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What is Required to Work as an Engineer in Australia

Australia is a land of natural resources and at the same time a country of immigration. Both the exploitation and processing of mineral resources and the further expansion of the infrastructure are firmly anchored in the Australian government’s program for the coming years.
Therefore, engineers with a university degree in certain fields and specializations are particularly sought after in Australia, which also results in corresponding opportunities for employer-independent immigration through General Skilled Migration.
  1. Civil engineers
  2. Chemical engineers
  3. Electrical engineers
  4. Electronics engineers
  5. Mining engineers

  • Production engineer for manufacturing and industrial plants

In the field of the more handcraft-oriented Australian “engineers”, maintenance technicians for aircraft in the field of mechanics and on-board electronics are particularly sought after. An apprenticeship qualification, further training as a technician and  CDR Report Australia are required as a professional qualification.
But engineers from other fields also have good chances of finding a qualified position in Australia or of obtaining one of the coveted permanent residences in Australia without an employer.
Important core requirements for immigrant visas for engineers:
  1. Completed degree in engineering (FH or university) or Completed apprenticeship (for maintenance technicians)
  2. Under 45 years of age when applying for a visa
  3. At least 12 months of work experience in the last 24 months before applying for the visa
  4. Successfully passed language test (IELTS)
  • Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia

Language test:
  1. 6/9 points for permanent residence in all four areas of the IELTS test, no language test for a temporary and therefore work visa tied to a job, except for maintenance technicians for aircraft, here 5/9 points are required.
  2. The professional certification body for engineers in Australia is Engineers Australia. Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia is one of the mandatory requirements to work as a professional engineer in Australia. You can hire the services of My CDR Help for CDR writing and reviews all kinds of Engineering technical reports.