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What does the renewal application involve

If you have attained a successful ACS Migration Skills Assessment and would like to be reassessed, you may be capable to apply for a renewal application with VETASSESS.
You may want to be reassessed for several reasons, encompassing adding recently acquired qualifications and/or employment positions that were not recently assessed.
The renewal application involves:-
  1. A reassessment of your actual successful skills examination finding, with additional qualification or/and employment contemplated, encompassing for Points Test purposes.
  2. Renewing the expiry date with or without your extra qualification or/and employment.
  3. To convince their requirements when about a renewal, you must indicate that your skills meet the recent standards for your nominated occupation.
It is significant to check the existing criteria because they may have shifted. We will check your qualifications against the criteria, as well as whether you have newly worked in your occupation.
Please note that VETASSESS cannot ensure a profitable outcome as part of the renewal application process.
You must substantiate with the Department of Home Affairs whether you require a renewed skills assessment outcome for your planned visa application.
A favorable full skills assessment outcome is usually acceptable for three years from its issue date.
If you require a renewal of your skills assessment, you can get back to the authority at any time your skills assessment is about to discontinue.
Once your skills assessment outcome letter has been terminated, it cannot be renewed. You will require submitting a new skills examination application through the Online Application Portal by registering on your Dashboard. Seeking out help for your CDR report for EA Skills Assessment?