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What To Know About ACS Skill Assessment

With time, information and communication technology (ICT) sector of Australia is flourishing. Government continues to encourage development of this industry even after its continued growth. 

Consequently, there is an ACS skill assessment to assess abilities and credentials of ICT professionals who want to immigrate to Australia to work in ICT industry. 

Australian Computer Society, or ACS, oversees this skill assessment program on behalf of Department of Home Affairs.

What is Australian ACS for ICT?

ACS Australia is considered a computer and tech review and assessment body. If you wish to come to Australia to work in tech sector like IT, it is important to go through an ACS assessment.

To immigrate as a skilled worker, passing a skill assessment test by ACS is necessary. This test evaluates skills and qualifications of candidates and how these skill sets can influence Australia’s economy.

With this skill test, ACS recruits talented individuals who can fulfil the needs of the country's employment market. This test aids immigration committee pick only qualified individuals. Also, this assessment has numerous elements to analyze education and experience of a candidate.

What are ACS requirements regarding education

Australian Assessment Guides states that a candidate must have a minor or major in ICT. This means that to be eligible, your program must contain a specific portion devoted to ICT.

Further, committee will evaluate your program and time spent on ICT. This percentage must be equivalent to course to become qualified.

How to apply for ACS program?
For ACS program, you need to provide all supporting documents which include all educational documents and records presenting your experience. Nevertheless, it is suggested to evaluate all visa requirements for your program once.  

Working with a qualified immigration team can aid you to know, whether all immigration needs are fulfilled or not. Through ACS skill assessment contact, you can know how to apply for ACS skill assessment.

What is processing time for ACS skill assessment?
Time involved for complete ACS skill assessment is 8 to 10 weeks. If ACS asks for additional documents, this process can be a bit longer.

What documents need to be submitted for ASC skill assessment?
Documents required to apply for a visa successfully are not only meant for identification verification but to review your skills. Thus, it is necessary to submit a few educational and award documents.

Here are some primary documents needed:
 ·        Employment history
·        Official passport
·        Educational and degree certifications
·        College transcript with grades

Is ACS skills assessment procedure complicated?
Believe it or not, ACS skills assessment is complicated for most applicants because ACS evaluates applications based on precise criteria that are not disclosed openly.

This finally filters out best applicants out of thousands of applicants from across world.

Types of ACS skills assessment applications
ACS is involved in processing four types of applications. In most cases, applicants who want to migrate to Australia need to undergo a skills assessment application procedure. 

Skills based application

In case, you have an overseas ICT qualification and ICT work experience but do not have any kind of professional year certification then you can get your qualification and work experience assessed with skills-based application type.
Temporary graduate 485

You can go for a temporary graduate 485 skills assessment when you have an Australian ICT qualification with zero work experience.

Post-Australian study

Post-Australian study is a type of skills assessment application in which Australian qualification and work experience or a professional year program is needed.

Recognition of prior learning

If you have job experience in ICT field but no ICT-related credentials, your skills can be evaluated through an RPL skills assessment application.

This kind of skills assessment calls for use of an ACS project report form.

Steps for ACS skills assessment application

Here are some simple steps for ACS skills assessment application:

Step 1: Match your occupation
First step is to check your ICT occupation that is included in “skills occupation lists” for relevant visa type that you want to apply for.
Step 2: Check list of required documents
You need to submit following documents for your skill assessment application. All documents should be of high-quality colored scans of original documents.
Step 3: Identity documents
·        Passport bio-page scan
·        Change of name evidence
·        Resume or CV
·        Priority request application evidence
Step 4: Qualification documents
Degree/award certificate
·        Title of qualification
·        Name of university or institution
·        Date of qualification completed
Academic transcripts
·        Title of qualification
·        Name of university or institution
·        Date qualification was completed
·        Subject names and grades or marks attained
Apart from these documents, you also need to submit some employment paper work required.
Therefore, you can take help of an expert to get best ACS skill assessment and increase your chance of employment.