treatment and distribution, mining and mineral and power distribution and generation sectors.


CE 2.2

In this project I was allocated to study the AutoCAD drawing files and edit them as per the requirements. I was required to edit them and reconfirm their standings and proceed with submission. The work was carried out in the office of the company.

The project Hierarchy is given below -

Civil engineer draft person


CE 2.3

My Roles & Responsibilities -

  • Project work planning
  • Organizing work & keeping track of the project proceedings
  • Editing drawing files as per directions
  • AutoCAD drawing layout planning
  • Presentations & Documentations

CE 2.4

The main problem I encountered as CAD drawings editor were knowing the designer tactic and making the drawing truly precise in the first place to evade repetition of works. During coordinated approached drawings editing I considered all the trades work especially when I was considering sections of important areas.

As a knowledgeable student I had full command on load computations to evade critical mistakes. These mistakes sometime lead to complete redesigning of the drawings.

During working on AutoCAD especially with large files I freeze each layer which was not so important and created blocks at that time.

CE 2.5

Drawing in the appropriate folder was main challenge for me. Because it had different folder for different location and I had to work on the Adelaide office folder. But my leader gave me training about different folder and their own task and I was able handle that.

As I was junior trainee level, I was asking some drawing related questions to my leader. My leader used to make meetings every two weeks, talking how the work is going on to track the work process.

Gantt chart was used to track the work to accomplish on time which showed the percentage of work done, percentage of work left. How time left to finish task before hitting the target date.

I also gave a short presentation of what I have done for this project.

CE 2.6


The project was successfully concluded. I was able to complete our project on time as well as my colleague too. I completed my project with high precision so that I got good result on it.

As it was one-month contract job, I completed what my leader asked me to do. I reckon, it had still more to do it but not from my side, it was from senior engineer side.

I was doing this project alone. I always communicated effectively with my supervisor & had regular meeting to discuss whether the project going on right track or not.

I also delivered a short presentation of what I have done for this project to explain the supervisor about what part of the work I have been involved in this project.

Learning from the project were -

  • Understanding of project scope
  • I learned from this project more AutoCAD command which we use in the industry.
  • Time management
  • Problem solving techniques
  • AutoCAD drawing editing
  • Multiple drawings and their illustrations

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