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What is Technical Report Route TRR for Chartered Engineers

Associate members of CIBSE who do not have the required academic qualification for registering in the engineering council of the UK I provided the support and assistance by The Technical Report Route.
With the help of this technical report, an individual gets the opportunity to show their understanding in terms of fundamental engineering and the knowledge they have in the field of engineering. At this stage, those who have Technical Report Route in this specific field are compared with educational qualifications. For this, the registration and its requirements are mentions below.

The registrations and its requirements

  • IEng level- The ability to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of engineering which is equivalent to that of bachelor of engineering (BEng (Hons))
  • CEng – the ability to demonstrate understanding and knowledge in engineering that is equivalent to that of Masters of Engineering (MEng).
To register for TRR and get approved, details of sponsors are required to be filled in the application along with the report summary.

The synopsis

The synopsis contains the required information that provides the demonstration of technical skills and knowledge. In the application form, it has been mention in the four sections.

The report

All the fundamentals of engineering, its understanding, and demonstrations in the required field are provided in the report. Most importantly It demonstrated with the help of written information diagrams and calculations.

The interview

An interview is compulsory and quite necessary for a candidate to participate, after the approval of a report.

The fees

  1. Fees for admission – could be pay along with the application
  2. Assessment fees – could be pay alongside the submission of the report
  3. Fees for the interview – important to be pay  before the interview
  4. Entry fee for the Engineering Council IEng/CEng

Application form and guidance

Application of the Technical Report Route

  1. A23 – Technical Report Route for the IEng registration
  2. M23 – Technical Report Route for the CEng registration
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