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Top Reasons For Your CDR Report Rejection

Even after putting in immense time and effort, your CDR Report can be rejected. This makes it important for you to take help of an expert who will offer you best Australia CDR report.

CDR means Competency Demonstration Report that Engineers Australia requires to evaluate your skills and qualifications. It is vital for applicants to submit a complete CDR report to properly describe their capabilities in their linked professional field.

Engineers Australia asks you to prepare your CDR documents on your own which are free from errors and plagiarism. No matter how carefully you write your CDR report, there might be some mistakes. Such mistakes lead to rejection of your CDR report. 

Reasons for rejection of your CDR report

Here are some top reasons for CDR report rejection:

·        Plagiarism

Plagiarism is main reason for rejection of your CDR report. You can find several CDR samples on different websites which are only for reference point.  Do not copy and paste project reports from CDR samples or directly from internet.

If your content is copied, Engineers Australia will catch plagiarized content immediately and reject it. Based on your profile and project, CDR report needs to be an original work piece. If you want to avoid plagiarism and rejection then hire an expert who will prepare a CDR report for you.

·        Word count requirement

CDR report should be of 6000-8000 words. This is going to include your Curriculum vitae, three career episodes, CPD and a summary statement. Remember range of career episodes is only between 1000 to 2500 words.

While preferred word count for CPD and summary statement is 1500 for each. In case, you fail to meet career episodes suggested word limit then they will be rejected. This is one major reason for rejection of your CDR report.

·        Using too many technical details

Though it is okay to mention some technical detail information in your report but too many technical facts like charts, tables, etc. affect CDR report negatively. 

You need to understand that a CDR report is an official document that needs to be written by a professional without using technical details excessively. This means that your CDR report must comprise point information rather than being too long.

·        Career episode being too technical

Every career episode displays application of engineering knowledge and skills in a selected engineering discipline. Remember career episodes must not be very technical. A career episode should discuss your project and your tactic for that problem and results.

In case, some important calculation is there then you must include them in CDR report. Nevertheless, tables, diagrams, and excessive calculations should be avoided strictly.

Engineer Australia not only checks your solving ability but also your practical skills as your theory knowledge can be seen through educational qualifications.
·        Inappropriate organizational arrangement

Organizational structure displayed in your hierarchy and position in project must be defined clearly. It is crucial to convey your exact position to correctly describe work you have already done in your project. 
·        Silly selection of project
Your CDR report can be rejected for a fact that your supporting project did not meet expectations. When your project looks illogical then you will definitely face rejection from Engineers Australia.
As per your educational qualification, a valid project must be chosen when writing an Australia CDR report.
·        Absence of creative design in CDR report
You must know that high priority in CDR assessment is given to design activities. This is because your CDR report is assessed positively when it includes technical design activities.
In same way, absence of creative design might act as a massive barrier to positive assessment of CDR report. Make sure you explain technological experience and creative engineering about designing activities you already have. Also, try to highlight your creative design activities.
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