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Papers to be mentioned in the CDR report

An engineer striving for a permanent skilled migration visa to Australia should pertain for the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) program. The purpose of the skill assessment is to deduce whether your teaching and professional aptitudes are analogous to Australian norms for skilled workers in your appointed employment. The migration skills assessment is compelled for engineers that do not carry Australian credentials or qualifications from countries that have approved the Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, or Dublin Accord. This committee of applicants will need to finalize the CDR procedure.
Commonly, the CDR report is utilized by engineers to indicate to Australian authorities (which is Engineers Australia) their capacities and aptitudes in the engineering of their degree, qualifying them to arrive in Australia as skilled immigrants.
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Index of papers to be mentioned in the CDR report

The following are important CDR report documents, which should be encompassed in the report:-
  1. The newest passport-sized image
  2. A redone CV/Resume
  3. Personal identification papers such as bio-page of passport
  4. Academic documents and transcripts
  5. Educational degree awards and certificate
  6. Documentation of a name modification such as marriage certificate (if applicable)
  7. English mastery test papers with scores(IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL)
  8. Proof of spent employment interests
  9. Proofs of paid employment (payments tags, tax paid documents)
  10. Professional Continuing Development(CPD), overview announcements, and the career episodes

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